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  1. SLI and Sound Card, Where to Place Components
  2. Rampage 4 Black Edition Fan Headers
  3. Is this a respectable RealBench Score?
  4. Need help. Just finished building my system and I got big problems with it.
  5. CPU World:Pre-order prices of Intel Haswell-E processors
  6. Asus Z87 Deluxe - Windows 8.1 Fastboot not working
  7. RIVEBE + 4960X + Windows 8.1 vs Linux - OC not sticking
  8. Some questions about Sabertooth 990fx r2.0[HELP]
  9. Having problems with new build.
  10. Overclocking Gryphon Z97
  11. My SSD can't optimize?
  12. Everytime i restart my corsair h80i changes colour?
  13. New to PC Building, Help
  14. Crosshair V formula Z ,Bios Settings for OC
  15. Help in over clocking new machine Asus Hero VII + 4770k
  16. AsusG10AC Desktop, Does anyone have some inf on this?
  17. Gpu tweak problem
  18. EK Water Blocks Survey (Round 2 - With 40 prizes!)
  19. Funny CPU Temperatures
  20. Hero VII - Bent pin?
  21. XMP Settings Increased Temps 20 Degrees?
  22. TPU switch on 4790k is it worth it?
  23. windows 8.1 shows 2 cpu speeds (i7 4790k) is this normal?
  24. Can I not use ASUS ROG USB connection to another PC to update my BIOS and ME?
  25. stuck in I-ROG 2 is updating ... need help !!!
  26. New GPUs Won't Post - VGA_LED Stays Lit
  27. 4K Problems
  28. Demolished G73SW
  29. How to find out what BIOS my Maximus VI Formula has without a CPU installed?
  30. ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO hissing/white noise
  31. Sound blaster X-FI MB2
  32. Can't install Windows on my new SSD ( AHCI is enabled in bios )
  33. Help on video card issue
  34. Has anyone considered using a Peltier for a cooling solution?
  35. Ridiculously low memory bandwidth
  36. ASUS G74 SX-A1 and new WIFI adapter
  37. Changed SSD Setup, POST time quadrupled?
  38. sometimes when i bootup keyboard is not working.
  39. newbie and rampage iv confusion
  40. CPU Temperature too high?!
  41. Just dropping in- G- series 73-jh?
  42. Z97 SABERTOOTH MARK 1 problems :(
  43. Problems Maximus Hero VI Motherboard no display adter reset need force power off ok
  44. is there enough room for overclocking for my i7 4790k
  45. Reduction in Cinebench numbers when switching from from Max Extreme to Max formula
  46. Newbie To New System builds / Old ASUS PK5lAM - SE User
  47. sudden random sound bursts
  48. Bench Test Bed
  49. Help, Please
  50. keyboard not starting at startup (sometimes)
  51. Best ssd for windows 8.1
  52. Help a Noob with UEFI
  53. Why does CPU-Z show me such low and terrible clocks? Is my GPU faulty?
  54. Bluescreen error 0xa0000001 , when i use internet. gaming no problem
  55. G750 laptop - battery saving feature
  56. Bad luck with 4770k/h100i? Looking for help/input
  57. R9 280x 3 monitor
  58. is it normal for psu to make high pitched noise when its shutdown?
  59. Help with RAMPAGE IV FORMUA New BIOS OC restriction
  60. G750JS GPU Tweak.
  61. Maximus VII Hero BSOD only when using 32GB RAM / RipjawsZ / i7-4770K Quad-Core
  62. 4930K First Time Overclocker 4.7Ghz Am I doing this right?
  63. Where do you rank. Im interested to see.
  64. G750jx-db71 One bought from newegg and other off amazon (adorama camera)
  65. Problem in bios of VI Gene
  66. GPU temps with and without Precision X
  67. External subwoofer problem
  68. Problems with new Rampage IV Black build
  69. Corsair H100i fan compatibility
  70. Losing Control
  71. How to return to stock drivers?
  72. Z97 DELUXE - Protective fil on heatsink ?
  73. Matrix 7970 Matrix 280x Crossfire ?
  74. ASUS Maximus VI gene + 4670k Help to OC even further
  75. cpu overclock
  76. Hero VII Overclocking Ram to 2400mhz with hyperx Beast 32mb
  77. water extreme 3.0 vs Reserator 3 Max Dual
  78. CPU Temps and Fan Control (G53jw) - Help!
  79. ASUS Maximus VII Hero dimm slot and PCIExpress16 slot issues
  80. My new 4790K will not down clock correctly on the Hero Vll motherboard... Why?
  81. Can I buy a Rog Swift pg278q from the UK?
  82. New build problems!
  83. Crucial ballistix tactical tracer 1600MHZ 16gb kit compatible with M7H and 4790K?
  84. HDD making clicking sound every 10s in Win 8.1 - Load/Unload cycle count increasing
  85. is there way to disable usb charger when pc is shutdown
  86. Rog Swift Monitor PG278Q displayport for GTX650 and up.....
  87. Windows won't start. Suspect SSD failure. :( Please help.
  88. Removal of decals
  89. I/O A & GT (analog & Digital) v
  90. Requesting Assistance with Asus Crosshair V Formula Z
  91. Help with Overclocking GTX690-4GD5
  92. too much time for startup on win 8.1
  93. External Hard Drive Dillema
  94. Maximus VI Impact - Post Failure
  95. Old X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series VS. New SupremeFX 2014
  96. Start Up Problem
  97. Mpci combo cant connect to wifi issue plzz help.
  98. ROG TYTAN G30AB - Noise using headphones
  99. Dropped HDD
  100. Windows 7 migration to SSD without disconnecting old HDD (ASUS G53JW)
  101. Poor wifi connectivity
  102. keyboard not working on laptop. help?
  103. MARS 760 x 2 Multi-GPU Question
  104. Please help overclock my 3930k to 4.5ghz
  105. Sudden shutdown on g750jx
  106. AMD FX CPU Upgarde
  107. Memroy ASUS Model G75VW-BBK5?
  108. Asus 750jm Laptop
  109. Maximus Formula VI Connection lost every 2h!
  110. help please ironing out niggles in new system
  111. Overcklocking 780 ti
  112. ACPI error messages in Windows log
  113. EVGA GTX 780 sc 6 gb with Asus ROG swift PG278Q and g sync ?
  114. Suggestions: iGPU HUD UI rendering and Virtual GPU
  115. Asus 750Ti overclocking help with GPU Tweak
  116. Can't manually set ram to 2400
  117. need help with adaptive voltage!!
  118. 3930K overclock & latest nvidia drivers
  119. Help noob with overclocking
  120. Few issues with Rampage IV Black Edition
  121. PSC mem on Pentium AE...
  122. this build is stressing me out
  123. ASUS Rampage IV EXtreme Black Edition PC 2400 G.SKILL RAM Read Speed Issue
  124. stability issues 8350, new build, 1st AMD
  125. iaStorA.sys error while installing W7 in RAID 0.
  126. idlle temp 4790K 46° - 50° ???
  127. First build, time to OC
  128. New Build is possesed ! Random Power ups
  129. ROG Front Panel Custom Profiles ?
  130. front base vs OC panel
  131. rog 750 power
  132. ROG Connect Header...USB??
  133. TV Tuner for G71V?
  134. Crosshair V Formula Z: 3x Crossfire Missing GPU
  135. Question When overclocking RAM...
  136. BIOS Update affecting stability?
  137. Help with OCing...
  138. ROG front panel problem
  139. How to target higher NB With FX8350
  140. Maximus VII Hero - PCH watercooling needed ?
  141. playing game then alt+tab screen goes black nothing responds but pc is running
  142. Expected to do lot more for a 3,889Euro PC build.
  143. way to run a gforce gtx 460
  144. SLi does not engage (2x GTX780-DC2 on Maximus VI Hero)
  145. The board does not recognize the memories attached image, what to write?
  146. Asus z87 + Logitech Camera
  147. G750JH - No active partition found
  148. Maximus VI Intermittent MB alarm
  149. Maximus V Formula + 2600K= 4.8ghz daily?
  150. safe mosfet tempreture ? xmp makes mosfet temp rocket
  151. good graphics card for CROSSHAIR V FORMULA-Z
  152. Overclocking R9 280X - Green flashes, low temps
  153. Keyboard shortcuts not working
  154. vpu vid
  155. Is this a decent benchmark result for my hardware & OC?
  156. "Starting Windows" takes a lot longer than it should (Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z)
  157. Asus G75VX: GPU replacement
  158. How to customize settings FC3 on PC?
  159. PCI-E flexible Gen 3.0 riser card VS. PCI-E flexible Gen 2.0 riser card
  160. CPU Stuck At Idle Clock Speed Under Full Load
  161. BIOS Administrator & User Passwords
  162. CPU Fan Error
  163. OC with AMD how to strengthen the BUS SPEED ( Image )
  164. Installing an SSD into my ASUS ROG G750JM
  165. Please delete multiple text
  166. Maximus VII Ranger Boot problems, please help
  167. [HELP!} Asus R9 280X DC2T problem
  168. Flashback Bios update question
  169. confused abut idle voltages
  170. newest BIOS v. 1104 fixed dual boot on cold boot weard!?
  171. Did I screw up legacy vs EUFI
  172. Maximus Hero VI Can't Boot into Raid Configuration
  173. SSD speed
  174. Potential voltage issues with Maximus VI Formula
  175. BSOD after upgrading to Crosshair V Formula Z
  176. M5A99FX motherboard
  177. Asus Maximus VII Ranger not detecting SATA DVD-drive on every boot + other issues
  178. X99 motherboards
  179. does the z97 board support the new intel Hasswell-e cpu´s?
  180. Upgrading the Wi-Fi card
  181. Crosshair V Formula Z Q-Code F.F. upon boot up?
  182. ROG sli bridges not working with 4k
  183. improving my realbench rating !
  184. 3.5mm Audio jack into the 1/8 inch Headphones spdif jack?
  185. SupremeFX Impact II + Sonic Radar II & 5.1 Speaker Setup
  186. FX9590 / Asus Formula-Z performance issue
  187. Crosshair V Formula-Z w/ AMD FX9370 pauses after post, q-code 00 or 06
  188. Asus g750jx upgrade
  189. Video Driver (OLD OR NEW)
  190. DDR4 Aus Pricing
  191. Maximus Hero VII--MOUSE ISSUE
  192. M7H Bios update
  193. Black SCREEN NO OC
  194. N56VZ laptop going straight to bios, no boot options, going crazy!
  195. rampage 2 gene strange behaviour
  196. Maximus VI Hero has no video signal
  197. Asus GTX660 OC GPU OpenCL not working?
  198. [MAXIMUS GENE V] drivers ISCT issues
  199. G750JS graphics breakdown!?
  200. Maximus VI Hero BIOS does not have Overclocking Presets
  201. R9 290X Crossfirex 2.0 on x16 problem
  202. CPU Fan Error!!!
  203. Stubborn RIVE that just refuses to function.
  204. Fan Replacement or Tweaking?
  205. G550J Combo Audio Jack Problems
  206. Asus plz fix the bios v.1104 for asus maximus vii ranger bios freezing cold boot!!
  207. what are the right timings for corsair dominator platinum 1886mhz
  208. Any way round the 75 degree CPU fan limitation?
  209. G skill F3-2400C10D-16GTX problem
  210. Crosshair V Formula Z code error 00
  211. Blue screen/Confused :-(
  212. PC shuts down whenever I start gaming
  213. Fast boot causing freezing in the bios in cold boot (asus maximus vii ranger)
  214. CPU Fans Stop Working when PWM fan connected to OPT_FAN header
  215. (FIXED) bios freezes cold boots (asus maximus vii ranger)
  216. Swift at newegg sold out quick
  217. Is ASUS R9 280 (Not X) UEFI compatible?
  218. ROG "broken" charger (not the connector) (SOLVED)
  219. Asus Matrix or DirectCU II
  220. how do i install new Intel AHCI/RAID Driver Path (asus maximus vii ranger)
  221. Problems regarding black screen after clean windows install
  223. Rog m.2 add on card for bluetooth and wifi
  224. Help! first time overclock vii hero
  225. wtf are these?? un labled in red boxes in pic. rampage iv black
  226. Connecting 3pin fan-rpm to CPU header woes.
  227. Fault bios, screen freezing when trying to get to monitor ( Image )
  228. OCing i7 4790K on Asus Maximus VII Ranger – Advice required
  229. What helps the ASUS Video Card with ROG board?
  230. new laptop has porblem with nvidia
  231. ROG Front Base panel - reduction possible?
  232. Maximus VII Ranger - Can it fit triple spacing GFXs in crossfire?
  233. Rog Swift pg278q help pls..
  234. Adaptive Voltage [Undervolting]
  235. G73SW battery issues
  236. Just got a laptop, i need help in.. how to overclock, tweaking, set the nvidia gr. c
  237. ASUS X99-E WS Revealed
  238. laptop won't start
  239. Cpu volt
  240. cpu safe overclocking voltage
  241. Maximus VII Gene Q Code help...
  242. Asus Rampage IV Extreme there is a Unknown 10 pin Header
  243. CROSSHAIR V FORMULA-Z mobo wont install windows 8 pro 64bit
  244. HELP with Asus Suite
  245. Asus' Rampage V Extreme X99 Motherboard Spotted
  246. OC3D:Asus ROG Rampage V Extreme X99 Review 5960X DDR4 3000MHz
  247. Best bios settings for i7 4790k?
  248. OC3D:Intel 5960X 8 Core DDR4 CPU with Asus X99 Deluxe Review
  249. Maximus VII Formula 4790k
  250. Techreport:Asus' X99 Deluxe motherboard reviewed