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  1. G550JK World Wide Availability?
  2. auto brightness / contrast solved ! :)
  3. Asus G73JH - Normal GPU temperature ?
  4. G53JW Touchpad not being detected in Win8?
  5. G56JR-CN260H Monitor case problems
  6. G750JZ - Memory Upgrade to 32Gb 2133MHz 1,
  7. gaming problems with my G75V
  8. G74 SX-A1 and new wifi adapter
  9. i got error during install ASUS GPU Tweak
  10. Network problems on ASUS G75JW-NH71
  11. help battlefield 4 and some error g750jw
  12. Got my brand new G750JZ yesterday and already came up with a problem.
  13. Does Undervolting the CPU void the warranty?
  14. G74SX wouldnt turn on with ac adapter!
  15. Key stuck on keyboard
  16. I need help diagnosing my G75vx
  17. Possible to light up keyboard during user log-in?
  18. G750 SSD upgrade problems
  19. Frequently hanging G550JK
  20. Asus G750jz in game gpu temperature comparison
  21. Samsung 840 evo 1tb Smart data, what does it mean
  22. My g750 cpu clock stay at bootsted 3.2 ~ 3.3ghz even on idle
  23. G750JS-DS71 85-93c GPU temps
  24. How to install new ssd and use it as combo "ssd+hdd" (now i only have hdd in my g750)
  25. Which cable is for backlit ? G75
  26. Having an issue with headset mic that i cant solve myself.
  27. G750JZ Long Boot Time
  28. Asus g51 vertical grey lines on screen
  29. How to control the GPU fan
  30. is it a good idea to undervolt GPU of g750js? any risk and benefits?
  31. Cant boot with recovery partition
  32. G74Sx AC Mode/Battery Mode Toggle
  33. Monitor & DisplayPort Question G750JW
  34. G46VW Trackpad, Done with it! Trying to find a solution
  35. 'Reasonably' Priced Memory Upgrade Question for any G50v'ers out there
  36. Asus G550JK Gaming Temperatures?
  38. G74sX CD ROM not reading CDs After Reformat HD
  39. How do i find my G74Sx touchpad driver?
  40. ASUS G75VW-TS72 Keeps Shutting Off Even When Battery Is Still Half Full
  41. Are keys detachable on G750 series? (Individual Keycaps)
  42. G750Js right fan not working?
  43. Asus G750jz Furmark Result Comparison
  44. Reinstall G75VW Win7 without having to purchase RCD
  45. Price Check - Upgraded G55WV
  46. ASUS G750JS-TS71 Number of HDD bays?
  47. *UPDATE* to my G750 JX Probs
  48. g750jm performance in diablo 3 wont exceed 12 fps
  49. G750JS sound problem - speakers/subwoofer don't work together?
  50. G750JM - Fan Speed Control?
  51. Asus G75VW Keyboard Backlight Problem [solved]
  52. Possible to upgrade G550JK with gtx860 and above?
  53. g750 jx wireless connection problem
  54. Question about drivers
  55. Just got my G550JK and got a couple questions
  56. GPU / CPU "armor" removal. How to do it?
  57. Issues G750 without recovery Partition
  58. G75VW overheating & performance issue
  59. g750Jx BIOS boot options priorty list empty!!
  60. G750 Thermal Paste
  61. G74SX not turning ON on just ac adapter and battery not charging
  62. G550JK no keyboard light at windows log-in
  63. G75VW upgrade advice for memory and hard drive?
  64. G750JM - screen goes to "blue-ish" while playing
  65. Trouble Booting From Optical Drive
  66. Asus G56JR lags and FPS drops during gaming
  67. G73Jh backlight and hotkey problems
  68. GTX 880m 60hz vs GTX 780m 120hz?
  69. G74SX: What does this all mean, when running an SSD ?
  70. G750JZ Recovery Partition Deleted?
  71. Questions about my G75VW laptop... Not working right. New laptop maybe?
  72. G75VW Wifi issues...50% of the time when booting or waking from sleep
  73. G73jh ATI - No display on startup but works after 15 minutes
  74. g53sw-a1 bought 3rd year na warranty extension on a1 model
  75. WIndows 8 Product code and Ethernet Mac Address Question G750JX
  76. G750JZ and "quiet boot" (hide raid screen on boot)
  77. Fail Windows Update G75 [solved]
  78. Where to Find Win8.1 Drivers for Used G75VX?
  79. Collection of Some G750 Blue Screen/BSOD Threads
  80. New G550JK no longer starts up, Maybe bad power adapter?
  81. G750JM GPU, RAM, SSD Upgrade Questions plus Linux Dual Boot?
  82. Can't do Fast Boot anymore? :( G750JH
  83. G750JS new owner - to do questions
  84. Is G550JK coming to the United Kingdom?
  85. New Nvidia driver working with ASUS GPU Tweak?
  86. G750JS-TS71 vs DB71 differences
  87. CPU Temps and Fan Control (G53jw) - Help!
  88. When idle, do cpu or gpu fans spin at all
  89. are cooling pads necessary in g750?
  90. Webcam and other Problems with G750JM...
  91. There will be only 150 g550jk sent to the States????
  92. G75 isn't detecting 5ghz wifi signal
  93. Turbomaster download for g750jz
  94. New G750JS Owner with hard drive and ram upgrade questions
  95. g750JM new nvidia driver stable????
  96. Screen having problems - colors on one side are brighter
  97. G75vx - Reinstalling Windows 8 (missing files)
  98. Nvidia GTX 980m october launch? Asus g750 js for $1299 with bluray
  99. G51Jx, which 24 inch monitor recommended?
  100. G60vx gpu death
  101. ASUS G74SX, I'm guessing my graphics card is dead, but LCD is bad. What now
  102. G750JS Video Card Issues after Driver Update (Code 43 in device manager)
  103. Battery not Charging, G750JM
  104. Last official geForce drivers for G75 ?
  105. I bought an ASUS G750JM-T4012H and have questions about temperatures
  106. Just got a G550 and installed and imaged an SSD drive
  107. Looking for a new Laptop for Adobe Premiere
  108. Asus ROG G750JW 860m + Idle = Strange Behavior
  109. G53JW - Battery LED is blinking Orange!!! What should i do now?
  110. where to find (download) asus drivers?
  111. Bluetooth issue cannot send files to G750JZ, but can send from [solved]
  112. Does the Asus G750JS-TS71 have any problems with BSOD's or driver issues?
  113. Please Recommend A Particular Cool Pad.
  114. I need an additional 8GB ram upgrade for my asus g750jm
  115. Need help with the headphone settings for G750JM
  116. Asus G750jz - ROG splashscreen suddenly missing [solved]
  117. Takeing the bottom off a G550
  118. Running Laptop With Lid Closed?
  119. Why is recovery partion empty on new G750?
  120. Thinking about replacing G750JW's Optical Drive...
  121. My g750jx is being very slow.
  122. Any known issues with G550?
  123. New owner of A G550Jk, How to Install windows 8.1 from laptop on a new SSD?
  124. Where to buy a replacement battery for Asus G75VW?
  125. G750 Battery Malfunction?
  126. G750JW-DB71 Hardware model numbers/ parts??
  127. Confused by back cover on Asus g750 JM
  128. G550JK, available in Europe?
  129. ASUS G750 in Dubai ?
  130. G550JK (Win 8.1) Poor wifi connectivity, only getting 2 out of 5 bars
  131. Is my G750JS laptop 3D capable?
  132. G46vw graphics switching issue
  133. Converting G750JW EUROPEAN AC Adapter to USA Use
  134. G750JH-DB71 reformat/clean install?
  135. Asus G750JM Quick Question: Viewing Angles?
  136. G55V Shuts down without charger
  137. G55VW: Broken Touchpad
  138. G75 Wifi working ULTRA slow to nothing at all
  139. G75VW & Wireless AC
  140. Which one to get? Please Help!
  141. backpacks recommendations for the Asus rog g750?
  142. Well its been a good two years, ASUS G74SX- BBK11?
  143. USA Power brick on Europe Power #2
  144. G750jm and blue screen "power state failure" problem in Thailand ..
  145. G750jz RAID question for SSD upgrade
  146. Repartitioning G750J - please help
  147. Need help, bricked G75vw? ... Still in bios. No idea how to continue.. is it dead?
  148. High temperatures
  149. G75VW random shut down....
  150. G550JK boot devices problem
  151. disassembling the g46 to clean dust?
  152. Asus g750jx ssd upgrade?
  153. the corner under the screen lifted and wont cip down ?
  154. [ASUS G750JW-DB71] ¿Good laptop for programming?
  155. G75VW 660m dead???
  156. G750 - Easy Streaming?
  157. Can I get a G750 with Windows 7?
  158. G73SW - Blank screen, not starting, LEDs switched on, fans works magnet switch issue
  159. G750 with 4810MQ and a 8GB 880m
  160. Funny thing happened with my core being stuck at .77 GhZ on battery
  161. G750JW does not power on
  162. G75 randomly shut down only when i clic on programs
  163. i broke my audio input adapter
  164. [Solved] G750JZ graphic card 880m FPS Drop Issue
  165. G75VW - What Cooling Pad?
  166. I did a silly thing . and i regret it (G74sx after disassembly)
  167. G750JZ With 3D and Intel® Core™ i7-4940MX Availability?
  168. Keyboard/mouse not working after motherboard replacement (G74sx)
  169. G750JS slow Wireless speed issue when starting or waking
  170. G75WV game crashes and BSOD
  171. G750JS performing poorly.
  172. Unexpected Battery Power-off issue when around 50% on G73JW
  173. Strange automatic brightness adjustment - G750JH-T4170H
  174. Installing Windows 7 on a Windows 8 laptop, need help pls.
  175. Trying to replace missing G73S keyboard key
  176. Mechanical clicking sound on G75Js?
  177. G75VW - Bios not recognising HDD's
  178. G75VW - Bios not recognising HDD's
  179. G750js screen tearing
  180. SSD Install Strategy- will this work
  181. G750 Mic and Camera?
  182. 750 powering off problem when closing cover
  183. Asus G750JH wifi problem used the laptop for 1 day !!
  184. G46VW doesn't turn on.
  185. G750 JZ WIreless Problem
  186. Asus G550 right touchpad button click issue
  187. Wireless latency issues - gaming
  188. G750 Back cover tabs broken?
  189. Bought a new G550JK and have a few questions.
  190. G750 temperature problems
  191. My G750JM Impressions and Questions
  192. G750 Goes Does not charge while gaming
  193. trying to use nvidia vision 2 with rog g750js-ds71
  194. G74SX NH-71 Special cable for second HDD
  195. G750jx SSD Upgrade Question about Reinstalling Windows
  196. Asus (1 day old) g550JK with random touchpad 'tap' problem
  197. G750JH - LAN Driver problem (error code 31) - Qualcomm Atheros AR8171/8175 PCI-E
  198. G75 : Force 100hz Refresh Rate for Laptop Monitor Safe?
  199. Bought a G750JS and after 3 days all my games droped their fps from 50-70 to 15-30fps
  200. 1 Month old G750JS Dead Pixel
  201. G75VW High GPU Temperatures using laptop screen
  202. Win 7 Install Issues
  203. [PROBLEM] G750JM Powering on while lid closed (sleep), draining battery.
  204. G750JM Odd audio volume issue when plugging/unplugging USB devices
  205. Bought a 3 month old G750JM off Craigslist - Need help. Drive totally wiped/corrupted
  206. NVIDIA driver stopped responding
  207. Win 7 64bit Drivers on Asus site for g750JM
  208. Asus G75VX: GPU replacement
  209. How to Prevent Sleeping HDD in G750JZ after a few Minutes?
  210. G750JS -> Trouble outputting > 1920x1080 over HDMI
  211. NOTE: G750 OS Drive on motherboard Port 0
  212. G75VW Keyboard and Trackpad no longer working after BIOS
  213. ASUS G750JZ vBIOS update (with link)
  214. Asus G750JW Help for New Owner, Memory, SSD Upgrade Questions
  215. G75VW will not boot up
  216. Asus G75VW WD Black 7500BPKT 750GB G Sense Error rate increasing in normal conditions
  217. Asus G53S charger stops working with Watch Dogs?
  218. G75V Screen Display Issue
  219. G750JH lag crash etc.
  220. G750JZ to HDMI Monitor, Blurry/Fuzzy/Vibration in games
  221. The JS is not being sold in Vietnam?! But JZ and JM is
  222. G750JM Component Upgrade information
  223. Asus G750J only boots to bios/setup utility
  224. disassembling the g46 to clean dust?
  225. G750JS problem HDMI audio and how to disable Intel HD 4600
  226. VGA upgrade for the G51jx laptop
  227. G750JS-RS71 Graphic problems
  228. Blu-ray software for G750JW - solution inside
  229. G750JX Long Reboot and shut down
  230. g750JS fans started running abruptly
  231. Czech/Slovakian RMA service, opinions?
  232. New BIOS update (Version 208) available for the G750JZ / JZA
  233. Got G75VX should i upgrade to....
  234. G750JS - GPU temps rising while idle
  235. help with G750jw-db71 wifi card disconnecting issues and other options?
  236. Strange sort of dead pixels - enough for an RMA?
  237. Has anyone a suggestion of a stable ((Raid 0) 2*1TB M550 SSD) platform, G750JS?
  238. Installing SSD on G750JM
  239. G56JR Chiclet Keyboard Issues...
  240. WIFI Speed goes up and down
  241. Do you lose Refresh/Reset after upgrading to windows 8.1
  242. Time for the G750JX to be replaced (suggestions?) I think :(
  243. Memory leak in many games
  244. G750JW-DB71: No display upon wake. Cannot get it back even after CMOS dump
  245. G750JH optical drive driver
  246. Possible to upgrade G750JX Graphics/ SLI?
  247. Possible to upgrade G750JX Graphics/ SLI?
  248. Idiot Needs Windows 8 Help...
  249. Driver State power failure blue screens on win 8.1 gs750jm
  250. Lets talk gaming!