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  1. Freezing, can't figure out cause
  2. Is ASUS Listening?
  3. G74sx turns on, but doesn't even go into BIOS
  4. ROG GK2000, any news?
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  15. ROG Front Base / Windows 10
  16. Adding internal fingerprint scanner to G75VW
  17. Need helps regarding my asus maximus VI impact. Cannot POST
  18. Asus rampage iv overclocking failed
  19. SSD not recognised after power outage.
  20. Maximus V Gene Won't Boot Past ROG Splash screen
  21. maximus ranger vii q-00
  22. Z97-A - How to turn off CPU overheat warning beep?
  23. Can't seem to make a working bootable UEFI USB stick
  24. Nvidia 3d-vision support for gtx 800m & 900m series
  25. Please Need advise regarding Overclocking X99
  26. Where to buy G75VW-BS72 internal disk
  27. Neen Help with Numeric Keypad
  28. Issues with my Rampage IV Black Edition
  29. Issues with Nvidia GTX 970 + Asus Maximus VII Hero
  30. A few questions regarding difference in Z97 board models
  31. ASUS ROG G751JL-DS71 and Thunderbolt Connectivity Issues.
  32. I humbly need help overclocking my 4930k on rivbe
  33. Hero VII won't let me change the manual voltage on my 4790k? Huh?!
  34. Maximus VI Impact Post Failure Twice
  35. Webcam Help - Not working after Windows 10 upgrade - ROG G74Sx
  36. Windows drive size changed after enabling SSD over provisioning
  37. Pc wont Post
  38. M5F GPU problem
  39. Looking for Help! AMD 9590 Black on Crosshair Formula-V
  40. Overclocking possible issue.
  41. Boot takes too long
  42. X99-Deluxe build watercooling recommendations.
  43. M.2 PCI SSD ROG (Ranger) Advice
  44. Overclocking i5 4690k @4.7ghz
  45. Worth upgrading my wireless adapter to the Asus PCE-AC68?
  46. Usb 3.1
  47. M2 pcie
  48. G20 Lighting Tool Not Working
  49. G20AJ: What the hell !
  50. How do i set a manual voltage but have it lower on idle?
  51. Momentary screen flicker
  52. G501 Black screen after logo startup
  53. RAM dilemma
  54. Looking to lower CPU vCore on i7-4790k DC
  55. Asus rog 20aj shutdown
  56. Vcore
  57. Bitfenix Recon fan controller with my Rampage IV Mobo
  58. USB ports do not power down on shut down - Maximus VII Impact
  59. First time overclock an i5-4690k on Ranger
  60. First Post, Any tips? Should i suffice for what i got?
  61. New gaming headset - HyperX Cloud II - Compatible with soundcards?
  62. New build with Q-Code 76
  63. Need help oc'ing my DDR3 ram (P67, Maximus IV Extreme b3)
  64. 3 way SLI and moving primary card into second PCIe slot...
  65. Overlcocking is passion, extreme overlcocking is something more -ROG WRs
  66. BBQ'd/fried fan
  67. Maximus vii hero i5-4690k @48
  68. DDR4 overclocking on X99 boards
  69. ROG Front Base driver for Windows 10
  70. Issue with my PC
  71. Need Help with manually adjusting VCORE on Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
  72. asus x99 deluxe and q code 2
  73. Air or water for RAM
  74. "Best" DDR4 for OC-ing?
  75. Need help on airflow
  76. Cg8890 and MSI GTX 980 ti
  77. GTX760 not showing GEN3
  78. Asus Maximus Hero VII ?
  79. Upgrading your video card?
  80. onboard wifi issue
  81. Overclocking or Gaming
  82. Rampage V Oc gamer profile and xmp
  83. Rampage V Extreme U3.1 BIOS 1601?
  84. PSU no longer supplying enough power to boot - want to rule out mobo
  85. Asus Rampage V Extreme and 3-way Titan X in SLI
  86. HD bay in G751JT-CH71 misaligns bracket and drive
  87. Will the G75VX handle (2) ASUS VG248QE monitors and perform at 144 and 3D?
  88. Kingston HyperX Cloud II vs Roccat XTD Kave Analog/Digital. - New headset
  89. vcore increase by itself
  90. USB Audio Interface Troubles
  91. Want to upgrade the HD on my new G751JY-DB72!
  92. Asus Strix 980ti 2 way sli - fan profile not working :(
  93. Maximus viii Ranger supreme FX does not recognize my headphones as 80 Ohm
  94. Help for Overclock i73960 x + Rampage IV Black edition
  95. New to Raid looking for a little advice.
  96. Audio - Soundcards? ROG swift
  97. Problem with Maximus Hero VII upload speed
  98. enable intel hd gpu with nvidia on g75vx
  99. Windows 10 not Overclocking! MAXIMUS VII HERO - i5 4670K
  100. Sli config
  101. Crosshair Formula IV Mainboard Shutdown Problem Fans/Leds stay on
  102. Rampage v extreme 2nd bios not working
  103. Should my cpu voltage be 1.3V?
  104. Another 4790k with Temp issues?!
  105. 6700k Asus Z170 Deluxe Overclock settings help
  106. Maximum CPU power and temperature
  107. CPU Strap usage
  108. BIOS update helps
  109. OC, Adaptive Voltage Mode and Win 10 Sleep Problems!
  110. Question about audio on Z97-A Mobo Not working
  111. Asus X99/3.1 with i7-5820K - automatic overlock?
  112. I possibly have a bad ram stick (or maybe more than one).
  113. USB Problems
  114. Maximus Ranger VIII , XmP profile works but gives failure after system restart.
  115. Overclock / Tweaking Memory
  116. Model Asus ROG G20AJ BH005S - which type of GTX980 ?
  117. Power Cable for OC Panel
  118. Maximus VI Extreme and i7 4790K cannot boot
  119. DisplayPort monitor causing windows to shift between screens
  120. Crosshair IV Chassis fans RPM appears and disappears from Bios /Probe II
  121. boot problem
  122. Calibration
  123. Weird BIOS display issue (Maximus VII Impact/GTX 970)
  124. Radeon R9 Fury X + ASUS MG279Q
  125. Asus Rampage IV Extreme Won't boot at all
  126. ASUS Rampage IV Extreme and i7 4960X BIOS problem.
  127. Need help with correct BIOS settings ( Volt etc. )
  128. Bricked Asus 7970 DCU II
  129. crosshair iv initializing usb problem
  130. Help with new build please?
  131. pump/fan connections (H440+KrakenX61+Ranger viii Fan config and cooling query)
  133. error code 6f
  134. ASUS ux501 - blown HDMI port - warranty?
  135. G46V Laptop Charger Question
  136. Asus Hyper Kit & Sli Compabiltity
  137. der8auer videos: overclocking guides for various Asus products
  138. Question on cooling gpu
  139. Possible Heating/Fan Issues with G751JM laptop
  140. Asus GPU Tweak II issues
  141. Anti-Surge Issues: i7-6700K Maximus Hero VIII Z170
  142. Asus G751J
  143. Need input from owners or techs on this PSU
  144. Only 16GB out of 32GB of RAM being seen
  145. Mem TweakIt... possible?
  146. Fresh OS-installations (order of installation)
  147. Installing an ssd on a ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71
  148. Is there such thing as a motherboard temp sensor or not?
  149. RTC Accuracy Test Failed
  150. Z97 Deluxe 3.1/UEFI Not compatible with mechanical gaming keyboards
  151. OC Panel just shows 0 values
  152. How to install Cisco EHWIC-4ESG module to Cisco 1941 router
  153. GTX690-4GD5 vs. STRIX-GTX 980 TI-DC3-6GD5-GAMING
  154. Can't get CPU voltage to change on CPU-Z during stress testing
  155. I have a question about ht linkoc
  156. Windows 8.1 not booting properly with new Strix card
  157. PCI-E Card issue with Rampage IV Black Edition X79
  158. Availability of TPM module compatible with ASUS Z170 Deluxe motherboard?
  159. Help needed! Monster PC wont post :C
  160. displayport 1.2 - displayport 1.2 for new strix GTX980Ti DC3 OC
  161. 1440@144hz vs CPU
  162. Build Recommendations and LCS
  163. Maximus VI Extreme - i7 4790k - Corsair H100i cooler: What is normal temps
  164. A Question about the ROG PG278Q
  165. Rog G20 - Upgrading GPU to GTX980Ti - PSU question
  166. Maximus VIII Gene Vcore adaptive mode issue
  167. Help With 5-Way Optimization
  168. Hero VI Hardware issue causing Windows 10 to not shut down properly
  169. Asus P5P43TD PRO & New Graphics Card
  170. GTX980Ti doesn't show PC startup
  171. GTX980Ti, Device PCI\bla bla requires further installation
  172. G751JY; interestingly.. doesn't want to charge some USB devices
  173. upgrade al suite II to Al Suite III?
  174. Small grey dot on top of screen.
  175. Strix 980 Ti problems... again the Strix...
  176. Can I switch my CPU on my G751JL?
  177. Fan -> Fan Controller OR Fan -> Mother Board?
  178. MY ROG G75VW continuously switiching between AC and battery mode after fully charging
  179. BIOS Update.......Fail
  180. G751JY; 209 BIOS Update 2Tb platter SATA drive not present in OS post load
  181. Replacement Sli Bridge
  182. Bug report - Z87-C (possibly other Z87's) - URGENT
  183. Asus G53 Maintenance & Spare Parts
  184. Hero IV ROG1 Updating
  185. Motherboard temperature sensors gone after power outage..
  186. Negative offset c1e voltage Sabertooth x79
  187. ROG notebook G750JY-T4020P fan and HDD questions
  188. Max Edram Ratio Devils Canyon
  189. Watercooling GPU performance question.
  190. G750JX Blu Ray drive swap query
  191. BSOD 124 - Motherboard - Maximus VI Formula
  192. Enabling XMP causes machine to fail booting
  193. No Asus 15.6" laptop with 32GB RAM?
  194. Intel Turbo Boost not functioning properly with Speed Step enabled
  195. QCode 00. System not displaying on Asus Rampage V Extreme
  196. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 5 GHz
  197. Setting primary graphics option to PCIE in BIOS
  198. usb problem with xhci enabled
  199. Fan header
  200. Asus AI Suite II & Windows 10
  201. DRAM Settings
  202. Rampage V Extreme bios hell
  203. Hlp Scheme water cooler - Casemod
  204. VIII Hero + i7 6700k - high VCore
  205. Having a hard time with machine
  206. BIO Update - G75VX unable to boot
  207. ROG V Extreme rear lit led size
  208. "Memory remap" and "memory scramble" (BIOS)
  209. Need help with Uefi installation Windows 10 Z97
  210. Samsung 950 pro
  211. m7f 2400mhz memory issues
  212. Intel SSD 750 Series - New firmware improves boot time
  213. Help: Eyes greatly affected by Asus Rog G751J
  214. Z170 Pro Gaming Slow Boot
  215. G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3200 PC4-25600 16GB 4x4GB CL16 + ASUS SABERTOOTH X99?
  216. Raid 0 and Windows 7 installation on Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z+ FX8350
  217. G73JH and Intel extreeme tuning utility
  218. Software for overclocking P67 Sabertooth?
  219. Weird OC problem with 6700k and asus z170-a
  220. Over clocking the 6700 CPU with water cooling OK but my GTX 980 Ti is running 90C's
  221. Asus Z87 XMP help!!!
  222. G750jw hardware question
  223. ROG G751JL - clean install on ssd
  224. Asus X-99 motherboard BIOS flash question.
  225. Please help! X-99 Pro BIOS trouble
  226. Asus nvidia GTX 760 OC 2GB DDR5 has display problem.
  227. intel skylake 6500 with asus pro gamer D3 DDR3 issue
  228. Asus Maximus VII Ranger Booting Problem
  229. ASUS Maximus Impact VII mITX
  230. Maximus VIII Hero NVMe M.2 SSD, bios, and OC questions
  231. Making Sure My OC Is Stable
  232. Asus Maximus VIII Hero Will Not Detect My SSD Drive
  233. Rampage Extreme V (X99) issues.
  234. THROTTLESTOP: "This Beta Version has now expired" Somebody know how to update it?
  235. Back up and running properly 4790k
  236. Overclocking the iGPU
  237. maximus vi hero mosfet smd capacitor blown
  238. please help. crosshair v formula z!!!!!
  239. ASUS Live Update
  240. Extended battery
  241. First Venture into the Land of OC
  242. G.Skill DDR4
  243. I have a question regarding the timer on the Stress-Testing program...
  244. Booting with legacy BIOS on G760JS Laptop
  245. Disable overclock from 5 Way Optimization
  246. Clean Windows Install, lots of drivers missing!
  247. After running Realbench a few times is my system officially "Stable"?
  248. asus p9x79-overclocking failed.
  249. Batterie Pour Asus N75S
  250. DDR4 RAM Problem