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  1. So far so good
  2. New firmware feedback 6-10
  3. GT-AC5300 VPN Fusion
  4. Port Triggering
  5. 3rd Party Certs
  6. When is the next firmware coming!?
  7. Information - rog rapture gt-ac5300
  8. Cannot connect with 802.11ac - Maximus IX Code Atheros Wifi and RT5300
  9. RT-AC3200 question about antennae?
  10. RP-AC68U annoying red light
  11. GT-AC5300 Wifi problems
  12. Firmware 300438215984 Feedback and Suggestions.
  13. router needs modem??? (Resolved)
  14. Dsl ac88u- feature request
  15. NOOB Port Forwarding
  16. GT-AC5300 VPN Fusion Speed
  17. AC5300 woes
  18. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300
  19. KRACK exploit - WPA2 has vulnerabilities
  20. IPTV setup on my GT-AC5300 router
  21. ASUS - where is your WiFi patch for KRACK security vulnerability?
  22. Silly question?? GT-AC5300
  23. Which ASUS router is best for my budget/requirements
  24. ASUS Rog GT-AC5300 Router
  25. difference between the Asus DSL AC88U vs Asus RT AC88U ??
  26. Ram usage GT-AC5300
  27. Issues with GT-AC5300. Checking Connection in map. And other issues
  28. Configuring a "Dedicated IP" from service provider?? GT-AC5300
  29. connect two asus router's together, both in Access Point mode
  30. slow WiFi on mobile devices
  31. ASUS where is the firmware update for my $450 router?
  32. Unreliable printing on RT-AC88U - Please fix this ASUS
  33. So where is my Blue Cave?
  34. Router Upgrade?
  35. Setting up a VPN on a ROG Rapture GT-AC5300.
  36. Asus RT-AC5300 & QOS
  37. GT-5300 This router is so flawed having nothing but one problem after another
  38. RT-AC88U losing internet connection but stays connected?
  39. New GT-AC5300 Firmware issues
  40. Internet Download Manager (IDM) - Any way to slow it down with router?
  41. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 - Firmware with AiMesh and KRACK Fix
  42. Routers 68U
  43. ROG GT-AC5300 Unable to resolve host name
  44. Asus AiProtection requires email password?
  45. [GT-AC5300] Lets Encrypt Google Domain DDNS
  46. RT-AC86U AiCloud, how to manage sharing links in iOS app? and support VLC?
  47. Issue with VPN Fusion
  48. Why I didn't choose an Asus ROG router
  49. [RT-AC5300] 5G-1 addr mac empty
  50. DHCP Reservation RT-AC88U
  51. Dual WAN not working [ROG Rapture GT-AC5300]
  52. ROG GT-AC5300 Losing Game Boost QoS profiles randomly
  53. RT-AC86U - Network Map not working corectly
  54. I sent back my ROG rapture
  55. Alexa Echo Skill for GT-AC5300 in Australia [Resolved]
  56. I think Game ISP in Rapture GT-AC5300 is causing issues in FF14 and WoW
  57. GT-AC5300 - kernel: protocol 0800 is buggy, dev eth4
  58. Buggy Traditional QOS on GT-AC5300
  59. New Stable Firmware for GT-AC5300?
  60. How to enable 1.7GBs over 5G on GT-AC5300?
  61. I Believed my RT-AC88U hacked 3 times... please help...
  62. Are we scammed by asus?
  63. Having difficulty VPN Fusion - "Exception List" GT-AC5300 [Resolved]
  64. GT-AC5300 Firmware Version: Still broken
  65. AIMesh Slow?
  66. AC88U DHCP issue
  67. Traffic Analyzer not working
  68. RT-AC5300 Keeps telling Me To Update!
  69. Next Generation or Edition Router with 802.11ax - the RT-AC88AX
  70. Just received my RT-AC5300, what should I do first?
  71. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 setup for Express VPN [Resolved]
  72. Request for enhancement on AIMesh feature (guest SSID)
  73. A bit concerned about a log Im seeing
  74. RT-AC88U, Traffic Analyzer Not working
  75. 5ghz band issue
  76. Please add VPN Fusion controller to the Asus Router app for iOS / Android
  77. RT-AC1900P and RT-AC88U Parental Time dont work
  78. ROG GT-AC5300 FW Upgrade 06-03-2018
  79. -- Our EOL Asus routers now made the expanded list of Russian maleware attack!!! --
  80. DSL-AC88U - QoS issues/questions
  81. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 - Firmware [Newer FW now available]
  82. VPN Fusion only works when it is not the default connection
  83. RT AC88U Traffic Monitor inconsistency
  84. RT-AC86U Wifi changes do not apply
  85. Please post about ROG ROUTERS only
  86. RT-AC88U hangs up when device changes IP
  87. VPN Fusion ExpressVPN and DNS Leak
  88. Asus Router App + RT-AC5300, Real-Time Traffic incorrect
  89. this ip address keeps probing my VPN port on my AC88U
  90. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 make better Security
  91. No LAN Gbps connection GT5300 Rapture
  92. Rapture GT-AC5300 and in-house DNS server issue [Resolved]
  93. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300=BEAST Mode!
  94. ROG Rapture new firmware revision? I'm confused
  95. DSL-AC88U IPV6 not using correct prefix!
  96. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 - Firmware [Report if any issues]
  97. 8-port high-end routers, ac88u, ax88u, Rapture
  98. RT-AC3100 paired with Rapture GT-AC5300 [Resolved]
  100. Rapture GT-AC5300 buttons not working
  101. AI Mesh topology & LAN access
  102. GT-5300 "Smart Connect" after last update
  103. Looking into purchasing a gt-5300
  104. WPA3 support for RT-AC88U?
  105. GAME PRIVATE NETWORK - server
  106. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 - Firmware [Report if any issues]
  107. Asus DSL-AC88u problem with PS4
  108. ASUS RT-AC88U really slow 2.4 GHz speed
  109. Fibaro Home Center 2 and nearby ports looses connection after some days RT-AC88U
  110. GT-AC5300 Account Linking Failed. (2) IFTTT/Alexa [Resolved]
  111. Question about GT AC5300
  112. Failed to convert hostname
  113. VPN Fusion---Server and Exception List setup options
  114. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 - Firmware [Report if any issues]
  115. Asus RT-AC87U, WiFi and Android Devices
  116. RT-AC88U network mapping issues
  117. RT-AC86U Set up disable wireless access to settings and autoupdate firmware
  118. VPN Fusion killswitch for ROG GT - AC5300
  119. ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Questions Game Network Login
  120. Interesting issue, need help please?
  121. GT-AC5300 random reboots
  122. VPN Fusion simply not working.
  123. ROG AsusWRT on Rapture GT-5300 - OpenVPN (VPN Client/Fusion)
  124. Block specific incoming traffic by IP Subnet on AC68U Stock firmware
  125. asus rog AC-5300 vpn dns leak.
  126. ASUS RT-AC88U - Could not find gpnrd pid file at /var/run/gpnrd.pid
  127. GT-AC5300, cannot add more than 1 RT-AC68U Node to aimesh.
  128. ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 connection wifi unstable
  129. Setting up AiMesh with AC-5300 and AC-RT-88
  130. 192.xxx.1.XXX and 192.xxx.3.xxx Simultaneously?
  131. GT-AC5300 Problems With Link Aggregation
  132. AMP stack issues with new install of ROG GT AC5300
  133. ASUS GT AC5300 AI Mesh 5GHZ band 1 issue
  134. GT-AX1000 where is the AiMesh?
  135. WPA3 support for new wifi6 routers?
  136. VPN for Asus Router?
  137. AI Mesh With 3 GT-AC5300 FW Version
  138. Best firmware for Asus RT-AC5300
  139. Does the firewall work on RT-AX88U?
  140. GT-AC5300 router - Three SSIDs vs. one SSID transmitted. How does this work?
  141. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 - Firmware [report if any issues]
  142. To Buy or Not To Buy
  143. Can I change the name given to devices?
  144. Believe I have bricked my rt-ac5300.
  145. Does the warranty void sticker still matter?
  146. Should I use Smart Connect or not? Pros and cons?
  147. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Edited Client List issue
  148. ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Time Zone
  149. Very poor 2.4Ghz signal strength on GT-AC5300
  150. Is there a difference between 5-1 and 5-2 GHz bands?
  151. Download master not work with ROG Rapture GT-AC5300
  152. Firmware bug? No route to wireless device after roaming away from wireless AiMesh nod
  153. VPN Strangeness
  154. GT-AC5300 SMB1 No longer Supported is SMB2 coming?
  155. When Aimesh active wired clients disconnect on GT-AC5300 / RT-AC68U
  156. Survey which VPN Works on GT-AC5300 Router setup as VPN Fusion Client
  157. RT-AC88U Bad eraseblock
  158. Lose Internet Access with Wired Devices
  159. Any plans to support DNS over TLS?
  160. Asus DSL-AC88U Modem Router Merge 2.4 and 5 GHz Band
  161. Asus RT-AC88U Drops HomeKit Devices WLCEVENTD
  162. GT-AC5300 Kernel problems
  163. Frustrating VPN Issues with GT-AC5300
  164. Vizio P75-F1 losing connection with GT-AC5300
  165. itunes stream router
  166. AX11000 COD Missing 2.4 Band?
  167. GT-AX11000 New Firmware when ??
  168. skill amazon alexa
  169. Trying Again - AC5300
  170. GT-AC5300 Manual / Utility Interface Needs Work
  171. GT-AC5300 EZ Print
  172. Advice on whether to purchase GT-AC5300
  173. Asus RT-AC86U connected with Asus AC5300 Router in repeater mode
  174. Name Resolution / DNS Server response
  175. Port Forwarding
  176. GT-AC5300 - Why does the Dash Board say I'm disconnected when I am not?
  177. GT-AX11000 2.5G gamer port not there?
  178. GT-AC5300 How to Dual WAN two routers which dont support bridge mode
  179. GT-AX11000 2.5G connected to switch - List up switches that supports 2.5G ?
  180. DNS Leak
  181. ROG 5300 network really slow
  182. AiMesh (AC86U + AC68U) falls down to 2.4GHz and/or goes Offline
  183. Parental Controls - Time Scheduling - Only hour by hour available?
  184. Weird Connection drops!
  185. Routerpassword too long need help PLEASE!
  186. GT-AX11000 VPN Fusion
  187. Lost Password for RT-AC88u.
  188. Vpn fusion ~ gt-ax11000
  189. AiMesh GT-AX11000 and RT-AC5300 setup failed
  190. AX11000 VPN Fusion failure
  191. Ax88U connect to wifi
  192. What bandwidth can you expect to get with VPN?
  193. Asus RT-AC5300 transfer speeds to storage drive
  194. Asus RT AC-5300 ssid not appearing in wifi kit
  195. My Tri-Band go to the toilet
  196. Weird issue with GT-AC5300
  197. ROG GT-AX11000 with hardware crypto decoding and encoding support?
  198. league of legends and GT-AC5300
  199. GT-AX11000 IPV6 Not Working.
  200. AX11000 Authentication Failed!
  201. AX11000 Drops entirely
  202. RT-AC88U issues with Sony wired devices
  203. GT-AX11000 Get Acess To More WiFI Channels Possible?
  204. GT-AX11000 rebooting randomly
  205. ROG GT-AC5300 Systemlog
  206. GT-AX11000 Stalling
  207. GT-AC5300 Firmware Unable to access other computers on network when both are on Wi-Fi
  208. GT-AX11000 - issue with play-fi speakers / harmony / hue
  209. RT-AC88U sometimes does not allow for my PC to connect to the network
  210. DSL-AC88U 2.4GHz issue
  211. GT-AC2900 Feedback
  212. GT-AC5300 Hardware Version
  213. ASUS GT-AX11000 Random ping spikes help
  214. WPA3 Support? AX Devices?
  215. VPN question PLEASE HELP!!!
  216. New Firmware for AX11000 Version
  217. GT-AC5300 New Firmware
  218. AIMESH Nodes and uplinks. One is using wifi uplink, other ethernet uplink)
  219. Can´t connect to Router GUI via http://router.asus.com
  220. Ac5300 setting up problem
  221. Help getting the most out of my Asus GT-AX11000
  222. GT-AC5300 - Radio is on, but no wireless signal at all? (firmware
  223. GT-AX11000 Drops internet multiple times a day.
  224. GT AX11000 Firmware nightmare with AI Mesh! Suggestions please
  225. Upgraded to GT-AX11000 from RT-AC5300, having some issues
  226. GT-AC5300 open port problem
  227. GT AX11000 - 2.4G issue & Protected Management Frames
  228. Access by VPN both inside and outside the WAN IP
  229. Login issues
  230. GT-AC5300 - WAN USB tether FAILURE with Razer 2 phone .. suggestions please?
  231. Enabling 160MHz BW on 5G-2 on GT-AX1100 only gets 80MHz enabled in Wireless Log.
  232. GT-AX11000 VPN Fusion Not Working.
  233. How to Identify Which Devices Are in Which Networks?
  234. Internet Signal Monitor ?
  235. DDNS not working
  236. GT-AC2900 New Firmware Out GT-AC2900
  237. Multi router setup.
  238. TPCast-LAN/WLAN-Router (Raspberry PI) at GT-AC5300: Desktop with Vive can not find it
  239. GT-AC2900 New Firmware Out GT-AC2900
  240. Looking to replace a problematic home router
  241. *Feature Request* Geo-filter feature for ROG Routers
  242. GT-AX11000 No Firmware Updates - I thought this was an ASUS Router...
  243. GT-AC5300 AiMesh Router to RT-AC88U AiMesh Mode Success
  244. AX-11000 keeps losing connection many times a day
  245. Asus AX11000 + ISP Modem (NO bridge mode)
  246. Weird things in GT-AX11000 Log using Firmware Version:
  247. New ax11000 firmware!
  248. Gt-ax11000
  249. VLAN for GT-AC5300
  250. AX11000 firmware .7979 is awful - DO NOT UPDATE