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  1. i7-8700K Overclock need help
  2. Overclocking DDR4 2400
  3. Problems achieving stable XMP settings using i7-8700k, Maximus X Apex, G.Skill 4400
  4. Prime95 29.4 vs 26.6 stability?
  5. Overclocking I5-4670K@4.5 Ghz Asus Maximus VII Ranger Motherboard
  6. Asus Rampage V 10 Anniversary Overclock better than EVGA Classified X99 Motherboard
  7. Menthol - I see you playing - R6-Apex & 7980XE
  8. GSkill TridentZ RGB F4-3600C16D-16GTZR OC Help
  9. How to set adaptive voltage mode correctly in BIOS? Help Please~
  10. i7 8700 non K voltage help
  11. 8700K + 3466-rated RAM: unable to reach 3200 or higher with 4 modules
  12. RAM OC Problems on 970 Pro Gaming/Aura
  13. PC crashing when put into Sleep
  14. how to lower voltage-strix 1060???
  15. HELP Need Overclock Guide For Maximus X Hero
  16. Core I9 7960x Overclock - What is cache Voltage stock?
  17. Please help, i want a stable system. XMP on G.skill
  18. STRIX X370-F gaming P-state overclocking
  19. B250H. Chassis Fan 1 doesn't have auto mode in Qfan. Is this normal?
  20. Core I9 7960x Overclock - 4.8Ghz Just cant it get stabel. any tips?
  21. TR 1950x / Zenith extreme 0804 Extreme OC ( STABLE ). up to 4.2 Ghz @ 3600MHZ
  22. Prime Z370-a / i7 8700k Overclocking guidance please
  23. Questions on Strix 1070\1080 TIM, and a curious observation.
  24. cant load cpu overclock settings
  25. Are these temperatures ok?
  26. Asus x299 RE6-7900x game fps drop
  27. ASUS X99 Strix Gaming Overclock Problem
  28. 8700K after DELID 5,0Ghz Temperature ?
  29. Enabling XMP on Maximus VIII Ranger for Corsair LPX
  30. i7-5960x Overclocking over 4,5ghz?
  31. Some help for a newcomer please - Maximus VIII Hero and i7 6700K
  32. Double post when setting ram to 3200 mhz & Ryzen overclocked by itself
  33. ASUS FORNT BASE - Monitoring Refresh rate
  34. I7 8700k & Asus multicore enhancement
  35. HELP 4.9ghz max on Maximus X Hero
  36. Overclocking help
  37. 8700K stock vs delid temps?
  38. Zenith Extreme X399, VGA Bios Fail when setting CPU Voltage
  39. Intel Speed Shift Technology problem
  40. Asus AI makes what it wants?!
  41. Overclock i5-8600k
  42. overclocking and bios reset question
  43. IX Hero 7700K @ 4.9 1.35 v --Seems too hot. Realbench Stress Test
  44. Search OC Settings for 8700k 4.7 - 4.9Ghz, G.Skill TZ 3600MHz, X Hero
  45. 8700K Delid Again ( Change Copper IHS )
  46. 8700k system unstable at idle
  47. adaptive voltage not lowering voltage
  48. Is anyone able to run DDR4 4133MHz ram in the ROG Maximus IX Extreme
  49. Tips on overclocking ram for a noob.
  50. Double boot question
  51. First time trying to OC - to optimize my hardware's capabilities
  52. Newbie at Overclocking - at these voltages safe...?
  53. Strix rx580 OC software, help.
  54. Errors after setting AI Overlcock Tuner to XMP.
  55. OCing to 5.0Ghz
  56. ROG Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC); After XMP-Load and OC CPU always Q-Code 78
  57. RAM Speed?
  58. IX Hero cpu speed jumping all over the place.
  59. EZ tune wizard causing instability
  60. Max overclock for strix 1050ti
  61. OC Beginner - Trying for 5+ Ghz - Won't Boot - Enlighten Me
  62. Help Please!
  63. Silent 6700k
  64. Cannot get CPU fan full speed
  65. 8700k Finding a stable OC.
  66. 8700k overclocked, adaptive mode drops set voltages under load? Normal?
  67. Old newbie 8700k baseline and OC help
  68. AMD FX 9590 on Crosshair V Formula Z
  69. OC 8700k on an Asus z370-h
  70. Adaptive Mode/Offset Mode. Adaptive mode not worthwhile over offset?
  71. AI Suite III, pulling back on the OC
  72. CANNOT CONTROL FAN SPEED after Upgrading Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on ASUS ROG G750JZ
  73. Safe Computer Temperature for NVidia GTX 880M? Safe GPU Temp?
  74. i7700k 4.2Ghz - Z270E overclock profile 5Ghz and EZ Tuning Wizard
  75. No power up after changing memory clock
  76. Amd wraith spire rpm.
  77. Help with i7 8700k on Maximus X Code
  78. 8700K OC -Inconsistent benchmark results in Cinebench and CPU-Z
  79. Some Cores 20c cooler then others Delidded 8700k OC 5ghz
  80. XMP problem!!
  81. Boot problem after oc.
  82. i9 7920 OC: what are your thermals and how are you cooling?
  83. ROG Gaming Center Starts up in Extreme
  84. i9-7980XE, 3600Mhz GSkill, Rampage VI Exterme "CODE: AF Detecting Memory"
  85. Coffee lake & support for 2666MHz RAM
  86. 8700k on Rog Strix Z370-E overclocking
  87. Question about Fan Headers on the Asus Zenith extreme for max OC with custom Loop
  88. ROG Maximus X Formula - Trident Z RGB | Crashes and freezes | Please I'm dying
  89. OC'ing my i7-7700k
  90. P8Z77-V, 3770k, random shutdown when OC to even as low as 4.2GHz.
  91. Some advice needed on M10 Apex Package Limit Throttle BIOS 1003
  92. New build queries.
  93. Basic OC profile question from a first-time in a long time overclocker
  94. Random shutdowns, OC 3.8GHz first boot, after restart 1.36GHz
  95. Overclocking i56600k with asus maximus viii hero
  96. Rampage VI Apex bios 1004 --> Version 1102 Any one lost perforamce?
  97. need OC help on C6H, Tri-Z 3200CL14, Ryzen 1700
  98. Overclocking I7-7700K on Maximus IX Hero. Stuck at 4.8 GHz.
  99. Overclocking i7 8700K on ASUS Z370-E Gaming
  100. Arne's Guide to OverClocking Happiness - meme that CPU to overclocked bliss!
  101. How can I get max performance out my ROG GL552J ?
  102. Help with overclocking on 8700K and 3600 ram
  103. CPU multiplier on Rampage VI Extreme
  104. AMD Ryzen 1700 overclock
  105. X.M.P Issues Strix Z270F / Need help getting RAM to run at 3200MHz
  106. Maximus Hero VII / i7 4790 / WATER COOLING / custom loop / OVERCLOCK
  107. 7700k trips bios cpu overheat protection
  108. How to set an adaptive voltage?
  109. 8700k overclocking and my cinebench score - where to go from here?
  110. Asus PRIME X299-DELUXE and Adobe After Effects. Blue screen problem. URGENT!
  111. i9 7980xe and Overcloking problem
  112. I need to use the MemTest button in every single Coldboot
  113. 5820k with x99 gaming hell
  114. My first overlcock i7 8700k
  115. X79 R4E RAM upgrade question
  116. Overclocking Failed Issue For My Maximus VII Hero
  117. Asus Maximus X Hero overclock issue
  118. System not stable after BIOS update
  119. Thermal paste and water blocks question.
  120. Intense Coil whine after using GPUTweak2
  121. Minimum vcore allowed for my 8700K @4.8GHz is 1.296v due VID?
  122. Need a little help overclocking my 8700k
  123. 7700K OC on Asus Strix Z270 Gaming E | OCCT report
  124. The Perfect Temperature Fan Curve on i7 8700k
  125. Very happy with BIOS updates
  126. XMP Profile Stability on Asus Maximus Hero X
  127. 5ghz 8700k overclock reports in CPU-Z as 4.2?
  128. is there a auto tune for memory
  129. TIP to make rog laptop silent before tweak.
  130. i7 4790k default bios settings? "Un-Overclock" Me
  131. Corsair CMR 16GX4M2C3600C RGB
  132. CPU vcore settings
  133. Corsair ddr4 overclocking help
  134. Did I get a bad GTX 1080 Strix Card?
  135. Asus Rampage VI Extreme, G.Skill F4-3600C16Q-32GTZR XMP Problem!
  136. I7-8700k new to overclocking
  137. there are so many settings im unfamiliar with. setting manual 1.28 gave me 1.296
  138. Im going crazy.!
  139. i want to set the z370 hero maximus to a steady 4.8ghz~4.9 possably 5.0
  140. temps
  141. bench i7 6700k after delid and LM
  142. New 8600K , Mobo showing weird voltages (pic) (Z370-A)
  143. MAXIMUS X Formula - highest achieved RAM OC
  144. 8600k and prime z370-a overclock 5ghz+ Help
  145. What’s the signs of a Oc limit?
  146. Overclocking AMD Ryzen 7 1700
  147. R6e with i9 7980xe delid first oc
  148. Question about OC Ryzen 1500x on X370-f
  149. Permanent VRM throttling. 6850K on Rampage 5 Extreme
  150. Does cache frequency impact memory training?
  151. How to use adaptive mode when overcloking?
  152. What profiles to use for CPU radiator fans ?
  153. 8700K(Delid) @5,0ghz / Temperature 62C
  154. Asus Maximus X Formula and more
  155. ROG STRIX 1050TI OC 4GB/GPU Tweak II
  156. New Bios for Z370 Strix Gaming E causes BSOD's
  157. Getting The Most performance GL703VM
  158. Power Duty Control & Power Phase Control
  159. Guide to OC Asus board with pictures and full explanation, do you have?
  160. AMD Ryzen 2600x let the fun begin
  161. Help me reach 5GHz+ on my de-lided 8700k
  162. 8700K OC.....on an MSI Z370 M5 (Don't shoot!)
  163. z270h updated bios now xmp wont work with either bios
  164. ASUS Z370E Manual Voltage and LLC Settings not working
  165. Help, understanding overclocking
  166. CoreTemp VID incorrect reading.What to do?
  167. I am getting Core #x power limit exceeded in HWi?
  168. OSD temp and FPS Software
  169. a problem of oc
  170. Jumping PSU
  171. neeed help! trying to set mem speeds crashes maximus ix with 7700k
  172. how to increase idle voltage at adaptive mode?
  173. Asus rog gl552vw bios mod?
  174. DDR4-4400 vs 4133
  175. i7-8700K first time overclocking
  176. Amd ryzen 7 2700x
  177. [Temps] GL503VS - ROG Strix Scar
  178. 4770k Weird Vcore Overshoot?
  179. Overclocking 1050 TI Asus Rog strix on stable values?
  180. Basic BIOS update?
  181. 6600k on Maximus VIII Hero: are my temp sensors all screwed up?
  182. i7 8700k OC problem - BCLK stays at 96 instead of 100
  183. Undervolt GL503VM-BIN13
  184. 8700K and Z370-G - Overclock
  185. 26.6 STABILITY And PRIME95 29.4 ?
  186. 4.3 GHz 6600k stable under load and idle but crashes when left for a long time?
  187. i7-8700k 4.9Ghz 90ºC improvement advice?
  188. Rampage V Extreme - dual boot - disable m.2 drive
  189. GM501 Speaker and mouspad stop working after undervolting
  190. MAXIMUS X HERO WiFi XMP and Boot
  191. XMP is causing too much heat
  192. RAM at 3200 MHz or not? Issue with overclocking
  193. GPU Overclocking 101
  194. knowing when you have reached the limit.
  195. CH VII + GSkill TridentZ 3466
  196. ROG Strix GeForce® GTX 1060 OC settings
  197. Under Volting I7 8700K on ASUS Maximus Hero X Wifi AC
  198. Overclock - Intel Core i7-8700K / Asus ROG STRIX Z370-E
  199. 4.4ghz TR 1950x on water, is it possible?
  200. Confused about CPU voltage....
  201. GL503 undervolt
  202. Task manager shows 0.80GHz CPU clock (i5-4690k OC)
  203. Overclocking 8700k on z370 E gaming
  204. BCLK Overclocking on 2700X with the ROG Crosshair VII Hero
  205. ROG Z370-E: Jumper setting for cpu voltage
  206. No more downclock when idling after bios upgrade 0616 Z370-F
  207. Z370-I Overclocking Voltage Issues
  208. Overclocking issues
  209. Zenith Extreme - Where did the avx offset setting go?
  210. STRIX x470-I Gaming can't make 3200 MHz ram stable
  211. Maximus X Hero POST Code Temperature Display
  212. Random short freezes in game (and sometimes blue screen )
  213. BIOS 0805 not allowing reflash of 0616
  214. cinibench first run.
  215. EZ Tuning Wizard not OC'ing?
  216. Passing Realbench - Fails Aida64
  217. Ram issues x470 crosshair vii
  218. OC'ing question for a newbie (Please Advised)
  219. New Rig question Asus Prime X-370 Pro [RAM]
  220. Asus ROG STRIX B360-F Gaming tweaking question
  221. CPU Lapping. Knocked off 12C.
  222. Furmark low score , graphics chunks with new card , it' S hard failure?
  223. big problem!! in hwmonitor it says my cpu thermal saftys are off how do i turn on
  224. GPU-Z showing wrong clock values???
  225. New Toy, FX503VD - ct1000mx500ssd4 upgrade
  226. RAM questions (DDR4)
  227. Z370 F + 8700K- newbie consultation
  228. i bought a asus z370 hero maximus, i heard saved profiles could be downloaded
  229. ROG Strix B350-I Memory Overclocking
  230. Ram not showing proper speed?
  231. is it safe to run over 1.35 dram voltage on 8700k z370 24/7
  232. Overclocking older RAM?
  233. Need help disabling overclock on graphics
  234. Need help with proper values for 3000mhz kit for 3200mhz OC
  235. Looking for some help understanding LLC and advice for my 5Ghz Overclock :)
  236. 8086K + 8700K Overclokcing Guide with ASUS Maximus X
  237. Using AIO cooler on Asus motherboard. CPU fan to FULL and not Auto/QFan/PWM?
  238. OCing the asus swift pg279q
  239. Nvidia control panel settings
  240. Disabling Multicore Enhancement
  241. Asus AI SUITE, GPU TWEAK - overclock multiple GPUs for mining cryptocurrency
  242. Asus Maximus X Hero - Dram Voltage issue
  243. What is V1 in hwinfo64 on asus z97 pro wifi ac?
  244. Are there Linux folks out there? Seek advise on tools for benchmarking and mon-1
  245. System throttles under heavy load with default BIOS settings - cooling problem?
  246. New to RAM overclocking, have some questions.
  247. Maximus X Hero and 8086K multicore enhancement (those having this CPU and MB combo)
  248. System Agent Voltage
  249. Liquid Metal & Thermal Paste Demystified - The Basic Science
  250. Asus Crosshair Vi Hero wifi and Ryzen 2700x