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  1. G751JY in clamshell mode (external monitor)?
  2. Weird Asus G53SX sound problem, desperate for help.
  3. Did I break the laptop/keyboard power connector?
  4. Laptop FPS drastically lower than a few months ago? ROG G751JT 970M...
  5. G751JT Max Refresh Rate (60-100hz)?
  6. G750JX Radiation Probem
  7. G750 trackpad peeling off???!!
  8. G75VW Startup screen with Windows 8.1 (from SSD)
  9. G751JY Disassembly Pics
  10. Asus G751JT , starting in Aptio setup utility , repetedly
  11. G751 JY FPS Issues? I Don't Know Where Too Start or What To Do?
  12. G750JH / G750JZ and other M.2 SATA Asus models - Evo 850 M.2 SATA III 3/31/2015
  13. Is it safe only overclocking core clock/mem clock without raising voltage?
  14. G751J Left USB problems?
  15. msata or m.2 SSD slot on G551JW?
  16. G551JM and BIOS options
  17. G751JT screen bezel
  18. G75VW - Trying to restore back to factory - Both F9/DVDs do not work
  19. [G750JX] DVD drive replacement
  20. G751JT- Several system_service_exception/irql blue screens, process of resetting
  21. G750 corner of tackpad coming off
  22. ASUS G75VW-DS72 Should I repl. keyboard?
  23. Bsod g75vsw
  24. G751 JY: Plugged In Not Charging?
  25. Accidentally disabled mic
  26. Left sounds coming out of Right speaker and right sounds out of left (G751)
  27. G751JY Display Driver issues/crashes
  28. Gsod g73jh
  29. GPU Tweek and FurMark Stress Testing?
  30. Uninstalled game center x-x
  31. Cleaning the G751-JT
  32. Where to find MaxxAudio settings?
  33. Possible g74sx BIOS error please help - no screen
  34. g750jx performance drop after returned from repair shop
  35. ROG G750JH-DB71 > NDIS 6.30 to 6.40
  36. SD Card Reader issue G750-JZ, card does not appear in file explorer - solved?
  37. Windows 8.1 reboots instead of just waking up
  38. G750JX - I think my GPU fan just ____ itself
  39. New out of the box G751JY setup question
  40. G75VW full bios dump 8mb required please.
  41. I bought Asus G751JY-T7164H but have some questions please
  42. Re-Attaching G750 keyboard
  43. Asus G551JK-DM053H ROG Series Uprade ???
  44. G75VX BHI7N11 If I get a 144hz monitor, can I use the thunderbolt port as mini DP?
  45. Bios for G75vx and G75vw interchangeable ?
  46. No Audio in my Samsung TV, when connected my G751JT to the TV with HDMI
  47. ASUS G750JX DB71 - Extremely Dissapointed
  48. G751jy software for core temp and fps ingame
  49. G750JX - "SSD" not connected???
  50. Need some help please or advice about keeping the G750JW laptop, selling the desktop
  51. Replace blue ray with SDS. POssible?
  52. How to force CPU work on maximum speed?
  53. G750JW Hard Drive Swap From Old to New Laptop
  54. G750jz screen flickrs everytime i move the lid
  55. G771JM drivers and stuff
  56. Trying to find G751JT m.2 2280 mounting bracket
  57. Very confused about this g751jt model-display panel
  58. G751JY little help with software after formatting with Windows 8.1 Pro
  59. g551 144hz with external monitor through mDP
  60. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility - Safe?
  61. Asus Rog G750JW - Lost Frames
  62. can G551JM e overclocked?
  63. G751JT BIOS 203 - BIOS 206 - What do each of the changes mean?
  64. About to spend 1600 dollars. Please help! G751JT-TH71 vs. G751JT-CH71?
  65. g75vw will not load past the ROG logo
  66. G771JM Same Power Options Plugged or Unplugged??? FPS Issues
  67. g751JT download speed at 50kb/s Please Help?
  68. Fresh install of Windows 7 Premium on G74s
  69. G750JM Memory won't fit/seat properly [solved]
  70. Using the Shadowplay Button
  71. G751jy i7-4860 normal core temp for high peformance?
  72. ASUS G750JS Mackintosh almost complete build Yosemite 10.10.2
  73. G751JT m.2 ssd question
  74. [Asus G751JY] No sound on Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon
  75. How do I reset my network adapter settings?
  76. G74SX shuts down in games
  77. Black Screen from sleep but only if I wake up with mouse?
  78. g73jh-A1 GPU overheating or faulty ?
  79. strg does not work anymore
  80. Strange G75 VX USB port behaviour
  81. g551 or g771
  82. *** [GUIDE] Remap Fn keys ***
  83. Wow I accidentally scratched my screen
  84. G75VW upgraded to Intel 6235 WiFi/Bluetooth - BT not picking up devices?
  85. Raid 0 SSd low speed with g751
  86. G551J 960m graphics driver
  87. Several Issues with G751JY
  88. Cleaning fans g750 without disassembly
  89. Asus G750JS fps problem
  90. G551JM Asus ROG AudioWizard and MaxXAudio
  91. [Asus G751JY] Snaps and clicks while using headphones on Windows 8.1.
  92. G751-JY owners with fixed sound quality, please help!
  93. How to Modify Default Function Key Mode?
  94. Does Backtracker encompass windows 8.1 Pro upgrade?
  95. GPU tweak will not recognize CPU/GPU fan speeds or turn on the fans at full speed
  96. Having a high frequented BLUESCREEN since starting the computer (ASUS GL771JM)
  97. Extra cooling intake for g750js
  98. G751-JM ram upgrade to 24GB?
  99. asus g751 jy subwoofer doesnt work
  100. Quick question on SSD variations for the G751.....
  101. whea_uncorrectable_error on high performance power plan !!!
  102. G75VX second sata port issue
  103. Reconsidering my new Asus G751JM-BHI7T25 Best Buy purchase.
  104. g73jh and intel 7260 ac
  105. G751JM - Windows Randomly Freezing - ctrl+alt+delete won't work.
  106. G751JY wake on WLAN insomnia - wakes up every 10 minutes
  107. G73SW looking for working vBios for GTX680M 4GB.
  108. G551JK caddy
  109. ROG G751 vs G771JM, What should I choose and why?
  110. G771JM Graphics Problem, screen randomly goes black 1 second then back to normal
  111. Help on my g75vw, cannot turn off my touchpad after switching to Win8.1 Pro
  112. G750JM Graphics issue after upgrading to SSD, clean install, please help! [solved]
  113. Screen and network card disabled! Asus G751-JY
  114. G750jm digital or optical s/pdif output?
  115. how to enable widi and optimus on G751JY?
  116. Insane Overclock with the Asus g751JT GTX 970M
  117. Kingston HyperX Predator SSD PCIe Gen2 x4 compatibility with G751?
  118. G771JM-DH11 - No Insert Key - What the heck ASUS?
  119. ROG 750 Bluetooth issue, LG Tone Infinum HBS 900 headphones pair but don't connect
  120. G751JT-QH72-CB or ROG G751JT-DH72-CA??? why is one 200$ more?
  121. G751jy or G751jt, Is the jy worth $400-$500 more?
  122. CAMERA G751jy - virtual camera / pixelmaster hdr
  123. No Power4Gear in G751jy?
  124. G53SX thermal paste / A.C wifi upgrade
  125. ShadowPlay don't register video from all games
  126. Low sound volume? - ASUS ROG G751 JT DH72
  127. I am concerned about my G750JS RAM specs, please help me clarify
  128. g551jm-dh71 - backlit keyboard no longer working after downgraded from win8.1 to win7
  129. Asus G75vw Random Reboots - somewhat solved with throttlestop?
  130. possible to install windows 7 on asus g750 Jy gtx 980m 8gb? (solved)
  131. G750JS GPU Core clock problems.
  132. ASus G750jx Shut down abruptly while playing Games
  133. G550 Overheat
  134. ASUS G751 USB disconnects, but only for a split second before regaining connection
  135. Does G751JT monitor support RGB 0-255 ?
  136. HELP! G750 C drive full! can't merge second partition
  137. G751 JT freeze when playing bf 4 or bfh
  138. Asus G75VW Windows 7 Home Prem OA recovery disc
  139. Does the G74SX-BBK7 support 120/144hz output though HDMI?
  140. Just Purchased G751jl, how to install 2 SSD's in raid format?
  141. Problems Installing Samsung XP941 M.2 SSD on a G751JT
  142. Please help, G750jm Power Off Issue when using more GPU power and battery unplugged.
  143. G750JM SSD Upgrade - ASUS Backtracker questions
  144. G750JX Over heat
  145. Fans @100% for hours while gaming, SAFE?
  146. Intel Smart (SSD caching) on a G551JM
  147. Guild wars 2 - cpu temperature, average temp:86 C, max temp: 94C ok?
  148. Windows Update on G751JY, good idea or bad idea?
  149. Witcher 3 code for G750JY?
  150. G771JM Thermal Throttling
  151. G750jm Nvidia driver update causes Photoshop to complain having less than 512mb vram
  152. G751JT-CH71 takes longer to wake from sleep than to boot
  153. g75vw "limited" internet issues
  154. G46VW - No Sound from HDMI - solved, thanks!
  155. G750JX-DB71 Hard Drive Bottom Cover Question
  156. Does the G551JM-DH71 have UASP USB3.0?
  157. Friendly advices are welcome! - new G551 owner (my first real gaming laptop)
  158. Installing Win 8.1 on G75VW - key embedded in BIOS?
  159. G751 and choosing path for Steam game files so they aren't on the C: drive?
  160. G74SX boot issue......after S.M.A.R.T message and drive error check
  161. New to ROG, G75vw with a few issues and question if its running ok?
  162. G751jy and just plain dvd drive instead of blu ray, ridiculous!
  163. UEFI bootloader instead of old blue and grey BIOS?
  164. G75VW Disc drive issues
  165. Question about G751JT-T7012D, keyboard back-light is not working
  166. G56JR: Not satisfied w/ my GPU
  167. G750JW keyboard light stays on too long before going out
  168. Asus G750JX Second Hand problems
  169. HDD/SSD in the Optical Drive bay - G751 - need help.
  170. G551 Sound problem, very low when playing sims 4
  171. G46VW Msata not booting without PXE OpROM
  172. USB3.0 slow speed on G751JY
  173. G751JY Keyboard not responding after waking the laptop.
  174. How will this laptop handle GTA V(G751JY/980m)
  175. Grey Box in the middle of my screen help
  176. Use External monitor and NVidia GPU in my G551?
  177. G551 Backlight Newbie question - How to turn on? (solved)
  178. G751J - Delete recovery partition, but keep ASUS windows image?
  179. 551 Difficulty adjusting sound correctly between earbuds and using external speakers
  180. g751jy-DH71/DH73-CA model differences?
  181. G75vw Battery Replacement help please
  182. Is the G751JM capable of CPU overclocking?
  183. Dream gaming machine - RoG Modding Contest
  184. LOW SCORES and HIGH TEMPS in Cinebench and Realbench with G751JM (4710hq)
  185. G551 Temperature Benchamark (Help)
  186. Overclock g751jy gtx 980mx
  187. Replacing DVD drive with a Blu-Ray Drive on G75-VW
  188. G751jm Ram Upgrade, but test out 3dmark slower??
  189. G750JZ GPU Upgradable?
  190. GTA V on Asus G74??
  191. ASUS G75VW - No POST, black screen, motherboard replacement didn't fix
  192. G750JH Power supply, momentary dim screen issue related to drop in frames lately?
  193. Cant Remove Battery (G751) - Installing HDD
  194. G750 Series Officially Retired... Asus North America Video Announcement
  195. Problems faced w/JM Realtek Audio Drivers after installing driver pushed by Windows.
  196. G551JM USB mouse not working
  197. Problems with G551 sound system after unplugging earbuds
  198. Plugged in not charging?
  199. Asus ROG g551jk trouble utilizing 5.1 sound
  200. G751JT image retention/ghosting -- any solutions?
  201. G750jw upgrades/compatibility (ram, gpu, ssd)
  202. New versions of G751 JY & JT ???
  203. WiFi card Intel Dual Band Wireless AC7260 and Router TP-Link TL-WDR4300
  204. g750 Trackpad problems
  205. G751JT Audio Driver version help, which version should I update to?
  206. NO WINDOWS 8 PRO? and Crysis not working. g750jz
  207. rog gamer laptop in dockingstation possible??
  208. G550JK won't start
  209. Happy owner of an G73JH about to buy a G751JY - T7094H, but have some questions
  210. G551 Audio Jack vs. Mouse hand, constantly trying to avoid running into earbud cord
  211. G751 Macro Keys
  212. Best SSD or HDD for G750JM?
  213. G750 replacement screen question, possible to use G751 screen?
  214. ASUS ROG G750 Series G750JS-NH71 INTEL 4600 HD drivers revert back after restart.
  215. G75VW will not find USB drive to boot
  216. BIOS Password help
  217. Samsung 850 evo m.2 would these fit in the g750jz?
  218. Asus ROG G550JK suddenly turned off
  219. If Win starts up with low level volume there is no sound on speakers
  220. G53SW - freeze...
  221. G751 not running at full potential when playing games, Manual CPU boost? [solved]
  222. Running Win 7 on new G750JM; Need Overclocking tool for GPU(GTX 860M) and I7 4710HQ..
  223. Wifi speed being throttled?
  224. G750JM - Not powering up!
  225. Nvidia Gaming center crash (G751JY Geforce experience keeps crashing)
  226. G551 battery life?
  227. G551JM fans working whenever they feel like it?
  228. Can't install G751JM wireless driver
  229. g750jm bios update problem with Winflash
  230. Removing G751-JM cooling vents/grills?
  231. LOL( League of Legends) Game Crash
  232. Plugged in not charging?
  233. best way to set up an ssd for os and apps, and hdd for storage?
  234. G751JY Screen glitch in top right corner
  235. Asus G751 Weird Black Boxes While Browsing (New Laptop)
  236. G751jy switches back to windows tiles unexpectedly - almost solved
  237. How noisy is g751JY or JT model?
  238. G750JM 'USB not recognized' while copying files
  239. G751JY Fan Settins?
  240. Repaired G73JW Temp sensor error
  241. Question about G751 CH71 & SSD's
  242. G751 performance in GTA V
  243. Asus ROG G751 JT DH72 touchpad not WORKING? - solved
  244. I just bought new G751JY and I cant run any game or flash things
  245. Asus G75VX with highr mileage.
  246. ASUS G771JM optical drive replaced with SSD, which size of caddy do I need?
  247. G750JZ GTX 880m | help me pls, mainly uses intel graphics not geforce
  248. for all of those who have black screen on boot, try this.
  249. Factory Refurb G750-JS-RS71 Concerned with Stress Test results
  250. g751jt rubber feet