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  1. What does Armoury crate do to laptop?
  2. Fix your damn software!
  3. Sensor recorder, alarm low rpm fan
  4. Panel Overdrive greyed out
  5. Sonic studio doesnt work
  6. MemTweakIt does not accept the settings
  7. Sonic Radar III not working
  8. Aura sync not detecting my 5700xt
  9. broke armory crate again in a new way (wont recognize board)
  10. ARMOURY CRATE Missing the Home menu.
  11. GPU Tweak 2 not working
  12. Sonic Studio 3 UAC issue with latest Win 10 1903 update KB4517211 OS Build 18362.387
  13. AURA Sync
  14. AISuite update for Ryzen 3000
  15. (ARMOURY CRATE) Problems
  16. ROG Armoury vs Armoury Crate Installer (ROG Gladius II mouse)
  17. Armoury Crate and Asus Claymore
  18. Armory Crate and Driver Versions
  19. ROG AIO software issue
  20. ryujin 360 update html loop never updates big problem now for the cooler
  21. Fan Expert for Maximus XI Code
  22. Istallare driver rog g752v
  23. Fix for Aur Sync anyone have one?
  24. Aura Creator appears to recognize RAM now.
  25. AuraConnect - ASUS Aura controlled with Synapse
  26. Whats the point of buying ryujin 360 when its not working?
  27. armourycrate ryujin update problem
  28. LiveDash Won't Open / R6EO motherboard
  29. Armoury Crate and Ryujin 360 / Unable to update
  30. Can't install asus aura maximus x hero
  31. ryujin 360 update html loop update (FIX)
  32. Asus sura no motherboard
  33. Asus Aura and suite III Installation Problem
  34. Aura creator not picking up light bars
  35. MyASUS app won't open after updating windows to 1903
  37. Asus Com Service and Aura Sync
  38. ArmoryCrate UPDATE aio is back in control 10/14/2019
  39. Ryujin 360 update bug loop
  40. Problem with update in Armoury Crate
  41. ARMOURY CRATE Missing The Home Center...
  42. Disabled Keyboard shortcuts (no?) and default profile - GPU Tweak 2
  43. Aura Service not found after windows upgrade
  44. Asus Aura 1.07.71 problem with game effects mode
  45. Asus Q170M-C
  46. LiveDash_1.05.03 not communicating to mobo screen
  47. What happened to AI Suite III?
  48. Is it possible to make desktop shortcuts for fanprofiles [silent, balanced, overboost
  49. Driver Updates
  50. Armoury Crate and ROG Rampage VI Extreme no ADD Header
  51. [Help] Asus Aura is the bane of my existence
  52. AI Suite 3 just broke!?
  53. HI
  54. Armoury Crate, missing GPU
  55. Armoury Crate: Logo/LED-Stripe setting gone
  56. Armory Crate - No devices at all!
  57. Asus Aura Issue
  58. Armoury Crate 2.5.6 not switching profiles
  59. Armoury Crate dont find sync devises and dont find dll
  60. "Asus Aura Has Stopped Working"
  61. Kernel Security Check Failure and Armoury Crate
  62. Sonic Studio no sound randomly when booting into Windows.
  63. GPU Tweak and confusing support instructions
  64. crate won't update
  65. Rampage VI Extreme driver disc
  66. Sonic Studio 3 crash after 1903 Windows Update
  67. Armoury Crate Service Config Patch Not Updating
  68. Armoury II warning Asus Crate
  69. Crosshair Hero x570 custom waterloop, FanExpert cant control pump & fans properly
  70. armoury crate 2.5.6 CPU heat issue
  71. Is ASUS Armoury Crate Replacing ASUS AURA?
  72. Armoury Crate 6263.dll and 6261.dll is missing
  73. Can't Control AIO Through Armoury Crate
  74. Issues With Aura Software
  75. ROG Hero 8 Drivers OUTDATED ! ! !
  76. Turning on laptop: black screen, flashing keyboard and power button led
  77. Problems with lighting asus rog strix G531GT
  78. NahimicAPISvc64.exe UAC Twice at Startup / Armoury Complet Fail
  79. carmory crate not working...again
  80. Armoury Crate v2.5.6.0 TUF Gaming PLUS (WIFI) - Cannot open the Motherboard settings
  81. Aura Synch: Non-monochrome
  82. About armoury live update and general updates of AURA
  83. [Asus Gamefirst V] How to adjust the Up-/Download speed?!
  84. Armoury Crate doesn't update
  85. Armoury Crate damaged my whole system
  86. Background static - Asus Tuf Gaming x570 wifi - seems related to GPU/CPU ramping up
  87. Side load an older Armoury Crate version?
  88. Armoury Crate not recognizing devices and unable to control RGB
  89. Bios or Other Control of Lighting/LED
  91. Asus aura (1.07.57) using 5-10% of my 8700k for "lighting service".
  92. Cannot update Bios
  93. G531GT Not showing "pop ups" when changing ventilation mode, aura mode, microphone
  94. Asus ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming Motherboard RGB Notworking
  95. How make livedash aisuite and armury create with aura sync work ?
  96. Armoury Crate and Ryujin 360 75 deg Critical Temp
  97. need update to fix the rotate 180 function of ryuo 240
  98. Asus Aura BUG
  99. armory crate
  100. just how amny apps does Armoury Crate install
  101. Asus ROC x570e + armory crate + bios update + 12v led output problem
  102. Sonic Studio 3 effects not wotking
  103. ROG Live Service
  104. Klevv Cras C700 RGB vVME SSD and Aura Sync
  105. Lighting and LED on Motherboard and Ryujin 360
  106. LED motherboard and Ryujin 360 lost
  107. Beware USB3 PCIe and hubs!
  108. No Aura app in Armoury Crate
  109. Armoury Crate is doing that stuck update thing. AGAIN!!!
  110. Armory Crate/Lightning Service
  111. new software notification won't go away, what does it want from me? :)
  112. what is this new setting Always 3D Clock in GPU TweakII
  113. Problem with Aura effect after updating Armoury crate 2.5.7 with Notebook G531GU
  114. Startup EPU mode and minibar
  115. AURA Sync, Suggetion; Smart Temperature, Blue to Red
  116. Secure Boot - is using Other OS
  117. Secure Boot - if using Other OS
  118. Asus Software and Windows
  119. the dreaded 'no operating system found' error
  120. How do I update my ASUS BIOS with 0% Battery
  121. Question about Aura Creator
  122. Ai suite 3 fan speed
  123. GPU TweakII version 2103 has a conflict with Asus Fan Xpert 2
  124. Aura Creator & ROG Aura Terminal
  125. Rog Strix 450-F setting to disable power to USB ports at pc shutdown?
  126. Fan Xpert4 "extreme quiet" causes fans to pulsate on and off.
  127. which Asus Ai suite works for x299 R6E Omega?!
  128. Aura wont calibrate LED strips correctly
  129. X570-E Armoury Crate no Aura Sync after reinstall
  130. Asus Strix G G531GT - Cannot turn on bottom lights
  131. Amourt Crate - Spatha & Claymore not visisble in devices, only in Aura section.
  132. Sonic Studio III on ASUSROG STRIX SCAR GL704GV
  133. New laptop, Armoury Crate has started freezing. Also, Per Key RGB?
  134. Change Impedance in Realtek Audio Control?
  135. Armoury crate - The motherboard must be set as the default device. How to do it ?
  136. need expert opinion about upgrading GPU
  137. Armoury Crate devices
  138. AURA Lighting Question
  139. Armoury Crate - I can't update.
  140. Armory Crate = Lighting service 50% CPU usage (i5 8400) on various "basic" effects
  141. How can i play games without it sound like a jet?
  142. Where can I download additional "Scenario profiles" for games?
  143. How can I completely remove ASUS Sonic Softwares?
  144. Rog Strix Fusion 700 + Armoury Crate; not working with Bluetooth?
  145. Aura Sync not recognizing ROG Strix Arion
  146. AISuite Proper Support for Ryzen 3000 CPUs
  147. Total Noob at All Things ASUS and ROG, Updating BIOS Strix B450F Gaming
  148. Armory Crate(LightingService) 50% CPU usage...
  149. LightingService CPU Usage/Clock Freq
  150. Can't install/run Ryzen Master
  151. Revo to Get Rid of All Armoury Crate
  152. AURA joys, not!!
  153. FanXpert 3 Issue
  154. Armoury Crate decided not to change the color of my ram anymore
  155. With manual OC 49... Ai suite show 00% Cpu speed
  156. BIOS Update 1401 for all ROG Maximus XI Mobos
  157. Current Problems with ROG Armoury and Armory Crate
  158. Armoury Crate: Turn Off LiveDash OLED
  159. Asus Maximus XI Hero
  160. ARMOURY CRATE 2.5.8 Issues in PC
  161. ROG Zenith II Extreme not detected by Aura Sync
  162. Sonic Studio 3 Application Manager
  163. Asus x570 Tuf WIFI DTS Custom
  164. Asus Aura Sync works partially - VERS. 1.06 - no argb device is found -
  165. Asus ROG gaming center where is the download for my pc
  166. z390-e ME Firmware update
  167. Armoury Crate Bugs (good idea needs fixes)
  168. AI Suite 3 installation problem on Windows 10 1909
  169. Tried flashing Aura chip on my Zenith II Extreme.
  170. Aura Not Working
  171. Aura Service Not Available
  172. [G531GT] Can i sync keyboard lighting with game
  173. Fan Xpert 3, Auto-Fan Stop has stopped working
  174. Sonic Suite installs?, but won't start
  175. Themes and Things with the ROG PHONE II
  176. Aura 1.07.79 Not Picking Up Mobo, Strips etc...
  177. My ASUS will not update
  178. GPU Tweak II external fan control option missing
  179. Realtek audio driver problem: microphone | strix hero 2 gl504gm
  180. Is ASUS lighting service normally a CPU hog
  181. setting GPU Tweak II fan profile to gpu VRM temp
  182. How to turn off the two white LED lights on the back of ROG Strix 2080TI O11C?
  183. Clear cache on Armoury Crate Scenario Profile?
  184. Aura Sync with busy GPU
  185. A suggestion to everyone having problems with ASUS software. Try this!
  186. Current software versions
  187. Armoury Crate documentation and/or some basic questions
  188. Need some Help with Armoury Crate!!!
  189. Armoury crate no sdk updates
  190. Ryuo screen flash issue
  191. Problems with ASUS software? Make sure windows Host Guardian Service is disabled.
  192. Troubleshoot Armory Crate !!! (HowTo)
  193. Turbo mode , Strix G ( G531GT) need help
  194. Pls Help Armoury Crate Problem
  195. Software Gaming Center for laptop Asus GU501
  196. Trident Royal RGB always on in sleep mode
  197. AUS AURA Sync Zoning
  198. Armoury crate issues - software not working.
  199. Strix Z390-E Gaming Sonic Studio III Loudness Equalization
  200. Armoury Crate, not updating my mobo/ryuo
  201. Armoury Crate vs ROG Aura Core which one should I use?
  202. Asus Aura Teams up With Corsair ICUE
  203. AURA Creator - will it work for all things Asus Aura compatible?
  204. asus gpu tweak 2 on GA502DU laptop
  205. Armoury Crate Duration Record Bug ? - Rog Phone 2 US 512/12G model
  206. Backlit Keyboard on 2019 Zephyrus G Issue
  207. LiveDash no longer works with latest AURA 1.07.79
  208. Sonic Studio issues
  209. Asus Keyboard Hotkeys
  210. reset SupremeFX back to default settings after misclick in Sound Effects
  211. Command prompt "file not found" update keyboard firmware and backlight issue.
  212. Network Stack Configuration turned on trying to update BIOS?
  213. Armoury Crate Won't Load Selected Ryuo 240 GIF on Power-down/up.
  214. ArmouryCrate adding 20 degrees to my system when at idle
  215. Armoury Crate
  216. AISuite over writing Power & Sleep settings
  217. Armoury Crate high CPU on RGB usage
  219. Asus Aura switching to default for no reason all of the time
  220. Question about "Wait for F1 if Error" in BIOS.
  221. AURA SYNC switches to color cycle when I select rainbow in ARMOURY CRATE
  222. How to calibrate the battery Asus GU501
  223. armourysocketserver.exe what is it, how can it be removed?
  224. How to remove Sonic Studio 3
  225. Ryujin fans defaulting to 100%
  226. How to turn off RAM RGB when system is in sleep?
  227. Asus Armoury Crate keeps waking up PC
  228. LightingService CPU usage increase triggered by Guild Wars 2
  229. I cant open GameFirst V. On my crosshair 8 hero wifi motherboard
  230. Armory Crate not showing correct cpu frequency
  231. Quick question about AsusMacroKey on a ROG-G752VY
  232. ROG-STRIX-Z370-G-GAMING-WIFI PC WiFi Problems
  233. Asus Aura irregular breathing mode pattern.
  234. Armoury Crate 出現大量BUG
  235. armoury crate balanced profile
  236. Aura Sync 1.07.79 hangs when trying to enable spatha
  237. Armoury Crate not saving settings
  238. Keypad
  239. ROG Armory Crate > Scenario Profiles & Advanced AURA effects
  240. Asus Aura Crashes Black Ops 4
  241. Dipawaymode
  242. Armoury Crate MB: .dll not found error
  243. ASUS Z390-F Gaming Missing motherboard and rgbs
  244. Feature Aura Sync in Armoury Crate
  245. Baffling Problem: Asus ME Update Tool Checking for vulnerability exploitation
  246. BIOS UEFI 3.1 no option for turning on after AC Power Loss
  247. [AURA] Why addressable fans cannot be properly controlled??
  248. ROG Strix X570 Gaming-E bios 1405 not saving Aura bios settings
  249. Armory Crate not displaying motherboard as a device.
  250. Aura software for the Prime TRX40 Pro MB