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  1. Sonic Studio III add apps manually
  2. Software Request: Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5
  3. Asus download page GTX1070 Bios utilities is broken.
  4. Audio Driver ( Sonic Studio 2) Not working on Asus G752 VS .
  5. How to make Sonic Studio 2 work with Blue Yeti Pro???
  6. Ai Suite 3 and Fan Xpert 4 gone insane
  7. Problem with ROG Gaming Center
  8. Asus GTX 1060 Dual OC 6GB BIOS Update
  9. X99 strix ai suite
  10. Ai3 cleaner.exe
  11. PC crashing issue when playing certain games (Win 8.1)
  12. AI Suite Wrong Frequencies
  13. More or better music effects in aura
  14. Problem fans Asus ROG Strix Geforce GTX 1070 Gaming OC
  15. Doubt Dual Intelligent Processors 5
  16. Aura not working at all
  17. ROG G751JY - Essential Software vs Bloatware
  18. Bug Report ~ Keybot II v1.01.02
  19. need help: gtx 1080 strix & pwm external fans in GPU Tweak?
  20. Force Audio to Mono
  21. RealBench_v2.54RC1 zip file corrupted??
  22. Possible Aura or motherboard issue
  23. Bios Anti Surge Support
  24. GPUTweakII Version
  25. New AI Suite 4 BETA VERSION
  26. Rog G701VI (7820HK CPU version) - linux installation - RST driver
  27. ROG Strix H270F Gaming LED Debug Error When Sleep
  28. Gtx 760 led control
  29. AURA is lagging
  30. Better fan control software?
  31. Asus Aura - Rampage V Edition 10 and Trident Z RGB
  32. ROG STRIX Z270e Gaming Motherboard RGB Problems.
  33. Asus GPU Tweak II start with windows bug
  34. Calymore RGB customized setting in Armoury reset after reboot every time
  35. How do I install ASUS ROG apps again after reinstalling Windows 10
  36. Does Aura Sync not work between ROG Armory and the Aura Sync program?
  37. How can I update my Aura software?
  38. ROG Gaming Center (I'm just a newbie, please help me guys!!!)
  39. cpu-temp of other software is different from asus
  40. Sonic Studio ROG Centurion Causing Mouse to Go Crazy
  41. ASUS GL502VMK ( it has intel 7700hq + 16 Gb Ram + Gtx 1060 6Gb +128 SSd+1Tb hdd )
  42. Headset and Aura
  43. problem with Aura sync in Music mode
  44. ROG Unified Software for peripherals
  45. Asus GameFirst Issue
  46. ASUS Aura Feature Request
  47. GL502, Afterbruner and ASUS ROG Gaming Software
  48. Turbo boost
  49. ASUS RAMcache II
  50. Help Please
  51. Game first IV stops punkbuster from working
  52. ASUS Aura Temp Control Customize
  53. can we pls get an update on x99 aura software
  54. ROG Gaming Centre linked with Android OS Gaming Center App causing slow wifi speeds
  55. IOMAP64.sys / fault in non paged area
  56. Install ROG Gaming Center
  57. BSOD after installing AI Suite 3
  58. Asus GPUTweak II Version
  59. Aura random freeze and high cpu problem
  60. SB X-Fi MB 2 Utility effects don't work.
  61. Maximus IX code - frontpanel mic/audio software?
  62. GameFirst IV - Flagged as malware by McAfee
  63. ROG Gaming Center for GL553VW is OUTDATED!
  64. Asus ROG G752VT for WoW - Gaming Center, Sonic Studio settings.
  65. Rog front base application error
  66. Virus in Clone drive ,Avira say its a virus ,Asus say its nothing!
  67. GPU Tweak II
  68. Fan Xpert4 Source
  69. ASUS BIOS updates?
  70. Fan XPERT 4 and PWM Fans on the FAN EXTENSION CARD ports.
  71. Aura Gpu temperature custom colours
  72. Aura & GPU tweak
  73. Fan Xpert 4, Aura and RGB fans
  74. ASUS ROG GL553V & Ubuntu 16.04.2
  75. Asus Strix X99 - Support with new software's
  76. Sonic Studio III help
  77. Can't use numpad Asus claymore
  78. Is ASUS GPUTweakII RemoveTool V1.0.0.9 Safe to Use
  79. How can I re-enable my ROG Key?
  80. Problems using the BIOS UI - Asus Prime motherboard
  81. Fan step up
  82. Spatha problem
  83. Aegis Application
  84. RX480 GPU Tweak II fan setup
  85. GPU Tweak II + Explorer.exe = Desktop Lag/Freezing
  86. DIP5 problems
  87. Cant install asus AI suite 3
  88. Update of applications on Asus ROG STRIX X99
  89. AI suite test and easy uninstall?
  90. Can't figure this out after 2 weeks. Armoury causing high cpu usage!
  91. Advices to configure Linux on Asus ROG GL553VD properly
  92. ASUS GPU Tweak II while applying settings card's rgb flashes
  93. Asus aura sync error
  94. gamefirst IV
  95. Lost ASUS software after full removal of Windows & re-install
  96. Asus GPUTweak II Version freezes my computer
  97. ASUS GPUTweak II Very unclear font
  98. KeyBot II, Maximus Formula IX, Claymore
  99. GPU Tweak II Version Released
  100. GL753VE sound hardware disabled after Mint Linux 18.1 install
  101. GPU Tweak II Monitor windows disappears when game starts???
  102. External fan controlling
  103. Aura v1.04.42 issues thread
  104. ASUS Armoury software using up to 15% of CPU through WMI Host Provider
  105. Suspected AI Suite III Conflicts
  106. Help, please !How do I put ROG Gaming Center's fan boost back to "Auto" ??
  107. dip4.dll error during AI Suite 3 5 way Optimization SOLVED
  108. Ai Suite 3 cause computer to crash
  109. Turn off fan boost
  110. Asus Armoury & Aura issues
  111. ROG Armoury no longer starts.
  112. Aura software help needed
  113. ASUS Aura and Armoury should be one program/suite
  114. ASUS Aura suggestions
  115. Realbench 2.54 bug ?
  116. Aura and Armoury software clash
  117. supremeFX
  118. GPU Tweak II profiles
  119. ASUS Splendid Technology
  120. GPU tweak 2 fan undeer 25%
  121. GPUTweakII Version is up
  122. GPU Tweak II v1.4.7.3 Released [report all bugs in this thread]
  123. Waterpump header problem
  124. ROG Gaming Center (Turbo Gear)
  125. Fan Xpert 4 bug
  126. Does Aura seriously have this little user customization you mean NZXT does it better?
  127. AURA Customization
  128. Aura Sync Asus b150i aura issuse
  129. SupremeFX how do I disable automatic impedance detection & amplification?
  130. Aura and MSI Gaming app LED control
  131. I'm stuck in the BIOS at first use
  132. Uninstall Ai Suite completely?
  133. How is GPU Tweak II treating you?
  134. Recoloring GPU Tweak 2
  135. Updated drivers for Asus Rampage IV Black Edition - when?
  136. Alsuite corrupt need help urgently
  137. AI Suite 3 of the new maps x299
  138. control fan and pump speed based on sum of gpu and cpu temps via bios.
  139. Aura with Fatal Error
  140. New Aura and Armoury software
  141. Windows booting on secondary monitor. GTX 1080 ROG STRIX
  142. NZXT CAM software GPU fan speeds not accurate
  143. Turn off motherboard RGBs?
  144. ROG SPATHA stopped working in wireless and wired mode
  145. Rog fan boost slow down cpu!
  146. Sonic Suite/Sonic Studio I/II
  147. AURA v1.05.11 [Report all issues in this thread]
  148. RGB Strip not same color as mobo
  149. GL552JX screen problem
  150. Aura Wish List
  151. Fan xpert 4 not seeing EXT fan card on X299 PRIME DELUXE
  152. Fan expert
  153. GL553VD ROG GAMING CENTER Not Detected the Graphic Card
  154. Adding Apps to Sonic Studio 3?
  155. BIOS: DRAM status/speed different from AI Tweaker
  156. GL502VS Gaming Center not picking up CPU
  157. How install AIsuite3
  158. New ASUS ROG G751JY Reinstall - Driver Help Please
  159. Aura 1.5.11 Breathing
  160. Aura 1.5.11 Non Beta
  161. Fan Xpert (AI suit 2) losing fan control help!
  162. Problem with GPU Tweak 2 presets
  163. Fans curve won't work in DIP5/Fan Xpert 4
  164. ASUS CloneDrive
  165. Virus on Game FIrst nfapi.dll
  166. Z97-PRO AI SUite 3 and UASP?
  167. Aura and Corsair RGB Memory ?
  168. GPUTweakII Ver1.5.0.5
  169. Is GameFirst IV compatible with older generations of ROG motherboards?
  170. DIP Turbo App never starts automatically.
  171. AI Suite 3 cleaner
  172. Is there a definitive way to fix Sonic Studio?
  173. AURA V1.05.16 [Report all isues in this thread]
  174. Changing CAP file to BIN file for bios
  175. Sonic Radar Pro / Asus U7 MK2
  176. GPU Tweak 2 Doesn't Wok
  177. AURA Motherboard LED Strip control
  178. Driver Verifier Detected Violation GPU Tweak II
  179. AISuite 3 Unusable, atkexComSvc @ 100% CPU usage
  180. Sonic Studio 2 crashing
  181. Fan Xpert 4 and Hard drive fans.
  182. sonic studio wont work with my asus rog headset
  183. Ai Suite III Install Error's dipawaymode & AiSuite3
  184. Can't change ROG GameVisual options in Gaming Center software
  185. AI Charger wont install / uninstall
  186. AURA is not working for me
  187. Cannot turn off keyboard backlight
  188. Asus Software Uninstall Utility?
  189. ROG Asus SupremeFx Sonic Studio has no equalizer?
  190. Software for Maximus IV gene-z/gen3
  191. Which Armoury?
  192. Fix for luxmark.exe crashes and OpenCl.dll not found in Realbench
  193. Problem with led and Aura (1080 ti)
  194. Which tools must I install?
  195. Asus ROG Aura Core for GL553VD
  196. AURA Rainbow vs Color Cycle
  197. Sonic Radar 3
  198. Driver installation: two exe files in the same zip archive
  199. Rebooting into UEFI from Windows and integrating into Windows shutdown options
  200. Aura software problem
  201. Need help with software.
  202. Sonic audio suite not showing after installing Realtek driver from the asus site
  203. Ai SUIT cleaner is not working but its sticky topic
  204. Battery Health Charging app. Who do I have to ask to get this to work with 2016 Asus
  205. Sonic Studio and Sonic Radar - Safe to Uninstall?
  206. ROG Gaming Center 2.1.2
  207. Aura Sync for x399 Zenith Extreme?
  208. firmware ROG Spatha
  209. Intel RST drivers and software for Z97 or?
  210. ASUS Aura Sync Music Mode Custom Profiles?
  211. ROG Armory Firmware Update Failed - Unusable Claymore Keyboard
  212. Gpu tweak ii v1.5.2.8
  213. ROG Gladius II software problems
  214. Gamefirst 4&Teredo
  215. Problem with Asus Aura and G. SkillZ RGB Ram
  216. Can't get Asus SonicRadar 3 to work in PUBG and another problem.
  217. AURA V1.05.22 [Report all issues in this thread]
  218. Where can I get the Aura 'master' application that controls MB and GPU?
  219. GPU Tweak 1528 & ROG Front Base
  220. Gpu tweak 2 doesn't apply changes!
  221. Asus Rog Strix B350 f Gaming BIOS update problem
  222. Sonic Studio 3
  223. AI Suite 3 polling speed
  224. gpu tweak 2
  225. maximus IX Hero Mobo
  226. AURA Sync Maximus VIII Formula + Strix 1080Ti?
  227. High disk usage when doing almost nothing
  228. Aura stays on and several other problems on 1080ti.
  230. AI suit 3 wont open
  231. Sonic Studio III + Spotify?
  232. HELP!!! Find Supreme FX IV driver
  233. RAMDISK Boot Error
  234. Aura V1.05.22 - Broken AF?
  235. ROG Gaming Center set to Standard
  236. GPU Tweak II V1.5.2.8 fans not running on start up
  237. Debug assertion failed! (error)
  238. Asus Driver Download page not loading after putting in OS??
  239. GPU Tweak 1528 set Front Base Frequency to zeros
  240. Testing GameFirst IV and i find a bug
  241. Asus Aura firmware for X370-PRO
  242. Problem with Aura and z270-ar
  243. GPU Tweak II v1.5.2.8 Released [report all bugs in this thread]
  244. Help! Subwoofer not working windows 10/Asus SupremeFX
  245. Fan Boost Missing
  246. Asus AISuite 3 1.01.58
  247. Gpu tweak ii v1.5.3.5
  248. Can't install Aura PLZ HELP
  249. New bios for Asus G11CB for Kaby Lake compatibility?
  250. Win 10 BSOD's Ala AI Suite 3's IOMap64.sys