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  1. Problems with G750JS
  2. G551JM-DH71/not sure if hardware issue: color gamut on display not very vibrant?
  3. Asus Live Update - what does it do?
  4. ROG G750JW 4k videos lag
  5. FPS drop pls help.
  6. HELP ME G75VW DH73-3D vs DS73-3D
  7. Why foramat all drives when using Backtracker?
  8. watchdog error blue screen on asus rog g550jk?
  9. Upgrading 760m to 860m graphic card G56JR
  10. Using a G75 audio card that looks exactly the same but 1 digit off
  11. ASUS ROG G750JS CPU problem
  12. Seagate backup plus slim g751 issues? Anyone have this hard drive?
  13. Received my new G751JY. Here are my thoughts on it.
  14. Setting up a Triple monitor setup using my ROG G750JM
  15. G75VW Wifi Connectivity Issues
  16. G75VX Serial ATA Port 0 issue
  17. G551turned off backlit on WIndows login screen
  18. Backtracker - possible to perform 2 operations using same usb device?
  19. G75v play/pause function keys reassignment?
  20. looking for ubuntu 14.04 LTS dirvers for G550J.
  21. brand new g750 wont turn on
  22. Does the ROG G751 Series G751JT-CH71 use Optimus or Not?
  23. Newb question about installing games
  24. Can not put my computer to sleep out of fear
  25. G74SX There a horizontal line on screen
  26. G751JT Weird noises - closed, pls reply at new thread
  27. USB problem fix is found, but....
  28. New Rog 75vx owner. Memory and SSD recommendations
  29. Buying a G751JT
  30. ASUS ROG G750JS-NH71 weird cpu fan problem
  31. ASUS G75VW - Powers on, but no BIOS post
  32. Bios password locked out.
  33. Low FPS?
  34. HDD/SDD not detected on R75vx
  35. Looking For A G751 Fresh Install Guide
  36. (G750JH-DB71)7Laptop Repair Company Replaced Mobo and installed wrong BIOS, help!
  37. ASUS need to update video card drivers for gaming laptop
  38. G751 Model Confusion
  39. G751 JY Models
  40. Asus g751jt power problems!!!
  41. ASUS ROG G551JM - Brightness level stuck at mid levels
  42. [G56JK] Installing Win 7
  43. Access Bios with no memory or hard drive?
  44. G751J Drive Boot sequence question
  45. G75VW Screen Top Rubber Bumper part
  46. I would call it dynamic contrast - lavel of annoyance too HIGH!
  47. G750JS 2nd HDD slot is not working after RMA
  48. No more overclock? (Asus please don't let us be fooled by Nvidia)
  49. G751JY Color Calibration to share?
  50. asus g73jh-bst7 series notebook bios update problem - solved
  51. G751 Cloning issue to Samsung SSD
  52. Bad cooling management
  53. Can I use macro keys for gaming modes?
  54. Super Happy WIth My G751 So Far And A Fresh Install Did Wonders!
  55. G750jz wierd mini freezes
  56. Swapping G751JY drives
  57. Anyone use the G750 for Video and Graphics Editing?
  58. G550J Thunderbolt?
  59. G751JT Display edges, is this normal?
  60. asus g73jh-bst7 series notebook SSD upgrade problem
  61. Anyone with ASUS ROG G751JY-DH71 upgraded their Samsung XP941 256GB M.2 SSD to 512G
  62. G551JM Intel HD4600 problem- strange noise
  63. thin line at top of G75vw screen
  64. ASUS G750xx inherent case design flaw degrading the CPU thermal cooling over time
  65. Asus ROG Notebooks - please drop the glowing logo!
  66. Newb question but please help if you know ^^ G751 Installing Drivers
  67. Decent backpack help
  68. Asus g73jh death and afterlife?
  69. G551JM - Which SSD is factory fitted?
  70. G750jw Memory Upgrade Recommendations?
  71. Cleaning Asus g750 with compressed air?
  72. blue screen your pc needs repair. no recovery disk, what to do?
  73. asus g73jh-bst7 series notebook max speed fan problem all time
  74. G75VW clean install win 7 (preloaded with win 7)
  75. Merging the 2 SSD partitions
  76. Stupid G75VW-BBK5 hard drive form factor Question - sorry
  77. ASUS G73S Problems with ATK and USB 3.0 (Windows 8.1)
  78. Is it possible to turn up the keyboard backlight brightness on a G751?
  79. help with SSD samsung 840 pro 250gb and ROG750jw
  80. strange sound issue - ASUS G750JS
  81. Asus GPU tweek for laptops does not...
  82. ASUS Backtracker doesnt work for me...
  83. G750JS Freeze while games-video playing ~ Help!
  84. G751J HD Bay Question
  85. refurbish a G50vt-x5
  86. 8.1 partitions
  87. Windows fresh install failure after SSD replacment - please help
  88. What's the password to uninstall the ASUS Screensaver?
  89. Apparently Nvidia is blocking GPU overclock on the 900m series, are we safe?
  90. G750JW Screen Flicker on Open/Close & Battery Issue
  91. G750JX-DB71 Bricked after system restore
  92. New G751JY BIOS v206 is out. Any improvements?
  93. Does the G751JY have a second M2 PCIE Slot?
  94. G751jt-ch71...ips or led?
  95. Brand new G750JZ-XS72 why are both hard drives partitioned ??? can I change that?
  96. G751JY + LG IPS Screen color calibration
  97. G751JY - Replace M2 with 2.5" - Caddy?
  98. Problem with Razer Mamba 3G Mouse driver on ROG G751JM
  99. G751JT - Where to buy, and what to do once received?
  100. ASUS G751JT - Ram upgrade
  101. G751JT and Windows 7
  102. G550 Has been sent in 3 times to fix the headphone jack, I'm sending it in again.
  103. need some help browser problems
  104. Is it okay to combine 800MHZ stock RAM with 1600Mhz Corsair Vengeance 16GB kit?
  105. Dust trapped behind monitor?
  106. [ask] how to on subwoffer sonic withn headphone on
  107. G551JM Ram upgrade
  108. G751JY Screensaver video file
  109. How to mute the ASUS Screensaver?
  110. G750JZ absolutely refusing to use NVIDIA processor
  111. No HDD listed in BIOS
  112. 3DMark on 1600 MHz RAM vs 1866 MHz RAM
  113. nVIDIA vs ASUS drivers for GeForce 980M
  114. G751JY-T7052H XHCI (USB 3) issue with docking stations
  115. Samsung XP941 256GB owners, please post your AS SSD Benchmarks
  116. Thanks to these groups!
  117. Thinking about replacing my old G73.
  118. Low 3dmark 11 score for g751jt?
  119. question about SSD and my g750
  120. Need some help with ASUS ROG G551JM-CN094D
  121. BIOS Update?
  122. G46VW - AC Adapter not working.
  123. Looking for a G750JX Upgrade in Bangkok
  124. g53sw Burned AC adapter, Rewire from battery ?
  125. Received G751JT today. Looking for help setting everything up correctly.
  126. How do I clean my g751jy laptop Dust ets..
  127. ROG G750jx Frame drop problem
  128. Latest VIA HD Audio Driver For G75VW ?
  129. Trouble identifying G751 models with red accents/colored rear vents
  130. G751JT-T7019D auto-ajusting brightness can't find where to disabel it
  131. Asus ROg G750jh gtx 870m
  132. The G751JY is compatible with 1866MHz RAM
  133. Need the G751JY Recovery
  134. Asus G75 laptop fan noises
  135. G750JZ Charging Issues solved but now need new plug/charger (SOLVED) (RMA'ed)
  136. G750 Keyboard Replacement - HELP!
  137. G750JW FPS drop issues in game
  138. got my screen replaced is it IPS?
  139. Key to show bootable dvd drive
  140. New GL55. Help me make it better!
  141. Has anyone went for G751 due to G-Sync support?
  142. Is it possible to customize G751???
  143. G751 Sound Solution - does it support SBX Pro Studio or Cinema 2 or X-Fi MB3?
  144. Solution For FPS Drop and PerfCap Reason Pwr In Gaming Laptops or PCs
  145. Crucial M550 SSD dies on G56JK
  146. Add Debian Linux to G751JY
  147. After replacing LCD, G46VW Hangs when not charger is not plugged in
  148. Is it normal...my led HDD light to flash every second w/o stopping?
  149. I have a g74sx and can't upgrade to intel 7260hmw.r
  150. Need advice on Upgrading G74SX Asus for Graphics Card in Singapore
  151. GJ50S Internet Speed Problem with Router Asus RT-N12
  152. Troca e assistência
  153. audio issue asus rog750jw
  154. Nigel Standord's Timescape - A good moment to have an IPS FHD Screen
  155. !!! OVERCLOCK is back !!!! (nvidia confirmed)
  156. G75 intel 7 series chipset family SATA AHCI Controller ???
  157. How to add a 4th drive to your G751
  158. Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)
  159. g75vw-ns71 Screen glittering [please help]
  160. Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)
  161. ASUS G551JM Wifi drivers doesn't work, no Wifi
  162. Steam Button Boots G751
  163. Enable ShadowPlay to record your desktop
  164. problem with turning on brand new G751JT-CH71 laptop
  165. Returned my ASUS G751JY
  166. G56JR - A Hinge Broken; Need Guidance
  167. My G750 motherboard may have died, any help before RMA?
  168. Installing drivers, issues with permissions (G751JT)
  169. G750jm memory upgrade
  170. G771 keyboard backlight on Linux
  171. F9 reset or windows recovery
  172. Odd thing when I plug and unplug the power cord, G751
  173. Need Help with Fan control - G751JT
  174. G751 Thermal compound/paste on GPU ram?
  175. OverClocking my GTX660M for Far Cry 4
  176. Query re posting
  177. G750JM Mic issue
  178. Bluetooth and gaming mouse on my G551?
  179. Windows 10 Technical Preview
  180. g750jm hdmi and hdmi audio problem - solved
  181. G750js Memory module configuration questions
  182. Asus ROG G751JZ-T7104H vs Asus ROG G751JY-T7132H
  183. How do I get Windows 8.1 from HDD to SSD?
  184. Random shutdown on Asus G75vw when connected to power chord.
  185. RMA Experience; GOOD!
  186. ASUS G73JH Ram Upgrade Question
  187. G750JX not displaying well on HDTV
  188. DirectX 12 Preview - The future seems bright for our G751s
  189. Optical caddy.
  190. GPU Tweak - should it be that simple?
  191. G750 Fan speed Help!
  192. G75vw Screen Turns Red
  193. I feel cheated...G751Jm from BB has the black vent ports, Why not red?
  194. About installing an SSD drive...
  195. A Question about this nvidia lawsuit
  196. G750JM not charging & dead
  197. A query re the GTX 860M
  198. a few g751 questions from a new owner
  199. G75V Constant kernel power bluescreen error
  200. Best Ways To Clean Asus ROG G750JW
  201. G751JM With Intermitent WiFi (Broadcom 802.11ac Network Adapter)
  202. G73JH Dead graphics card?
  203. Lag Spikes on my new G551, on my old Dell I had none (help appreciated)
  204. Asus G751 Decal / Sticker
  205. G74Sx Broken AC Connector Replaced, Not Starting.
  206. G751JY windows 10?
  207. g75vx have no recovery partitions for Windows 8...
  208. witcher 3 and our g751jy cpu speed...
  209. G751JY with 4870HQ ?! WHAT?! When did this happen!?
  210. Sudden slowdown with games loading on G75
  211. G75vx windows 8.1 Shortcut fn + mouse-pad doesn't work
  212. G751 No Issues Plugged In. Unplugged It Gets Choppy
  213. gtx 860m performance problems
  214. What size HDD can the Asus G75VW take?
  215. No support from Asus w/ failing G75VW motherboard
  216. (PLEASE HELP) G73JH-A1 wont resume windows after closing lid unless battery removed.
  217. G75VW Wakes up from sleep mode (Windows7 Ultimate)
  218. Auss G750 Keeps turning itself on when asleep.
  219. Just wondering...G751JT setup, how long until the 970M GPU is obsolete?
  220. new g751jm rog owner with a couple questions
  221. Broken G750JS space bar - need replacement
  222. G751YJ gtx980m DRIVER ISSUE
  223. G751JY-DH73-CA Suggested install drive for games?
  224. Asus G750JS, can't find Win7 64bit software
  225. should i overclock my cpu and gpu? g751jy
  226. G751 - are you happy 'n satisfied?
  227. Overclocking + Max fan speed = Awesomeness?
  228. G751JY-T7059H really low FPS
  229. G771 black screen
  230. Nvidia driver 345.20 released today 2/24
  231. Looking to Finance/Pay Monthly for G751JT-CH71
  232. Razer Tiamat 7.1 + Asus Xonar U7 on G75VW
  233. How to recover my Windows 8.1 License
  234. Have anyone flew with G751 and could not charge his laptop?
  235. G751JY-DH73 frequent regular micro stutter
  236. G750JX Keyboard Skin?
  237. best g750 win 8.1 audio driver?
  238. G55 CD Drive spins for no reason
  239. Add an ASUS desktop graphics card to your ASUS laptop. G74SX w/ GTX560m AND GTX960
  240. What drivers are you using?
  241. My G771 laptop has a wifi problem
  242. Does anyone have new drivers (347.52) with g-sync?
  243. BIOS optimization of ASUS G751 laptop
  244. Added samsung ssd 1tb hdd wont show up now
  245. G751jm ram upgrade, what's the best?
  246. Amazing Heaven Benchmark results on G750JZ - Extreme overclocking!
  247. is my ssd connected to the pcie slot?
  248. Battery last for a shorter time than before
  249. Is this defective G551jm matrix ?
  250. G46VW Fans at Full Speed