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  1. Ping Spikes on all games/sites, new ROG laptop.
  2. 2560x1440 resolution query
  3. Sound suddenly not working
  4. What are the wires coming out of the lid of G751
  5. part # power socket
  6. Random power failures
  7. ASUS G551JW GTX 960 Guide for Games performance Stress .
  8. Raid )
  9. Power problem in my ROG G750
  10. Speedste Disable don't work
  11. RVE Bluetooth Problem Help!
  12. Virgin Overclocker
  13. SSD not booting as primary anymore
  14. Help Overclocking a i7 6700k on an Z170 Pro Gaming mobo
  15. Help-Need To Remove this Benchmark In all Games
  16. My Rig in Popular Mechanics
  17. ASUS ROG power on but lights switch between hard drive and WiFI LEDs
  18. How to enable XMP
  19. PC switching on, its own?
  20. Front Base Panel Issue with Z170
  21. Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard problem
  22. Post Code A3
  23. Asus Rogue G20 Upgrading Gtx 760 to EVGA GTX 970 FTW+
  24. G.Skill RipJaws V DIMM Kit 32GB, DDR4-3200, CL16-16-16-36, on ASUS X99-Deluxe?
  25. Computer keeps freezing, thinking it's either my PSU or HDD?
  26. Desperate to remove unstable overclock
  27. Uncore ?
  28. Serious about OC...but a noobie.
  29. Is it normal to be sitting around 26c then jump to 98c?
  30. Roccat XTD Optical vs G502 Proteus Core Gaming mouse
  31. Asus Maximus VII Ranger Booting Problem
  32. Which Skylake mobo not using -12V DC and which one has replacable clock module
  33. New Build... Q Code 15?
  35. Low volume on laptop.
  36. ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z Q code 03
  37. Connecting G750JM to a higher resolution monitor - Help!
  38. Maximus VIII Hero - Error code 55
  39. Intermittent power on/power off loop after increasing RAM frequency
  40. AI suite 3 - 5 Way Optimization
  41. Ripjaw X
  42. Buying An M.2 SSD
  43. Asus rog g20
  44. m.2 pcie adapter and x79
  45. Has anyone managed to get a bluetooth dongle to work with win 10 yet ?
  46. 5820k running in 3 core??
  47. gl771j drivers for win7
  48. Thunderbolt Port not working J750
  49. Should I RMA my X-99 Deluxe or get a new MB??? HELP
  50. ASUS Rog turns off twice before it starts
  51. Choppy gameplay in games like Tera, and Blade & Soul
  52. Maximus VIII Hero weird clicking sound at boot
  53. New RAM doesnt match and how to make the best of it?
  54. cpu temp
  55. Fans start then stop. Computer won't turn on.
  56. Crosshair V Formula SB Waterblock
  57. PG278Q Blurry wierd sh1t> plz help
  58. New RAM for ASUS ROG G751JT-T7121H Laptop?
  59. Hellllllp!!!
  60. New Build
  61. heplh guys
  62. RealBench - "Unable to properly parse system specs. Please report in RealBench forum"
  63. Crosshair v formula
  64. Samsung SM951
  65. Weird issues with RIVE and Windows 10 bios 4901
  66. Asus G30Ab Can I upgrade?
  67. i7 6700k Vcore settings on Maximus VIII Hero
  68. PC shutdown itself on its first time boot
  69. BSOD on windows startup with adaptive Vcore enabled, Skylake.
  70. Slow Intel 750 NVMe SSD
  71. Graphics card not working on Asus Z10PE-WS
  72. ROG GR6 processor questions
  73. Cannot see hard drive
  74. 2 Samsung Evo 850's in Raid0 and Samsung Magician Question
  75. Asus Rog Gr8 Upgrade ssd
  76. Framerate issues on brand new computer
  77. Gaming gear rog gx860 does it good ?
  78. High cpu temp on stock cooling 4790k
  79. gtx 970 strix - gpu tweak problem!
  80. Monitor Opinion?
  81. BIOS settings for Samsung 950 Pro as boot drive?
  82. Fan making nosises
  83. No Video output (new build) tried everything!
  84. Z170 PRO GAMING - Problems and problems...
  85. Flashed updated bios for 980 matrix over LN2 bios, need original LN2 bios.
  86. ROG GR8 overclocking safe?
  87. Advice needed on deciding between GPU`s
  88. Which ASUS ROG Router should I get?
  89. Nvidia GeForce GTX 660ti vs Intel HD Graphics 530
  90. Rog G20 Special Edition or Matrix 980 GTX TI platinum sli?
  91. Bios cannot boot ssd
  92. ASUS X99-A USB 3.1 (1901 BIOS) BIOS does not hold CPU OC settings (OC does not fail)
  93. ROG GameFirst II version
  94. ROG Front Base not connected
  95. SATA to eSATA/Asus Z170-A
  96. non boot 4790k
  97. Overclocking
  98. Crosshair V formula with FX-9590
  99. OC Station with Crosshair IV Formula
  100. LN2 and Memory Heater if I am only air cooling? Matrix GTX 980
  101. boot issues
  102. having trouble removing keys from asus g750 jw palmrest
  103. having trouble installing keyboard into new palmrest of asus g750 jw
  104. Maximus VIII Extreme new build
  105. Hard disk makes beep sounds after waking up...
  106. Crosshair V Formula Z - Ethernet Driver issues - not recognizing adapter
  107. Power Target and Core Clock suddenly drop then go back up mid-game... power supply?
  108. Asus Maximus Gene Z170 - 6700K O.C. 4.8GHz Possible? tested on Prime95 v27.9
  109. Windows 10 Monitor out of range
  110. Spilled tea = NVIDIA failure
  111. GPU Target Temp STUCK at 79C on GTX 980 Matrix, can anyone help?
  112. Two M.2 Nvme cards in RAID0/Asus Z170-A
  113. Asus ATI Radeon 260x DirectCU II OC 1gddr5 Factory Bios Needed
  114. Win7/8.1/10 Mouse and keyboard is unplugging and plugging before turn off
  115. What is the latest release on asus rog series for laptops?
  117. Maximus V Gene Error Code 62 (not b2)
  118. I don't know how to open my Asus tower, I've tried everything
  119. Matrix 980 GTX, What Liquid Cooler is best / easiest?
  120. Rog s340
  121. Missing PCIE
  122. Continuous short beeps to 11-16 pc does not start as from the bios fix the problem.
  123. Ram Liquid Cooler
  124. ASUS ROG PC-Q17 (Lian-Li)
  125. Maximus VIII Hero lighting question
  126. Intel 750 Series PCI-Express 3.0 and Maximus IV Extreme
  127. Halp with front panel connections - Z 170 Pro Gaming Motherboard
  128. Problem with i7 2600k clock ratio
  129. Asus Maximus VIII Hero boot issues
  130. XMP Profile has stopped working on Rampage V Extreme
  131. ROG G20AJ won't turn on?
  132. Overclocking the Asus Maximus Vii z97
  133. ROG G20AJ fans running during shut down
  134. Z9PE-D8 WS PCIe Gen3 doesn't work Support ignores
  135. Computer Stuttering Likely Caused by Mobo power issues
  137. FAN Sensor Asus Ai Suite
  138. CPU fan not working or registering
  139. Adding ram to Asus ROG G752?
  140. Rampage V Extreme/U3.1 Cold Boot Problems
  141. Ask about m.2 ssd with z97 sli
  142. MaxVII Hero pcie slot usage
  143. after overclocking the CPU
  144. What is better USB OR Toslink
  145. PWM/Manual fan mode in BIOS instead of DC/Auto fan mode
  146. Asus Z170 PRO GAMING Cpu Fan error
  147. SSD upgrade. Is it compatible
  148. Maximus VII Gene , adaptive voltage behaves like offset voltage
  149. LED monitors eyestrain [wish CCFL] please post your expirience
  150. Pnp
  151. g551jw temprature up to 87- 91 degree overheating
  152. Question for Mods and Admins
  153. Removing Windows Product Key From Bios
  154. Lights on the laptop not turning off when i shut down the laptop
  155. GTX 660M is dead
  156. 4k monitor
  157. Turn on keyboard backlight on poweron
  158. Hi all: Say I wanted to take a screenshot while using the Benchmark...
  159. Mike Chin of SPCR will be a guest on the ASUS Straight Edge podcast
  160. Different CPU temps
  161. Pro opinions and commentet's on my setup (my goal is as powerful 24/7 use at Oc)
  162. X99-DELUXE 5960X overclock
  163. Asus G20-BM GPU Upgrade options?
  164. Windows 7 Driver Compatibility - ASUS G752VT-DH72
  165. Maximus VII Ranger temprature
  166. sm951 nvme and OC 5930k
  167. G751 - Own Voice Monitoring Delay
  168. Wired connection slower than wireless in other room!?
  169. Please help overclocking on Z97-E/USB3.1
  170. Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z Ez plug plroblem
  171. ASUS G751JY-DH71 Pocessor change?
  172. Q code 00 red cpu led?
  173. CORSAIR Vengeance Pro on MVF
  174. Asus GeForce GTX980 4GB STRIX OC normal temperatures
  175. Some oldschool play with Athlon 64 5600+ (minireport)
  176. ASUS ROG G751JL lid makes noise when opening and closing
  177. Can I use the new Asus AC88U as a "Wifi Adapter" in order to get 4x4 MU-MIMO?
  178. Maximus VIII Hero O/C and Tweaking
  179. Water cooling Kits
  180. Asus rog 20 updating graphics card
  181. Oc panel
  182. Bios 1801
  183. Maximus VIII Ranger, a few problems
  184. G751jl
  185. Analog gaming Headphones for asus RIVbe
  186. Samsung SM951 VPV128 & ASUS Z97-WS with PEX8747 Performance ...
  187. Overclocking Non-K Skylake Processors
  188. ASUS RMA is the worst, almost 2 months and I still dont have a working Rampage IV BE
  189. brand New system with Asus board, instant problems :)
  190. In Win 904 PLUS... Amazing Aluminum Mid Tower Case
  191. EK predator 360 leaking
  192. Upgrading gtx 960 in Asus rog 20 aj
  193. X99 16 threads 4.5 ghz vs 48 threads 3.7 ghz mostly for gaming
  194. Where can y buy unlocked e5 2600 v3 xeons?
  195. G751JY Unbelivably low Temps???
  196. Wanting to upgrade G75V, need some help!
  197. Does the z10pe d16 WS support forcing the xeons to run ALL cores at MAXIMUM Turbo?
  198. 4790K overclock Voltage question.
  199. RAM not properly recognized after activating XMP
  200. ROG Maximus VII Ranger & i5 4690k
  201. Q-Code D4 when booting on a Samsung950Pro NVMe M.2 SSD
  202. Different CrystalDiskMark Stats
  203. Extra 240mm radiator
  204. z97-a with sli 970 and nvme
  205. ROG Maximus VIII Hero, 6700K, 4.8GHz@1.4v - Advice needed
  206. Crosshair II graphic card upgrade
  207. Windows 7 Touchpad Driver for Asus GL552VW
  208. Maximus VIII Hero Q Code 41 - not in manual
  209. Driver Updates for Z170 Pro Gaming
  210. H100i Suddenly goes wrong!!??
  211. Headphone Amp?
  212. Xfiring different cards?
  213. Crosshair IV formula motherboard help need :(
  214. double ES xeons x99 for 600$ like 5930k
  215. Rampage IV Extreme code 06
  217. Asus MAXIMUS VIII IMPACT itx, bios flashing, not 100% sure, help please ?
  218. Do You Know the Best [OC] settings for my new MAXIMUS-VIII-IMPACT board ??
  219. Maximus V Gene Slow SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB Speed
  220. Q Code B2. VGA LED RED.
  221. Lost in ram, need help. :)
  222. dual 2690v3 vs 5960x
  223. G74SX USB Upgrade
  224. asus rog notebook with broken power jack
  225. ASUS nx500j BIOS rescue password date 2015/12/24
  226. Asus Z170-A Bios backup?
  227. Fried my processor, could I have fried my Motherboard
  228. G750JX RAM Upgrade Issue
  229. Maximus VIII Hero new build LN2_Mode jumper
  230. Settled on 6700K overlock, opinions needed.
  231. G75VW GTX 660m: 120/144hz support
  232. Overclocking RAM - 1.2v@1.35v acceptable?
  233. Need pointed in right direction.
  234. Wait for Broadwell E or buy Haswell E
  235. Are my temps ok
  236. Non-RAID Disk error - Asus Maximus VII - RAID 0
  237. SupremeFX audio 7.1 does not recognize. asus aid does not update the audio drivers
  238. Installing rog front panel drivers in hero VIII
  239. Asus rog battery
  240. z170 viii ranger xmp profile issue
  241. ram running speeds
  242. ASUS X99-E WS Woes
  243. Which Cooler..
  244. Ordering the new ROG MAXIMUS VIII FORMULA
  245. Rog G30AB speed button
  246. Ram problem Maximus VII Formula and Noctua-DH14
  247. AVX(2) and Z97-E (4790K)
  248. Windows 7 USB issue... Bios Related ? Asus Maximus 2902 ?
  249. Help with laptop please
  250. Testing for bad Ram on the Rampage Extreme board