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  1. GX1000 Mouse (Black) US Availability
  2. Cleaning Asus Mouse MOBKUL
  3. Asus ROG Mouse Pad
  4. How to assign CTRL or ALT button on an ASUS ROG mouse side button??
  5. ROG Mouse Gladius, customizable click resistance? Really? How?
  6. ROG Gladius binding to single key
  7. Asus Strix Claw mouse bug report driver 1.05
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  9. GX850 Mouse not working anymore
  10. How to use the GX850 mouse in Games???
  11. Gladius 1.21 driver
  12. GX850 mouse suddenly stopped working on non-reflective surfaces
  13. Gladius Thumb button problems.
  14. Mouse stopped working
  15. Gx900 mouse issue with windows 10
  16. GX850 not working under windows 10
  17. Where is strix Claw driver for windows 10
  18. I lost the plastic cable and omron switches for ROG Gladius mouse :(
  19. ROG Gladius 1000hz 2000hz ?
  20. ROG Sica Windows 10 compatibility
  21. Asus rog gladius macro help
  22. ASUS ROG GX950 mouse - This is no joke - Prevents PC from booting
  23. Gaming gear rog gx860 does it good ?
  24. ASUS ROG Gladius Original Japam OMRON
  25. Gladius with huge lift off distance!
  26. GX860 - Shift and Alt
  27. Middle-click button issues with GX850
  28. Asus GX1000 - cannot bind MOUSE3&4 in-game
  29. ASUS Strix Claw Mouse does not work correctly
  30. GX1000 burned off?
  31. GX950 - Can I adjust mouse wheel sensitivity using the mouse programme?
  32. ROG Spatha
  33. ASUS ROG Spatha release date?
  34. ROG Gladius mouse scroll wheel problem
  35. ROG Cerberus Mouse cannot register the product.
  36. ROG Spartha no driver ???
  37. My thoughts: Improving the ROG Gladius - make it a usable alternative for CS:GO
  38. ROG Gladius extreme lag in games when moving mouse
  39. Asus Spatha - Finally bought it - Initial thoughts
  40. Rog Spatha Problems
  41. ROG SPATHA charging dock issue
  42. mouse1 squeeks?
  43. Asus rog Gladius vertical bug
  44. Asus Spatha mouse pointer moves in wireless mode
  45. ROG Spatha Wired
  46. Lightest (Least Force) Switches for Spatha?
  47. 2nd attempt and problem with ROG Spatha
  48. What is the latest version? SPATHA
  49. Spatha 2.108 update woes
  50. ROG Spartha issues
  51. ROG Spatha's cursor not moving
  52. ROG Spatha not displaying RED light
  53. ROG Software problem
  54. ROG Spatha stops working once AI Suite starts. No problems on any other mobo.
  55. spatcha unusual issue
  56. Rog Spatha doesn t activade.
  57. Strix claw not working properly in Minecraft
  58. Why is there never any stock for Advanced RMAs? Help Bahz?
  59. I need input from Spatha owners so I can make a decision. Please.
  60. ROG Spatha Problem
  61. ROG Spatha
  62. Thanks Asus, didn't expext a new mouse so thanks!
  63. ROG Spatha Wireless Range
  64. ROG Spatha problems!
  65. SPATHA - Macro problem
  66. New Aura software not syncing with Spatha
  67. Gladius Click Delay Issue - FIXED
  68. My brief and disappointing experience
  69. Issue with ROG Gladius, only slightly responsive
  70. ROG Spatha Second Receiver
  71. [ROG SICA] About optical sensor's LED
  72. ASUS ROG Sheath. Is it speed or control?
  73. ROG Gladius button vibration noise
  74. ROG Spatha inconsistent tracking
  75. Maybe new Gladius Mouse for this year?
  76. Asus ROG Gladius video review!
  77. ROG Spatha and Wifi bandwidth
  78. ROG Spatha Dock firmware update
  79. Spatha - Custom key programming
  80. I am wondering why my Gladius moves so weird?
  81. New Spatha firmware update.
  82. Question about RoG Spatha's Micro USB port size
  83. Asus Rog Gladius Scroll 2 down 1 up problem
  84. ROG Spatha multitude of issues
  85. Spatha Side Button Binds that aren't number keys
  86. ASUS ROG GLADIUS II In game testing (Pre Review)
  87. ASUS R.O.G. GX850 - No Mouse Click Macro
  88. Asus rog spatha with small usb adapter
  89. Asus Spatha / MouseJack / Encryption
  90. Sparta being unresponsive
  91. Windows 10 will not boot with Gladius conneected
  92. Gladius II - now what?
  93. ROG Spatha - Spare mouseskates/feet
  94. Rog gladius 2 dead
  95. Adding new Gladius II mouse to Armoury Software
  96. Spatha mouse stuttering in some games - Armory firmware issue too
  97. Charging status LED on Spatha dock doesn't indicate charge level
  98. ROG Spatha issues
  99. Replacement Omron Switches
  100. Rog Gladius II - Bugs in software, profiles resetting?
  101. Where is the Asus Pugio?
  102. ROG Armoury no longer starts.
  103. ROG Spatha not Working
  104. Rog Gladius II - Armoury problems with assinging keyboard functions
  105. Spatha is very hot on palm & right side
  106. Spatha nothing but problems, so much trouble shooting I need help...
  107. Pugio Mouse moving erratically?
  108. ROG Gladius II Button assignment problems (still).
  109. Asus Amoury Preventing Windows 10 from turning off monitors + Erratic Tracking
  110. Spatha Profile retention issues
  111. Spath Mouse wrong LED status + New FW Version
  112. ROG Spatha undetectable
  113. ROG Spatha not working anymore
  114. Spatha scroll button click issues
  115. ROG Armoury takes 14% CPU constant
  116. ASUS ROG Strix Impact issue
  117. Spatha - Side Buttons like Razer Naga?
  118. Gladius II - Keyboard mappings don't work when other buttons are held down
  119. Gladius II - Make it possible to change/disable profile hotkey combos
  120. ROG Spatha battery problem.
  121. ROG Gladius II buttons don't work {Resolved]
  122. Rog gladius II music issue third mouse already same problem
  123. ROG Armoury 1.02.18 Firmware update breaks mouse
  124. Rog spatha not charge, battery always at 0% while charge, wireless not detect..
  125. Can't Install Armoury Software
  126. Gladius II
  127. ROG Spatha Fix, (for me)
  128. ROG GLADIUS 2: DPI/Sensitivity issues?
  129. ROG Spatha Only works in Armoury in wired mode
  130. ROG Spatha current issues
  131. Purchased asus $200 mouse has issues...
  132. ROG Spatha won't connect wireless
  133. Spatha suddenly stop functioning.
  134. ROG Strix Evolve
  135. ROG Spatha: How do you turn off the dock's LED [Cannot - Sync/Batt Indicator]
  136. ROG Spatha - Sleep Mode Issue [Resolved]
  137. ROG Gladius is dead? Windows 10 is unable to detect device (Resolved)
  138. Rog pugio making aura sync crash/stopped working
  139. Armoury question
  140. Making a Linux driver
  141. ROG SPATHA Does Not Work in Wired mode [Resolved]
  142. ROG Armory semi-transparent stuck on desktop
  143. ROG GLADIUS II ORIGIN Realease date europe
  144. SPATHA Armory....
  145. Asus Spatha charging way
  146. Best ASUS ROG Gaming Mice
  147. ROG Spatha Suddenly not working on certain surfaces
  148. What’s the difference between gladius ii and gladius ii origin?
  149. ROG strix impact - sensitivity problem
  150. Spatha bricked for no apparent reason? [Resolved]
  151. mouse double click of desktop shortcut opens web page intermittently, with 4K monitor
  152. Gladius II Origin FW update error [Resolved]
  153. ASUS ROG Pugio Gaming Mouse Review
  154. Spatha surface issues [Resolved]
  155. Spatha - Tracking Issue [Resolved]
  156. Macro hold key ROG SPATHA
  157. ROG SPATHA wireless not working
  158. Strange SPATHA lagging then battery is 30% and LED is blinking on dock.
  159. ROG Gladius II - Left & Right Mouse-Click Bug
  160. Battery drain in Spatha
  161. ROG Spatha Wireless Stutter [Resolved]
  162. Asus gladius ii origin scroll moves left right
  163. bios won't get past logo at boot up with GX950 connected to PC
  164. ROG Spatha - Profile Issues
  165. Please read before posting any new Spatha threads
  166. Scabbard vs Sheath Mouse Pad
  167. ROG Gladius II Aura Sync color shifting ahead of everything else?
  168. ROG Spatha - Please let me assign "Mouse 4 - 10" in the Mousefunction Pull-Down Menu
  169. Various ROG Spatha issues
  170. ROG Spatha - Connection issue
  171. ROG Gladius II - New or spare mouse cover
  172. ROG GX850 - Macro Problem
  174. ROG Gladius 2 mouse feet
  175. Gladius II changing DPI when I click scroll button?
  176. ROG Spatha - All profiles delete every few days
  177. New ROG Spatha Customer - and a very livid one - Armoury caused massive PC Crash
  178. ROG Gladius 1 cannot boot with the mouse in usb ?
  179. ROG Balteus Qi
  180. Spatha is unresponsive after charging
  181. Rog Spatha issue?
  182. ROG Spatha problems
  183. Gladius II Origin
  184. ROG Gladius II Origin - "keyboard function" bug [Resolved]
  185. ROG Gladius II Wireless Gaming Mouse
  186. ROG Spatha Battery replacement
  187. ROG Spatha wireless mode problems
  188. Random but slight DPS/sensitivity drops finally fixed!
  189. ROG Gladius II - Battlefield 3 Melee keeps firing while shooting and more..
  190. ROG Gladisus II wireless not released yet?
  191. After Last Update Wireless Function Doesn't Work Anymore [Resolved]
  192. ROG Pugio vs Gladius II vs Gladius II Origin ?
  193. ASUS ROG Gladius Disconnection
  194. Repair mouse well ASUS GX1000
  195. How to stop the macro?
  196. For ALL Disconnect ISSUSE/LEFT/RIGHT/Click bugs check here
  197. ROG Spatha - Wakeup Time Lengthened After Recent Firmware Update
  198. ROG Spatha macro's not working
  199. Spatha wont connect
  200. New Firmware Released for ROG Gladius II, Gladius II Origin, and Pugio
  201. ROG Spatha Questions from a New User
  202. Gladius II Origin Profile switch makes buttons blank/confusing [Resolved]
  203. Armory Freezing and not loading mouse
  204. ROG Spatha driver update/uninstall error
  205. asus gladius 1 and gladius 2 origin click issue
  206. Gladius II Wireless Updates?
  207. Gladius II and armoury ii problem
  208. Gladius II Origin double-clicking within two weeks
  209. Wireless Charging Mouse Pad
  210. Excessive Wear on side rubbers of ROG Spatha
  211. ROG spatha help
  212. Mouse recommendations.
  213. Idea fort ASUS - competitive FPS mouse
  214. My ROG Spatha has started to become jittery.
  215. ROG Spatha firmware.
  216. ASUS ROG Pugio doesn't save in build-in flash memory four side buttons mapping!
  217. ROG Balteus Qi or ROG Balteus when ???
  218. Gadius II Wireless faild to update
  219. Help with Spatha / Not sure if its mouse or firmware
  220. ROG Spatha : Sometimes DPI seems to drop down
  221. Quest for Metal Spatha Dock Stand
  222. Question about Spatha mouse charging
  223. spatha issue
  224. Rog Spatha Not Working, Somes Connects Sometimes Doesnt
  225. ROG Gladius Origin
  226. Rog gladuis II wireless issue need to double click on dpi to get it normal again
  227. Mouse keeps taking naps
  228. Rog spatha worst mouse ever no support from asus!
  229. Gladius II Origin & Strix Flare Not Cooperating
  230. Strix Evolve Mouse and Armoury II software Why the dpi switch values are "elastic"?
  231. ROG Spatha Left button issue
  232. Sheath or Scabbard for Pugio ?
  233. Gladius II Origin vs Gladius II Wireless
  234. New Spatha issue, mouse in wireless mode will stop working
  235. Gladius II Origin Response Time setting?
  236. ROG Spatha's Dock sometimes turn on/off on wireless
  237. What if you have 2 of the same mice model on ROG Armoury???
  238. ROG Gladius 1 - 2000hz
  239. My ROG Spatha overheated nearly starting fire
  240. Gladius II Origin wierd case issue
  241. Asus Gladius II firmware broke buttons
  242. Gladius II Origin lighting
  243. Asus ROG Gladius II unusable after firmware upgrade
  244. Gladius II Origin RGB-lighting causes high pitched noise
  245. [Tutorial] Downgrade ROG Spatha and Dock firmware
  246. Gladius II Origin Firmware Update
  247. Macros
  248. Rog Gladius II wireless RF broken firmware
  249. Asus rog "chakram"
  250. ROG Spatha Sleep Mode after 60 seconds (regardless of the settings)