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  1. ARMOURY Crate Issues(newest version)
  2. Armory Crate says motherboard is not supported after update
  3. Need help with Armoury Crate and/or Asus Aura
  4. Error after latest Motherboard Hal
  5. Armoury Crate V2.7.8.0 [Report here if any issues]
  6. Please help me completely remove armoury crate
  7. "ROG Rampage VI Extreme" and I would like Disable "Armoury Crate" from my Bios...
  8. CPU Usage high using Armoury Crate
  9. Armoury Crate Service stops when Armoury Crate Launches!
  10. Update loop issue - since last update
  11. How to turn off "Install Armoury Crate" popup on Windows 10 restarts
  12. Armoury Crates usersessionhelp.exe keeps trying to scan an old list of exe files.
  13. Armoury Crate missing .dll file
  14. Armoury Crate do not recognize my TUF B450M-Plus-Gaming mobo anymore?!?
  15. Turning off lighting
  17. Armoury Crate oled GPU
  18. XG Station 2 -> How can I control the RGB lighting?
  19. Lighting Profiles
  20. Love Asus and ROG brand, but Amoury Crate is a miss.
  21. Latest Armoury Crate update now no Aura sync devices found [RESOLVED]
  22. Armoury Crate and ROG Strix XG32VQ
  23. Impossible to manage the RVB effects of my RAM since the last upgrade of Armoury Crat
  24. How do I uninstall armory crate? [RESOLVED]
  25. ASUS Framework Service starts cscript.exe on boot...need CONFIRMATION
  26. Armoury crate v3.0.4.0 [report here if any issues]
  27. AI Noise-Canceling Microphone
  28. Armoury crate 3.0.4 broke my Rgb on 2/8 sticks
  29. ARMOURY CRATE Aura Sync not working on a TUF FX505DD Laptop
  30. Why are Armory Crate's RGB animations worse than Aura Sync's?
  31. G531GT Armoury Crate Stopped reading temps. Unable to Reinstall from Store. - solved
  32. New Armoury Crate 3.04 'Smart' has annoying strobe effect.
  33. Armoury Crate Key not opening Armoury Crate?
  34. Need Offline Aura Creator Installer.
  35. Can somebody help me for armoury crates please?
  36. Easy Anti Cheat kick with ROGLiveService.exe running
  37. Armory Crate - Tools - Update driver, tools,... Not work
  38. Can anyone explain how aura creator + armory create integration works?
  39. Outdated Drivers on Armoury Crate
  40. G512LW - Keyboard Hotkeys (Fn keys)
  41. Install Armoury Crate & Enable In-Game Effects for Aura-Ready Games
  42. GX502GW Armoury Crate
  43. Updated To Armoury Crate Now Nothing Works
  44. Software conflict between iCue and Armoury Crate
  45. Anyone else have the problem with Armory Crate Aura Sync working first time only?
  46. ARMOURY CRATE questions
  47. Armoury Crate Is Not Showing Any Cpu Stats
  48. Unable to change Asus Maximus Formula XII Formula OLED DISPLAY
  49. Solution for 2 of 8 sticks problem RGB
  50. ROG Ryujin 360 Hardware Monitor Not Working [XML Format Error]
  51. [Idea] Possibility to add custom patterns
  52. Updated Keyboard firmware, now aura sync doesnt work..
  53. Aura sync not loading automatically after a restart.
  54. Armoury Crate need AI Suite 3 to view stats?
  55. Got an update for my Gladius II from Windows...
  56. Telling you what you already know
  57. ROG Spatha - Device Page crashes when trying to change lighting settings
  58. TOOL seccion on ARMORY CRATE is being activated
  59. Armoury Crate.User Session Helper.exe cpu usage
  60. ARMOURY CRATE User Session Helper Problem
  61. Tools/Driver etc not working
  62. XML Write Error 500
  63. Armoury Crate version Device Tab
  64. Armoury crate v3.1.5.0 / v3.1.6.0 [report here if any issues]
  65. What is P508PowerAgent.exe
  66. ROG Maximus XI Formula OLED / Live Dash Issues
  67. Front ARGB Fans - Only 1 LED on when synced?
  68. unable to sync my Strix Helios Case
  69. Missing x/y axis sensitivity
  70. New Armoury Crate Version does keep my Ryzen 3000 from going int deep idle
  71. Gamevisual is missing from Armoury crate
  72. no device available in armoury crate for aura sync
  73. ARMOURY CRATE - Motherboard installation loop and blank peripherals RESOLVED
  74. My experience with Armoury Crate
  75. 2080 Ti Strix RGB isn't smooth in Armory Crate anymore [Video Attached]
  76. ROG Throne Armory Crate issues
  77. I found a new armoury crate for download on my motherboard downloads page
  78. How to conncet moble amroury crate to pc ???
  79. Improvement suggestion: Armoury Crate + Creator effects
  80. Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero - MOBO RGB Led stopped working
  81. Armoury crate Formula XI
  82. Armoury Crate Lost all my devices (again!)
  83. [Armoury Crate] Maximus XI Code RGB Header Not working after update
  84. ARMOURY CREATE 3.1.6. ASUS MAXIMUS XII FORMULA OLED 2 Issue with custom Pictures HELP
  85. Maximus XII Formula OLED Display issue? Flickers every 3 seconds WHY? [Resolved]
  86. Strix 3090 LED won't turn on?
  87. CPU Information not visible.
  88. Armoury crate vs Asus Aura sync, Asus why???
  89. Uninstaller is out!
  90. Armoury Crate settings???
  91. Issue after using the uninstaller.
  92. - zero sync devices!
  93. Actual update armoury crate breaks cpu load [Resolved]
  94. Armory Crate/Aura Creator installer fails 100% of the time.
  95. ArmouryCrate service keeps apply pink tint on my screen
  96. MB's LED gone dark and Armoury Crate not recognize MB after updated Bios.
  97. Are Aura Sync monitors not supported by Armoury Crate?
  98. RTX 3080 Start up LED profile problem
  99. New Drivers When???
  100. Armoury crate v3.2.4.0 issues
  101. Armory Crate Repeatedly breaks
  102. Armoury crate v3.2.4.0 [report here if any issues]
  103. Armoury crate cause colour change when I open the notifications bar
  104. Heads up, new AC installer is out
  105. Strix 3080 Rainbow effect broken
  106. Please ASUS drop this bloatware and return to Aura
  107. Need New Feature for AC!
  108. Use Windows Firewall to block auto-update? AC update has broken my system
  109. Uninstaller total game changer
  110. Turbo mode not Working
  111. When the screen is turned off, the backlight also always turns off
  112. No Home Tab
  113. The tdp on gpu and cpu doesn't appear on armoury crate home page stats
  114. No Home Tab
  115. BIOS Updates
  116. What is the only necessary service/software I need to control mobo LED and uninstall?
  117. ROG Strix X570-Gaming E bklack screen and reboot on install Armoury Crate
  118. Armory Crate missing home tab
  119. Aura Creator does not recognize my keyboard.
  120. rog boost gpu not avaliable any more
  121. Print Key wont work
  122. CPU Use for Armoury Crate
  123. Armoury Crate User Guide and Best Practices
  124. Armoury Scenario Profiles
  125. Armoury Crate install issue
  126. Asus ROG Strix 3080 rainbow effect not working
  127. Armoury Crate problem
  128. Armory Crate - Profile Switch problem
  129. Driver Version Numbering Makes No Sense. Different than Website.
  130. How to turn off Armoury Crate optimization? It is crashing everything when I try to
  131. Select app language manually
  132. Armoury Crate doesn't show rgb fans
  133. Crate makes my keyboards "7" activate on its own
  134. ARMOURY CRATE / Manually fan control new Version!?
  135. G512LW-XS78 15.6 '' laptop I7-10750H - RTX 2070 8GB Rog Armoury Crate help???
  136. [INFO] Keep settings after reboot
  137. Armory Crate stuck on Drivers tab
  138. Game Visual is conflicting Windows Display Settings
  139. GA35DX Armory crate issue? Someone please help.
  140. Armoury II - How to create profile?
  141. Turn Keyboard Lighting On / Off after a while - G15 TRIX <<<
  142. Windows restart loop when installing armoury crate
  143. How do I get the "default" rainbow setting?
  144. How to define two colors in static mode?
  145. Armoury Crate problem with rtx3080
  146. Armoury Crate needs higher privilegs
  147. Did you take the option of static color by area?
  148. Armoury Crate version changelog?
  149. Rog Spatha not syncing rgb trough wireless conection
  150. Armoury crate v3.3.7.0 [report here if any issues]
  151. Armoury Crate - will not install - ROG Strix X570-E motherboard
  152. Armory Crate breaks bios settings
  153. Armory Create and Aura Sync problema for System Reset
  154. Armoury Crate is not showing GPU fan options
  155. Device Tab Won't Load
  156. Armoury Create - Aura Sync Music not working
  157. No HOME tab in Armoury Crate..why is Asus NOT HELPING us with this?
  158. Armoury Crate not Detecting Motherboard
  159. Aura Will not resume after PC sleep
  160. Static mode.
  161. Armory Crate+ Corsair ICUE problem after BIOS update
  162. Remove Armoury Crate Popups
  163. armoury crate
  164. Why the forced updates?
  165. Need access to old Armoury Crate (anything late 2020)
  166. RoG Gladius II Origin not being detected
  167. Armoury crate audio settings not work
  168. G732-LXS not showing CPU temperature in Armoury Crate after BIOS update
  169. Different static colours for profiles
  170. AURA: RAM DIMMS (TEAMFORCE ARGB) are not bright enough
  171. RefreshRateService not working
  172. Armory Crate causes Shutdown delay
  173. GTX1060 6gb leds not working
  174. Armoury Crate - Devices Page for Strix GTX 1080 not loading (error 1003)
  175. Mobile App not connecting to PC, no QR Code in the desktop app
  176. Asus Armoury Crate Will Not Open
  177. Basic static effect addressable header sync broken
  178. Armory Crate Mobo Audio gives message to install Noise Cancelling Microphone Driver
  179. cant install armoury crate .help please.
  180. We're done
  181. Ryujin 360+ ROG Z390 no version of armory crate has worked for over 1 year!
  182. ARMOURY CRATE update problem
  183. Battery percentage Armory Crate vs. real-life on Asus ROG Chakram mouse
  184. Armory Crate overriding Lian Li Uni Fan Controller. Both fan control and argb.
  185. Armoury Crate unable to detect TUF B460 PRO WIFI motherboard
  186. Here comes a very usefuel tip for armoury crate reinstallation
  187. ROG Strix x570 E-Gaming Wifi
  188. ROG Strix x570 E-Gaming Wifi
  189. Suggestions for the Devs.
  190. I just need to change one keybind. Just ONE. Only ONE. 15minutes later......
  191. Impossible install Armoury Crate 3.011.0
  192. xg248q aura sync
  193. 2 Identical Gpus and Armpury Crate Just detect one.
  194. Aura sync and Razer Synapse
  195. Pros / cons of sidestepping Armoury Crate
  196. Software Confusion
  197. New Pop Up after Update?
  198. Todays update ( is constantly using ~15% of CPU [Resolved]
  199. ISSUE : Todays update ( Loop update
  200. Armory crate doesn’t work correctly with my asus gt15 g15ck
  201. Aac3572MbHal handle leak fix
  202. Problem saving settings Lcd monitor on Ryujin 360 after restart!
  203. Cant install Armory Crate anymore
  204. Stopped updating
  205. DIYHUE discovery problems
  206. A Temp Fix for the update loop - And updates not installing
  207. Armoury Crate ( installing Edge Beta
  208. Armoury Crate- Aura Sync CPU Temp Control
  209. HELP. Armoury Crate keeps applying pink tint on my screen
  210. ROG STRIX FLARE Error (1003)
  211. Can't Update OR Uninstall AC due to Aura Service
  212. Armoury Crate BUG Tracer
  213. Rog Strix g713qm-hx016 software performance issue
  214. ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE (GX551QM) RGB Keyboard Reactive Lighting Issue - Armoury Crate
  215. Playing games in silence mode in asus rog strix
  216. armury crates unable to detect my mb rog maximus xi hero
  217. ROG Boost not available in Armoury Crate
  218. x570-e Armoury Crate won't control LED on RAM - G.Skill Trident Z RGB
  219. ROG Laptop Armory Crate "default" icon now pops up
  220. RGB Lights don't work on ROG Strix B550-I
  221. Armory Crate somtimes locks GPU Clock/TDP at idle (Strix Scar 17 G733qs)
  222. Armoury Crate 4.0.8 breaks iCue integration
  223. Cant Save Lighting Profiles to Hardware - Help!
  224. Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation cannot be used on G713QR.
  225. Armoury Crate problems
  226. Addressable Headers are Gen 1 and Gen 2?
  227. armoury crate + g.skill = rgb software hell
  228. ArmouryCrate stuck on "Installing components for the Connected Devices"
  229. How do I install Aura Creator?
  230. Armoury Crate triggers EasyAntiCheat software [Resolved]
  231. Armoury Crate - Tools and drivers installation - Stops on 55%
  232. Armoury Crate - Tools and drivers installation - Stops on 55%
  233. Armoury Crate . Manual Not working on Zephyrus G15 GA503QS (2021)
  234. BIOS Upgrade - successfully
  235. ( Asus Armoury Crate
  236. Armoury crate doesn't find my mobo/ARGB/RAM but finds others
  237. Armoury Crate Config for Zephyrus G14 GA401QM
  238. CPU and GPU sliders are back - But have to switch modes again
  239. asus_framework memory leak
  240. ACConfig for Zephyrus G15 GA503QM (2021)
  241. Armoury Create CPU STATS and GPU BOOST
  242. Armoury Crate & ROG Aura Terminal & ROG Crosshair VIII Formula does it work?
  243. Weird Behaviour Every Time Wake Up From Screen Off
  244. GA35 no longer supported in software?
  245. Armoury Crate ROG STRIX RTX3060 update issue with Corsair iCUE V4 .11.274 issue
  246. ACCONFIG for Asus Tuf Dash F15 FX516PR (2021)
  247. Led on the motherboard is no longer in rainbow mode.
  248. Armoury Crate AIO Fan control issue
  249. Which version is most recent as of May 2021?
  250. Guess I'm just going to restore my last pc backup just for Armoury Crate