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  1. My new system & overclocking questions
  2. Clocking Ram help
  3. user benchmark
  4. OC Stresstesting & Monitoring Tools Freeze-Lockup (CPUZ - Core Temp)
  5. gpu tweak
  6. Ram, CPU, GPU overcloxk
  7. Overclocking and USB Ports Hanging on Windows Start
  8. Overclocking 7700k on Asus IX formula quest for 5.1Ghz
  9. Overclocking fails stress test when all memory banks are populated
  10. Need help to understand positive Offset mode better.
  11. Issues With realbench at stock speeds.
  12. Asus Maximus IX Hero + 7700K: What can be the lowest adaptive voltage accepted?
  13. IA: Max Turbo Limit + RING: Max VR Voltage, ICCmax PL4
  14. Cannot boot with XMP enabled
  15. Help the pc stop when playing
  16. Maximus Apex IX 4266Mhz issue with G.Skill Trident
  17. Memory Question When Overclocking
  18. Windows Nvidia kernel mode driver stopped responding
  19. OC 3770K on Maximus V Extreme
  20. Xtu overclock not changing bios
  21. CPU Overclock question
  22. Overclocking i7-5930k
  23. Maximus V Formula OC Turbo Ratio SOS!
  24. Cant select x4 BIOS STRIX Z270F GAMING BIOS 0906
  25. Downgrade BIOS?
  26. OS WONT BOOT with XMP active (HYPERX PREDATOR 2x 8GB 3333MHz)
  27. PC won't properly reset from BIOS or apply changes. Wat do?
  28. 1070 Rog Strix overheating problems!(?)
  29. ROG 1070 heating up for petty reasons
  30. PC shutdown overnight and now wont turn boot
  31. A heads up - Strix BIOS 0906 can cause XMP ram settings to fail vs BIOS 0801 n/t
  32. XMP and Overclock
  33. Frequency drops
  34. MIXH + Samsung B-die
  35. My IX Apex MB won't post on system restarts if I overclock more than 4000 Mhz DRAM
  36. Asus ROG STRIX Z270F GAMING XMP fail
  37. Does Prime95 torture test is relevant for 7700K OC ?
  38. AI Suite 3 - Away mode
  39. Superposition
  40. XTU settings in the BIOS
  41. Overclock failed after 3 months
  42. Samsung 960 EVO cant run x4?
  43. Automatically switch off the OC Panel on a Maximus VIII Extreme
  44. MIXH I7 OC log
  45. GTX 1080 STRIX BIOS UPDATE to 11 Gbps
  46. Non-AVX Stress Test ?
  47. Q-Led Code List?
  48. I'm OC'ing a I5-4690K + ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VII RANGER. Need Help.
  49. Overclock black screen problem
  50. Test settings for realbench and temp measurement what to use?
  51. Cant Load OC Profiles From Bios 0906
  52. Naked CPU?
  53. Is the ROG Front Base Panel A Good OverClock?
  54. How to use Adaptive voltage in my case?
  55. GPU Speed stuck at 109%
  56. Maximus IX Hero CPU temp in BIOS and on-board debug code led
  57. 7700k findings and tips for build on temp, cores, OC
  58. When I press start button starts for 1 or 2 seconds then turns off &then boots normal
  59. Strange VCCIO/VCCSA
  60. could i use newer version of ai suite 3 provided from other motherboard ?
  61. ROG STRIC 1080 Ti OC
  62. G4560 OC log
  63. bclk woe's MIXH
  64. Asus Deluxe ii - Disable PCI PORT 1 How?
  65. Cpu svid support z270 manual oc
  66. Passmark Performance Test score DROPS after updating...?
  67. My 5 way optimization overclock
  68. Been working with my three new ASUS GPUs, need some details...
  69. HCI Memtest issues with i7 5820K and R5E.
  70. Windows 7 Power settings - High performance - & Adaptative voltage useless
  71. GL553VE Issues with 3D Software Design and Gaming (latency/Lag)
  72. (New to) Overclocking 6700k
  73. Considering De-lidding your 7700K?? Just do it!!
  74. CPU VCore Volts?
  75. New ram wont run! Please help!
  76. Ryzen 1600X 4.05Ghz Overclock STABLE @ 1.375v(1.387v) ROG Crosshair VI HERO
  77. Overclocking problems with i7 7700k
  78. iCX Sensors readable with GPU-Z v2.1.0
  79. CMZ8GX3M2A2133C11R on ASUS 970 shows only 1333 in BIOS
  80. CPU OC - How to tame Windows Task Manager ?
  81. PC Cooling; CFM, Static Pressure and Watt Calculator.
  82. How GPU Tweak 2 manage GPU Temp ?
  83. Overclocking G.SKILL F4-3200C14D-32GTZ
  84. Correct core voltage setting for flexible core voltage
  85. Overclocking Error on ASUS Z170-AR
  86. Fans forced to 100% when CPU reaches 75C
  87. 6800K Broadwell, X99 STRIX Gamer and Fan Spinup
  88. AM4 mobo RAM 3600 Mhz = BSOD
  89. Hpet in Maximus ix formula
  90. Another DDR4 OC thread....
  91. gtx 1080ti Overclocking
  92. MAXIMUS VIII IMPACT BIOS 3401 DDR4 4400mhz help
  93. Q code bf
  94. Cpu over temperature error!!!???
  95. Help needed (1800X/C6H OC)
  96. Strix X99 MB Bios OC Broadwell-E Presets
  97. Delid: 7700t or 6700t ?
  98. Boot time - Issue OverCloking Failed - Strix X99
  99. Massive VRM and Chipset temps?!
  100. Bad OC settings or something else?
  101. Upgraded ASUS to DIP5 1.04.17 - Assertion fail
  102. 4.5 MP 4.5 Cache - delidded 6600K
  103. Overclocking my I5-7600K very high :eek:
  104. i7 5820k Overclock help.
  105. CoreTemp and Intel Extreme Utility reporting wrong voltage numbers. WHY??
  106. Why is my CPU clock stuck? 7700K/270E
  107. Cant overclock my asus rog swift pg248q
  108. My first time ever trying to change Ram speeds, advice?
  109. Asus DRAM CLK Period Memory Setting
  110. i7-6700k setting voltage on manual or adaptive without overclocking
  111. BIOS update for Asus ROG GTX 1070 Strix OC 8gb - Micron mem
  112. R3E + Hynix 3x4GB 1600MHZ DDR3 Noob needs help <3
  113. Asus Z97 bios downgrade - how?
  114. System Cooling Advice (i7-7700K, Z270-A)
  115. Why Underclocking RAM ?
  116. Help with adaptive mode CPU voltage
  117. CPU won't idle
  118. Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake processors: broken hyper-threading and CPU microcode update
  119. Controlling the Z270-A Mobo Fan
  120. ASUS CPU Load Line Calculation, Which is which?
  121. 2 1080 TI Strix one of the low potency overclock boards, its normal ?
  122. CPU Core Temp. reached 95C overclocking Intel i4790k to 4500MHz, is this okay?
  123. Is my 7600k crap?
  124. New to RoG area, hy all and need help with my Crosshair hero VI x370
  125. Please help me Set my new Ram clocks and frequency speeds!
  126. Ryzen 1700 OC 3.8 Wrong Voltage?
  127. 1700 downclocked to x15.5 multiplier
  128. GSkill Memory 2N to 1N Help
  129. Asus Rampage IV Extreme OS not load
  130. Question before doing a manual OC
  131. PState OC?
  132. GPU Tweak I and II
  133. High load temperatures with maximus IX extreme
  134. Strix Z270F Gaming - 5 Way Optimization- blank display after reboot
  135. How to push 2 amps out of USB3 on Maximus VII Hero?
  136. Temp and volt
  137. What are you guys using for your Maximus 9 Hero 7700k OC's
  138. GPU Tweak II and my Strix ROG RX 480 8GB model.
  139. Seemingly low RealBench Score
  140. Problems Overclocking 1700x on Strix x370-f (0809 Bios)
  141. Another DDR4 oc thingy
  142. Change fan speed
  143. How to make memory stable at advertised speed but without XMP?(X99 Sabretooth)
  144. Asus Strix GTX 970 OC edition Question
  145. ASUS STRIX X370-F + AMD Ryzen 5 1600X CPU Freq 2.25GHz when you enable DOCP
  146. New to overclocking
  147. Rampge III extreme/i7-950 How hot is too hot?
  148. ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming Mobo & G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3000Mhz RAM
  149. Gudie for 1700x overclocking
  150. Problem with Strix Z270-F and G.Skill Trident Z RGB 2x8GB @3866MHz
  151. Issue with latest BIOS update 3504/Z170-A
  152. Switching from a Dual Intelligent Processors 5 OC to a manual OC (Maximus Hero IX)
  153. 9590 and Crosshair V Z high CPU/NB voltage? Is this an issue!?
  154. Maximus XI Code i7 7700k
  155. 4790k Custom Watercooled 94c under load :(
  156. Corsair h115i temps with kabylake chips
  157. To load line or not?
  158. ASUS X99 A-II now used with 3 power cables - better chance for overclocking?
  159. 1440 to 1080p-fuzzy picture!?
  160. Is Overclocking Noticable?
  161. Maximus VII Hero need help to get 6 gpu running
  162. Asus Maximus Hero VIII support utilities
  163. Help Having Adaptive Mode Issues
  164. Just tried the Auto overclock from AI suite 3
  165. G.SKILL TridentZ Series DDR4-4000 Not Stable at 4000 XPS
  166. memory and CPU help please
  167. Help getting ram to 3200Mhz CHVI Hero and CPU OC.
  168. i7-7700k 5.0ghz Adaptive Mode Voltage Spike
  169. How to set 1-core ratio?
  170. G.skill trident z 4133mhz 2x8gb ddr4 will not post
  171. Help to Overclocking cpu
  172. Different clock in POST and Windows
  173. sanity check
  174. Overclocking CPU, RAM on ASUS Rampage V Extreme
  175. Motherboard bypassing resistor?
  176. Asus gtx 1070 dual OC crasing every game.
  177. i7-7700k running ~50C at ~35% not OC, air cooled. normal?
  178. CPU Overtemp Error during boot after BSOD Video_Scheduler_Internal Error. Windows 10
  179. 1080 TI OC.. vram
  180. Asus rog gl502vs performance Witcher 3
  181. Crash during stresstest, wont POST after even when CMOS battery is removed.
  182. Asus Strix Z270E & XMP issue with 3333mhz Corsair Vengeance RAM
  183. F4-3000C16D-16GTZR wont run at 2993 with Asus b350 f-gaming
  184. Results OC 6700k Hero VIII
  185. Computer won't boot with XMP setting after BIOS update [Z170 Pro Gaming]
  186. Asus X99 Strix - 70-75 celsius temperature
  187. I cant flashback my VBIOS to the asus strix 1080ti non-oc version
  188. VCORE offset mode required for SpeedStep?
  189. Asus BIOS EZ Mode
  190. Is it possible to enable multicore enhancement for non-K CPUs on Z*70 boards?
  191. strange temperature reporting and cpu heating up
  192. Keyboard error sound in Windows 10 when stimulating invalid matrix position
  193. DRAM Voltage Bug
  194. Has Per Core overclocking changed the last 5-6 years?
  195. Help or guide for overclocking 7740x on Apex VI with AIO
  196. Intel i7 5930k CPU Frequency
  197. "Breaking records with the Maximus X Apex and i7-8700K"
  198. i9-7900X or 7920X? I'm having trouble understanding clock speeds.
  199. Asus B350-F - Gskil 8gx2 2800mhz Ram CAS question
  200. asus software recovery after clean install of win10
  201. 7700K Stability Issues
  202. 8700K OC on Maximus X Hero (Wifi) results, and a couple of questions
  203. My results after undervolting (i7-7700HQ - ROG GL553VE) - looking for some opinions
  204. Guide for Overcloking 6700K on Maximus IX Hero
  205. Fan Xpert 4
  206. Gpu tweak II error 0x80040707
  207. 7700k OC mystery
  208. How far can I safely push VCCIO and VCCSA on the Maximus X Hero WIFI AC?
  209. Is it possible to OC GPU in bios?
  210. high temperature when overclocking
  211. Asus RealBench Stress Test Mini Screen Freezes i7-8700k, Maximus X Hero
  212. 5960x Cache Overclock + Stress Test - HELP
  213. Cannot get into BIOS - ROG STRX B-350f gaming, ALWAYS BLACKSCREEN
  214. Maximus X Hero, i7-8700K, 32 GB G.Skill Trident : XMP Issue?
  215. When is an overclocked system considered as "running stable"
  216. OVERCLOCKING - where do I begin?
  217. Unknown Temps huge spike
  218. Tighten GSkill TridentZ RGB F4-3600C16D-16GTZR
  219. New to Overclocking and Badly Need Advice
  220. 7700K Horrible RealBench Results
  221. What to Expect from My 7700K-Stuck
  222. RAMPAGE V Edition 10 Unable to Overclock
  223. asus z370f and i7 8700non k adaptive voltage issue
  224. Initial vs Eventual CPU input voltage
  225. Overclocking 1800x on the C6H . Experiences?
  226. New build new to building please review
  227. Overclock strix 1080ti not OC - problem...help pls
  228. FurMark ROG Edition artifact scanning help?
  229. BCLK overclock i7-6700k
  230. A little help with 8700K?
  231. 8700k overclock 5,3 all core
  232. G751JY (GTX 980M): Memory Clock resets to 0 when clicking "Apply"
  233. Realbench issue
  234. In need of information...
  235. Asus Rog Strix B350-F/Ryzen 5 1600 overclock help.
  236. Looking for a non LN2 guide for the Rampage VI Apex 299 Board. Please Help
  237. Tweak advice to an ASUS G750JX
  238. Voltages after change multipler or Vdd
  239. 7940X and memory?
  240. Can i use msi afterburner instead of asus tweak II on asus strix 1080 ti?
  241. Help on DDR4 overclocking settings on strix z370 f gaming
  242. fan speed tweak without GPUtweak2???
  243. Help me Overclocking STRIX GTX 1060(ROG-STRIX-GTX1060-6G-GAMING)
  244. Dual Intelligent Processors 5 to OC 8600K some help please
  245. i9 7900X OC - Issues with AVX
  246. Overclocking 8700k with Corsair 3600mhz ram, pls help
  247. 8700k @ 5 ghz delided 1.33v stable with ram oc of 4000mhz help
  248. ROG Swift PG248Q - overclocking problems
  249. Overclocking intel core i5-8600k
  250. strix 1060 idle temps???