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  1. Let your ideas be heard - Project Dream Machine by ASUS ROG
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  9. Create A 'Company Feedback' Section Please
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  14. Maximus IX Formula cpu overclocking issues
  15. Better GL551JW Documentation?
  16. Intel ME BIOS update bricked my B150M and it returned from RMA!
  18. Monitors Crosshair.......
  19. Formula X Fails to setup raid 0 Boot
  20. Could we get different color shrouds for Strix just like EVGA?
  21. Hey ASUS, Answer this for us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. ASUS Centurion 7.1 Headset Short Comings That Need Addressing ASAP
  23. Bring Back The Maximus Impact!!!
  24. GL702ZC woes
  25. GL702ZC DDR4 Frequency. When will we get XMP?
  26. Rampage VI - Extreme - Sleep not working if Hybrid Sleep is enabled
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  28. ASUS Tech Support is a joke.
  29. Built in ambient/reactive monitor lighting
  30. I wouldnt spend 1 cent more on an Asus product!
  31. Bios Setup User Interface Problems Maximus Hero X (Wi-Fi)
  32. Asus G752VY-DH72 and Asus G752VT-DH74
  33. A bit of feedback.
  34. Product Feedback - Laptop Power Connectors
  35. Asus pg279q
  36. G752vy
  37. Rog503GE product registration is showing another model &no warrentycard received
  38. Drop forums at your peril!
  39. New Asus Rog Swift PG279q
  40. Rog g701vo
  41. GL753VE Weird sound just started
  42. PG279Q - most disappointing experience I had with any product I've ever purchased
  43. asus laptop GL702 RMA canada experience
  44. ROG laptop with NO RAID? Please?
  45. Problems with my new PC (power saving, RAM, overclocking...)
  46. Question about warranty when changing hardware on a ROG laptop
  47. This computer sucks ROG GL553VD
  48. Asus FX53VW Turbo Boost Problem(HIGH CPU TEMP 95 Degrees)[Mainboard GL553VW]
  49. Tapatalk access to these forums
  50. b350-f 2000 ready question
  51. Bug Report: Crosshari VII Hero (C7H) (0702) UEFI hangs after entering UEFI Setup
  52. My suggestions to Asus
  53. List of problems and disappointments with Z370 Pro Gaming
  54. ROG Product Idea - External NVME Enclosure
  55. Crosshair VII Hero PWM Fan Issue
  56. MaxVIII Hero: Chipset(Intel ME driver) update package broken
  57. Asus ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming UEFI BIOS Annoying Mouse Input Lag
  58. Updates not working properly (EZ Update and Grid)
  59. AI Suite needs a reset to default button
  60. Rog G752VT, Refroidissement, Un seul des deux ventilateurs fonctionne depuis l'achat.
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  62. GL503VD - Bad experience
  63. Rog Ryujin 360
  64. ROG GU501 laptop ROG gaming center not working
  65. Tuf x470-plus gaming *****
  66. ASUS RTX 2080 ti dual error 43
  67. Manual Fan Control in ROG NB Gaming Center & silent mode option request
  68. Fix for Realtek audio - Z370-F GAMING?
  69. ROG GL503GE CPU Fan Waving
  70. ROG Rapture GT-5300 Router & OpenVPN (VPN Client/Fusion)
  71. z390 rog maximus xi formula leds
  72. Temperature difference between HWMonitor and Mainboard
  73. Fix asus rog strix flare please!!!
  74. ROG STRIX Z390-I is amazing, my thoughts on a future ITX Motherboard
  75. Help setting up Intel AC Adapter?
  76. Maximus Hero XI CoD 4 edition skull not lighting up
  78. Maximus XI CODE - WiFi Crashhhing every 3 hours.
  79. Just and idea: ROG worlds first mobo with built in components
  80. Asus ROG GL553VE total dissapointment, The old GPU driver problem
  81. ASUS ROG z390 Maximus XI Hero (Wifi) Does NOT fit in a ThermalTake View 31 Series ATX
  82. Asus ROG add more features BIOS!
  83. PG27U Gaming Monitor - All I can say is HOLY $HIZ BATMAN
  84. Maximus X Hero - Sudden LAN problem
  85. how to add internal storage on GL12?
  86. No idea why just bios don’t detected the graphic card
  87. Asus Z370 e gaming dual channel issue
  88. GL703GM: No possibility to set Fan Curve
  89. BUYER BEWARE: The last Asus/ROG product I'll ever buy...
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  91. PG258Q GamePlus Crosshair
  92. ROG Phone Screen Issue
  93. Crosshair VII
  94. Unable to install drivers for RTX 2080 Ti
  95. Suggestion: GPU watercooled solution
  96. Cant use pg258q at 240hz
  97. MAXIMUS XI came without M2 heatsinks
  98. How about ROG PC Spakers !
  99. Asus ROG Strix 2080 Ti Call of Duty Edition promotion code textbox empty
  100. ASUS ROG Strix B450-E Gaming delivered without antenna
  101. Asus rog zephyrus s defective product
  102. Asus Zenbook Pro - ScreenPad Toolbar missing functionalities
  103. ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX lighting not working
  104. AMD X570 Chipset Flagship Request
  105. ROG Spatha Wirelss Failure since recent Firmware update
  106. Asus ROG strix GL504 (HERO II) weird fan noise
  107. ROG Gladius II Origin Scroll Wheel Issues
  108. ASUS ROG GL703GS have screens with inverse ghosting (manufacturing defect)
  109. New GTX card, wtfast license
  110. GX501 + GTX1080 with Max-Q -> memory clock speed low + power throttle @ cold start
  111. Z370-F Gaming and new bios - 1802.
  112. ROG Phone Mobile Dock - Fan can't be turned off
  113. Headset ASUS ROG Centurion - Mic quality solution
  114. ASUS/ROG motherboards with no CPU entering BIOS
  115. Fan Headers
  116. Asus Armory II software problem with windows 10 x64
  117. ASUS ROG-GL553VE Driver Web Page Broken?
  118. Solder ball on capacitor next to the 8-Pin Power Connector
  119. Asus ROG laptop with Intel 9900k and RTX 2080 or RTX 2080TI Please!
  120. Asus Waterproof Backpack Covers
  121. I don't like your design Asus
  122. low voltage policy for overclocking
  123. Rog Phone Auto Reboot.. Faulty?
  124. Why is there only 240hz on the 15" laptop and not the 17" laptop?
  125. support request for disabling intel management engine
  126. Inverse ghosting issue with many ASUS ROG new gen gaming laptops (2018-2019)
  127. ASUS Notebook Drivers and Windows 10 Updates
  128. aSUS ROG Swift PG27UQ - no Display Widget sup., DDC, nor custom/renaming of profiles?
  129. GL503GE and ROG Gaming Center - Crazy fan speeds
  130. Purchasing through Newegg Ebay Store
  131. Asus ROG Strix Hero III 17" *G731GW* TRACK PAD issue
  132. Can't create new threads in the software section
  133. Monitor Input on Notebooks
  134. ASUS Rog Strix Scar II micro lag
  135. ASUS you let me down.
  136. Rog Phone (2018)
  137. ASUS FX753VD doesn't have an optical drive -- wrong info in the specs!
  138. Thermal Throttling in Strix Scar II GL504GW
  139. [GTX1060] DVI port just stopped receiving signal :/
  140. Noisy laptop Asus Rog Strix GL503V
  141. ASUS ROG RYUJIN 240 - No RGB-fans?
  142. Noisy fans on new Asus Zephyrus S GX531GM
  143. Option to Disable Aura Lights on Strix G series (G531GT) irrespective of OSes.
  144. ROG Kunai Gamepad support!
  145. My feedback on the future of Asus ROG Laptops.
  146. Z270 Apex
  147. screen white lines and flickering
  148. Asus Rog Rampage Extreme Omega 3 Months with a 700Euro Premium Mainboard
  149. ROG Strix 2060 Fan Failure
  150. Slow logging into Windows 10 at weird times [Help Requested]
  151. Asus ROG Claymore keyboard "raisers"
  152. Zephyrus s gx701gv
  153. New products that we would want to see
  154. Asus... You have killed my periferals. Warning
  155. Minor "Armoury Crate" issue on Rog Phone 2
  156. Asus Strix RTX 2080Ti Oc fan headers - WHERE ARE THEY ?
  157. RMA Experience with ROG Swift PG348Q
  158. HYPER M.2 X16 CARD V2 - RAIDXpert not working.
  159. Asus ROG Scabbard without the atrocious and tacky branding please.
  160. ASUS ROG Strix XG35VQ issue
  161. ASUS Strix 5700 XT - unsatisfied about product because of bad BIOS values
  162. GL703 / GL503 series laptops uefi(bios) feedback
  163. ASUS G731GV-Evo15 without OS
  164. STRIX 5700 XT - Screw + Heatsink Mounting Problem
  165. aura effect changing problem
  166. ASUS Prime X370-Pro, BIOS 4602 & never breaks PCIex GPU passthrough on Linux
  167. ROG Phone Screen
  168. Bios boot order
  169. Crosshair VIII Hero BIOS vers 1105 RAM issues.
  170. ASUS ROG Throne Qi and ASUS ROG Strix Flare RGB
  171. HYPER M.2 X16 Card
  172. ASUS got me with their RMA nonsense. Defective USB Headers on RMA'd mobo.
  173. Asus X571 horrible cooling
  174. My Asus Rog Zephyrus S right fan make throttling noise while adapter is plugged off
  175. RGB Software
  176. [Feedback,Ideas]Motherboard Bios Update
  177. Asus Strix B450-F Gaming Bios 3003 RAM booting issue
  178. Kunai gamepad. Start and select bottoms.
  179. Asus Ryujin 240mm
  180. ASUS Strix GTX 1070 code 43 error (no display) TRIED EVERYTHING I COULD
  181. rtx 2060 power throttle g731gv
  182. ROG Zenith II Extreme - Fan Xpert 4 issue and BIOS
  184. Rog Strix Scope Update Problem
  185. Windows Update Forces BIOS Update
  186. Is my Radeon 5700 OC faulty?
  187. RT-AC88U - Faulty Web Interface and Poor Customer Service
  188. ROG Crossfire 8 Hero WIFI SATA Nightmare! ( Not Detected )
  189. ROG THOR-850P OOB terrible smell
  190. ASUS ROG Zephyr - insanely low upload/download speeds