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  1. ROG Zenith Extreme (X399, socket TR4) - info, experience, updates
  2. X399(LGA4094) ROG ZENITH EXTREME motherboard unboxed
  3. ThreadRipper Delidded
  4. Will X399 zenith Extreme motherboard use qq code ?
  5. Is Zenith fit in Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV ATX GLASS case?
  6. AMD Threadripper 1950X vs Intel i9-7900X - 1000$ CPU Battle
  7. Code 60: Check CPU / White VGA Light
  8. Zenith Extreme Beta UEFI 0901
  9. Help! Screw #1 will not thread no matter what I do
  10. Do I need to connect both EATX12V power connectors?
  11. Shutdown of system has fans and LEDs still on
  12. RAID Support
  13. To Noctua Fans: WARNING: the NH-U14S TR4-SP3 blocks slot 1
  14. Lag in Windows 10 and applications/games with SLI (Solved?)
  15. Zenith Extreme, 1950x and 128GB RAM. Wont post!
  16. ROG Front Base compatibility
  17. Wifi not working
  18. Corsair RGB 3466 memory won't post in zenith extreme
  19. CODE 91: Check CPU - What does it mean
  20. will a capacitor not stamped down cause me issues ?
  21. B2 Error - cannot load Video BIOS - when using DIMM.2 Slot
  22. USB/PCIe Performance Issues
  23. Putting together the wifi antennas
  24. 9960's CPU temperature seems way off
  25. DRAM OC profiles in UEFI for Dual Rank memory?
  26. Turning Off/Controlling the VRM fan?
  27. 3200Mhz on Zenith Extreme with 64GB All DIMMs populated?
  28. Please list of 128gb memory kits that work with zenith extreme.
  29. Sli works great with one monitor, sli with (3 monitor) surround does not work.
  30. Corsair CMK64GX4M4C3000C15 64GB with OC Profle Cold Boot Bug
  31. Unable to post with G.Skill DDR4 3200mhz Memory (32GB Kit)
  32. 1950X + ROG Zenith Extreme = Weird Hang Up's?
  33. 1080ti sli nvidia control panel showing cards in reverse
  34. CPU fan for DIMM 2 slot?
  35. No Post with Raid Controller Card / addon PCIe
  36. Crosair dominator platinum 64gb works with 9960 not with 0601
  37. Dimm.2 Question
  38. Another Dimm.2 question
  39. LIveDash not displaying anything
  40. Which LAN Driver + USB Keeps Disconnecting
  41. G.Skill Trident Z 32GB cold boot problems
  42. POST and boot to secondary graphics card?
  43. System/CPU Fan's randomly get pegged to 100%.
  44. Does you Zenith say Rampage VI Extreme on the IO cover?
  45. Cases for this board.
  46. firmware v1.00.10 OLED/Aura issues
  47. Remember to disable Windows 10 automatic driver updates.
  48. [DISAPPOINTMENT] New build, overheating & memory problems
  49. OLED displays 72C on CPU
  50. wifi ip or naming/conflict issues with auto find on
  51. 1950X New Build - High Temps Before Update
  52. Zenith Extreme bug report form
  53. Fanxpert unable to see fans if set in bios
  54. Slow NVMe performance on DIMM2 slot. Slower than laptop.
  55. ROG Zenith Extreme wont power up.. Help?
  56. Did your Zenith come with plastic film on the back of I/O shield?
  57. Some issues with my new specs / preformance issues.
  58. I asked GSKILL what's holding up the release of the 32/128GB FlareX Threadripper Sets
  59. Extremely long BIOS time
  60. Starnge Problem with My New Build
  61. Issues with fans / q-fan / temperatures
  62. Task manager cpu speed inaccuracy
  63. Zenith Extreme Code: 30 Check CPU
  64. Linux KVM and PCIe passthrough
  65. Slow RAM write/read/copy/latency
  66. Bluetooth and Network Controller ERROR
  67. Zentih extreme x399 new buold cant get into bios
  68. Can't figure out good settings or how too have a stable overclock ..
  69. Anybody tried the new UEFI 0801 released today?
  70. boot problem
  71. Strange issue with memory
  72. RGB led burned out after uefi update
  73. M.2 not listed in SATA Configuration in BIOS
  74. Freeze on Internal GOP configuration
  75. Rough/scratchy audio --> Amplification level [FIX/WORKAROUND]
  76. Code 92 Load VGA BIOS?
  77. Zenith Extreme CMOS errors
  78. issue with windows 10
  79. Renesas USB 3.0 PCIe x4 issue + solder question.
  80. CPU Voltage?
  81. Dose anyone else have this defect on there m.2 shield
  82. CPU Max Temp Before Shut Down
  83. Lower temperature than room temp on 0801
  84. I'm fed up with trying to figure out this board!
  85. Keyboard And Mouse Disconnect
  86. Windows 10 Loading Screen Freeze Threadripper 1950X Asus Zenith Extreme
  87. Threadripper NVMe RAID - Is a BIOS update required?
  88. Front Panel USB 3 Question
  89. NVMe drives not posting, but present in lsblk
  90. WiFi using WPA2, KRACK-attack
  91. AGESA - possible new bios
  92. 1950x cpu at 4 ghz struggles for avg 70 fps on witcher 3, gTA5: pubg not playable
  93. ASUS PRIME X399-A BIOS Last Modified freeze & no response, cover fan 75 temp speed
  94. windows 10 lag
  95. Anybody have luck with Win 7 Install?
  96. Threadripper 1950X Asus ROG Strix X399 E Gaming Motherboard Help
  97. Flow Sensor and Temp Sensors
  98. ram wont oc and computer shut down
  99. hyperlink take 1 MINUTE 34 SECOND TO OPEN !!!!!
  100. how cold do you run your threadripper ? i am curious to see best performance
  101. 1950X Boot times
  102. Samsung 960 pro M.2 + DiMM.2
  103. 128GB working kits with Zenith Extreme and 1950X
  104. Zenith Extreme not POSTing
  105. Cannot Get Raid To Work
  106. OLED and AURA issues
  107. Intel 750 Nvme - cannot use even with latest 0801 beta bios
  108. F8 boot selection = black screen
  109. Windows 10 Pro Randomly locks up
  110. OLED Showing 219 degrees Celsius - Sometimes 0 degress. But never actual temp.
  111. Need Fans and Rad Connections Help on Zenith Extreme Mobo
  112. My zenith can't POST
  113. I'm already done with this garbage mobo
  114. Still Can't Get Initial Boot, Any Suggestions?
  115. System will not post with more than 64GB of memory
  116. Back i/o panel USB port oddity/issues (earlier solder question linked perhaps)
  117. Oled Display in Motherboard: "Code 31 Check CPU"
  118. IOMMU not showing devices in 0000:40 UEFI 0701
  119. Rog ext
  120. NZXT 700i fit
  121. Asus Prime x399 and Ryzen 1950x/Samsung 960 EVO very slow
  122. Corsair CMK64GX4M4B3333C16 BIOS Memory Settings
  123. ASUS Raid Issues
  124. USB Devices Randomly Disconnect?
  125. Error on Post Code 55
  126. No Boot Post Code 00
  127. High CPU Temperatures
  128. logitech brio 4k and 1080p
  129. usb 3.0 is crap on this motherboard
  130. Updated Software found elseware
  131. ALERT = AMD threadripper and ryzen true ram
  132. Zenith Extreme bios
  133. Mouse/Screen freeze with 1950x
  134. Overclocking Enhancement
  135. Upgrading to 128 GB...Need RAM advice
  136. Is this normal(RGB)
  137. Zenith Extreme Pre-Build Questions
  138. Threaripper, Zenith Extreme and Enermax Liqtech AIO
  139. BIOS RAID Bug
  140. can't turn on my m.2 port from x4 to x8
  141. Code f9
  142. Where is the X399-E Strix forum?
  143. Zenith Extreme + Enermax Liqtech TR4 360
  144. Keyboard And Mouse Disconnecting Problem
  145. Zenith Extreme - DIMM.2 M.2 Thermal Headers
  146. Zenith Extreme BIOS? 0701 or 0801?
  147. PC Stoped Working !!
  148. how to disable u.2
  149. USB Type C port Dead?
  150. bios 701 new bug ? i am tired of this DONT BUY THIS BOARD
  151. What is the usual time for bios update ?
  152. what is the perfect setting for the 1950x ?
  153. Zenith Extreme + Corsair Vengeance = Can’t go above 2133MHz!?!?
  154. in case of fresh install this is what you will be missing
  155. OLED Dead
  156. issues with Zenith bios 804
  157. Zenith Ram slot and 1950x CPU question.
  158. ZENITH EXTREME won’t start with 4 sticks of RAM :(
  159. Bios 0804
  160. Sata bootable raid h3lp
  161. Intel Optane M.2 - BIOS NVME Raid Not Supported on 801 and 804
  162. 32gb corsair vengeance 4 sticks wont work
  163. Aura lighting / Aura Sync on Zenith Extreme MOBO
  164. Speaker fill gone
  165. Asus release BIOS 0804 for Zenith Extreme
  166. Right-Angled 4-Pin Power Molex Cable
  167. Memory Code 05 & Memory Code EE
  168. How to install 2 SSD in Dimm-2 Slot
  169. ROG Zenith Extreme X399 CPU socket Pins
  170. Zenith Extreme 1950X freezing at stock speeds
  171. Code A0: Load VGA Bios (but everything seems normal)
  172. Zenith Extreme Wont Boot
  173. Massive temp. spike 1920x post Zenith 0804 update
  174. New Zenith bios Beta BIOS 0901 (AGESA now available
  175. AMD Relase New Chipset Drivers v17.40 & RAID Drivers v9.1.0.18 for AMD Ryzen™ Thread
  176. DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz for Extreme mobo
  177. noob - Zenith Extreme M.2 installation
  178. OLED not working.
  179. NvME RAID support - missing AMD-RAID Config device under System Devices
  180. Any help with this diagnosis would be helpful.
  181. ROG STRIX X399 forgets chassis fan settings every few reboots
  182. Single SATA Drive (Samsung 850 EVO SSD) not recognized
  183. u804 - Zenith extreme Fan Xpert 4 issues
  184. QFan CPU Problem running constantly @ 100 %
  185. Marwell 9230 Raid controller compatibility issue (minor?)
  186. Need help, Asus zenith extreme + samsung nvme 960 pro.
  187. ASUS Zenith Incorrect CPU Temp
  188. 4k mkv read with the 1950 and 1080 ti
  189. Why are my temps too low?? [Threadripper 1950x - BIOS 901 beta]
  190. 'fan smoothing' option in BIOS
  191. ASUS Zenith Extreme low cpu clock
  192. Gather around I have a story to tell...
  193. Nvme Raid, Win 1703, blue screen on installing driver
  194. Nightmare BIOS, code 42: test NVRAM, etc.
  195. Threadripper 1950X + Asus ROG Strix X399-E Gaming Q-code 40
  196. : Zenith Extreme New bios UEFI 0902
  197. CPU upgrade... Threadripper should be called Hair ripper
  198. Technical explaination of PCIE dipswitches?
  199. Asus Zenith Extreme, 1950 … not shutting down/restarting
  200. useplatformclock is enabled by AI Suite 3, and it kills performance
  201. Issue With Start Up Time? Windows Logon Doesnt Display for 5 Minutes.
  202. Can't Update Chipset
  203. Freezing computer if left overnight.
  204. How Do I Know The Temps Are Accurate?
  205. Raid 0
  206. Gaming Errors, Is is ThreadRipper Related
  207. Intel I211-AT driver & Windows 2016: Where is it?
  208. x399 Extreme Threadripper 1950x won't post with more than 16GB installed
  209. RAID controllers that ACTUALLY works with Threadripper
  210. Can't Adjust Voltage Manually or I'll see a VBIOS failure
  211. CMOS Battery and BIOS freeze / lockup
  212. Any one else have to RMA their ZENITH because of the M.2 Screws on the M.2 Panel?
  213. Goodbye Intel hello AMD
  214. AMD x399 RAID - OMG
  215. WiFI stopped working
  216. code : 92 Test NVRAM code 00 0D 6b 92 94 AU etc etc etc
  217. Constant disconnect from internet on Intel® I211-AT, 1 x Gigabit LAN
  218. Zenith Extreme VRM fan spins up to 100% randomly
  219. Zenith Extreme wont boot @ 3600
  220. Zenith, Windows 2016, Swapping USB Input Devices & Freezes
  221. can't install the the ASUS AI Suite 3
  222. Nvme pci card for extra m2 drives
  223. ASUS Strix X399-E and 128 GB RAM, no POST!
  224. Zenith Extreme Raid NVME + Raid SATA
  225. X399-E instability. New BIOS available?
  226. X399-E Issues and lack of support/updates
  227. Help setting up NVME (M.2) as boot drive on Zenith Extreme
  228. PSA: Quad channel RAM kit users
  229. Slow boot and wake times
  230. I can't access my DATA
  231. Zenith Extreme - Bluetooth Antenna?
  232. DO NOT FLASH: PRIME X399-A BIOS v407
  233. NVMe SSD doesn't show up!
  234. STRIX X399-E Gaming new BIOS 0503
  235. NVME Bootable Raid Only Works With Windows version 1703?
  236. has anyone been able to post with ram at 3600 mhz
  237. ROG Zenith Extreme Leak Test
  238. Any One Else's Screen go Black with monitor displaying no connection while in BIOS?
  239. Asus rog zenith extreme slot spacing
  240. How do you deal W these bugs? I've only worked with it for 2 days and already Fed UP
  241. Lightweight, simple fan control app
  242. No Boot - Code 94 Test NVRAM
  243. Zenith Extreme Stock Voltage
  244. Zenith Extreme Code 00 "Detecting Memory"
  245. X399 Strix Fans stop spinning after long system uptime. COV Fan is uncontrolable.
  246. No video on first PCI-E slot please assist
  247. What's with Firestrike and Threadripper?
  248. Bykski A-Ryzen-Th-X / Bykski A-Ryzen-ThV2-X
  249. Dead heat in a zeppelin race
  250. Core Performance Boost Buggy...