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  1. GL503VS Lemon? Recourse?
  2. GL Series (+more) display panels affected by inverse ghosting
  3. GL503GE GPU Fan Goes Over 7k Rpm @ Idle 45 Degrees,
  4. Display issue on Gl752V!!Help!
  5. GL552VW touchpad lag(blink)
  6. GL703GS Silent mode fan speed - HELP NEEDED
  7. UPDATE ON PREVIOUS POST "GL553VD 120hz monitor upgrade, will it work?"
  8. is Kingston HyperX Impact 8GB compatible with my Laptop(GL552V)
  9. is Kingston HyperX Impact 8GB compatible with my Laptop(GL552V)
  10. GL703 brightness setting issue
  11. Dumn bios update question, download bios from support page or WinFlash ?
  12. GL551JX -Normal GPU/CPU Temperatures ?
  13. How do to work Rog Aura and not Rog Aura CORE on GL503VD ?
  14. ROG Strix GL702ZC is behaving sluggishly and slowly lately
  15. GL702VM Won't POST
  16. What is the best undervolt for GL 553VD?
  17. Stuttering/Buzzing sound coming from my laptop
  18. Asus ROG GL502VS Keyboard is not working after Windows 10 version 1809 Installed
  19. GL703GS BIOS update 307
  20. GL753V Help... Please. Keeps Giving Me the Bsod
  21. Connecting 2 displays to discrete GPU
  23. Can i change my wifi card for GL552V??
  24. Opening GL703GS and repasting CPU and GPU voids the warranty?
  25. Anyone from here who also have a rattle issue inside the GL703GM?
  26. Fps drop
  27. Is the Asus anti-dust cooling system with two 12 V fans really effective?
  28. Weird Issues with ROG GL502VM (Mind of it's own)?
  29. How well is cooled the ASUS GL703GS-E5011 ?
  30. NVidia adaptive sync for SCAR II/ HERO II 144hz panels
  31. Do the rgb lights on the GL504 randomly freeze for anyone else when set to rainbow?
  32. GL504GS Reading Only 32gb SD Cards
  33. GL553VW Manual GPU switch Feature Request
  34. (A7) Me FW Downgrade - Request MeSpiLock Failed (GL553VW)
  35. ROG Strix GL702ZC Future Question?
  36. ROG Strix GL702ZC Microstuttering Question to other Owners like me?
  37. Idle / general use power consumption of the GL503VM
  38. Asus ROG GL504 - SD card reader does not recognize Sandisk SDXC cards
  39. i7 7700hq power limit throttling?
  40. [GL504GM] Audio disappears randomly.
  41. Gl703ge gaming center dose not show cpu temp
  42. GL703VM shut down and won't turn back on
  43. GL703VM change paste recommendations
  44. GL703G has corrupt or missing files. SFC scan will not fix them - solved
  45. Asus GL703 GS combo audio jack in problem, headset not working ?
  46. GL703GE Nvidia not found!
  47. [REQUEST] Please ASUS add timeout to keyboard led RGB when PSU is connected
  48. GL703GM bios update in windows update?
  49. Ringing sound coming from my laptop (GL704GM)
  50. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS upgrade from 16.04 LTS on GL552-VW-DH74
  51. Question regarding Windows 10 install on GL703 restore
  52. Fps drops, Freezes and GPU Perf Limiter
  53. GL703VM recommendations Nvidia Drivers
  54. GL504GM : Fps drops, audio disappearing and fan overboost (solved problems & new one)
  55. Gl504GM - Loud (Airplane/Vacuum Cleaner) Fans
  56. GL502VY USB ports (3.0 and type c): devices not being detected
  57. GL553VD plugged in lagging
  58. GL503GE EN041T ACPI ERROR 13, Distributed COM 10016 AND Heavy Battery Drain
  59. Gl504GM - poor sound quality, speakers resonates - maybe related to sound fluctuation
  60. Asus GL502V Backside Mod Cooling
  61. GPU Performance Drop
  62. [Guide] GL703GS 60/120Hz screen resolution fix for AUO B173HAN03.2 at 144Hz
  63. Asus GL703GS rog laptop battery drain problem?
  64. ROG Strix GL702ZC did they lie about what it can do?
  65. Asus gl502vml overheating when gaming
  66. Use Gl 703ge gpu drivers from Asus website or Nvidia ?
  67. My GL503GE monitor only show 120hz refresh rate option, i need the 60hz one
  68. Corsair HS50 headset on GL703 laptop. Issue getting mic to work
  69. ROG Strix Scar II Concerns
  70. Sudden Audio problems with Asus Gl503VM ?
  71. Asus ROG SCAR EDITION 2 GL504GS cpu gets way to hot and huge lag spikes
  72. Drive Temperature 2 (NVMe) GL703GS with Samsung MZVLW512HMJP-00000
  73. Cpu at idle running max freq
  74. Gl502vm Keyboard no longer please help
  75. [ISSUE] ROG Strix Hero Edition - SSDH Drive Disappeared in a minute
  76. Asus gl703ge slowly dying!?
  77. Gl504GM - Loud Fans and Fluctuating Sound Output
  79. STRIX GL703GS I had a few BSOD's but i think i fixed them and need more info
  80. GL703GS bios 308 just now 16th feb 2019
  81. GL703GM Bios Update through Windows Update?
  82. [BUG] AURA Core broken after resume from sleep/hibernation
  83. GL703GM - How to install Windows 10 to the upgraded M2 512 GB Samsung 970 PRO ?
  84. GL752V crashes on boot
  85. Asus GL553VD USB3.0 issues :(
  86. Can an Asus GL503 i5 version be charged with a portable charger?
  87. GL553VD Fan won't turn on auto - GPU Temp/Hertz display in ROG gaming center problem
  88. Question for ROG GL704GV scar II non Gsync RTX2060
  89. Letter to ASUS for addressing GL504 series problems [PLEASE SIGN]
  90. Gpu fan gl503ge selalu full rpm
  91. GL553VW M.2 NVMe Support?
  92. Gl 703GE keyboard backlight doesn`t turn off at idle
  93. (GL5553) LED Color Won't Change
  94. Windows Reset with Rog Scar GL703G Stuck at 31% need help
  95. Battery - asus rog strix scar ii 2019
  96. What are the new ROG RTX laptops capable of G-sync?
  97. Asus gl 552vw hard disk constant short freezes when playing games
  98. Need a FIX! Appcrash AUDIODG.EXE NAHIMICV3apo.dll crash
  100. Adding RAM and soutions? Strix Scar II GL704GW
  101. Sonic Studio 3 problem on GL703VD
  102. GL503VM make some serious fan noise
  103. Disappointed with the GL703GS
  104. GL703GS 1070GTX Repaste Cooling Performance
  105. GL703GE Sound issues
  106. GL502VM Crash all night ...
  107. Gaming Laptop suddenly started dropping frames.
  108. Can't disable Noise Reduction on Asus ROG GL752VW
  109. GL503VM-DB74 Keyboard (and kb backlight) not working in OS and BIOS
  110. Asus ROG STRIX Gl503GE CPU fan problem
  111. ASUS ROG Strix II Scar Laptop Normal Gaming Temperatures?
  112. Audio/mic issues with Sonic Studio 3
  113. GL703GM missed UHD graphics
  114. GL504GM scar edition strix 2 Screen Glitches
  115. NAHIMIC frequent crashes (audiodg.exe) never fixed
  116. 2666mhz DDR4 RAM Upgrade for GL702VMK ?
  117. GL-703GS Laptop yellowish tint
  118. My Strix Scar II RTX Laptop shuts down when connected to external monitor, plz help!
  119. Problem with GL504GM Fan speeds and ROG gaming center
  120. Performance issues on GL703GS
  121. Asus ROG Strix GL703VM -stuttering
  122. ROG Strix GL702ZC I need Company Confirmation, no disinformation.
  123. GL704GW underperforming with Destiny 2, plz help!
  124. GL703 fan search
  125. Is there a back light bleed in all ROG strix scar II displays?
  126. GL504GS - GTX 1070 downclocks when 99% load
  127. New STRIX SCAR II GL504 laptop - how to install newest Nvidia drivers?
  128. a few questions about my new strix scar 2 gaming laptop
  129. asus rog strix scar 2 software question
  130. i need a link for the newest armoury crate program
  131. [GL504GM] Unrealistic Battery drop
  132. GL503GE Unwatchable Screen Quality - Colour Banding and Grainy Images
  133. Upgrading my gl55vd gpu
  134. Useless support !!! GL702ZC num pad will not work and cannot update Windows 10
  135. Sound coming from the speaker keep changing on my ROG GL504G
  136. Asus Gaming center program exiting.
  137. rog strix gls 503 ge - Get asus services
  138. Sound is incredibly low quality for headphones GL504GM
  139. Armoury Crate for the GL504GM Hero 2 ?
  140. Help! GL503VM Fan Overboost no longer work after a clean install of windows 10.
  141. I'm having game lag in GL553VE
  142. ASUS ROG STRIX GL503GE EN023T low fps on every games
  143. GL503GE - 7300 RPM on GPU Issue
  144. GL553VE Bios update freezed
  145. Asus rog strix hero 2 sound from speaker volume fluctuate
  146. ROG STRIX SCAR II GL704GW Adding SSD Storage into HDD Slot?
  147. ROG Strix GL702ZC keyboard issue
  148. Gl504gw rtx 2070 power limit?
  149. ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 2 GL504GM delivering low frames
  150. GL553 series factory software differences? eSupport folders same ?
  151. GL753VE Random complete freeze issue
  152. GL703GS Audio enhancements not working anymore? solved?
  153. GL703GS: BSOD 9f at every sleep/hibernation with NVidia drivers >416.94
  154. GL704GW Strix Scar II: 1x16 GB ram vs 2x16 GB RAM
  155. GL702ZC Undervolting and BIOS update.
  156. GL703GM Utilizing car charging?
  157. asus strix II hero serious gpu thermal throttling
  158. GL553ve mobo removal
  159. GL703VM freezes just cold start (often)
  160. High-End notebook(GL704GW-EV022) with Low FPS in games
  161. GL703GE very hot🔥
  162. Accidentally pressed key combination that tinted my GL703GM screen blue - solved
  163. My ROG GL502VS temperature battles :) - solved with GL502VS liquid cooling loop mod
  164. Any Good NVMe Replacement for the stock one on the GL504W ?
  165. ROG GL553-VE GeForce 1050Ti BSOD, Error Code 43
  166. GL704GW Bad repasting from asus or ... ?
  167. WARNING: ShadowHammer campaign to install malware through ASUS software update
  168. Guide to Fixing BSOD Errors
  169. Has anyone checked with free Kaspersky Tool If we are affected by ASUS update hack?
  170. Asus Gl503VM FPS drops ?
  171. Heating Issues and Inverse Ghosting on GL503GE-EN270T. Game tested DMC 5
  172. The Noob's Ultimate Guide to the ROG STRIX SCAR II (GL704GW)
  173. Scar II RTX 2070 screen problems, coil whine and Audio problems.
  174. My GL703GM STRIX SCAR is shutting down without reason.
  175. ASUS ROG Strix Scar II GL504GV-ES020 Logitech BRIO 4k problem
  176. GL704 [RTX Series] has a Coil Whine problem?
  177. GL504GW GPU on Battery
  178. Cannot update BIOS on rog gl552vw laptop
  179. GL504GV Screen blacks out for a moment when the laptop boots.
  180. Fan Overboost not working. GL503VS
  181. GL704 Laptop Ram upgrade advice please
  182. ASUS ROG Strix Hero II (Model - GL504GM)
  183. GL553vd Gpu Issue
  184. Strange new gl702VI GSync bug
  185. GL753VE f9 issue and recovery
  186. Asus ROG GL704GW charging issue
  187. ASUS GL553VE M.2 SSD Compatability
  188. ASUS ROG STRIX ll GL704GW RAM upgrade with HyperX
  189. ASUS ROG Strix Hero II
  190. Need serious help with a GL502V
  191. ROG Strix GL702ZC High Performance vs Ultimate Performance,which is best?
  192. Games on ASUS GL503vd-GZ257t I5HQ W10 GTX1050 performing poorly
  193. Asus ROG Strix Scar II GL704GM Performance problems
  194. GL502VS how can I get the latest drivers (GPU, CPU, etc)?
  195. GL753VE BSOD boot loop, help!
  196. Do my gl502vm 7th gen Fans need to be replaced?
  197. GL504 Hero 2 RAM upgrade?
  198. Asus Rog Strix GL703VM BIOS Password Problem
  199. Is there an Armoury Crate replacement software? GL504GW - resolved?
  200. GL704GM Perfermance Problems
  201. GL704GW UEFI CSM Option and Installing Win10 Pro
  202. GL704GM eSupport folder request
  203. asus GS703GM brand new laptop with dead keyboard.
  204. Help: GL704GW Armoury Crate and ROG Gladius II Wireless Mouse Problem
  205. GL753VD SSD upgrade
  206. ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II Touchpad wear
  207. Asus ROG Strix Scar II GL504GS, Aura Core won't let me set my brightness over 33%
  208. GL504 Hero II CPU at 100 While Doing Normal Tasks
  209. GL-702ZC: small bump on the chassis after opening
  210. GL504GM, Display won't go to 144hz automatically after using it on battery.
  211. GL703GM changing color scheme to blue-ish (= default)
  212. GL504GS audio issue [headphone]
  213. Hero 2 GL504GM FPS UP & DOWN?
  214. ROG Hero2 Fan problem
  215. Help me to RAM Upgrade for ROG Strix GL503GE (Hero Edition)
  216. GL704GV- Low Fps trouble
  217. No Contrast Adjustment on GL704GW? ? ? ?
  218. [GL703VM] Thermal throttling, high temp, lagging in game
  219. ASUS Rog GL504VM - Loud fan noise
  220. ROG GL502VM wont even boot to POST
  221. ROG GL553VE wont boot
  222. Wich size thermal pads do GL703GM-DS74 Scar Edition use.
  223. Please Help!! GL502VY Windows won't boot after bios update
  224. GL502VMK should i update BIOS ?
  225. Strix Hero II function keys not working.
  226. Poor performance on ROG GL503GE ( hope ASUS read this and give a solution )
  227. Thermal Pads GL703 VM
  228. Windows 10 Pro on ASUS ROG GL702VM-GC142T-BE and ROG Key Concern
  229. Microphone issue on GL504GS
  230. Asus GL503Ge Serious Problems
  231. Asus GL503GE voltage Battery 5,2 Volts
  232. Constant Intermittent Internet Disruption w/ ASUS ROG GL752VW
  233. Gl504gm - fan issues have returned
  235. GL702VS power button not working
  236. Gl504gw ram stick brand?
  237. Asus hero ii cpu usage 100% and high temps
  238. GL503Ge Problem GameCenter Control of Fan After Win10 1809 Update
  239. battery drain while plugged in and gaming, normal?? asus rog scar strix 2
  240. Rog hero II gl504gm overheating out of nowhere
  241. slow nvme write speeds on a asus strix scar 2 laptop
  242. GL703VM Slow boot
  243. Disable intel uhd 630 - rog strix scar 2 - gl704g ?
  244. Has anyone undervolted their ROG gl503 vm?. GPU(86 C) and CPU (97 C).
  245. GL504GW HDD Thickness
  246. GL504GS Power management
  247. GL703GM laptop battery percentage increasing very slow
  248. Driver version for gtx 1060 with best performance ?
  249. Does GL553VD Type C SS slot support Type C headphone?
  250. GL702VML - Touchpad occasional failures.