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  1. Uninstalled AI Suite, Left Behind A Lot Of Crap.
  2. Sonic Studios 3 audio issues
  3. AURA - sync at shutdown lose setting sometimes and revert to color Cycle
  4. ASUS Aura LIghtingservice lost Gskill DRAM linkup 7/11/2018
  5. Possible Virus in Asus software
  6. Asus Aura bug affecting GPU tweak
  7. ARGB Header and ASUS Aura
  8. A question about AURA SYNC
  9. Asus Gaming Center - no CPU speed G703VI
  10. Asus AuraSync doesn't sync with HyperX Predator RGB DDR4
  11. How to improve sound quality in sonic studio 3?
  13. Help to enable use of more ram in P8P67 Deluxe mobo - Via BIOS update?
  14. Sonic Radar III - Game Detection for PUBG
  15. in 2018 Asus AURA is a joke ( x299 build)
  16. Asus aura has stopped working
  17. Asus GPU Tweak or MSI Afterburner?
  18. Using ADD_Header 2
  19. [DRIVERS - GL552VX] Installation order
  20. z370 hero 8700k 16gb ram samsung 970evo do i have any use for ram cache2
  21. how about app to controll mb from phone?android and ios?
  22. Alternatives to AI Suite for monitoring and fan control?
  23. How to remove Sonic Radar ?
  24. Sonic Radar notifications going nuts
  25. Aura sync two PCs?
  26. Asus gpu tweak2 oc mode wrong power target
  27. ASUS Gaming Center Not Opening
  28. Gaming Center v2.5 for GL503VS
  29. Ai suite 3 help needed
  30. Why such a delay before it reads sensors (AI suite 3 )
  31. Sonic Studio 3 e Sonic Radar Crash with nem driver de Audio Realtec ver.
  32. Asus Aura Not Working
  33. Sonic Suite 2 audio settings don't work over USB with STRIX Fusion 300
  34. Asus Shutdown Light Patcher v1.0
  35. Asus ROG Spatha
  36. Workflow issues with Armoury II
  37. How can I download Sonic Studio?
  38. Aura - non-AURA
  39. GPU gone in AURA
  40. AI Suite <-> Fan Xpert: Fan speed issue
  41. Bios 0702-0804 Asus Grid Auto-Launch not Working
  42. GPU TWEAK II problem
  43. GPU Tweak v1.6.0.5 custom graphs won't stick
  44. Aura Sync Won't Work
  45. Asus aura shutdown setting
  46. Should Aura v1.06.17 work on Maximus IX Hero under Win10?
  47. Serious bug in Fan Xpert 4 with Maximus X Hero
  48. ROG Spotlight and Aura Sync ?
  49. Aura - Temporary fix for high CPU usage and freezing lights
  50. can not install game visual for laptop ROG GL703GS under windows 10 pro x64
  51. "Gaming Booster" gpu tweak II
  52. Sonic Stuido 3 gone? (Version Hero X Maximus Wi-Fi
  53. Vengeance PRO RGB RAM Going To Have Aura Sync Compatibility?
  54. Issue with asus rog claymore keybaord
  55. ASUS Strix X99 Motherboard & ASUS RGB Software
  56. Selected Aura Core mode isn't shown in ROG Gaming Center
  57. How To Install These GD30CI Driver Updates , No inStall EXE
  58. Cannot install asus aura sync
  59. Latest AISuite / FanXpert for ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha
  60. 'Lighting Service' preventing adaptive voltages / cstep
  61. Fan Expert Question
  62. [Aura] - Many Issues - has development stopped?
  63. Asus GL703VD - ROG Gaming Center doesn't work
  64. Aura sync 1.06.29 can't open
  65. Ext fan doesnt slow back down after increase
  66. Asus chipset drivers...how to understand theme?
  67. I am desperate
  68. Armoury Not Working When Using Intel iGPU ?
  69. ROG Game Visual Error in Installation, Missing ICM file
  70. Aura - Maximus VIII Formula
  71. ASUS GPUTweak2 Ver1.6.5.0
  72. Deleted ASUS Sevices for Mobo (Mouse|Keyboard Unable to Login)
  73. Updating bios Z370E
  74. Asus AI Suite for P7P55D-E LX in Windows 10
  75. Asus ROG GL503GE touhpad not recognized in device.manager after fresh win 10 install
  76. Cannot Uninstall Sonic Studio ?
  77. Asus Aura - G.Skill TridentZ
  78. Install gputweak2 ver 1650 to crash the system!
  79. Asus Sync G.Skill ram problem..
  80. All motherboard RGB and headers off
  81. Ai Suite 3 and Corsair Link Compatability Issue
  82. Manual control of Fan Expert 3?
  83. AI Suite 3 TPU not launching
  84. [ROG Gaming Center] Suggestion: Numlock Indicator
  85. AI Suite 3 Visual C++ error after boot
  86. This is what happens when I try to launch Ai SUITE 3
  87. Event 37 and Event 13 Errors
  88. Aura Lighting Service Virus Detection [Resolved]
  89. UNACCEPTABLE Handlers LEAK caused by AURA lIGHTING CONTROL 1.06.17 - 1.06.29
  90. Asus GPU Tweak II weird fan curve stuff
  91. ASUS Legal department - How to Contact
  92. rog center help
  93. Aura Sync Not Working With Asus ROG STRIX RX 580 T8G
  94. AURA SYNC 1.06.95 - Report Issues Here
  95. AURA sync bug with G.Skill RGB
  96. MOBO ROG RGB Leds no lighting up
  97. C++ Error
  98. Full Factory Reset (Recovery)
  99. bug: GPUTweak enforces font smoothing to be enabled
  100. ME Update Tool for M-VIII Hero HELP!!
  101. AURA SYNC 1.06.95 - Report Issues Here
  102. Rog g752vy wrong bios version and model need help
  103. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro and AURA
  104. Can't install AI Suite 3
  105. Can't get bluetooth to work
  106. LED strips turn off after shut down
  107. Aura Sync + TT Sync Controller
  108. Fanxpert not seeing my case fans
  109. ROG aura core not responding
  110. Gpu tweak 2 11% fan speed
  111. D.O.C.P Standard with AI Suite 3 overclock
  112. NX500JK Intel Driver and GPU issue drivers issue for i7 4712HQ and PCI-E 850M
  113. Sonic Studio 3 major issues
  114. Asus GPUTweak2 Version
  115. GL552VW - eSupport folder for GL552VW needed
  117. Aura ASYNC
  118. is RAMCache II can retain information/preference after turning off the pc ?
  119. ASUS TUF FX504 touchpad stuttering Windows 10 Build 1803
  120. Issues Since Latest Audio Driver Update!!! Please Help
  121. Drivers listed for my Crosshair VI Extreme are a mess
  122. Any version of Aura, instant 5ghz 24/7 on any setting beside breathing or static?
  123. Anyone use the Asus Halo software?
  124. ASUS PC Diagnostic app and Win10
  125. [asus rog z270g] audio issue on windows 10
  126. Maximus X Formula + LiveDash + Erp enabled issue
  127. Rog Spotlight looks better without Aura
  128. Gputweak2 ver shows wrong GPU clock
  129. Aura - armoury - claymore, spatha & mobo
  130. Aura Sync can't set motherboard to display cpu temp and vga to gpu temp
  131. Aura lighting service caused cooling fan to be constant
  132. [SOFTWARE] GPU Tweak II
  133. Razer Synapse + Aura Sync. Why don't we have this already?
  134. AI Suite III causing system crashes.
  135. Aura won't launch after waking from sleep
  136. Issue with asus hero x wifi audi driver Version
  137. How to find and get rid of Asus drivers
  138. thermal radar 2 for z87 sabertooth tuf
  139. Asus Aura headaches
  140. Ai Suite 3 Preventing Full Shutdown
  141. do I still need to use the DIP5 standalone utility with Windows 10 1809 October 2018?
  142. Asus Livedash not finding RYUO
  143. Asus Armoury Alt+Tab bug
  144. Asus Aura Crashing - Application hang
  145. Aura Sync - possible to schedule on/off?
  146. Asus Aura 1.06.95 - CPU Usage
  147. Gamefirst iv: How to autostart minimized to tray not open on startup?
  148. Wireless lan card driver is HUGE
  149. Where can i download standalone Asus Fan Xpert?
  150. Maximus Hero VII beta BIOS
  151. ASUS live update issues
  152. AI_Suite_III_3.00.13_DIP5_1.05.14
  153. What’s the Point of this software? (warning for use of Gamefirst)
  154. Issue in asus promotion app
  155. Sonic Suite II upgrade to Sonic Suite III
  156. Does AI Suite 3 work with Zenith Extreme anymore?
  157. Deaf Gamer. Does Sonic Radar 3 work with Blacks Ops 4?
  158. Numpad not working correctly
  159. [SOFTWARE] Sonic Studio 3 - Disable effects for front headphones output
  161. Win Key is disabled
  162. Aura cannot find my motherboard?
  163. AURA SYNC 1.07.17 Beta - Report Issues Here
  164. Please help - what software to install?
  165. GPU Tweak 2 Issue. 1.8.7, 2 PCs
  166. Aura Sync Select Effect
  167. B450-f linux audio drivers?
  168. Install ISSUE AISUITE3
  169. B360-H Gaming Motherboard
  170. Aura Sync In-Game Action
  171. AURA SYNC 1.07.22 - Report Issues Here
  172. Intel Rapid Storage Tech. driver
  173. Sonic radar 3 - pubg problems
  174. Asus ROG Armoury Crate IOS app Maximus X Formula?
  175. Asus Gaming Center, Intel XTU, MSI Afterburner
  176. Aisuite issue.
  178. There are two bright white lights inside my computer that I can't turn off
  179. Got a ASUS ROG Strix Hero II. Keyboard dosen't light up anymore when in Windows...
  180. Asus Aura Sync -- different effects in different zones?
  181. ROG STRIX z370-e BIOS ASPM bug, what to do?
  182. Asus Aura Problems, no/partial fixes frustration
  183. Help someone with aura
  184. Asus Ryujin Livedash Software
  185. Key board lights not working
  186. Sonic Studio 3 auto quits when I clicked Advanced mode
  187. Is AuraSDK compatible with ROG Strix Flare?
  188. Fan Overboost Control
  189. How to get ROG Game First IV to start up silently in the background?
  190. Someone Please Help Me How to delete asus aura
  191. ASUS EZ UPDATE Software not updating drivers
  192. ASUS ROG Code IX Aura issue
  193. Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING - Cant find drivers online!?
  194. Aura Sync/Armory Fade Between Colours
  195. Asus Aura fixed. Mods, Devs something to try for other Aura Users having issues
  196. Asus Zephyrus - Keyboard software
  197. Aura cannot find compatible devices z390-h gaming mobo
  198. VGA not detected by Aura Sync...
  199. RGB keyboard problem / Aura core listener
  200. asus cooler
  201. [BUG] Asus GPU Tweak II OSD Causing applications to freeze / crash
  202. ASUS Rog G20CB issue, any help appreciated
  203. asus aura rainbow hangs for 3 seconds every cycle.
  204. Download Sonic Studio III Software
  205. Asus rog aura gl504gm issue
  206. temperature logging
  207. I cant get my asus x370 Mobo Led Lit up
  208. AI Suite 3 Bugging Overclock Stuck at 3.8GHz
  209. Undervolt GX501 through BIOS?
  210. Asus Aura acting strange with G.Skill Trident Z RGB memories
  211. Can't install any drivers/ROG stuff successfully after reinstalling windows
  212. ROG Maximus VIII Hero Drivers
  213. ASUS Support page
  214. cant change brightness in any way
  216. GameFirst V won't open
  217. Mem TweakIt V2.02.38 for Windows 10 64-bit - does not work
  218. LiveDash not uploading image to RYUO 240 OLED
  219. AURA SYNC Beta resolves Magnus issue in COD: BO4
  220. AURA Independent Tab missing?
  221. AI Suite 3d
  222. Nothing shown under Drivers & Tools
  223. Crosshair hero VII WiFi fan control for GPU
  224. CoD BO4 Fatal Error with Aura Sync installed
  225. AISuite 3 Icon
  226. Can you answer me honestly ASUS is Hyper X predator RGB problem gonna fix?
  227. AURA Sync "Comet" effect sems not to work propertly ??
  228. LiveDash
  229. tried Ai Suite after 8 months , still not working on my x299 mobo
  230. GPU Tweak II on ASUS ROG GR6
  231. Fan Xpert 4 GPU temperature
  232. Awful and confusing ASUS ROG Strix B350-F Gaming motherboard drivers
  233. ROG Gaming center wont open/audio issue when using headphones
  234. Is Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro going to be supported by Aura?
  235. Aura Sync and G.Skill DDR4
  236. Aura sync gradients are not even
  237. ROG Armoury II V3.00.14 incorporates Sonic Studio [Report any issues here]
  238. Audio Issues When Streaming - Possible Sonic Studio Issue?
  239. Mixing RGB and ARGB on Z370F
  240. Display widgets - custom GameVisuals
  241. Can't install VGA
  242. Realtek audio driver not HD?
  243. How to use Auras SDK with Strix Flare?
  244. Mobo/CPU fan RGB not responding with Strix Z370-E
  245. AI Suite and Windows 10 1809
  246. How To get My M9F LEDS Back? [Resolved]
  247. ASUS Ryujin 360 LiveDash
  248. Asus aura not working as it should.
  249. Livedash not finding Maximus XI formula
  250. AI Suite II Question