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  1. Samsung XP941 SSD not recognized as bootable device by BIOS
  2. [Casemod] Tt D3sk
  3. 10th anniversary ROG-mod
  4. (Scratchbuild) Red Carbon Desk Build
  5. Case Lighting Help? Alienware Area 51 R2 w/ Rampage V Extreme?
  6. New Skylake build with Formula VIII
  7. My first major build
  8. My first build EVER!!
  9. The cold breeze from the north
  10. A question on warranty for G752VT-DH72
  11. BAWLS - STH10, R5E, 5930K, Copper Tubing
  12. [new build] viii gene
  13. Project: Phoenix
  14. [The Duality] [Dual System, Godavari & Skylake in a Phanteks P400]
  15. My First Watercooled Build: ROG Theme
  16. My first build!!!
  17. 1st Build: "Skylake Evolv ITX Classified"
  18. The Computer Built Around The RoG Swift PG279Q
  19. Next step for modding my Alpha rig...
  20. hint for a new case
  21. GPU Brace?
  22. BatManned's Computer Build Log
  23. Custom LED strip question
  24. Case Mod Help needed
  25. Anniversary H-Tower
  26. PWC: Project White Craze
  27. ROG Air 240 Gaming Cube
  28. IronMan PC MOD
  29. Ultimate Gaming PC
  30. MWAVE MOD WARS Core P3 Tank/Train Hybrid
  31. Need Help Cleaning/Accessing My Laptop Keyboard Keys
  32. The ROG Battle Station by Chas Burkhart
  33. Parvum Project rVe10
  34. The Blue Dragon - A Father Daughter co-build
  35. Cooler Mastercase 5 Racing Case Mod & Gaming PC
  36. [Build Log] STRIXly beQuiet
  37. Project Kurosai
  38. Extreme build full RGB PC Gaming rig. Project RGB Light the F up.
  39. Define nano S Hot Rod Edition
  40. Custom water loop with Corsair C70
  41. GOW - ZenModz
  42. Test Bench Build: Yeezus (Pascal Titan X SLI, 6900K, ASUS Rampage V E10)
  43. Deus Ex Inspired Case Builds
  44. [Snef] Compilation of build ive done with asus hardware
  45. Hex Kitty - Hex Gear R40
  46. ROG Paragon
  47. Project ARES - Build Log
  48. Black Treassure -- be quiet dark base pro 900
  49. Trading PC Build 2016
  50. Scream Machine
  51. IN WIN DUKE (IN WIN D-Frame 2.0 custom build) by SimpleModz
  52. Wanna MOD but dk how to
  53. Corsair AIO modding
  54. O.A.C - Open Air Case Project
  55. Asus aura and add custom rgb led strip
  56. Finally finished!
  57. 9590, CVFZ, Core P5, XSPC Cooling
  58. Maximus 8 Ranger Motherboard OS not loading, Could use a little help
  59. Hard tube Gaming pc rig. Titan XP On SLI.
  60. 570TRIX (modded Corsair 570X) by SimpleModz
  61. INWIN ROG build.
  62. ❚❚ [Verticality by Duality92] ❚❚
  63. My ROG 900d Gaming Rig, Maximus VIII Formula with Posideon 980ti SLI
  64. ROG_EXT pinout
  65. Water Cooling conversion Project - By siliconart
  66. [WIP]*******Asus CES 2017 builds, The Dark Aura project*******
  67. NEW EKWB RGB Mono Block for Rampage V Edition 10
  68. Where to get/buy the latest Strix Motherboard sticker set?
  69. [WIP] **Clear Sky: City of Angels** Corsair 570x
  70. Darth Vader Project:
  71. Best case fans for Fractal Design R5
  72. The B-2 stealth pc desk
  73. ROG Clayore Parts for modding
  74. Rampage III Extreme rebuild
  75. Where to buy legit ROG badges/decals?
  76. [WIP] Spec-Alpha, Maximus IX Hero Build
  77. Asus Aura + Corsair Link?
  78. My new build
  79. [Case Mod] TUF S
  80. Something so awful yet so good: Lian-Li ITX WEEE-build
  81. Help to the Asus rog g20 bm Nr012t
  82. "Project Infinity" - Thermaltake Core P5 Mod
  83. Crosshair v formula z
  84. Ryzen 7 1800x / CrossHair VI Hero Build
  85. Just a little bit thinner. (CM World Series 2017) ZenModz
  86. ROG Desk and new sli 1080 build and more
  87. Mastercase maker 5t
  88. Watercooling build
  89. Project Redux (Caselabs S8, dual loops, SLI)
  90. best aio liquid cooler
  91. ROG Theme M-ITX lan/VR honest opinions please
  92. Maul (modded Corsair 600C) by SimpleModz
  93. Tempest (modded CM MasterCase Maker 5t) by SimpleModz
  94. ctOS Tower 27 (modded Tt View 27) by SimpleModz
  95. New PC Build
  96. PSU/HDD cage cover that fits a corsair 760t.
  97. 1440p Ultra Gaming & Streaming PC
  98. PC Master Race - System (Re)Build
  99. Extreme Wall Mounted Z270 Ė 1080Tiís in SLI
  100. Project Ice Cream
  101. Red Nebula
  102. [Worklog] Baby Blue - Breaking Bad themed ITX Build
  103. ROG GT51CA Upgrading for Dream Machine?
  104. Boot sometimes freezes with Strix GTX 1080Ti OC, Asus Prime Z270-A with DisplayPort
  105. [Build Log] ----- The PhoeniX - Asus Special Build -----
  106. Projekt A.P.R.P.M
  107. Project ophyophagus [asus rog tribute]
  108. Almost finished build 460x
  109. BlackBeauty: reloaded
  110. My Penta Sports Themed Build
  111. ROG Robot Action Figure / Toy
  112. Projekt name: Hello Kitty
  113. Project: APEX
  114. [Case Mod] Aero Cube
  115. DDCM Desk Project: Unique. Simple. Powerful
  116. Enthoo Luxe Summer Edition
  117. Straight Red
  118. First build
  119. Project "Voodoo II" finishied - check it out
  120. Awesome Custom PC
  121. Need a bit of help
  122. best GPU option
  123. Raffle build
  124. Bloody A60 Multi Color
  125. Help choosing compression fan
  126. ROG themed case project "NightFire" done at last.
  127. LED strip for CH6 Aura lighting
  128. Maximus IX build
  129. ROG robot project
  130. A/I cover for B350-F?
  131. Project Stormlight v2. Crosshair VI Extreme Ryzen. Lian Li PC07 and Aerocool frame.
  132. First wall mounted liquid cooled SLI build (need help)
  133. CG8890 Tytan ground up build!
  134. My new desk
  135. [Build Log] Blue Snow - Panzer Max
  136. Help - 3d prints
  137. In progress deskmod Rog monster machine
  138. Missing my 'republic of gamers' led logo
  139. help with my case and aura
  140. project: Stormtrooper Capitan Phasma (CaseMod)
  141. Transfering bottom stickers to my new ASUS G751 case...
  142. My First Mod - 570x PSU Cover
  143. Fan choosing for water cooler.
  144. Barebones Prime Z270A Evolving into a Folding@home Workhorse
  145. [Case mod] Magnet up your component stickers for seamless removal
  146. Project:MechClaw {Scratch Pc Case Build Log}
  147. asus mobo and front panel issues
  148. Suggestions please for RGB fans
  149. [Cable mod] custom PSU cable sleeving with a Paracord - a small video instructable
  150. [Build log] Project Metallurgy - A metal scratch build
  151. ROG Font ?
  152. Project: Spiderman
  153. Need Strix?
  154. [Setup tour] The Republic - Gaming Setup
  155. ROG Fusion
  156. First time new desk mod build!
  157. Memory and speed
  158. CustomTitanfall 2 mATX Case made by Parvum(S2.5)
  159. z370-H & 3d printing
  160. Suggestions for PSU sleeved cables
  161. My Maximus X Formula 8700K build
  162. Tower 900 Build 5.3Ghz 1080ti Poseidon
  163. Project: Sleeper Build (90's beige case, 1950x, watercooled)
  164. Configurar an External Card For G75VW
  165. [Build Log] Project: Xyla, a Custom DIY Water-cooled PC Desk
  166. Help with re-arm pc
  167. First custom loop.
  168. [Build Log] Metroid -A 3D printed computer case
  169. ROG sponsors the In Win 2018 Mod in Taiwan 2.0 competition
  170. Alphamax build
  171. Gothmog the dual loop monster
  172. First Build with AIO - Formula & 8700k
  173. Hardware Inside MOD
  174. ROG badge, reusable?
  175. Another i7-8700K Formula X Build
  176. Asus ROG Maximus X Formula - Crosschill EK II
  177. Purple Haze Game Station
  178. PC Table companies
  179. Asus ROG GR8 II
  180. New R6E build.
  181. New ROG Extreme Build
  182. My Fractal Design Gunmetal R6 i7-8700K Poseidon build.
  183. [Build Log] The [P]retty[O]btuse[S]leeper by Duality92
  184. Mahogany Desk Pc build Art Deco inspired "dreambuild"
  185. My DIY solution to mounting 120mm fan into a 5.25 bay
  186. Time to change my Tim.
  187. CORRECT! Water + electronics donít mix..
  188. Another Air cooled i7 8700K build
  189. How to connect the asus 1080 strix LED strip to another rgb LED controller?
  190. Mad max / fury road gaming pc build
  191. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Micro-ATX Glass Case Build
  192. [Build Log] Project Inkling
  193. RGB ROG Solutions for Maximus Hero X ?
  194. Overkill!!!
  195. [Build Log] River of Strix (Custom Tower)
  196. [Build Log] \\\ The Demolitionist /// a Division 2 Themed Build
  197. Master RGB TV Case Mod 2018
  198. Asus STRIX B-350f Gaming Motherboard Aura Sync LED Compatibility
  199. Strix z270i rear IO shield dimensions
  200. Wondering if I can use an old build of Win 10 Home and update later for new PC build
  201. Maybe I should name my rig Ď money spongerí
  202. Two different RGB controllers at same time
  203. Individually addressible 3mm ledís? Or 3mm led on a rgb header?
  204. New Corsair 500D SE RGB case build!
  205. My ROG custom gaming room
  206. First attempt at water cooling my PC
  207. ROG Snowcone
  208. Mini ITX build, don't ignore the small wonders!
  209. Swiftech RGB and Asus Aura
  210. [Build Log] -Aurora Cubes- A RGB 3D Printed Case by 8-Bit Builder
  211. Resident Evil 2 Remake Sponsored by Asus
  212. [Build Log] Custom PC (Computer inside Desk) #ProjectD
  213. Asus ROG Maximus X stickers/Decals x 2 pages
  214. I'm Looking for Asus & Rog Strix Logo
  215. Asus ROG GL502 Notebook "ASUS LOGO" on front
  216. DIY PC Ambient Lighting system for monitor (Arduino, Low Cost <50USD)
  217. 2nd watercool build lian li pc-011 dynamic
  218. Lian li pc-011 dynamic watercool build for performance
  219. my pc build fan Intel - Core i7-8700K
  220. My first custom build desktop
  221. Long awaited system upgrade with my first custom hardline watercooling
  222. RGB Amplifier for Asus Aura?
  223. Warranty void when fitting Water Blocks?
  224. Cheap and simple way to sleeve obnoxiouis case cables (like USB 3.0/3.1 etc.)
  225. Fans setup advice
  226. Build finally looks how i want it to be - 8700k + Maximus X Hero in Phanteks Evolv X
  227. What happened to the ROG'S CONCEPT STRIX CHASSI?
  228. Project ReVolt Sponsored Build
  229. My Gaming PC
  230. Water-cooled ASUS Maximus XI Extreme + Evolv X
  231. Upgrade Part : 1 by 905 - 9700k / Maximus XI Gene / ROG Thor PSU / STRIX 1070
  232. My Little Devil
  233. ROG HB SLi Bridge For 60mm Spacing - Vega Water Build
  234. Aura devices with one header
  235. ROG Strix Chassis
  236. My Phanteks Shift X ITX Build.
  237. Watercooled - MXI-E / 9900K / 1080Ti SLi
  238. New Core P5 Build
  239. RTX 2070 No signal
  240. need help with this XI extreme bored....
  241. ARGB control with Asus Maximus IX Hero
  242. Maximus IX won't first time boot
  243. Question for my Rog inspired Case Mod!
  244. Alice - PC Tower name
  245. Xonar phoebus...problems
  246. (Modd) ROG THOR P90
  247. new dimm.2 heatsink
  248. Corsair 400D with H115i, how to setup fans properly?
  249. new build - Gears of War theme custom desk
  250. ninezerofive