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  1. Sound coming from only right side G750jx speaker
  2. Just bought a G750JS... Not so impressed
  3. G55vw touchpad button problem
  4. Need Advice - G53SX Warranty Issues
  5. Fresh install, what does the rog icon do above the number pad?
  6. G75vw won't boot 1TB hard drive - solved?
  7. Guide: The G751 new user thread (Clean install)
  8. Leap Motion Inquiry for G751JT?
  9. Loose screw found inside G751JT
  10. G751 Ethernet only connecting at 10mbps or 100mbps
  11. TeraByte Hard Drives compatibilty with ASUS ROG G750JX
  12. Bluray drives recommended for my G751JT-CH71
  13. Want to upgrade G751jm HDD to SSD
  14. Disabling G751 SSD in Bios
  15. Possible to replace the DVD drive with Blueray for G751JTDH72 ?
  16. Asus G750JX boot issues and wifi issues
  17. g551-jm audio driver Audio_Realtek_Win81_64_VER6017393
  18. G53SX - No Boot, Power & Read light blinking slowly
  19. is there any bloatware on my 751JM that needs to be removed?
  20. Greetings, Asus G750jx Battery Issue. Appreciate any help.
  21. G751 boot to black screen with mouse only
  22. Plugged in speed is fine, Unplugged very choppy
  23. Missing Chassis Screw from under disk drive... Refurbished?
  24. Where can i order the recovery disk?
  25. Device connect/ disconnect sound loop on startup
  26. Small questions that do not require a separate thread
  27. G56jr + ssd
  28. Need advice from 751JM owners to help decide between Asus G75 1JM or Acer Nitro V17
  29. Making of "Official NotebookFanControl G751JY Profile"
  30. Laptop Sleeves G751
  31. G751JY, tried upgrading HDD to SSD, screws so tight, got worn out, what to do?
  32. Asus G75Vw Won't boot; screen black
  33. G750JM Black spot on screen.
  34. i am using my laptop as stationary pc, is that a problem?
  35. Cleaning grease and finger prints
  36. HUGE lag not ping/fps/input related on the G750js
  37. G750JW Laptop Temperature Increasing - Ways to fix?
  38. G751 - Speed gains by replacing 1TB HDD in bay 2 (SATA 2) with an SSD??
  39. Very strange problem with new G750JS
  40. detailed guide for installing SSD in G750JS-NH71
  41. Having second thoughts about my G751 purchase
  42. Requesting help: G53SX Black screen on boot
  43. G751 SSD M.2 bracket needed
  44. Coca Cola damage
  45. Fixing G75VW Screen Wobble while Typing
  46. Asus g750js thermal paste replacement
  47. PC says I connected my SSD to SATA2?
  48. G74sx - Charger disconnecting, reconnecting
  49. G551 Driver power failure (kernel-power ID-41)
  50. CD-ROM boot option disappeared from BIOS setup
  51. For those of you wondering what Bluray Drives work with the G751JT-CH71 laptops
  52. G750 usb connectivity issues.
  53. G751JY, yes, sitting at 800 MHZ & frustrated
  54. what happens when my battery dies?
  55. G550J In-game latency increases when plugged in
  56. what Spdif cable? optical?
  57. Advice On What Online Retailer To Purchase From?
  58. Who do we talk to for text errors?
  59. no DSR options with new nvidia drivers???
  60. Trouble installing Windows on Asus G751YT
  61. G751JT - Trying to Erase Hard Drive with DBAN...
  62. Wireless Connection Speed Issue G751JY
  63. Asus g771jm audio combo jack problem ? Please help
  64. What can be upgraded on the G751JM
  65. Buying G751JT, do all the G751JT models have IPS display?
  66. G75 VX monitor has no picture
  67. Asus G750JS Fan problem solved?
  68. Elantech touchpad: Right + Left click doesn't work
  69. Rounded off screws when trying to install an ssd, and advice to remove them?
  70. G74s screen problem
  71. Does Windows 8 have a feature to back up an entire installation?
  72. question to ANY G46 (or other) owners about the charger.
  73. G751-JT doesn't boot any more - please help
  74. G75VW froze while using - forced shutdown - reboots to power light, no display.
  75. Asus G55vw - 3D Vision ready "Display not compatible"
  76. G75vw making loud humming noise from right fan area
  77. G73sw Reboot and select proper boot device
  78. SSD Advice required please.
  79. G751JM: Remove and install new RAM
  80. G75VX replacment screen
  81. G750JS No Fan Setting
  82. G75 VX Fan Speed software?
  84. BIOS Update, should I go in order or skip to the latest version? (G751JT)
  85. G751 JT Black Screen on Start Up
  86. OEM Ram for G751JT (found). Video Upgrade Possible?
  87. How to setup G750JZ running external 3D monitor?
  88. G75VW Win 7 64 Bit Problem to Setup 5.1 Audio
  89. How to make a RAID 0 on ASUS G751-JT ???
  90. G751JM HDD additions
  91. TWO G751's, same problem ... scared of ROG.
  92. G751 common issues (saddly.. too common..)
  93. G751-JT Screen Warm and Yellow
  94. g751jt battery curiosity
  95. Can't program Macro key to mute/unmute sound?
  96. Asus rog g551jm
  97. G751: Aftermarket Drives, SSD's?
  98. installing SSD to my G751 JT , need help
  99. Would you still recommend a G751?
  100. should i put my battery in the fridge?
  101. Ssd Upgrade - Totally blown away by the performance increase!
  102. G74SX Charger/Power Issue - machine won't turn on when plugged in
  103. G750J black screen problem
  104. No power, G750J seems to be bricked. HELP!
  105. Shadowplay poor audio quality, anyone else have this?
  106. 751JY Finally Arrived in Thailand
  107. Possible to switch over keyboards?
  108. Problem upgrading the DVD drive to blue ray drive in G751JT-CH71.
  109. G751JY Fan not powering down
  110. G751JY Owners: What are your average GPU temperatures when not gaming?
  111. OS, System Files and Graphic Card for ROG G751JT DH72 ??? Please Help
  112. Help finding backpack for Asus G751-JY
  113. How do I turn on my G751 notebook without the power button
  114. Assistants getting new G75VW Fans.
  115. G751-JM has a sloppy trackpad
  116. no wireless on G750JH-DB71
  117. Upgrade G53sx CPU to intel core i7 2600?
  118. Everki 17" Swift Light Laptop Backpack for G75VX
  119. G750JX, G750JH and M.2 SSD
  120. Thunderbolt error message sometimes at boot G751JY-T7022H
  121. G55 user and windows files
  122. Use G751's HDD (and its OS) in a desktop pc?
  123. Discussion for those who had re/boot problems..
  124. Update RAM for ASUS ROG G750JM
  125. NEED HELP! picking my pc, G751JM vs. G751JT
  126. ROG g751jy Overheating when playing dead island, fps going 200+
  127. G751-JT Optical Drive replaced with 9.5mm caddie, but side has a big chunk missing
  128. Horrific Asus Support
  129. G751JY : Anyone got a flawless screen after RMA? without bleeding
  130. G74SX Sound Problem
  131. g751jm video card question, using intel graphics how do i switch to geforce?
  132. G75VW..what's wrong with my video card?
  133. G751JY and LG 34UM95 with Thunderbolt Cable Trouble
  134. Paint wearing off keys. Red spot on A and D
  135. Help recovery partition erased all data from my second HD
  136. Newb Questions: Just Purchased G751 JY, Need Help
  137. G751JT Oversaturated colors
  138. i lost my windows + my recovery , my G750 JT CH71 is dead :C - never mind, fixed
  139. Still using the g-sync drivers? What is your gpu temperature under ACU?
  140. New purchase of G751JT and having some issues, return it?
  141. 3 HD's installed G751 Samsung M.2, Evo840 256gb, 750gb Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid
  142. Just 4 G751 questions from a new owner.
  143. I think the G751JY is hibernating instead of shutting down...
  144. Bought the G751 JT. Waiting for delivery from best buy.
  145. Need help downloading G55V wireless and LAN drivers
  146. g74sx new mb issues
  147. Second-hand G75vx 3 in 1 Card Reader - Missing
  148. Change G751-JM screen to 75hz?
  149. g750jh won't wake up from hibernation (usb driver problem?) + keyboard volume control
  150. g551 intel dual band N 7260 issues
  151. Do you think G501 will beat G751?
  152. G551JK 1 x SPIDIF speaker out?
  153. Overheating problems on HP Laptop. [NON-ASUS RELATED]
  154. Please Help
  155. Personal experience and opinions on the ASUS ROG Shuttle backpack? [for a G750JZ]
  156. G75 Keyboard letters fade
  157. Asus G771 JM with Nvidia driver 347.52 suddenly low FPS [PLEASE HELP]
  158. MaxxAudio can't be installed?
  159. G551 Backtrcker - no option to delete recovery partition
  160. g750 jw posting issue
  161. cant conect g751JT with ethernet, solved
  162. Dead pixel ?
  163. Mouse button on track pad audio vibration?
  164. Post your g750jm 860m overclock scores here
  165. Notebook for Rendering, 3d modeling, and some new games, best buy?
  166. Upgrade g750JX GPU ?
  167. My (barely 2 weeks old) G551JM Boots to Bios
  168. Windows Auto updating and issues afterward, G750js
  169. ASUS G751JL - Buy it or not ? Or should i get the JT,,,970m?
  170. Need help finding program that came with my G750JS
  171. G751JY USB external Harddrive problem
  172. G73SW Power Cord Issue, Crackling
  173. looking for any G74SX upgrades
  174. G751 JT fn+F7 and closing the lid question
  175. G75vw booting with no display
  176. ASUS G551 Fan loudness
  177. G771jm slow wifi problem, Mediatek MT7630E connects only at 72mbps with Asus RT-AC66U
  178. G60j RAM & SSD Disk upgrade
  179. Best compatible SSD for Asus G-750 JX
  180. G55/G75 Series Useful Threads
  181. G74 Series Useful Threads
  182. G46 / G50 / G51 / G53 / G73 / G74 / G55 / G75 Series Useful Threads
  183. G750JS laptop stuck on aptio setup utility
  184. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces G501 Ultra-Slim Gaming Laptop
  185. How do I reinstall Windows 8.1 onto an SSD for G750JX?
  186. Asus G750JH and monitor compatibility
  187. One question for Asus about Driver CD & questions about switching Retina Macbook Pro
  188. Asus G56 Low FPS while gaming
  189. Forum Update: 16th March 2015
  190. What type of RAM for G750?
  191. G751JT USB Problems | change to Alienware?
  192. GL771JM Keyboard Backlighting
  193. G750JM-BSI7N23 black screen while gaming
  194. Recovery Compatibility between G750 models
  195. How get Asus G751 Original Windows 8.1 ISO and all related drivers for fresh install?
  196. Battlefield 4 (BF4) slow to load and even slower to run
  197. Wifi speed issues?, G751JY <-> RT-AC87U
  198. How to install ssd for ASUS G751JT ?
  199. Additional Cooling G751JY + Battery Wear
  200. Diconnected from Online Game G751JT
  201. G750JY Li-ion Battery Charging info
  202. Overclocking g750JW, first time overclocker
  203. G751JY M.2 SSD Compatibility
  204. Upgrade Asus ROG - G750JH
  205. G750JM for school?
  206. G46VW Backlight Issue - solved
  207. Windows 8.1 update murders G75vx
  208. Upgrading G750JX to G751JY?
  209. G751 JT DH72 ping spike in CS:GO issue?
  210. Display color temp changes about 1 minute after windows loads
  211. RMA Service repaired laptop, but left a long hair underneath the screen... What do I
  212. G751 Windows setup on SSD
  213. g75vw PN: 60-n2vmb1600-c03
  214. Overheating G55VW
  215. G751 JY GPU Tweak Program & Number Pad?
  216. Now that OEM keys do not work....
  217. Wifi and gaming performance tips for G751?
  218. Seen a portable AC adapter, will it work with a G750JH?
  219. ASUS ROG G751-JT DH72 sound issue?
  220. What headphones/headsets do you recommend for FPS games?
  221. low quality screw prevent me from replacing ssd - solved
  222. G750JZ Left fan issues
  223. Putting ic diamond thermal compound on G751-JY & question about i7-4860HQ performance
  224. Removing ROG bootup splash screen
  225. Bios Update 206 for G751-JY
  226. G750JW subwoofer not working when power on
  227. Install Guide for Windows 8.1 on G751 freeDOS (no windows out of the box)
  228. ASUS ROG G750 JS Linux Compatibility
  229. So it looks that G751JY and G751JT are no longer available at Poland (entirely)
  230. latest nvidia update for GTX 970 in the G751?
  231. G751 Sound Crackling Thread (The one thread to rule them all)
  232. backlight bleed thoughts and ideas on how to reducing it ?
  233. G751 JT DH72 - Sound popping noise when I go bluetooth with my beats solo 2?
  234. G74SX-A1 Fan blown
  235. Downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7 Simple Communication Control
  236. Disaster G56JR Asus experience: They want to see the laptop break down 4x!
  237. Formatting HDD With One Partition
  238. Difference betwen G551 and G501?
  239. ETA for the G751 with nVidia GTX980m and the 5th Intel i7 CPU
  240. G750JW Charger is dead
  241. G74S will not charge and will not turn on while battery is disconnected
  242. From 60Hz to 75Hz.. And back to 60Hz again?! (nvidia driver update)
  243. SSD ADATA Premier Pro SP900 128GB M.2 2280 for G751?
  244. Need Advice: Next Generation model of G751jy
  245. Linux mint to ATK? Screen issue's
  246. G750JW HDD/SSD fail to show up on bios
  247. Need Help, my g74 wont even turn on
  248. Color Profile of screen resets when starting a game
  249. Asus G56JR-CN168D -Room for SSD and cooling
  250. asus g771jm audio jack problem