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  1. where can i purchase rog nomad backpack?
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  14. Which Method should I install Windows 7 under UEFI or Legacy
  15. Rephrasing my question.
  16. Not dtected with P7P55D Premium
  17. Availability in Canada?
  18. Cool but not unless you get more then 1
  19. Maximus formula 6 and Raidr and crossfire amd7970
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  21. X48T-DQ6 Gigabyte / Swinging....
  22. Hybridisk questions
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  30. Is this Normal? Loading other Files/Folders takes about 5-10secs to open up
  31. Gene IV and new bios problem
  32. raidr express firmware update
  33. Driver Marvell Magni windows 8.1?
  34. How to create RAID 0 or 1 on 1 RAIDR Express?
  35. Raidr LED
  36. W8.1 Raidr as Second drive not recognized as SSD
  37. need help :)
  38. Asus rog raidr speed problem
  39. NAS Solution
  40. RAIDR Express Using Lots Of RAM
  41. Please help! no S.M.A.R.T, and can't install Rog ramdisk software
  42. set pci ex speed manually?
  43. Is there any reason to use the Marvell driver?
  44. Newb Alert! Question about Uefi Video Card.
  45. RAIDR Express problems!
  46. Does UEFI mode offer any benefits other than faster boot time?
  47. How do you update the firmware?
  48. Asus raİd express boot tİme problem
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  50. RAIDR Express and SLI
  51. 1 little issue with Raidr + RIVE Newest UEFI
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  54. Question on boot times by adding the RAIDR Express
  55. Asus Rog Front Base
  56. Solving a Marvell Hardware Conflict, how?
  57. Confused about using SLI with Rog Raidr
  58. Where to buy raidr express other then newegg
  59. Raidr express performance problem
  60. ASUS OC Panel Info
  61. Will it fit?
  62. Installed OS on RAIDr as Legacy Boot, my problems have only just begun!!!
  63. Completely unable to have system recognise installation
  64. This is a bit weird....Windows 7 in UEFI
  65. SSD HDD Issues Please Help
  66. Doesn't play nice with Intel RSTe
  67. “Above 4G Decoding” neccessary?
  68. Raid 0 with 2 ssd's and using a RAIDR IN HybriDisk mode
  69. Updating the Firmware
  70. Availability?
  71. Nomad back in stock on Amazon.com
  72. I've lose dvd driver & tool
  73. ROG GX1000 Jumpy Scrolling wheel.
  74. Regarding Secure Erase & HybriDisk
  75. No longer listed at NewEgg - Discontinued?
  76. PLEASSE help one how to setup ASUS raidr and dual sli
  77. Asus Rog Front Base - Do I have a problem ?
  78. SSD speed?
  79. Hybridisk and RaidR express
  80. Cord coiling
  81. No Usb's after Windows boot
  82. ASUS & Kingston Present The "Hyper Xpress"
  83. ASUS Republic Of Gamers ROG (3D) Logo Sticker
  84. ASUS ROG Nomad BackPack
  85. Sleeve for g750
  86. ROG Front Panel Compatability
  87. Udma 6
  88. Setup Question (VII Hero + Raidr)
  89. Asus ROG Front Base AAFP Cable ...
  90. Should I purchase a RAIDR Express
  91. RAIDR Express and GA-X87X-UD3H
  92. Raidr express not responding at all
  93. Need help installing Windows 8.1 on Raidr Express w/ Rampage IV Black Edition
  94. Crosshair Formula + Raidr express
  95. G750 sleeve/case thingy
  96. rog front base grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
  97. ROG Front Base
  98. Rog front base
  99. GX900 not detected by the software
  100. Not Politically Correct
  101. GX1000 - permanent fingerprint marks issue
  102. back to windows 8
  103. Front Base fan speed display
  104. Front Base audio popping and crackling
  105. ROG Front Base CPU frequency
  106. Front Base request
  107. ROG Front base ROG EXT Cable
  108. Raidr uefi bios
  109. Asus ROG Laptop certain keys are not working
  110. Performance question regarding my RAIDR Express.
  111. ROG Front Panel/Base LCD Display
  112. RAIDR Secure erase Boot disk compatability issues
  113. RAID SSD No longer detected!!!
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  115. Are there 2 different Rog Front Base Dual-Bay gaming Panels?
  116. R.O.G Gladius?
  117. Front base figures not working
  118. windows cannot detect Raidr Express
  119. Front Base firmware update fails
  120. Laptop bag for G75VX
  121. Where do you get FW Update v1.0.3.0 and the latest Firmware?
  122. Will ROG Front Base work with ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME ?
  123. RAIDR Express - OS boot hangs
  124. Anyone has spare ROG case ?
  125. ROG Front Base, longer cables?
  126. Asus ROG GM50 US availablility?
  127. Can't update Rog Front Base V44
  128. Turn Off ROG Front Base With PC
  129. RAIDR not recognised by P6T WS Pro BIOS
  130. ROG Front Panel cosmetic issue I think?
  131. Windows 8 installations goes wrong...
  132. Asus ROG Gladius - Native DPI
  133. ROG Front Base drivers not installing on Win 8.1
  134. ROG RAIDR deactivates keyboard after one keypress on boot
  135. ROG RAIDR fail to boot ( Disk off line )
  136. gx1000
  137. ASUS ROG Gladius - Vertical movement malfunction
  138. Where to buy Rog Nomad Backpack
  139. How to Convert Windows 7/8/8.1 Installation from Legacy to UEFI Without Data Loss!
  140. Warranty for Raidr express?
  141. Charger
  142. GX850 not moving pointer but buttons work. Troubleshoot?
  143. RAIDR EXP in RVE with 970's SLI.
  144. Any Info On The Asus Sata Express Drive ?
  145. Front Base has no sound on M7F
  146. Trying to register new FrontBase on ASUS Website.
  147. Replacement of 256 GB SSD with 512 GB ssd
  148. ROG Frot Base Sound-Issue
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  150. Issues with Strix control software v1.05 (Win8.1)
  151. Strix Tactic Pro software - export/import function failed
  152. RoG Gladius mold issues & feedback
  153. Front Base Support/Help
  154. 2x ASUS RAIDR in Raid0 vs g.skill Phoenix Blade?
  155. ROG Front Base drivers
  156. Rog Front Base mounting ideas
  157. Asus Gaming Headset Cerberus microphone not working
  158. ROG Backlit Bridge
  159. ROG shuttle pack 2 airline friendly ?
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  162. RAIDR Disk Fail
  163. ASUS ROG RAIDR Express Questions...
  164. Rog Raidr and "trim"
  165. Asus ROG Backpack For G750JS Plus Accessories
  166. Asus ROG Backpack For G750JS Plus Accessories
  167. ROG Front base Audio Query
  168. i would like to replace my SSD drive
  169. Maximus VII Hero with latest bios, can't change fan speed on Front Base
  170. Raidr SSD sometimes disapear in Bios
  171. Rog g20
  172. ROG Front Base Fan Control
  173. Ai Suite 3 and ROG Front Base Panel Slowing PC Performance
  174. BIOS doesn't see SSD
  175. FirmWare Update Error
  176. fallo raidr 111 gb
  177. ROG Front Base and OC Panel Sleeve cables
  178. ASUS ROG RAIDR Express PCIe SSD Windows 10 Magni Driver...
  179. ROG Front Panel update and new MAXIMUS VII HERO Bios
  180. RAIDR For Dummies
  181. Trouble with R.O.G equipment in Vietnam...!!!
  182. RIVBE, Asus Hyper M.2, SM951
  183. ROG Front Base problems
  184. ROG Front Panel maximus viii hero
  185. Funny, how to buy ROG Front Panel in Poland from ASUSPRO Gold Partners?
  186. Missing Quick EQ after FW upgrade to v47
  187. RAIDR SSD as storage drive only (not OS)
  188. ROG FRONT BASE - Equalizer is not working
  189. Installing Win 7 UEFI on RAIDR
  190. ROG Front Base now working with Windows 10!!!
  191. ROG Front Base does not include USB2 header required for Firmware update!
  192. Please connect the ROG Front Base for firmware and software installation or update
  193. Front Base shows bad CPU frequency etc.
  194. Front Base Overclock Profile Help?
  195. Front base problem help please
  196. ASUS ROG Nomad Backpack - Weather conditions
  197. ROG Front Base Solutions (Latest BIOS & FirmWares)
  198. Having trouble with the Front Base and Z170? Check this out!
  199. ROG Front Panel Incorrect Stats
  200. ROG Front Panel - Detecting AIO instead of CPU temp
  201. Can I do raid with M.2 mini card + m.2 hyper kit + another hyper kit on the mobo?
  202. Did P6T Deluxe V2 PCIe raidr express boot support ?
  203. Asus ROG Front Base not showing CPU Fan Speed
  204. ROG Front Panel. Clock problem
  205. Front Bay - chassis fan a port vs b port
  206. How To Update OC Panel II Firmware?
  207. Problem with driver rog front base !!!
  208. RAIDr v2?
  209. ASUS ROG Front Base - Clock not working
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  212. Samsung 850 EVO - 500GB - M.2 SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-N5E500BW) with G752VL-DH71
  213. FrontBase Fan Control
  214. ROG Front Base CPU FAN & OPT CPU FAN Error
  215. rog front base installation
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  217. Samsung 960 pro LATE!!!
  218. 1TB 960 Pro Initial results
  219. Replacing 2.5 SSD with m.2 nvme
  220. ROG Front Base or OC Panel???
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  222. front base connector loosens within hours and disconnects
  223. Is the RAIDR Express abandoned?
  224. Problem after install ROG XG Station 2
  225. T303UA + ROG XG Station 2
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  227. HYPER M.2 X16 CARD Support X99?
  228. ASUS Rog Front Base compatibility.
  229. Has anyone used Optane M.2 on RAID?
  230. Corsair nvme mp500 240 gb
  231. Does OC Panel report Ryzen 1700X/1800X temps accurately, or with a +20 C offset?
  232. ROG Ranger 2-in-1 backpack availability
  233. How to Install Windows 10 on an ASUS ROG RAIDR SSD (120gb or 240gb) - Tutorial
  234. ROG Front Base firmware