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  1. Heads up: Where to purchase an authentic Asus battery for the G751-JT
  2. [MUST READ Before posting in this section]
  3. Worst rma experience all time
  4. 3rd Week into RMA with no Status update
  5. Romanian users be aware of ESC IT authorized service (worst service)
  6. RT-AC88U - Useless customer service, no advanced RMA, faulty web interface
  7. Rma Experience
  8. How i got a Lemon ASUS ROG GL552VW from ASUS.
  9. Asus ROG GL702VS-RS71 (Laptop)
  10. Horrible ASUS support
  11. Can I please get some help with my RMA
  12. Asus Service Center Dissatisfaction Rant
  13. Asus Repair center still has my laptop and it's almost been a month
  14. Received a replacement video card with faulty fan
  15. G502VS - RMA Lost my Laptop, 2 Months and Counting...
  16. gtx980ti matrix problem with warranty what should I do?
  17. Bricked board - no RMA - no Support - no Service
  18. Asus g752vs - terrible customer service: Paying for faulty product & no resolution!
  19. Could an admin help me please having RMA issues. RMA# USPCH62294
  21. Acceptible? - No not really...
  22. Really Dissapointed in ASUS
  23. ASUS Support down and/or refusing cases for a while now
  24. Asus Products, Software & Support = GARBAGE
  25. RMA'ed Matrix 980ti missing MOS heat-sink, Asus more or less said thats my problem.
  26. creaking sound
  27. Another RMA question
  28. About RMA outside USA
  29. ASUS ROG PG348Q not working - warranty rejected.
  30. GPU RMA is just.... Gone
  31. Dead TUF Sabertooth X99, Horrible RMA experience so far
  32. Post-RMA accessory return request issue
  33. I will never buy asus again! Out of warranty in under 90 days!
  34. Faulty 1080 Ti STRIX OC: RMA Outside US
  35. HELP! First Time RMA
  36. ASUS G752VS: Follow up - Where is my laptop!?
  37. Defective RMA replacements
  38. Help Support: Asus Zephyrus GX501 - Linux G-Sync issue
  39. ROG VGA Holder
  40. Faulty VG248QE monitor , Problem with UK RMA process
  41. HELP! Cleaning Fan Instructions
  42. RMA for GL702VS.
  43. VROC Keys for X299 platform
  44. Terrible RMA service. No accessories provided with newer replacement board!
  45. ASUS damaged my laptop and won’t take responsibility
  46. B350 f gaming board
  48. 1080ti OC
  49. Assassin’s Creed redemption
  50. Terrible support from Asus
  51. Extended Warranty For Rampage V Edition 10
  52. I"m disappointed with the quality and support so far.
  53. ASUS 970PRO Gaming/Aura Support Loop
  54. ASUS Rog Strix GL702ZC RMA
  55. Endless issues with my G20CB
  56. Over 2 months repair (Still waiting)
  57. *UNRESOLVED* GX501VI laptop's battery is faulty! (2nd battery failure!)
  58. Advanced RMA for Maximus VIII Hero
  59. ASUS customer support is extremely hard to deal with 3 weeks out no 1070 yet.
  60. ASUS Australia - Warranty not being honored
  61. G752VS still crashing after second RMA
  62. RMA turnaround time
  63. RMA returned with only half the problem fixed
  64. Worst RMA experience ever
  65. RMA Motherboard Over 3 weeks and no updates
  66. No Update On GX501 RMA
  67. Sent Laptop In For Repair
  68. G752VSK hard crashes. 3 RMAs without problem being solved
  69. My ASUS RMA Experience
  70. RMA returned, nothing done.
  71. Asus Rog Giveaway PROBLEM
  72. RMA returned but wasn't packed properly now the screen is smashed
  73. G752VS crashing issue unknown to Denmark center
  74. ROG Strix Wireless
  75. ASUS RoG GX860 Buzzard MKII
  76. Asus Rog Claymore keycaps?
  77. I keep getting bad refurbished monitors! (3rd time)
  78. Asus warranty problems
  79. Stuck at ROG logo while installing Windows Update
  80. Aweful RMA experience and I feel foolish for purchasing additional products.
  81. Getting Support
  82. Getting the run around with a tech support enquiry
  83. BSOD Caused by ntoskrnl.exe
  84. GL702VS laptop warranty question
  85. Having bad RMA experience, seems common with Asus
  86. [GL553VD] Bad DVD faceplate since purchase
  87. ASUS Tech Support is a joke.
  88. My Horrible experience with Asus RMA and Customer Service
  89. G752VY-t7049T 2nd RMA for Overheating
  90. RMA NIGHTMARE (Asus PG278Q)
  91. ASUS Service Problem !
  92. GL553VD completely dead, DONT BUY FROM EBAY.
  93. ASUS won't accept RMA from "end users?!
  94. GL703VM plagued with issues
  95. GL702ZC 2 months with Asus for repair
  96. Sending in a PG with a scratch 9 months later still possible?
  97. Gtx 1080ti asus strix repair fail second time
  98. Asus rog strix x370 f gaming -problems- Help needed
  99. Email Support going around in circles - I'm going crazy - GPU RMA
  100. Monitor RMA received back with new physical damage and display issues.
  101. STRIX z270f gaming
  102. How much it would be to repair my laptop at ASUS?
  103. GL703VM illumination problem
  104. ROG G701VO BIOS Issues, looking for ASUS service center in Suzhou or Shanghai China
  105. Motherboard Issues After a 2nd RMA
  106. Asus rog gl503vd battery life
  107. ASUS repair center damaged my motherboard
  108. Should I give it back to my local service center?? *URGENT*
  109. G752VS - 5 RMA's, problems still persist [Resoved]
  110. Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501VIK battery inflating and bad ASUS EUROPA RMA.
  111. ASUS GPU RMA: Can I be put in touch with a customer relations representative?
  112. Wrong product registered
  113. ASUS RMA Nightmare
  114. My RMA Nightmare with GL503VS Warning to anyone considering ASUS
  115. Replacement USB Dongle for ROG Strix Wireless Gaming Headset
  116. Rog centurion 7.1 - Broken Earcup
  117. Can I expect a replacement matching the condition of my original board?
  118. *RESOLVED* ASUS RMA Nightmare (Russian edition) v.2
  120. PG27UQ Regrading poor Support
  121. GL553VD ASUS takes forever (never has parts in stock from the looks of it)
  122. Crossblade Ranger and Asus customer service failure
  123. Cannot edit my forum profile
  124. Rma issue with ROG SWIFT PG278Q
  125. 1080ti ROG declined warranty
  126. GL502VS (7th gen) internal keyboard not working! Service unhelpful
  127. Asus RMA hell
  128. ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 1080TI Warranty DECLINED
  129. Asus Aura Terminal
  130. BUYER BEWARE: The last Asus/ROG product I'll ever buy...
  131. Support sending me in circles.
  132. Motherboard 2nd RMA - Almost 3rd.. Still Issues
  133. RMA been rejected
  134. Asus rma nightmare
  135. Asus PG348Q RMA repair.
  136. RMA - AUAAK10419 - Damaged CPU socket upon return from RMA
  137. Bad experience with ASUS FX553VD
  138. PG279Q bright pixel (RMA from New Zealand to Malaysia)
  139. Asus FX504GM Hard Freeze
  140. GTX 1080Ti serious problems
  141. Need help with RMA and warranty
  142. RMA Nightmare
  143. RMA bad experience and being ignored by company that was meant to be helping.
  144. Asus Tuf FX504GM Bad power throttling, Stuttering, Hard freeze
  145. Worst RMA experience with PG348Q and C7H
  146. Strix Flare Last Resort Please help
  147. RMA Page does not recognize serial number from Claymore Core
  148. WORST RMA - ripped off for $1300 and sold a broken computer.
  149. Service center trying to weasal out of RMA, and "Level 4" putting me in infinite loop
  150. PG35VQ overheating - RMA assigned but no replacement
  151. ASUS AU ignoring me.
  152. Still wating for almost 1 month
  153. Need help with GPU RMA
  154. Service center replaced mobo but problem still occuring
  156. Major Issue with new Claymore RMA
  157. ASUS refuses to take my laptop for warranty repair.
  158. Can Someone help me fix my computer?
  159. RMA for PG27VQ
  160. Constant problems trying to complete Z390 cashback request
  161. Current RMA issue
  162. Asking for help on bad service
  163. Computer damaged (AGAIN) when returned from RMA and problems not fixed
  164. ASUS ROG STRIX FUSION USB dongle replacement
  165. Service center taking too long
  166. In need of responsible ASUS support
  167. RMA created by ASUS support but no email
  168. Forced restart with normal typing
  169. Helpdesk / Support no respons for weeks
  170. Motherboard damaged while being RMA'd for repair?
  171. Asus RMA Problems.
  172. Fx553 faulty laptop with no help from service center!!!
  173. Request | GX701GX side lights not glowing BIOS 308 (please BIOS 309 or Hotfix)
  174. Back to dekstop.
  175. Strix 2070 RMA Issue
  176. Unable to RMA/Unable to contact support. Help?
  177. RMA Undefined / No Chat or Telephone Support Available
  178. Unable to generate RMA for my laptop.
  179. Unable to file an RMA for my motherboard.
  180. Rog Delta PS4 problem
  181. Unable to order a repair for several parts
  182. Missing rgb cable from Asus Thor
  183. RMA Problems
  184. Replacement usb dongle for rog strix wireless gaming headset
  185. RMA repair rtx 2070
  186. Need replacement for missing usb dongle for rog strix wireless
  187. RMA sent in twice still having issues
  188. RMA is Completed. But being shipped to wrong address!!
  189. Zephyrus S GX701 RMA Repair Issues
  190. FX553VE warranty void if HDD is removed
  191. Unable to create online RMA
  192. Question about warranty for FX505DU
  193. ROG Strix x570-I Gaming Motherboard - Charged for Full Cost of Replacement
  194. Unable to submit RMA request
  195. RMA number is undefined
  196. Brand new defective x571gt very bad experience with ASUS
  197. RMA Damaged my device instead of repairing it
  198. PG279Q died out of warranty - options?
  199. Replacement usb dongle
  200. ASUS, please restore the SOUND CARD category to your product listings.
  201. Also having issues with the RMA Process
  202. Israel RMA process - absolutely ridiculous
  203. Zephyrus S17 HDMI not output 4K since yesterday (I'm disappointed Asus)
  204. Zephyrus S17 defective HDMI port and RMA said "fixed, reason: hand on Asus logo"
  205. This is what will happen to your old precious ROG friend
  206. Issues with RMA process.
  207. GTX 1080Ti no signal and out of warranty
  208. Can't RMA my laptop
  209. gtx 1080 ti poseidon still under warranty but refused from german RMA
  210. Can't find the VIP Card
  211. Disappointed with Customer Service
  212. Approaching 2 Months for Battery Replacement
  213. Seems to be a theme, can't submit RMA
  214. Quick Fix & Checkup Taking Over a Month
  215. RMA Issues
  216. ASUS Strix Fusion Wireless headphones
  217. ASUS REALLY needs to get their RMA process together...
  218. ASUS 3080 STRIX dead
  219. Mys pri hrach
  220. unrepairable Asus Zephyrus 2080 Max Q
  221. Asus FX705GE Hardware problems
  222. Support has apparently lost my 2080TI
  223. Asus RMA still hell in 2021
  224. 1080TI STRIX RMA Nightmare
  225. Strix g731gw, black horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen
  226. Replacement usb dongle for rog strix go 2.4 wireless
  227. Keyboard stopped working within 2 hours after receipt of new laptop
  228. Asus RMA, Worst experience of my life
  229. Need Help, after an expensive accident
  230. Multiple RMA's - Same Issue | Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000
  231. Bad speed testing performance on 2.5Gb LAN Port
  232. Asus strix vega 64
  233. Did Asus send me back a GPU that was sent in to be repaired?
  234. Major Problem with ASUS Warranty
  235. Need Help G732LW
  236. ROG Strix G712LW Issues RMA'd TWICE!
  237. ASUS denied my RMA because of the most standard wear on the displayports
  238. Broken Fan Controller that Came with my M13E
  239. Need help here, unable to RMA due to bent pin Motherboard
  240. Anyone have legal service address to serve ASUS for small claims?
  241. HELP! Rog chakram mouse RF receiver
  242. How to clean ROG STRIX GA15DH DESKTOP without voiding the warranty
  243. RTX 2080 Super denied warranty. Is this how low ASUS will go to deny my claim?
  244. asus support
  245. Asus uk store selling extended warranty with picture saying covers accidental damage
  246. Theta 7.1 Replacement Earpads
  247. Clear statement of ASUS GeForce RTX 3080 TUF - 10GB NON LHR Model production status
  248. GX502GW (2070) Absolutely horrible RMA experience what should I do now?
  249. New issue on 3090 STRIX OC after 1rst RMA - Need assistance (Fr)
  250. Disappointed in Asus' Service: ASUS - TUF GAMING Z590-PLUS WIFI missing Qlatches!