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  1. LiveDash for W_Pump+ rpm error on Formula X
  2. ROG gaming center help
  3. Software for Monitoring Computer Numbers
  4. Intel vulnerability on old motherboards
  5. Gladius II or Software Problem
  6. Messing up with motherboard updates
  7. Asus aura sync ''bug''
  8. Unable to remove AiChargerPlus.sys
  9. Colours incorrect on GPU?
  10. Fan Issues with DIP5 Version 1.05.14 2018/02/01
  11. AI suite 3 on strix b250f.
  12. Outdated Chipset Driver & New BIOS Not Being Found
  13. AI SUITE III FIXED After Win10 update KB4058258
  14. How to install Realtek audio driver from asus site without sonic studio and radar??
  15. Slow fade speed on Aura Core - ROG Strix laptop
  16. AI3 CPU Temp - Package or Core?
  17. GPU Tweak II sometimes fails and fans get completely turned off!
  18. GL553VD ROG Gaming Center
  19. Can't install Aura on Strix Z270E
  20. Aura, SDK use, and SpeedFan
  21. Sonic Studio III All Applications Question
  22. Push Notice using AI Suite 3 Problem
  23. Can somebody help me with offset mode
  24. i cant control fan speeds
  25. GL703VD wont install armoury
  26. Asus splendid installation - could not find ICM file
  27. ASUS Aura Security alert?
  28. Sonic Studio Suite 3 and Max VIII Formula
  29. Is Asus's software department on holiday?
  30. ASUS Aura 1.05 15% CPU usage
  31. [BUG] - GPU Tweak II Profiles limiting PG258Q to 144Hz in any game.
  32. The file contains information not understood by the viewer
  33. Problem with fans freezing randomly
  34. AI SUITE 3 not working (ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME)
  35. Dip 5 v1.05.14
  36. ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin
  37. Asus Audio Driver Update
  38. asus gpu tweak download button not working
  39. AURA 1.05.38 [Report all issues in this thread]
  40. [Bug Report] Sonic Studio 3 doesn't preserve Studio Effects preset setting on exit
  41. Permissions to access Sonic Suite
  42. Asus Drivers not working, ROG frontbase, AURA, Supreme HI FI
  43. AURA Sync keeps crashing. Need Help
  44. Game First IV process
  45. Can I re-partition the ROG drivers flash drive?
  46. Armory 2.04.07 Fails to install Firmware Updates for Claymore and Gladius II
  47. Fax Xpert 3 / AI Suite 3 / DIP5 feedback
  48. Armoury 2.04.07 is not usable
  49. Softwares asus maximus ix formula
  50. Dip 5 version 1.05.14
  51. FAN Controlls not showing in ROG Gaming Center
  52. Asus Aura minimize to taskbar?
  53. ROG Armoury for ROG Spatha
  54. Aura still not working and SupremeFX Lighting
  55. Asus aura and Samsung magician causing instable system and errors
  56. Asus Aura
  57. Armoury Software Macro Bug Report
  58. AI Suite II Patch Released
  59. Motherboard lights not responding to Aura software.
  60. Cannot save the file on ASUS laptop
  61. Z270G Audio drivers just won't install. (Audio_6.0.1.8273_20171225.zip)
  62. Sonic Studio problems.
  63. Asus aura sync error
  64. Asus GameFirst IV is Vulnerable to attacks.
  65. Strix 1080 Ti Aura Sync issues?
  66. New Crosshair VI Hero and Windows 10
  67. AI Suite 3 won't install (Win 10)
  68. Strix 1080 TI Help??
  69. Unable to run ASUS Aura
  70. SupremeFX not saving Amplify Level profile!
  71. Aura & Z170 Hero Alpha
  72. RGB Fans Not Displaying Blue Or Green With Aura
  73. Disabling the CAPS-lock toggle overlay
  74. Armoury II crashes when I try to load my custom effect
  75. Appointment ASUS Services( AsSysCtrlService & atkexComSvc)
  76. A ROG Asus Maximus IX Formula, but I can not install its software!!!
  77. GPU Tweak II and previous doesn't keep settings
  78. Acesss Violation with dip4.dll on 3.00.13 & lower RoG Hero viii
  79. Realbench v2.5x - Score 0 and time 0
  80. Asus rog GL703VD
  81. Asus AURA Software issue..
  82. Colour cycle mode still completley ignores strip CALIBRATION result
  83. How to Aura sync LED strips with individual LED colours
  84. PUBG... Sonic Radar dont work fine
  85. How to uninstall pre-packaged software?
  86. Samsung 960 EVO m.2 and RAMCache
  87. Aura help!!!
  88. latest audio zip file is invalid Realtek_Audio_Driver_V6.0.1.8382_0409
  89. Bios 3801 & 3701 Problems
  90. Aura/Aura Core/Armoury Laptop Keyboard + Mouse
  91. Sonic Radar 3 dont work (PUBG)
  92. Asus services remain after AI Suite uninstall.
  93. Asus Aura windows 8.1 x64 80 seconds to load start up items after log in
  94. Can we have access to Coffelake too please?
  95. Aura and Poseidon GTX 1080 ti
  96. Did AISuite3 install Intel XTU on my Ryzen system?
  97. 1080 ti Strix "Non-Aura" smoke after which no led control
  98. Sonic Suite 3 Can't Access Advanced Mode
  99. FurMark ROG Edition - Vulkan test artifacts on RX580
  100. Water cooling
  101. AURA - STRIX 1080Ti - doesn't sync but everything else does.
  102. Lighting_Control_1.06.17 ?
  103. asus motherboard 970 pro gaming mic very bad
  104. So, the new version of AURA Sync is out and...
  105. Backtracker download gets repeated unsafe website messages
  106. AISuite III in B85M-G with Win 10X64 and other problems
  107. How do I know if my ASUS G750JS has a UASP driver?
  108. New Firmware Version: Intel ME Version: (Latest) Date: 4/18/2018
  109. AURA firmware is fundamentally bugged - FIX your programming ASUS - int8 vs uint8
  110. Aura issues - quick fix!
  111. ASUS Aura - How to UNSYNC the Philips Hue control???
  112. Help with sonic studio
  113. Old RVE and fan control
  114. Does Asus have a software that detects and installs new BIOS/Drivers etc.
  115. Front/Rear simultaneous audio
  116. Fan Xpert 4 Source
  117. Request: Fire the AURA team.
  118. Sonic Radar issue
  119. Ai suite 3 not working on win 1803 update
  120. Asus Ai Suide 3 fan controll not working
  121. Where to download AI Suite 3 Complete
  122. Armory software bugged slightly after new Win 10 update
  123. Aura on Crosshair Vii Hero not controlling RX580-o8g
  124. @Asus Big Wigs: Sort your software out to revive your reputation!!
  125. ASUS Grid (BETA) ignored install options
  126. AI Suite 3 - Fan control questions
  127. Turn off Aura when monitor is off
  128. [BUG] AUDIO POPPING - Windows 10 1803 - ASUS Sonic Studio Driver Issue [FIX Found]
  129. GPU Tweak II 1.6.2
  130. Keeps reverting to "Balanced"
  131. How to turn off 3D Sound?
  132. Where to Download AI Suite 3 ?
  133. Problem's with asus suite and liquid cpu coolers
  134. Software for MacOS
  135. no White in Aura??? Seriously?
  136. Armory II with Spatha issues
  137. Aura Sync - Can't install
  138. R7 2700x on Crosshair VI extreme (X370)- fan fails and voltage shocks
  139. AI Suite 2/AI Suite 3
  140. Rog gladius II origin - Stuck in music mode for aura sync
  141. Aura Sync - Random Freeze Issue
  142. Sonic Studio 3 two instances start up as standard user
  143. Asus installation wizard: cannot check any boxes
  144. Download center - no files for 3 days [Resolved]
  145. LightingService.exe is activating EAC anti-cheat on games
  146. I'm missing the "FULL" profile in FanXpert 4
  147. AURA Sync can't find my Philips Hue and up Sennheiser GSX 1000!
  148. Any opinion on gaming center vs GPU tweak II
  149. AURA SYNC Independet Settings
  150. EZ Update
  151. Realtek
  152. ROG Armoury for ROG Gladius can't install due to Winzip expired, pls help
  153. Asus aura works properly only once after instalation
  154. Asus AURA maxes out Core#3 on i9 7900X CPU
  155. AI Suite III weird Digi+Vrm bug
  156. Problem in option Surround on Sonic Studio 3
  157. Aura conflicting with external Sound Blaster audio card
  158. Armoury software won't open [Resolved]
  159. AiSuite3.exe Assertion failed: iter 1= help?
  160. Getting banned in a game because of Sonic Radar
  161. Gladius II with aura sync
  162. GPUtweek 2 strangeness
  163. ASUS Mobo_Connect V1.00.28
  164. Problem Aura Sync
  165. ROG Code drivers
  166. Individual key colors or other effects with Aura Core?
  167. GPU TweakII V1.6.2.0 not starting up properly
  168. Power Plan/Wake from sleep login
  169. Asus Maximus IX Hero and SSDs M.2
  170. Asus ROG GL552VXT - Frozen boot
  171. asus rog strix z370-i damaged DVD software
  172. Overclocking value no working AI Suite III
  173. Fan Xpert 4 - Fan Speeds not Changing as Expected
  174. Maximus X - Water Temperature Controlled Fan in BIOS
  175. ROG GL503 Scar Edition Overboost fan function not working,En/disable mic button not w
  176. GL503VD Esupport? Please?
  177. GPU Tweak II Ver
  178. ASUS Aura Sync Installation
  179. ASUS GL553VD can't boot Linux
  180. Asus XONAR STX II Problem help needed.
  181. Asus device activation
  182. FX503VD eSupport folder download
  183. WIN10 vs Winpro
  184. Asus Aura problems.
  185. ASUS AURA is not displayed correctly
  186. Remove Non-Applicable Items from AI Suite 3?
  187. Aura Sync question / help
  188. Cant Install AI Suite III
  189. Asus rog gl553vw problem with AI suite
  190. Aura Sync stops working on sleep
  191. McAfee
  192. Realbench wont install
  193. Help with reinstalling ASUS software. G20CB
  194. ASUS Aura no longer detecing motherboard. mobo lights stuck on red
  195. AURA Lighting Service using high CPU resources
  196. Does AISuite 3 Work for you
  197. g11CD style pc recovery cd question
  198. where to download GPU Tweak 2???PLEASE HELP!
  199. Sonic Studio/Sonic Radar II
  200. "Access to relay.log is denied"
  201. Lighting_Control_1.06.17 - bug
  202. Asus critical update notification
  203. Aura Sync software doesn't detect memory
  204. AEGIS III or replacement for GT51CH
  205. ASUS Aura and LiveDash Issues
  206. The program gives the pop up error message
  207. Catastrophic failure when trying to update armory
  208. GPU Tweak V1.6.2.6 shows wrong gpu clock again
  209. Asus FX53VW Turbo Boost Problem(HIGH CPU TEMP 95 Degrees)[Mainboard GL553VW]
  210. Error while opening AI Suite III
  211. RGBs are NOT the right color!
  212. Gpu rgb =/= Mobo colors? z370-f + Strix 1080
  213. So to install the full ai suite you need to install first v. 1, then v. 2 and v. 3?
  214. ROG Gaming Center Fan Boost problem
  215. AI Suite 3.00.13 with DIP5 1.05.14, AI Suite not functioning properly
  216. ASUS Grid (BETA) hangs at 60% Indefinately, hangs on cancellation.
  217. Realtek drivers for Z270H not working.
  218. Windows won’t install
  219. Aura Sync & Trident Z RGB question
  220. Fan expert 4 (AI suite 3) dip.dll access violation at address 03F1B6FA .
  221. ASUS Aura: I have a preference of colors but saturation in Rainbow Cycle Isn't Avail.
  222. AI Suite 3 error after installation
  223. GPU external fan headers not working after driver 398.36
  224. Aura sync and Gladius 2 Origin issue
  225. Which ASUS Service is changing my wallpaper?
  226. Primary display configuration
  227. Hyper X Predator RGB sync problem
  228. GPU Tweak II: Beta Testing Program
  229. Realtelk Audio Driver amplify level keeps resetting
  230. How to restore Recovery partition on Asus ROG501VW
  231. Aura Sync & Trident Z Gkills ram
  232. Aura Sync doesn't work
  233. Will Asus Aura Sync work with the beautifully minimalist RGB Tesoro keyboards?
  234. Asus services
  235. GPU Tweak II asusgpufanserviceex.exe stopped working
  236. AURA support for ARGB needs to be improved!
  237. Fan Xpert multiple sources !?
  238. Trying to find vBios UEFI firmware for 710-2-SL-BRK Asus nVidia GeForce GT 710 2GB
  239. AI Suite still not working, at all.
  240. Asus Gaming Center - GPU Perf Limiter malfunction
  241. problem running SDK
  242. Usb charger plus not working
  243. Asus Website Driver updates and software Not Loading In Browser?
  244. ROG GL703VM SCAR EDITION ROG GameVisual
  245. 'Motherboard' option went missing in AURA
  246. Is Asus Support page UPDATED?
  247. Fan Xpert in ASUS Ai Suite 3 - Lower RPM limit
  248. A problem sending the command
  249. [ERROR] AISuite 3 throwing errors into windows log
  250. Uninstalled AI Suite, Left Behind A Lot Of Crap.