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  1. ROG Gaming Center issues after clean installation
  2. Questions about numbers in gpu tweak ii
  3. Question on Thermal Radar 2+
  4. Can Aura configure the lighting of Corsair products?
  5. DRAM Voltage in TurboV Core with R6A
  6. LED resets after every reboot login?GPU Tweak 2 V
  7. Help! Asus aura problem! Cant install at all!!!!
  8. Sonic Radar warning at startup
  9. GPU tweak manual???
  10. Front Panel Audio Connectors not working PROPERLY
  11. GPU Tweak 2 User manual!!!
  12. AURA v1.05.25 [Report all issues in this thread]
  13. Installing ROG Gaming Center 2.1.4 on a G701VI (i7-6820HK Version)
  14. RamCache and RamCache II slow shutdown and stopping
  15. Rog crosshair x370 rgb not working
  16. Rog g750jm ds-71 hd-4600 intel driver problem with windows 10
  17. Realbench Virual C++ Runtime Library error
  18. UAC prompt at startup since Windows 10 FCU (Led Service and GPU Fan Helper)
  19. [AURA] Share with us your features ideas
  20. ASUS AURA and GSKILL RAM will not sync
  21. Aura major problems
  22. GPU Tweak Profiles and Thunderbolt devices
  23. AI Suite III & Aura lighting problems
  24. AI Suite 3 stoped working after W10 Fall Creators Update
  25. Question about AI Suite 2 (P67 Sabertooth)
  26. Can't open AsIO.sys - cant install Aura on fresh win 10 system
  27. ROG CPU-Z opens with half of window missing
  28. Problems with RX 580 STRIX O8G & Ryzen 7 1800X
  29. AI Suite 3 and UEFI Bugs - ROG Strix x299-XE Gaming
  30. GPU TweakII V1.5.5.3
  31. Sound Drivers?
  32. What's the purpose of EZ Update? I mean...
  33. Asus GPU Tweak 2 Version is up
  34. Asmedia driver won't install after fall creators update
  35. AsusFanControlService
  36. Ai suite 2 not installed windows 10 fall creators build 1709-16299.19
  37. RGB splitter - How will Aura detect devices connected to it ?
  38. No AsusFanControlService
  39. Realbench 2.56 Problem
  40. (How to disable) Asus SupremeFX Pop-Up every time I plug in Headphones
  41. gputweak 2 issues..
  42. Aura Sync Problem
  43. Sonic Studio 3 Using Music Sound Effects for everything... I need my gaming sound :(
  44. ROG Strix z370f gaming led not working
  45. AiSuite 3 not working on Windows 10 fall creators update
  46. Out off Sync Audio after Windows Fall Creator Update (Maximus IX Hero)
  47. Asus aura with phanteks rgb case leds
  48. Asus Sonic Studio 3 and Sonic Radar 3 Problem
  49. WS2812B support for Asus Aura is a huge let down
  50. ROG monitor and Aura Sync SW
  51. Is GPU Tweak II necessary?
  52. Aura RGB LED problem
  53. Asus Ai Suite 3 Fan Settings Not Working As I want them to
  54. How to turn off Win10 warnings?
  55. fan xpert
  56. micro freezes after installing AIsuite - I think
  57. Best firmware for Asus RT-AC88U?
  58. GPUTweak Ver. 1.5.7 is up (share your experience and bugs)
  59. ROG Aura - From Windows 10 Store! - Problem on GL553VD!
  60. (Help!) (Aura) Asus 970 Pro Gaming Motherboard
  61. Armoury and Aura Sync
  62. Gskill RGB RAM will not turn off during sleep
  63. Supreme FX Sound Manager Trouble switching between headphone & Speakers
  64. Sonic Studio 3 and Sonic Radar 3 issue
  65. AI Suite 3 help please?
  66. SupremeFX Popping Up On Device Plug-In
  67. ME Update for Rog Maximus IX extrme
  68. asio.sys can't load (yay let's have another thread cause this is beyond $@$#@ wack).
  69. [Guide] How to control over 100 addressable LEDs (WS2812B) with Asus Aura
  70. AURA v1.05.27 [Report all issues in this thread]
  71. How to Flash Bios on TUF Z370-PLUS GAMING
  72. ROG Armoury wont install
  73. GPUTweak2_Ver1581_ACO [Report all issues in this thread]
  74. Cannot find the most current version of AI Suite 3
  75. Asus GPU Tweak doesnt start minimized after creators fall update
  76. ledcontrolservice (32)
  77. Issues with my brand new build (Most of it ROG)
  78. ME Update - Failure
  79. crosshairs function shortcut?
  80. Music Sync - LEDs on even with no sound
  81. gaming centre not working
  82. AURA 1.05.28 & [Report all issues in this thread]
  83. ASUS Aura on mobo 970 Pro Gaming/Aura
  84. Question regarding motherboard
  85. AISuite 3 does not install on Windows 10/Strix Z270E
  86. How to download the latest Ai Suite? no link in the support page of x299 prime-deluxe
  87. Armoury and the spatha
  88. Aura setup
  89. AURA SYNC cant see my motherboard, LED doesnt work. HELP!
  90. AURA Sync software corrupting SPD on Aura Sync Certified DRAM Sticks
  91. Literally Impossible to install/reinstall AI Suite 3
  92. Need driver for PG278QR
  93. Asus Aura full overview - All modes, static, dynamic, audio - RGB Mobo, RAM, Strips
  94. Rog strik gl553ve aura software
  95. ASUS Aura before Windows logon
  96. Question about ASUS AI Suite 3
  97. ROG gaming center stopped working
  98. Stuck Aura issue
  99. Sonic Studio 3 loudness equalization issues
  100. Keyboard Problems After Sleep Mode
  101. Can I install AI Suite 3 v2.0 if it's not on my MB download page?
  102. Aura + time of day profiles?
  103. Asus Armoury and macro reading
  104. Manual Q-Fan control broken? (BIOs 801)
  105. ROG STRIX 1070 Backplate LED not the same colour as the rest of the card?
  106. AURA - Z270F Not Appearing - Please Help
  107. GPU Tweak shows GPU speed at 100% even when idle
  108. How to add shortcuts to ROG gaming center?
  109. Laptop top battery recalibration software??
  110. ASUS GAMING CENTER - no GPU perf limiter and Turbo Gear
  111. GPUTweakII Version [Report all issues in this thread]
  112. How do I get rid of Fan Xpert 4 symbol on my desktop?
  113. ASmedia USB Controller Host Was Not Found (failed driver install) ASUS Z170-Pro
  114. SupremeFx Not Running and Cannot Find IT
  115. ASUS GTX 1080 OC - intensity of light
  116. How do I change the Republic of Gamer startup logo?
  117. Sonic Radar Pro not works in GTA V
  118. How do I delete AURA and AAHM files?
  119. [Asus Sound Stuff] Basically nothing works.
  120. new drivers for, in my case z270?
  121. AURA 1.05.28 does not work on FCU
  122. Aura 1.05.28 not working, LightingService crashing
  123. Windows XP Pro and the M6H MB?
  124. OS FOR THE MviH MB
  125. G.Skill RAM Stuck on during sleep?
  126. GL702VS BIOS problem
  127. Is that a software or hardware problem?
  128. Aura core 1.0.4 for gl553/753
  129. Asus Ai Suite III wont delete
  130. FPS max rate target in GPU tweak
  131. Problem with Sonic Studio 1.1.17 and Firefox 57
  132. How can i control FAN speed in ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS GX501
  133. AISuite fails to start after Windows update KB4056892 (Intel vulnerability patch)
  134. GPUTweakII RemoveTool V1.0.0.9 still valid to use?
  135. Fanexpert 4 - Bug report - Inconstant fan operations related to DD / Dx Input
  136. AI Suite 3 Version 3.00.10 & 3.00.13 - user test/report thread
  137. AI Suite 3 unable to load after re-install
  138. Asus AI Suite II ASUSGPUFanServiceEx.exe not working after MS KB4056892.
  139. LiveDash not working after Windows update KB4056892.
  140. Higher temperatures of the CPU and GPU under load
  141. Thermal Radar 2 is horrible..
  142. Alternative Choice beside Asus AI Suite 3
  143. [ROG Live Dash] Bugged after Windows CPU exploit update
  144. X542UR: WHEA-Logger ID 17
  145. Cant get audio through multiple devices
  146. MS Windows 10 kb4056892 - Asus software suite destruction!!!
  147. AISuite causes problem with DWM.exe on startup in ALL WINDOWS 10 Copies
  148. ASUS Live Update within GPU Tweak II Doesn't Seem to do Anything
  149. AI Suite 3 and KB4056892 Win update
  150. Install ASUS Ai Suite 3 ver. 3.00.10 for ASUS M/B P8Z77-V DELUXE under Windows 10 x64
  151. Can we use Fan Xpert independant of AISuite?
  152. Ai Suite & other Mobo Utils for Linux please
  153. AI Suite II Probe for older motherboards
  154. Crosshair vi hero
  155. Please HELP me with AI suite 3
  156. Asus Front Base problem after MS patch
  157. ACMon Splendid Utility memory leak (of opened handles)
  158. Toggle on/off on ROG mouse software?? Can it do that yet?
  159. No download for clone drive?
  160. ASUS AURA - Lighting Service Process using high CPU Resources
  161. ASUS Aura ISSUE fix for no compatiable devices.
  162. Fan Xpert 4 / AiSuite3 fan problem
  163. Sync Aura with corsair rgb hybrid coolers
  164. Use Asus G46vw media keys with spotify?
  165. Sonic Suite Plugin
  166. Asus Aura Causes Micro Freezes When Stress Testing.
  167. GPUTweakII Version [Report all issues in this thread]
  168. AI Suite + Sabertooth P67
  169. Al Suite3 normal funkcion
  170. GameFirst IV 1.7.2 Flagged as a Virus by Avast
  171. Will Asus skip Sandy, Ivy, Haswell and Broadwell - meltdown & specter?
  172. AI Suite 3 Not Working Anymore
  173. Aura & LiveDash: they do not work together
  174. AI SUITE II isnt working ANYMORE
  175. Sonic radar pro displays all sounds, cannot select various ranges
  176. ROG Aura functionality on ROG Strix GL702VI
  177. AISuite3.exe - System Error win 10
  178. Aura 1.05.32
  179. Will AI Suite II be updated? If not, please make it open source.
  180. Sonic Studio crashing
  181. AISuite for Server 2016
  182. smalle questions about AURA
  183. AI-Suite 3: File Transfer Component
  184. AI Suite : this happens on a CLEAN install of Windows 10
  185. Great (I really mean it) hardware company but amateurs software-wise
  186. Fan Xpert (Stand alone app)
  187. ROG STRIX GD30 didnt come with aegis III?
  188. LiveDash doesn't work on Rampage VI extreme.What to do?
  189. Dual intelligent processors 5 is no detecting my GPU after updating Ai3 ver 3.00.13
  190. Some issues in Sonic Studio III
  191. Asus Aura won't launch
  192. Still nothing happens after clicking setup of AI Suite 3.00.13
  193. ESENT - anyone know what this is
  194. ROG Armoury / Win 10 Pro x64 1709 / Crash
  195. SMBUS driver
  196. Help with AI Suite 3 on H97M-Plus motherboard
  197. AI Suite Dilema
  198. Ezupdate not working proper
  199. Sonic Missing
  200. ASUS Aura v1.05.28 (latest) causing high CPU turbo speed on idle
  201. Live Dash custom files
  202. ASUS LiveDash - This needs improving....
  203. Is the new Aura Version out yet?
  204. LiveDash 1.01.08 - user test/report thread
  205. AI Suite II/III + Sabertooth P67 + Windows 10
  206. Why there is a dip in GPU Tweak II Boost Clock controls?
  207. Asus Wifi AD driver can't connect to 60ghz signal
  208. Need help with GPU Tweak II command line switches.
  209. RGB Monoblock won't light up
  210. Sonic Studio
  211. Asus AI Suite and Windows 7
  212. Ai Suite 2 fan control workaround
  213. LiveDash Suggestion
  214. AURA DRAM LED Shutdown on sleep
  215. Asus Rog laptop GPU Perf Limiter
  216. ROG PUGIO - Aura software crash
  217. New bios for x370-f
  218. AI suite 3 vga fan helper not installing with the package
  219. F541UA USB3 speed issues
  220. AURA software not turning on my motherboard LEDs when I start up my computer
  221. Problem solution Fan Expert 2/AsusFanControlService
  222. AI_Suite_III_3.00.13_DIP5_1.05.14 ERROR
  223. LED control on ASUS ROG STRIX VEGA 56
  224. AI Suite 3 problems with Z370-F Gaming
  225. Sonic Suite 2 Download
  226. Asus tuf z270 mark 2
  227. ROG G11 - SSD Clean Install Issue
  228. APRP unusable and also serial number question
  229. AI Suite GPU fan control dissapeared
  230. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for ASUS
  231. Can't install AI Suit 3 (3.00.13)
  232. How to use sonic radar III with USB headset?
  233. Tweak Tool II changed my GPU color completly.
  234. ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F MB LED Light Wont Come On
  235. Where can I find SupremeFX software
  236. ASUS AI Suite 3 Stopped Working on Windows 10
  237. AI Suite 3 now also has GPU monitoring and control. Good idea?
  238. GPU Tweak II monitoring issue
  239. Sonic Studio questions
  240. Qfan
  241. Anyone Have a ROG Strix Z370-F + i7 8700k + G Skillz RGB Trident Work With Aura??
  242. AI Suite 3 ? Whats the Problem ASUS? [Experts requested]
  243. Latest 3703 BIOS issue/Z170-A
  244. GPU Tweak II Issue
  245. New build, doesnt have a optical drive, where to get ROG software
  246. Audio Crackling/Popping with Realtek and Sonic Studio 3 (in games, music and more)
  247. Error 344383
  248. DIP5 Version 1.05.14 2018/02/01
  249. Question regarding ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080Ti Fan Curve adjustment to below 36%
  250. Help me !! Can't install Ai Suite on windows 10 1709