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  1. Late June?
  2. Rampage VI Apex (LGA2066, Intel X299) - info, experience, BIOSes etc.
  3. ROG Strix X299-E Gaming (X299, LGA2066) - info, experience, BIOSes
  4. Rampage VI Extreme (LGA2066, Intel X299) - info, experience, BIOSes etc.
  5. Early 7900 review
  6. x299 vs z270 gaming performance (with 7820x)
  7. X299 VRM Disaster (overheat) ??
  8. Another review
  9. Asus Strix X299-E very low SLI scaling after going from X99 to X299
  10. We need a no compromise m-ATX Board for X299!!
  11. Consider this
  12. VRM-Waterblock on ASUS X299-Deluxe ?
  13. New bios for X299-E? When is it possible?
  14. X299 UEFI updates - UEFI 1004/0802/031/0503
  15. Asus rog strix x299-e gaming problem (4f error)
  16. ASUS LiveDash OLED Display
  17. TUF X299 Mark 1/Strix-E 0503 BIOS update ram issues
  18. Intel Core i9-7980XE Motherboard Compatibility?
  19. Asus X299 USB Flashback file name?
  20. Is there an ASUS X299 board that allows a 8x/8x/8x PCIe slots with a 28 lane CPU?
  21. x299 questions about VROC / PCI-e lanes
  22. Intel comes out with the new stats of new I9 cpus
  23. Rampage VI Extreme - Amperage (HI-Amp FAN and PUMP Connectors)
  24. X299-E Random Lockups
  25. Memory concerns
  26. CPU FAN error on Strix X299-E, even with low speed limit ignore.
  27. X299-A Bios.0702 has a serious problem.
  28. Rampage VI Apex Watercooling Sensors
  29. ASUS Boot Setting with R6A
  30. Strix X299-XE ??!!
  31. question about Asus UEFI BIOS setting - "bus interface"
  32. TSC Unstable - Asus Strix ROG STRIX X299-E GAMING
  33. Rampage VI Apex
  34. strange BIOS download (x299Deluxe)
  35. System clock issue with Strix X299-E (and solution!)
  36. Rampage VI Apex Intel Network interface issue
  37. Bad memory?
  38. Rampage VI Apex + 7820k PCI Lanes distribution
  39. Rampage VI series bug report form
  40. Rampage VI series bug report form
  41. Rampage VI Extreme build thread
  42. High temps at low OC (7820X) on APEX
  43. Overclocking ram to 4200+
  44. Stability Testing
  45. Intel allowing third-party SSD to use VROC?
  46. PC starts for 1 second then shuts down
  47. Testing The Impact Of Ultra-High-Speed Memory On X299 Performance
  48. Question about AVX instruction overclocking
  49. Rampage VI Extreme and Samsung 960 Pro in Raid
  50. CPU Cache speed question on the x299
  51. Overclocking RVIE - 7900x
  52. Dual EPS/CPU connector (2x 4+4) - When the second one is required? (APEX)
  53. win 10 ai suite problems
  54. DRAM overclocking issue on APEX x299 MB
  55. Asus Ai Suite 3.0 overclock problem
  56. i7 7820x and strix x299 cpu usage
  57. Error on USB driver install
  58. one ram slot not working suddenly
  59. 7900x delidded temp quesstion!
  60. LiveDash
  61. Thought Rampage VI Extreme was coming with a VRM waterblock.
  62. Just oredered the ASUS HYPER M.2 x16 PCIe Expansion Card
  63. Rampage VI Extreme availability....
  64. 4 way sli
  65. ASUS Rampage VI Extreme and Aura software
  66. Variable control on pump headers on Strix X299-XE?
  67. Windows 10 not using full amount of RAM
  68. Bug: TUF X299 Mark 1 Post Time & Reboot
  69. Rampage VI Extreme Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
  70. VI Extreme and U.2
  71. 7980XE + Rampage VI Extreme freezing with optimized defaults
  72. Apex board new build lights up then nothing?
  73. R6E: All the “weird” M2 stuff ??
  74. R6E: Any clue on what is the expected i9-7940X overclock?
  75. Disappearance of RAMPAGE VI EXTREME
  76. ROG VI APEX detects only 2/4 Ram Modules correctly?
  77. Incorrect 3d print file for Strix x299 E gaming
  78. DDR4 Question
  79. Issue with G.Skill TridentZ DDR 4 32Gb 3600 Kit
  80. Beware of Fall Creators Update with a ASUS x299 MOB & Samsung NVMe SSD
  81. Rampage VI Extreme - No Post
  82. Rampage Vi Extreme GPU PCIe slot for Dual VGA SLI
  83. Rampage VI being shipped unprotected
  84. Device Manager and 2 Samsung SSD 960 Pro on DIMM port
  85. Dumb Idea: Move Existing NVMe Drive Over?
  86. Bios 1002 R6E
  87. R6E runs single GPU on PCIex16/x8_3 slot in x8 mode with a 28-lane CPU
  88. No POST / MB lights come on
  89. 7980XE + Rampage VI Extreme - No Intel Turbo Max Technology - ITBM
  90. Water Block with 9 pins for R6E
  91. Asus r6e and sli
  92. New Asus R6E Troubleshooting: Windows Locking Hard
  93. Whos R6E come with clear plastic film protecting it?
  94. ROG RAMPAGE VI APEX(R6A) with Noctua NH-D15 PCI-E 3.0 x16 issue
  95. Corsair CMD32GX4M4B3600C16 with R6E
  96. Corsair CMK64GX4M8X4200C19 - XMP Not Working
  97. The right VROC KEY for R6E
  98. Setting adaptive vcore doesn't seem to work, still on auto?
  99. Adobe not run on any ASUS X299 Motherboard.
  100. Corsair RGB fans, RAM and Asus Aura
  101. VROC Bootable Raid with Intel 900p - when will this be supported in the BIOS?
  102. Weird startup with R6E
  103. R6E GPU Post does not show GPU1 (Closest to CPU)
  104. Slow Performance Samsung 960 NVMe in X299-XE Gaming
  105. Intel Official VROC key for X299 info . R6E users who want to use VROC please check.
  106. How to Update BIOS without breaking your RAID
  107. Sys Ram For ROG RAMPAGE VI APEX
  108. UEFI 1003 for the Rampage VI Extreme. Changes are freeze issue fix?
  109. 2-way SLI and 3x 960 Pro possible ?
  110. DRAM SPD write option
  111. Rampage VI + Thunderbolt 3 Issues
  112. X299 E Gaming Freeze During Windows İnstallation
  113. RGB LED and wheezing noise
  114. G.Skill Trident Z RGB (4x, 8GB, DDR4-3866, DIMM 288)
  115. Asus Boot Setting for R6E
  116. RE6 and 7980XE which 128GB ram kit is the best ?
  117. Rampage VI Extreme won't load windows on SATA RAID 0 (Samsung 850 Pro) RAID 1 works?
  118. R6E CPU System Agent Voltage
  119. R6E System Lockup ( HDD Light Soild )
  120. ROG CPU-Z 1.79.1 (May 2017) Does not List my 2 Titan Xps
  121. IA: Max Turbo Limit
  122. Rog strix x299-xe gaming
  123. RE6 7980XE high Idle consumption - why?
  124. Per-Core overclock? 6.896Ghz lol
  125. Max Voltage for Dominator Platinum Special Edition RAM?
  126. Which PCIE slot in one GPU configuration
  127. Mounting the R6E to case
  128. R6E Wierd Booting
  129. When will we see firmware updates for INTEL-SA-00086 for X299?
  130. i9 7900X delid temps?
  131. Samsung firmware update
  132. Loosing AURA settings (leds turns off)
  133. HII Already Installed
  134. Help!!! Windows 10 BSOD bad_system_configuration after flushing cooling loops.
  135. R6A - Bad Samsung NVMe Performance
  136. What Is Differences Between X299 E Gaming & XE Gaming
  137. How to setup dual Samsung 960 Pro in RAID0 when installed in DIMM.2?
  138. Rampage VI Apex Question
  139. New EK AIO Cooler
  140. Where can I buy Rampage VI Extreme?? Out of stock everywhere...
  141. i7-7740X and Rampage VI Extreme
  142. When i9-7980XE is used in PRIME X299-A
  143. Hyper M2 x16 -- DIMM m.2 slot
  144. Windows hanging - Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued
  145. To 10G or to 1G, that is the question.
  146. Rampage VI Extreme VROC question to ASUS Customer Support
  147. LCD Screen doesn't work
  148. AI Suite 3
  149. 7980XE + Rampage VI Extreme, randomly blue screen when using XMP.
  150. MemTweakIt
  151. R5E10 Dac
  152. What’s Cascade Lake X ? R6E will compatible with it next winter or not?
  153. Intel SA-0086 patch already done with R6E now!
  154. X299-XE GAMING: EZ Tuning OC => Slow Ethernet Download Speeds
  155. i9-7980XE Oveclock settings EZ Tunning vs Manual Settings
  156. Titan V is out
  157. After the fall creators update, Im in USB Hell.
  158. R6E Temperature Sensor Location
  159. RE6 + VROC + SAMSUNG SM961 + 960 PRO + HYPER M.2 X16 Card
  160. Rampage VI Apex computer boot/restart random no response/freeze stack at BIOS logo.
  161. Rampage vi extreme cannot boot with ram 3200mhz or 3400mhz
  162. Rampage VI Extreme is pure disaster
  163. RE6 Dead
  164. Rampage VI APEX/Extreme New BIOS 1004
  165. Apex or Extreme for i9 7900X @5,0 GHz
  166. Turn Off RGB LED's On R6E Without Aura?
  167. X299 XE for other models?
  168. How to copy BIOS 2 to BIOS 1 via BIOS Tools menu on R6E.
  169. Use a filter with Mayhems Aurora Silver?
  170. Asus Rampage VI Apex SLOW POST / BOOT!
  171. STRIX-XE VRM Cooling on STRIX-E Models
  172. VRM Waterblock for the Apex / Extreme
  173. Rampage VI extreme hangs on Q-Code 99 detect HDD
  174. X299-XE Gaming Fall Creators (1709) Won't/Can't Sleep
  175. What to look for when buying a memory kit
  176. How to setup 2 Nvme samsung m.2 ssds on the riser card in raid 0 for the R6E NOT VROC
  177. Rampage VI extreme M.2 Question
  178. M2 Socket & Dimm.2 Socket
  179. How to disable intel turbo boost max technology(itmb) 3.0 driver ?
  180. Fall Creators Update - Shutdown & Hibernate not working anymore
  181. Depending on BLCK values --> USB 3.0 not working - who is this related?
  182. Relid Skylake-X
  183. x299 PCH Voltage Range?
  184. 7920X + Asus ROG X299 Strix-E, CPU temp warning
  185. Latest Intel AHCI Driver?
  186. MFC Mode Override ?
  187. Rampage Extreme VI causing computer freeze!?
  188. how to read the vcore in windows? X299-E
  189. Updated RAM QVL/Advice
  190. Updates for Skylake-X
  191. new error
  192. Rampage 6 Extreme, Problems with PC Need help diagnosing cause
  193. Asus PRIME X299-DELUXE: what is the best 32GB RAM?
  194. Intel SA-00086 still not patch yet, Intel SA-00088 vulnerability appear!!!
  195. So where's the new BIOS for meltdown?
  196. Q-Code List
  197. RVIE: Memory Write Much Worse Than Read and Copy
  198. X299 deluxe 64g memory only catch 63.7g in win10?
  199. Rampage VI Extreme Boot Issue
  200. Build advise
  201. 7900x never on turbo 4,5Ghz?
  202. Water Pump 4pin and PWM
  203. Intel at CES 01/08/18
  204. RAMPAGE VI - The mystery of the LiveDash CPU sensor
  205. Wifi adapter no longer reporting drivers?
  206. USB3 disconnection problem (RVIE)
  207. RVIE - High motherboard temps
  208. Event ID 15 ACPI - How do I get this to stop logging in Event Viewer?
  209. DIMM.2 adapter compatibility between motherboards.
  210. Rampage VI Apex 02 error code
  211. RVIE SupremeFX no dolby digital live format?
  212. Rampage VI + 4x GSkill F4-3200C14D-16GTZR ??
  213. HELP. Nvme Drive no longer working with X299 Strix XE
  214. Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme boot up issue
  215. New Build - What Ram?
  216. Asus rog rampage vi extreme is it worth it
  217. Where Is The R6E OLED Post Code List?
  218. RVIE 7870xe
  219. Core i9 7980XE and X299 PCH performance drop after Spectre patch
  220. RVIE + 7980XE Overclocking
  221. New gaming system on X299-E - having second thoughts and looking for suggestions
  222. Rampage VI Extreme x16/x0/x16/x8
  223. CODE 81 - Hdd Rom Start Error????
  224. Out of ideas. MB won't start, nothing works. HELP?
  225. Help! System hangs/freezes when overclocked
  226. Start PC with Wake on USB?
  227. New DIP file
  228. Bios 1102 Rampage VI Extreme
  229. Apex X299 - when is CPU microcode update regarding Meltdown and Spectre coming out?
  230. Does BIOS 1102 for S&M Include Intel ME update too?
  231. Bios 1102 ROG STRIX X299-E Gaming
  232. STRIX X299-E Spectre v2 patched BIOS 1004
  233. Disable min water pump+ level of 60%
  234. Problems with TSC on x299 Strix with i7-7820x
  235. Latest on VROC and ISSDMOD key
  236. Rampage VI Extreme PCH temps? What is safe?
  237. Control leds (effects) of RE6 by Bios - Suggestion
  238. X299-E gaming 1102 turbo core?
  239. What does it exactly mean?!
  240. How much fans can one connect to rampage extreme VI HIGH-AMP fan header?
  241. Intel me update - asus mark 1 x299
  242. XTU scores went down hill with Apex on Bios 1102
  243. Speed problem with USB stick (ASMedia controler)
  244. Strix x299 e-gaming XMP Problem!
  245. Rampage VI Extreme question - install both IRST and IRSTe?
  246. Whats with AI Suite these days??? (wont load and also wont reinstall, Windows 10)
  247. FanExpert4 issue.Can't control RPM curve.What to do?
  248. More Intel news
  249. Intel USB3 Drivers
  250. PCH temps-Is it normal to be hovering around 70C in Idle?