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  1. Couple of issues with GL503VM
  2. Laptop GL703GE - weird noises from battery?
  3. Request gl553vd bios unlock
  4. Request add keyboard effect for gl553vd app
  5. ROG GL703VM Timeout keyboard backlight
  6. ASUS ROG Strix GL702ZC lower the GPU frequency
  7. GL771JW problems. Lag during WoW, high CPU temps, VERY slow boot times...
  8. Asus ROG Gaming Center driver updates (GL703VM)
  9. GL771JW-DS71 and nvme compatibility?
  10. [GL752VW Bought in SouthAmerica] Adding an M2 SSD, PCIe or SATA III?
  11. GL703GM USB Goes in and out
  12. GL503 VM produces echo/vibration effect on high sounds
  13. GL504GM Problem!@ Stuttering,constant FPS drops etc.
  14. Noob question; cpu ghz at idle
  15. CPU options missing in BIOS to disable Intel C-State for Coil Whine ?- GL503VM-FY007T
  16. Does Asus have support of any sort for GL703 coil whine issue?
  17. Attention Asus: ROG Gaming Center V2.5.7 for GL703GE installs without turbo gear
  18. ASUS GL503VS Problem with Screen on first boot over night
  19. GL552VW - Problem with AudioWizard sound after clean Windows 10 install
  20. Asus GL503GE and gladius II mouse aura compatible ?
  21. GL503GE LOW FPS Problem
  22. XTUservice GL703GS
  23. GL703 - How to remove primary hard drive? - solved
  24. Gl703gm bios 305?
  25. The good thread: My ASUS Experience.
  26. GL553VE NVidia issues after updating BIOS from 306 to 307
  27. GL703VM SCAR EDITION - No audio in FMOD games recently with onboard REALTEK
  28. GL553VD: supposed to have a 4gb GTX1050, but mine only has 2gb (apparently)
  29. Super Bright Screen on Laptop (Asus ROG Strix 1060)
  30. Charging GL703GS laptop over USB-C?
  31. GL552VW Battery Not Working
  32. GL502VMK - TPM not available after BIOS-downgrade / upgrade -solved
  33. Install Windows 7 on Asus GL552VW
  34. GL503 Laptop making high pitched noise
  35. Rog strix hero edition (8th gen I7) got dididi sound coming from airvent
  36. GL703VM/503VM idle temperatures (CPU and GPU)
  37. GL703GS CPU overheating
  38. Weird CRITICAL update - GL552VW
  39. ASUS ROG GL503VM-DB74 Vs GL503VM-GZ028
  40. Esupport Rog Strix Hero 2 (GL504)
  41. can Win7 be installed onto a Strix GL753VD?
  42. [gl553ve] Anyone Tried 120hz Display upgrade ?
  43. Asus GL503VM Aura Core issues ?
  44. GL503GE Freezing?
  45. [GL553VE] BSOD Issues?!
  46. How can I limit battery charging to 60% capacity in Linux (Ubuntu) ? with ROG GL503GE
  47. Gl502vm ram maximum frequency ?
  48. GL552VX 6 MB BIOS with working KB lights request
  49. High pitch sound when using NVME PCIE3 SSD | GL503GE
  50. GL702VS In Black?
  51. Why does my Asus ROG GL553VD has a Vertical Line?
  52. GL553VD NO Audio after latest Win10 update
  53. Fan Failure, Wear and Warranty GL503GE
  54. Has Legacy BIOS Mode Been Removed? GL703GE Running BIOS v3.10
  55. GL503VM Inconsistent battery time
  56. GL503GE , CPU on MAX / TURBO ALWAYS , RAM on MAX e.t.c
  57. GL551JW SSD Upgrade questions
  58. SCAR GL703GS CPU core clock droppng constantly
  59. New Strix Scar II laptop GPU Perf limiter and Coil Whine problem
  60. GL703GE - The laptop using battery while plug-in power.
  61. Restoring a ROG GL753V to factory
  62. random (or not random) fps drop in asus 502vs
  63. [GL553VE] Linux OS?
  64. Asus rog gl 504gm hero II lower than expected performance
  65. GL703VM need help with activation and speakers!
  66. Does the GL503VM have integrated graphics ?
  67. Strange Intermittent GL502VMK Keyboard (Keys) Problem - Really Desperate
  68. My GL502V goes black after ROG logo while still showing the loading animation
  69. Purchased Used GL551-JW and need help fixing ! - solved?
  70. ROG GL702VI strange blur/haloing on some games
  71. GL753VE CPU won't go above 800MHZ (28% usage), fan to max speed - solved
  72. Stop GL 753 keyboard breathing effect while in sleep mode? Resolved?
  73. GL753VE Keyboard not working
  74. GL553VD and SSD Samsung 970 EVO Compatibility
  75. ASUS GL504GM keeps saying “plugged in, discharging” at 100%
  76. Push ethernet cable to reconnect on GL771JW
  77. [Strix Scar II] - Cooling Pad Causes FPS Drop Terribly
  78. Fan Problems Gl703gm
  79. Brand new GL703GS laptop Freezing,Blue screens only when gaming
  80. ASUS ROG Strix Scar II GL504GS GTX 1070 CPU temperature question
  81. Asus GL503VM Aura Core reinstall ?
  82. Did a full reset of my ASUS GL504GM, how do I get all the preinstalled ASUS stuff?
  83. Gl553vd - upgrade ram
  84. GL752VW gpu not working
  85. GL703VM Strix Scar Ediiton problems with temp
  86. Asus Rog GL703GM Blacklit keyboard turns off, doesn't turn on again problem
  87. GL703GE use Asus or Nvidia driver?
  88. GL553VD - Can't boot from live CD
  89. Help me aura service stopped when playing games rog gl504gm
  90. GL504GM Keyboard backlight issue
  91. GL703 GM - Keyboard RGB still doesnt work
  92. New Rog Scar 2 need help all games stutter and lag
  93. Temperaturas portatil Gl703GS
  94. ASUS GL552VW not working with my Blue Microphone
  95. ROG GL703GM Aura Music and Smart not working
  96. 911-911-911
  97. GL504GS - Nahimic Service (audio drivers) and clipboard denial of service.
  98. [Strix Scar II] - Speakers Problem But ASUS Technican Replace Thermal Module
  99. ASUS GL703GS-E5012T Scar or non Scar Edition?
  100. ROG GL753VE Problems
  101. Asus strix Scar 2 , GPU underclocks periodically while playing games
  102. Can gl503 vm usb type c 3.1 gen 1 power external monitor via a hub?
  103. ROG Strix GL702ZC RAM and Accurate upgrade Information please!
  104. ROG Aura Core stopped working on ASUS GL504GM
  105. [GL702VM] Charger (Model ADP-180MB F) end cable "Broken"
  106. Asus GL703GM - Might have some driver issues
  107. GL702ZC Gpu Seriously Underperforming
  108. bug asus battery health charging
  109. wake on lan (WoL) only when AC charging
  110. ASUS ROG Strix Scar II GL504GS XMP, memory support?
  111. GL504GM continous and heavy FPS drops even on low graphics games
  112. YAABI Yet Another Aura backlight issue on GL703GM
  113. ROG Hero II Fps Drops even on low graphics games Please HELP.!!!
  114. ROG GL503VM-ED218T Overheat
  115. Something weird happen to gl553vd gpu
  116. (*HELP)Asus ROG GL552VXK (Core i7 7th gen) Keyboard BackLight Problem Again & again
  117. [Guide] Asus GL703GE - How to reinstall ROG Aura Core
  118. ROG Strix GL702ZC question regarding the COD4 game rewards
  119. GL753VD & Keyboard issue
  120. What generation of displayport is the port on the ASUS ROG GL702VSK
  121. GL553VD-USB Type-C Display Support?
  122. Rog GL703GE Gaming Center hangs up
  123. ROG GL703GE new Bios, when?
  124. eSupport Asus Rog Strix Scar II GL504GM
  125. GL 504GM: Right speaker seems to turn off or go really low
  126. Need advice Please Reply ASAP with my GL504GM FPS drops
  127. Asus GL703 GS Battery Reducing Problem while plugged in
  128. Asus GL-503 Keyboard backlight randomly shuts off issue - solved?
  129. ASUS ROG gl702vm Fans always max speed even when IDLE
  130. GL702VMK HDD assembly height
  131. Aura Sync
  132. ASUS GL504GM Hero 2 lagging , fps drop in game
  133. GL553VD Low fps when on battery
  134. Asus rog gl752vw stuck at 0% battery
  135. GL503VD Battery problem, switching from charging to battery mode
  136. HELP: GL502VS: laptop only turns on with charger plugged in
  137. Gl703GS display problem
  138. After reinstalling windows 10 on a GL502VS what drivers should I install?
  139. Fix For ROG GL504GM Fps drops (hope it works for everyone)
  140. GL502VSK (7th gen. Intel CPU) internal keyboard stopped working!
  141. EGPU not working on GL553V
  142. ROG STRIX GL504GM Hero II GPU/CPU temperature
  143. Rog gl502vs-us71 battery problem
  144. GL504GS+GM useful thread [Troubleshooting & Guide]
  145. CPU underclocking itself on GL553ve
  146. GL504GS Models
  147. GL502VS Bad performance in new games
  148. GL703VD crashing on games
  149. GL504GS SCAR II Maniac liquid metal guide of repasting
  150. ASUS GL502VT-BSI7N27 Upgrading Motherboard
  151. GL504GM sound issue after waking from sleep
  152. GL703V and New SSD, now HDD LED is always on.
  153. Asus ROG GL502VMK Repaste Help
  154. keyboard error N0Z007
  155. GL503VM - Keyboard Stops working
  156. ASUS GL702VM(K), wtaht's the thermal pad's thickness?
  157. GL703GM questions from a new owner
  158. Problems touchpad and some drivers...
  159. ROG Strix GL702ZC question about Future models with better performance????
  160. ASUS ROG Dual Boot
  161. GL503VM keyboard stops working
  162. ASUS ROG Display Flicker, Discoloring, etc
  163. GL703GS - adding ram or changing HD won't break warranty?
  164. Max number of monitors that can hookup to a GL752VL
  165. Windows 10 1809 GL553VE Graphic card totally unstable
  166. GL703G bad screen color calibration (yellowish)
  167. GL502VS-US71 or GL502VSK ?? Also, having serious temperature problems [solved]
  168. Unable to configure SSD as boot device GL553
  169. ROG Strix GL702ZC Upgrade Parts of SSD need help fidning right one for this model.
  170. gl703gs G sync issue (dark edges during fast movements that look that ghosting)
  171. GL502VML/FX502VM 970 evo not detected
  172. GL753VE Fan problems
  173. Asus GL703GM Screen color problem
  174. GL502VS Shuts down when connected to HDMI (Lid is closed)
  175. Is it possible to install a nvme of 1T on a GL753VD? ...And a Sata M.2 of 500GB?
  176. GL703GS serious issue with USB 3.x ports disconnecting all the time
  177. Connect a 144hz monitor to a 60hz laptop
  178. [ GL703VM laptop] Need advice on fixing or replacing a fan making a grinding noises.
  179. my GL504GM strix hero 2 laptop bios just updated without my knowing.
  180. GL504GM Error sound after update bios 306
  181. ROG GL703GM Wi-fi speeds
  182. ROG button and Aura Core not working properly
  183. FAN SPEED GL504GM (i7 8th gen ,GTX1060)
  184. GL504GM built-in speaker volume fluctuating loud/soft
  185. gl703 Backlight Bleeding
  186. Does upgrading your laptop can void the warranty?
  187. Windows 7 on GL703GE
  188. News...!!! 😔😔😔 Any real fix for rog gl504 hero 2 fps drops???
  189. ASUS ROG GL504GS Realtek Audio Manager has no equalizer/effects
  190. How to install Nvidia drivers on Kali Linux Guide ASUS ROG GL503GE
  191. GL503VM GPU Thermal Throttling at 92C
  192. Fake display overclock (?
  193. Upgrade ram ROG Strix SCAR Edition
  194. ASUS GL502VM esupport folder
  195. GL703GS-E5011T / GPU Tweak II not working.
  196. GL504GM - The light bar in front of the keyboard
  197. Gl503 SSD Not detected in BIOS.
  198. ASUS ROG GL504GS Realtek Audio Manager has no equalizer/effects
  199. ROG GL703GS Screen Flickering
  200. GL703VM Speaker Problem
  201. Permanent undervolting of GPU and CPU with AMIBCP & Polaris?
  202. GL703GM Freezing
  203. Factory reset (GL700-series) with Recovery partition & eSupport sw, F9 not working
  204. Do you have fps problems in ROG STRIX GL703GS ? Enter here
  205. ROG Strix GL702ZC Benchmark results after Dual Channel Upgrade
  206. GL503VM Display contrast/color settings
  207. Access to older bios version on gl702vs?
  208. GL703GS-DS74 ROG - Fan, Heating and Charging Queries
  209. Kingston - HyperX Impact 2666 cl15 on gl703
  210. GL703GS with 1070 8GB and Rise of the Tomb Raider freezes
  211. Asus rog GL553 VE FAN BOOST doesn't respond
  212. ROG GL702ZC fluctuating GPU frequencies
  213. Gl702VS undervolting problem
  214. gl502vm two cores (cores 1 and 3) signficantly hotter than other two.
  215. GL504 - SD Card slot not working "This Device cannot start (Code 10)" - solved
  216. GL504GS Scar strix II audio issue
  217. battery issue
  218. Asus Strix Hero II GL504 ISSUES
  219. [PROBLEM] GL703VD and Aura Core (keyboard led only white)
  220. Scar II - Mouse / Sound / Keyboard Lagging Extreme
  221. Coil Whine on GL703GM
  222. GL502VSK Has THUNDERBOLT!?!?!?!
  223. GL553VD 120hz monitor upgrade, will it work?
  224. New GL703GE temps and behavior
  225. GL504GM Framerate Issues
  226. GL553VD keyboard backlights not working
  227. ROG Strix GL702ZC Slowdowns now more noticable...
  228. GL503GE fn keys on ubuntu
  229. [HELP] Gl552jx Bricked bios stuck on boot logo
  230. GL702VMK with USB-c monitor? (Acer H277HK)
  231. ASUS Scar II: FPS Stuttering/Drops and Fan Always Running Full Blast
  232. GL504GM - Lag on second monitor
  233. Asus gl502vmk high temps when gaming
  234. Why is my ASUS ROG GL-553VW running games in low fps
  235. GL504GM Monitor problem with 144hz and fn + f6
  236. ROG HERO STRIX II GL504GM Power limit throttling
  237. GL703GE laptop game settings question, any good websites recommended ?
  238. Duel Boot Qubes on ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II GL504GS
  239. HEADSET mic only detect very load input
  240. GL504GM GPU Fan on max RPM on idle
  241. [GL553VD] eSupport Folder (Drivers + ROG Software)
  242. GL702ZC fans on constantly over 6000 rpm!
  243. GL702VM Fan Crackling noise after gaming session
  244. Unable to install Intel Graphic Driver on Asus GL504GS
  245. Asus ROG GL504GS SCAR Edition Battery Time/Life
  246. ROG GL703GE Fan Speed Goes Crazy
  247. GL703GS SCAR makes a plastic snapping sound on every session, should I be worried?
  248. Need help with microphone settings to pick up voice instead of background noise
  249. bad battery life - GL503VM laptop
  250. GL703GS Screen Flickers on startup for few seconds