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  1. ROG CLAYMORE cant enter BIOS during POST (with armoury
  2. Armoury Crate is hijacking my power management profile
  3. List of Games that support Aura In-Game Effects
  4. DTS Audio, can't find any directions/manual for it.
  5. Aura Sync Over PCI?
  6. Dual Inteligent Processor 5 ignores source and always use CPU temp
  7. All Asus SW crashes when playing PUBG
  8. Thoughts on the Current Aura (1.07.57) and LiveDash (1.05.02) Issues
  9. Livedash doesnt work properly
  10. GPU Tweak 2
  11. Asus republic of game nividia geforce gtx 1080
  12. ASUS Software for High DPI Screen?
  13. Sonic Studio 3 - experience-breaking bugs
  14. Asus please update LiveDash
  15. RIP Asus Aura?
  16. Asus Armoury Crate Issue
  17. A fix for Aura Sync software
  18. Fix for Asus Aura freezing/frozen "animation"
  19. Live Dash not working
  20. Rog G703GI bios 311 pch temperature missing after resume from sleep
  21. LiveDash stopped by administrator
  22. aura - just give up
  23. AI Suite II Using Windows 10
  24. Question about ASUS RamCache III: does it not automatically start?
  25. It's time to start delivering software as a packaged set
  26. Asus Rog G750JZ no Asus Gpu Tweak works need help
  27. How to 100% GPU speed on GPU Tweak II ?
  28. AI Suite 3 won't go away!
  29. GPU Tweak II - - won't load my last selected profile at Windows 10 start
  30. Set Aura to color when not in Windows
  31. G.skill Tridenz Z 3200 CL16 does not sync Properly in Asus AURA
  32. Rampage VI Extreme Omega Software
  33. Fan Xpert 4 - Set screen startup location to Monitor #2?
  34. AsusUpdateCheck.exe reappears after reboot
  35. NahimicAPI
  36. Rog rampage vi extreme lan ethernet issues
  38. GT2.osd makes conflict with everything
  39. LiveDash 1.05.03 doesn't work
  40. Live Dash 1.05.03 - runs all system LEDs red, besides CPU and VGA
  41. Ok to install Intel XTU from Intel? Newer Version from Intel
  42. Still looking for Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Install Help
  43. AURA SYNC cant see my motherboard..
  44. Gpu tweak ii brokes my 980ti.
  45. Nahimic Service Causing Slow Down Issue
  46. Latest Aura and LiveDash applications don't work with W10 1903
  47. Audio driver not supports latest windows update :(
  48. Asus ROG STRIX Z370E GAMING onboard RGB and RGB strip NOT WORKING !! HELP !!
  49. Aura Sync - HyperX Predator
  50. Asus bios firmware update black screen......
  51. high DPC and short freezes caused by Lighting Service.
  52. Windows 10 drivers for ROG MG278Q monitor
  53. AISuite leaks Handles
  54. ROG Zenith Extreme Flash Drive
  55. asus aura NEED TO READ!!!
  56. asus would like to apologize to 5 of you...
  57. Aura & Live Dash - temporary fix on how to make them work work
  58. HOW DA F.. LightingService is still recognized as a hack ?
  59. Where do I get the Q installer utility from?
  60. Aura, lights and HDD
  61. Several questions about AI Suite and GPU Tweak
  62. Windows 10 drivers for ROG MG278Q monitor
  63. b250 win10 bios update?
  64. Aura Sync 1.07.60 issues
  65. bios led ec1
  66. Aura Sync trips Easy Anti Cheat
  67. Asus Armoury z390 e Mobo
  68. Missing features in RAMDISK :((((((
  69. Ai suite 3 - windows 10 1903 update issue
  70. Asus Creator (beta), when?
  71. GPU Tweak II GPU speed really high!?
  72. Sharing a fix - Aura issues when running multiple RGB control programs
  73. SS3 and Audio driver disappear after june update
  74. Livedash help
  75. Asus aura core does't work
  76. Livedash issue after update firmware ryuo
  77. Aura not working after switching to Asus 2080 Ti from Asus 1080 Ti
  78. Getting an error after installing DIP: Cannot find file specified:AsusFanControlSer..
  79. what is 1.00.13 AURA IC FW Update
  80. problems removing aura sync
  81. GameFirst IV
  82. 1.07.66 Doesn't Work
  83. Aura Feature Request: Persistent RGB
  84. live dash
  85. Rog Spotlight Issue
  86. help with apps to fix aura sync, livedash and others
  87. RGB Fusion can control RAM on my Asus Z390-E? Que?
  88. ROG Aura Terminal and Corsair?
  89. Aura has stopped working
  90. Aura petition to Asus - Sign here if you agree with this statement
  91. Aura and GPU Tweek II problems
  92. Issue with my "ROG-SLI-HB-BRIDGE"
  93. ASUS GPU Tweak II Version
  94. For all who hv problrm with AURA/LiveDash/Ai Suite
  95. Aura has stopped working
  96. How to remove NahimicOSD completely?
  97. strix vega 56 and gpu tweak and issue
  98. Wierd problem
  99. Live Dash 1.05.06.
  100. GPU Tweak II Showing Wrong Info?
  101. How to make Aura, LiveDash & RYUO 240 on Maximus IX Hero in Windows 10 x64 v 1903
  102. Asus gpu tweak ii
  103. Problems with asus software after windows 1903 update
  104. Armoury 3.00.28 feature idea / missing feature
  105. How can I stop GRID trying to install?
  106. DRAM went unstable and cannot boot to bios after recent BIOS update
  107. Memo and Photo GPU TweakII disable by default?
  108. ROG Gaming Center Gone
  109. [BUG] Rog Claymore Core - Linking to App not working
  110. Can't install latest version of LiveDash for Maximus XI Formula
  111. Maximus x hero latest audio driver issue
  112. Mouse no longer working after Bios update B450-E GAMING BIOS 2406
  113. Sonic Radar III Issues with detecting games
  114. AI Suite 3 is needed?
  115. Asus ROG STRIX Z370E GAMING onboard RGB and RGB strip NOT WORKING !! HELP !!
  116. Asus GPU Tweak II version
  117. Asus armoury Crate & ASUS music & Asus touchpad
  118. Aura sync not detecting my Video card
  119. AURA stopped working after latest Windows 10 updates (July 2019)
  120. Strix RX590 Non-AURA Error
  121. Cant Open AsIo.sys error
  122. Aura Sync Lighting Service Problem
  123. Asus rog aura creator
  124. ASUS Keyboard hotkeys not starting with Windows
  125. Rog Strix B450-f gaming bios
  126. ssue with ATKEX_cmd.exe errors (Z170 PRO Gaming mobo).
  127. intel management engine (ime) question
  128. ROG Gaming center is not workng. HELP
  129. installing aura terminal HAL into 1.05.18 ?? possible??
  130. need first aura version #
  131. AI Suite III Version 3.00.52 Link 404 - Not Found
  132. AMD 19.7.2 out, aura sync still not working.
  133. ASUS Fan Xpert/AI Suite for Windows 10 64-bit and old computer?
  134. AI Suite 3.00.51
  135. Armoury and ROG Spatha Profiles Question
  136. Aura sync rgb header question
  137. Bios Update breaks aura and livedash
  138. My Gaming Center (2.5.7) crashes seconds after opening
  139. EZ Update Problem
  140. Trident Z Royal + X99 Strix
  141. Armoury Crate (Beta)
  142. Couple questions about bios, livedash
  143. Asus ROG Scar III G731GW laptop software issues
  144. Armoury Crate Update Center update loop? Strix x570-E
  145. GPU Tweak II not changing settings
  146. ROG RYUO 240 Series
  147. Aura Sync Can't see DRAM
  148. Asus Aura and ROG ARMOURY II Don't Work Together
  149. GPU Tweak II, Minimize on Exit?
  150. ROG G531GU underglow and Aura issues
  151. AURA GPU workaround! Rollback to 19.6.3
  152. Asus Aura 1.07.71 not opening
  153. Aura collaboration with Hue
  154. Temperatures in AI suite are lower than in other software?
  155. Nahimic Service and Aura Sync causes slow app startup times
  156. Realtek with Sonic Suite incompatible with new Windows 10 update?
  157. What if you have 2 of the same mice model on ROG Armoury???
  158. AISuite3_EZUpdate 30011 Problem can't open Aslo.sys!! (5)
  159. GPU Tweak II not saving any settings/profiles with 2 cards
  160. AI Suite 3.0.51 and DIP5 2.00.2 Issues Thread
  161. Is the AI ​​Suite necessary for overclocking and fan control?
  162. Can't update Armoury
  163. Aura Sync ver 1.07.71 not showing my Ram
  164. Trojan Found in ROG Realtek Drivers - Windows 10 x64 1903 Build
  165. AuraSync has high CPU consumption
  166. Aura startet nicht
  167. Aura 1.07.71 and earlier versions - Aura service is currently unavailable
  168. Latest Fan Xpert or Asus AI Suite
  169. No Bass Management options on TUF Gaming X570-Plus
  170. AI Suite issue
  171. cant open asio.sys (5) when updating AI Suite
  172. Sonic Studio 3 stuck at opening
  173. [G731GW] Aura Creator "No devices available"
  174. [Armoury Crate][G731GW] CPU LOAD not showing
  175. Aura sync curiousity
  176. Aura Sync, Every Version!!
  177. AMD driver 19.7.5, aura sync still doesn't work
  178. AI Suite 3 - Shuts off my computer every single time im using it.
  179. ASUS GPUTweakII V2.0.4.4
  180. PSA: Grab AMD driver 19.8.1, fixes Aura GPU issues
  181. Can't open asio.sys (5) Fresh windows 10 installed
  182. Asus Aura 1.07.71 (Lighting_Control) - no Light on keyboard!
  183. AI Suite III 3.00.51 and EZ Update 3.00.52 Can't open Aslo.sys!! (5)
  184. Gamefirst V dosent work
  185. Thermal Radar 3 does not apply settings.
  186. Strix RTX 2080 Super lightning now working with Aura 1.07.71
  187. Aura Sync concerns
  188. Armoury Crate and ROG Claymore SDK update won't work
  189. AISuite3 make CPU Temp 10 degrees higher With no overclock
  190. Realbench any new update in the works?
  191. Sonic Studio 3
  192. Проблемма с RGB maximus formula lx
  193. Spatha mouse and armory II problems
  194. 3 questions ROG Armoury 30030 GL703
  195. Rog Gaming Center Reinstallation
  196. [FIX] How to fix slow AURA animations
  197. Question about aura vs armory crate custom lighting options
  198. Aura Sync ARGB light switching is slow
  199. ROG Strix SCAR III Armoury Crate Issues
  200. [G731GU] Software and update issues
  201. Is there a working Asus Gpu Twek II version for Strix RX580?
  202. AI Suite 3 Keeps Crashing and Freezing my PC!
  203. Sonic Studio and audio driver not installed ?
  204. Need help with Aura software version
  205. Armoury crate not working after updating
  206. Aegis 3 Help request
  207. Aura 1.07.71 - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro not working.
  208. latest AiSuite for Rampage 6 Omega is a mess ( again )
  209. Is there an AURA archive?
  210. Motherboard LED's INOP/Aura Not Working? Here's what fixed my issue:
  211. where the "disable front panel jack detection" setting?
  212. AI Suite or Armoury Crate with X570?
  213. Asus ROG Gaming Center - Minus 32768 Celsius
  214. Help Light bar down asus rog strix G G531GT
  215. whats the name of this connector ??
  216. Armoury crate not displaying cpu infos after undervolting
  217. ROG Armoury II V3.00.30 and ROG Spatha
  218. Armoury create does not show cpu info
  219. Asus GL703VM Sonic audio software
  220. Aura Stopped Working
  221. Fan tuning resets on cold boot - issue and possible workaround.
  222. AURA completely non functional.
  223. GU501GM eSupport folder or OEM image iso
  224. Armoury Crate takes place of livedash
  225. AURA RGB/SYNC issue
  226. Aura swap
  227. True FIX for AURA! ANY VERSION.
  228. AI suite 2 or AI suite 3 for P8Z68-V PRO for WIN 10 - download link?
  229. AI SUITE fan speed and temps
  230. Fan Xpert 4 - Fan stops after boot
  231. Sonic Studio crashes
  232. How to Turn Off All RGBs When Powered Off?
  233. Please fix app ASUS EZ Update, it won't find any updates
  234. Please fix issue with install update for ASUS AI Suite III -
  235. GL703VM - ROG Gaming Center no longer works after windows reinstall
  236. Please Fix the Lightingservice . exe issue
  237. Another ASUS AURA is broken thread!
  238. ROG RYUJIN 360 issues
  239. Some questions on armory crate and armory II (notebook)
  240. Okay, so got Aura Creator (mostly) working.
  241. Is sonic studio abandoned already?
  242. Software for Asus rog ryou 240
  243. Crosshair VIII Formula Aura not working
  244. Slow shutdown? Get rid of AsusUpdateCheck.exe
  245. ARMOURY Crate Issues(newest version)
  246. cannot scan armoury crate
  247. Corsair Memory with Armoury Crate
  248. Update Bios
  249. missing chipset led
  250. ROG Gaming Centre not starting