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  1. G55VW - Upgraded RAM- Questions about BIOS and Speed
  2. Sabertooth P67 memory standard???
  3. Post Windows 8 Performance rating.....
  4. H220 performance on OCed 3770k
  5. Need some advice on 3770k OC to 4.8ghz
  6. 1st stable Overclock 4.5ghz Fx8350 - Only way is up 4.8!
  7. wireless ubs adapter
  8. Advice on 7970 issue
  9. Corrosion problem with XSPC EX360 multiport
  10. problem at startup
  11. Help!!! monitor not getting signal..
  12. alot of topic :D all help is welcome
  13. CL 9 Trident X owners. Whats your OC
  14. G75VW - Replace HD+ with FHD Screen GTX660m
  15. Dose Z87 Support SSD CAHING?
  16. nvidia surround
  17. Temporal Internet Disconnection
  18. Need Help overclocking Giving away Grid 2 To the 1st person who solves my problem ;)
  19. ROG maximus extreme vi and mpcie ssd
  20. Asus Fan Xpert hotkey to switch profiles
  21. Is my temp ok?
  22. RMA PSU? Power Cables for Motherboard?
  23. sory for dubbel post but software problem
  24. Safe OC with i7-4770k on MVIE...
  25. Ram slots not working please help
  26. ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo
  27. question about sata power cables.. help wanted
  28. Xonar DX -> DTS Sound -> Denon AVR-3313
  29. Laptop screen Fix??
  30. AI Suite III - Incorrect Temperatures?
  31. Red Sata Plus Not Working (Rampage IV Extreme)
  32. pci-e problem with sli 780 and soundcard ?
  33. New to Overclocking a little help required please :)
  34. software/maintenance
  35. Need help with Universal waterblock GPU cooling
  36. Slow Mode ... on ?
  37. I have a problem or may have a problem
  38. is this normal for RipjawsZ
  39. When is a PC a R.O.G PC?
  40. How do my voltages and temperatures look ?
  41. R.O.G Tattoo
  42. 3570k & MVG. Help at 4.5GHz. Need to be check it.
  43. maximus v gene sound is gone on hdmi
  44. Drivers
  45. i just format my G73S and did full windows update, am i mising any other drivers?
  46. ROG RAIDR Express: COMING SOON!! :D
  47. Newbie needs help with new rog computer
  48. CSM Error 79 on BIOS boot
  49. First PC build, i7 4770K overclock.
  50. asus rog g series
  51. Maximus Extreme VI UEFI/Legacy Mode
  52. shameful question
  53. Airflow in Corsair Obsidian 800D
  54. Vacuum V Airflow
  55. 4770K not down clocking
  56. Randisk problem
  57. Wireless Internet keeps disconnecting and spiking
  58. ASUS MAXIMUS VI GENE - Adaptive VCORE Question
  60. ASUS Maximus VI Hero - Q code 55, Corsair Vengeance Pro?
  61. Maximus V Gene 3570k OC Idle/3d SpeedStep
  62. power 4 gear hybrid
  63. New Build HELP!!!
  64. Video Cards Overheating?
  65. Can some1 vefiry my OC :P
  66. Cant get AC Wifi?? Have RT-AC66U and USB-AC53
  67. Error code 34, computer has been working fine for months
  68. 66M High Temps/Fan control?
  69. DVD all of a sudden gone from boot menu.
  70. G74sx Will not turn on! Fried or not? PLEASE HELP
  71. Is it possible to replace the nvidia 660m card in my asus g46vw laptop?
  72. Why not AI Suite III and 4 way optimisation
  73. Liquid Cooling Systems
  74. Q-Code 00 when CPU strap set on i7-3820 with Rampage IV Formula.
  75. Computer coming soon, a few questions !
  76. Lock up/Freeze Only When Gaming
  77. Fitting Rampage 4 Extreme on Xigmatek talon case
  78. Maximus VI Hero Fan Xpert not recognizing chassis fans
  79. Asus Rampage III Extreme has a sound card?
  80. Bluetooth options for Hero board?
  81. New Build FPS/lag problem. Really need advice.
  82. Temp Maybe Too High on New Build Maximus V Gene
  83. Maximus V Gene - SATA problem
  84. Disk Drive failure.
  85. new build- q code 20 & dram led
  86. Asus uefi bios
  87. First Attempt i5 4670
  88. Rampage IV Extreme with 3930k, cant get past 4.4 Ghz!
  89. My 3770k not at 100%
  90. BSOD Stop Errors 0x00000101 with stable OC, help!
  91. 3930k @ 4.6Ghz almost stable (but not quite! help needed)
  92. Sound and Bluetooth issue - Maximus V Formula/770 DirectCU
  93. No Automatic OC in my Ai Suite III?
  94. Windows 8-7 downgrade
  95. Freezing games screen accompanied by a sound loop
  96. Maximus v Formula with i5 3570k wont get past 4,6 , low temp and volt?
  97. Question about the Z87 pro mother board
  98. Rampage IV Extreme won't POST
  99. NVIDIA 3D Vision
  100. Windows Operating Tweaking
  101. VS248HP Monitor Ratio Adjustment
  102. Looking for an old SB guide-OC template
  103. Maximus V Gen, i5 4670K, 4.7 GHz Stable
  104. Annoying boot time for Internet.
  105. AMD FX 9590 review
  106. Z87 Overclocking - How do adaptive mode?
  107. Cooler Master Seidon 240M VS Corsair Cooling™ H100i ?
  108. Weird FPS drop issue/boot loop.
  109. Flushed water loop now can't get boot up, MAXIMUS IV EXTREME HALP.
  110. Asus Xonar D2X + Roccat Kave 5.1 problem
  111. Pulled my old Maximus III Formula and i7 860 lynnfield
  112. Fan Xpert+ Chassis Fan limits
  113. pcie x8 ?
  114. How can i record my voice when i make gameplay videos?
  115. Kernel Power Error
  116. stability OC 4770K 4.7ghz
  117. BIOS Secure Drive Erase?
  118. We need a TUF mitx to round up the Family!
  119. Weird red characters at the top of display on boot after RAID config
  120. My Favorites - UEFI BIOS Utility
  121. Defective Motherboard
  122. ROG VI Hero Asus has detected a power surge in your PSU
  123. Crosshair V-Z Audio?
  124. Prime 95 Burn in Tests with stock CPU speeds and fan
  125. Need a little help please.
  126. G75VW added bluray question
  127. 8350FX is showing at 3.8 Ghz default on a Sabertooth Rev1 BIOS 1604
  128. Remote access PCIe card
  129. Problem with Maximus VI Hero
  130. AMD 9590 .. Why?
  131. Overclock check
  132. Bios q?
  133. maxxmem result...Good or bad
  134. new ASUS all-in-one -- wi-fi turned off
  135. 3dMark Initiates Windows Crash Loop
  136. Any help for this laptop???
  137. Hi all i need your help here ?
  138. Overclock
  139. Power failure when updating BIOS
  140. A question regarding cooling.
  141. P9x79 deluxe discontinued?
  142. PCH Fan issue
  143. my ssd`s not performing properly
  144. I was thinking of upgrading again.
  145. ASCDDMI.DLL error, and wrong language in RC TweakIt
  146. 3770K High CPU Voltage Requirements
  147. Asus Maximus VI Gene problem
  148. Fan Control software
  149. After 6+ Months, I FINALLY got some of these!!
  150. Dual 6Gb raid on a RAMPAGE IV extreme ? is that possible ?
  151. ASUS Maximus Hero - Boot UEFI Problem
  152. CG 8480 3d Vision
  153. BIOS file version does not match BIO ROM version
  154. G750J Specs
  155. Maximus VI Extreme PLX Temp?
  156. PSU Question, over one year later Rampage IV Gene coming up with 'OC Failed!'
  157. Effects of AI Suite II tuning on memory performance and stability
  158. Asus G74SX-XN1 Hard Drive Cloning and Switching my D: as my C:
  159. oc-cant get my head round it
  160. XMP profile
  161. New i7 3910K - the last new SB-E CPU
  162. [Tool] Score Calculator for 3D Benchmark Tests - Calculate your Scores !!
  163. The ROG RAMDisk Software
  164. Struggling with 4670k OC
  165. Help with downgrading windows 8.
  166. Asus DCII Top 680GTX SLI - crashes,problems and what nots...
  167. Brand new PC build - which softwares are a must have?
  168. MVE 3770K Overclock Help
  169. TURBO BOOST overclock core i5 2500k
  170. Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z Underclocking My CPU?
  171. Maximus vi hero cpu frequency stuck at max
  172. Maximus V Gene ASMedia PCIe SATA controller Hotplugin
  173. Maximus VI Extreme AI Suite Problem
  174. Fans
  175. Haswell 4770k - what Uncore do you use on your OC? (Cache ratio)
  176. Maximus v formula
  177. 3770K Overclock of 4.3ghz vs 4.5ghz Performance difference??
  178. Sound quality , Keyboard, and detection issues
  179. I want to know your HTPC/WiFi/Networking habits/needs!
  180. ROG Tytan CG8565 overheating problem
  181. Is there anything wrong
  182. Using SSD on Asus G75VW with SATA 2 connection instead of SATA 3
  183. Vga hotwire
  184. push\push or pull\pull or push pull
  185. Pink screen of death?
  186. screen flickering
  187. Asus Crosshair V Formula-z - Bunch of random issues happening frequently.
  188. urgent help please
  189. Rog Raidr express SSD compatibility
  190. Gentle Typhoon AP-15 fans not going at full speed - maximus vi hero/H100i
  192. compatibility support module?
  193. Z9PE-D8 WS Overclocking?
  194. Gaming without battery? (G750JX)
  195. Asus G53JW Inbuilt Camera is dead, need a new model indication for replacing it...
  196. G74sx Low Memory Problems. Not sure how to approach
  197. Ai suite 3
  198. How do I use QuickSync with a dedicated graphics card installed?
  199. High "Power temperature" ASUS HD7870 DCII v2
  200. Variable CPU Frequency Question.
  201. Would like some help verifying the compatibility of the SSD I'd like to purchase
  202. i7 3770K CPU Loop, High Temps
  203. Monitor flips out with 144Hz video
  204. Sli Slot 1 and 3 URGENT!!!! Maximus V formula
  205. UEFI Help
  206. Realbench vs Prime95
  207. maximus v gene no debug code
  208. Overclocking 64 GB gskill RAM and 3930k CPU rampage 4 extreme (RIVE)
  209. New GPU, should I retest my OC
  210. PCIe x1 Card Not Working in PCIe x16 Slot (Maximus IV Extreme)
  211. Event 41 Kernel-Power at BOOT UP only. Help!
  212. Lower temps with case closed?
  213. spending cash. your input valid
  214. A question regarding the 7970's TDP limits
  215. ROG RAMDisk,help
  216. Z87 Deluxe AI Suite 3 problems
  217. Windows cannot be installed to this Disk Error: 0x80300001
  218. Screen Replacement
  219. ROG Hero giving an eerie alarm sound and reboot cycle
  220. Turning off Q Code LED on the Maximus VI Hero
  221. maximus extreme 6 best graphics card for around 350 ?????
  222. Problem with ASUS CROSSHAIR 1.xx
  223. help with overclocking
  224. New build sound problem.
  225. Help pls asus expert!
  226. Leaked Rumor: Phenom IV X12 170 "Baeca" 25nm
  227. Oc maximus v formula z77 ?
  228. Unable to set Manual CPU Core Voltage in AI Suite 3
  229. MVE memory compatible?
  230. Rog Raidr... how to use ?
  231. Need help with overclocking
  232. Memory module teetering on the brink?
  233. looking for M6H OC'ing help
  234. voltage on a i7 3820 oc
  235. condensation prevention on cpu
  236. looking for some ideas to solve boot problem
  237. Whats the max voltage for 3770k....realbench error
  238. Crosshair V Formula-Z + Corsair Vengeance 32gb kit. DDR3 detected as 1333mhz?
  239. for HiVizMan and others :)
  240. AMD News: Kaveri Delays, AMD PC Gaming & Never Settle Updated
  241. Whats better?
  242. G75VW-BBK5 Notebook Compatibility with an ASUS VG278H 3D Monitor?
  243. Installing SSD in G750J
  244. Does it seem that most loops are inadequate?
  245. maximus vi extreme sli no VGA detected slot B2
  246. Maximus Gene VI OC on air. Adaptive Vcore voltage question
  247. Asus Z87-A, red CPU light stays on
  248. Problem of having an error of 53 in ASUS Maximus VI Hero
  249. SSD upgrade for gaming and programming
  250. SLI fittings to use on Asus Maximus Z87 Formula