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  1. does ASUS plan to sell laptops with delided CPUs
  2. G752vt high temps, thermal paste suggestions?
  3. G752VL - power button+ screen issues & cooling bed stand
  4. G74SX Replacement Battery
  5. Price/Release date of the newly announced ROG Chimera?
  6. G752VM XSplit/Shadowstream button does nothing!
  7. Anyone Used G752VS for Ethereum Mining and will it Burn Out the GPU?
  8. Replacing the BIOS battery on my Asus G53SX-NH71 (which has stopped booting entirely)
  9. G750JS vs Thunderbolt(mDP), AOC AGON 32 says '' Input Not Support "
  10. G501jJw FI260H M.2 SUPPORT and Largest Size?
  11. asus abandons old ROG G74s
  12. G75VW Keyboard backlight suddenly stopped working after removing HDMI cable
  13. G752 Keyboard not working... solved ?
  14. G752VS reviews please?
  15. What is this notebook?
  16. G74sx shutting down problem
  17. G751JY 0% plugged in not charging
  18. Hangs on the logo g752vs
  19. G751JY AC charger disconnects while gaming.
  20. G752VS 1070GTX with an extra monitor, please help!
  21. G752VS + Oculus Rift requires restart to work.
  22. New G701VI-XB78K owner wondering about doing fresh install and if it affects warranty
  23. Help with G751 screen no display after waking from sleep - solved?
  24. ASUS G750 Preparing Automatic Repair
  25. ROG G751JY still wont stay charged
  26. What is the most powerfull Asus laptop with a socket lga?
  27. G752VL with Samsung EVO 960 not recognized by Magician
  28. G752VS KBL GB367T with G752VSK bios
  29. Any G701vik owners around? Questions about fan
  30. Asus ROG G751JL SELF-POWER-DOWN ???
  31. G750JS Signs and Symptoms of an almost dead laptop?
  32. G752VL and Samsung EVO 960 SSD - Too easy!
  33. G752VS Sound snap external
  34. G752: from FHD to 4K?
  35. Surprisingly low 3d mark performance score on G502 VS i7 Q6700/GTX 1070
  36. G701VI Re-install Turbo Gear help - solved
  37. G751JY-DH71 HDD Drive to SSD Upgrade Help
  38. G750JM Touchpad not working
  39. G750JM Battery not charging
  40. G751JY wlan problems
  41. NVMe not detected G752VS again
  42. Asus g551jw ethernet port stopped working, possible to replace LAN card?
  43. G752VM Wifi does not stay connected since Creators Update
  44. Has anyone replaced screen because of backlight bleeding?
  45. Should G752VT Notebook BIOS update to 303? (because of problem)
  46. G75 - Black and blue lines... start on safe mode only. Is my graphics card gone?
  47. G752VS Touchpad jumpy...
  48. ASUS ROG G701VI-XS78K replacement screen
  49. G751 Displayport to HDMI issue with TV and Oculus Rift
  50. ASUS G752VS: Long standing issue with ELAN touchpad
  51. Asus asks 1500,00 to repair 2 components of a 2013 model
  52. G73JH i7 5870m black screen...
  53. G752VY and VGA driver crashing at every Windows startup - solved?
  54. Claymore + laptop
  55. Asus G75V laptop, keyboard glitches out randomly, already contacted asus support.
  56. Asus G752VT Cooling Problems
  57. Undervolting G752 Questions
  58. G752Vl Missing BT Sideband device driver ?
  59. G752VS Can the sound really be so bad? What am I missing?
  60. Windows 10 Setup - Reference for Disk Information & Enum/Property Inconsistency
  61. Windows 10 Recovery - Reference - The need to replace Microsoft Windows Recovery
  62. How to keep the g751 rubberised chassis finish clean?
  63. G75VW Died, looking to replace the MB
  64. G752VS randomly restarts while gaming
  65. G752VY RH71 Black Screen after Asus logo
  66. How to Overclock cpu and gpu on ASUS G752VT Notebook?
  67. how to undervolt asus rog g752vt cpu and gpu?
  68. How to enable or disable hpet on asus rog g752vt?
  69. G752 series overheating problems ?
  70. New ASUS g752vs crashing games and rebooting...
  71. ASUS G750JM, webcam keeps cycling on/off when I move screen forward and back
  72. G750JZ - Is the sink pure copper? (Liquid Metal paste)
  73. What are drivers should I install after clean installing my Asus G752VY?
  74. Is it normal that my laptop fans barely kick in when I play games like overwatch?
  75. I cant undervolt gpu with msi afterburner!!! G752vt
  76. G752VY sonic studio 2-gaming center-fn+f9 problem
  77. How Do you Keep Backlit Logo ON?
  78. Problems with FiOS Gigabit download speed on Asus ROG G751JY
  79. New G752VS Problems RMA or Refund?
  80. G701 VI XB78K - Touchpad multigestures not working
  81. Intel Wireless AC 7260 - Possible Fix - Need Guinea Pigs
  82. G752VS GTX 1070 Crash in PUBG
  83. Is it worth to clean install asus rog than format with bloatware?!? Anyone tried it?
  84. Asus g752vy updated programs?
  85. G750JW Windows 10 Re-Install with 2 Hard Drives?
  86. G752VS Update / Driver Guide for New Owner?
  87. G752VT M.2 Compatibility Questions
  88. Issue with G751JY (flipping between AC/Battery)
  89. My luck, battery issues just out of warranty. G751 jt- ch71
  90. My G750JM OS has been heavily botched
  91. Winodws FCU will be posted at 12:00 Pacific Time
  92. G750JW Black Screen
  93. G750JS-T4114H gpu hot in idle but gaming temps are good at about 50-73C ?
  94. How to clean the fan of G551J ?
  95. Gaming Center Turbogear Disabled after Windows 10 Fall Creator Update, solved?
  96. G73JH - cloned hard drive - Windows Update/Index/etc not working
  97. Asus ROG G752VY and SSD Samsung M2 950 Pro Win 10 Fall Upgrade Fail
  98. Have anyone Overclock their Monitor for a year?
  99. G752VY Start-up Screen Issue
  100. CustOEM ROG Windows 10 1709 Home, Pro & Edu Install, Diagnostics and Recovery Tool
  101. ASUS G752VL Troubleshooting, Looking for advice on repair
  102. How to Replace G751JY AC Power Jack Port ?
  103. Why aren't there any updates for Asus G752VY Drivers ?
  104. G752VT Keyboard backlight not working
  105. When and where will the ROG Chimera gaming laptop be available?
  106. G751JY cyan screen with pink burns
  107. Needed help please! G751JT Ram Upgrade 2x HX318LS11IBK2/16
  108. G752VY one of Usb port suddenly works only for 3.0 usb and does not work for 2.0 usb
  109. How to Activate the NUM LOCK on a G751JT ?
  110. G752VS-XS74K Turbo Gear and Other Questions
  111. G752vy bios 304???
  112. Why is adjusting audio so difficult !?!?
  113. G752VY GTX980M Heat issues while gaming above 93c+ - solved
  114. G750JS-RS71 Need some help with OS
  115. Need help deciding on a gaming laptop
  116. Asus G752VS G Sync Issues and V Sync Settings
  117. Volume resets by itself..to 54%?
  118. G73JH bricked (can't access BIOS anymore)?
  119. Unknown (muffled) sound issue on G752 after smelled something burnt
  120. New SSD samsung EVO problem, starts only if I remove the old ssd?
  121. G701VIK Speaker problem, It is "sizzling" at high volume! Can anyone help?
  122. Will the new intel Optane SSD 900P work in my G751JT MOBO??
  123. G752vs How do I adjust the timer on the keyboard lighting
  124. G752VY Wifi Adapter issues following Win10 Update
  125. g571jl rog asus keyboard backlight not working after MB replacement
  126. G702ZC - AMD-V virtualization possible? - solved with 303 bios?
  127. G752VS - which versions are the HDMI and Display port?
  128. F4 key broken. How to turn back keyboard backlight on?
  129. G752VM RMA Losing Power
  130. G752VS Power supply died, where do i buy a new one?
  131. No sound control over HDMI using keyboard shortcuts (FN keys) on G75VX W7
  132. G751JM Power Supply and Gaming FPS issue
  133. ASUS ROG G752VM Screen replacement problems
  134. G75 Left Shift Key half responsive
  135. G751JL keyboard replacement
  136. Removing keys on G752VT (spilled sticky stuff on keyboard) ? - solved
  137. G50VT. Camera is upside down. I am running windows 10
  138. G701VI Display only 60hz refresh rate instead of 120hz?
  139. G752VL And "WhySoSlow".....
  140. G752VL Windows Creators update issues
  141. Keyboard button to turn G752VY on/off fans? Accidentally set to max fan speed.
  142. First time NVMe SSD,need help
  143. Samsung 960 evo 256gb working on g771 ?
  144. New G752 VY bios 304
  146. When to expect a redesign of G752 (G753?)
  147. G752VSK discharging below 95% while plugged in
  148. G702ZC: Broken UIs all over the places
  149. AC Power Jack not charging on Asus ROG G750JY-T4050D
  150. G74SX: Planning Clean Install of Win10FCU and Have Driver Question
  151. G750JM Keyboard lightning problems
  152. G5752VS-RB71 Trackpad Problem (Wake After Sleep)
  153. G703VI Realtek Audio stuttering !
  154. Wow. Easy way to trash a brand new $3500 laptop..(by overclocking G703V) - resolved
  155. G752VS-XS74K Upgrade Two 256GB NVMe ssds to Two 512GB NVMe ssds
  156. Viewsonic XG2703-GS on my g751-JT, Will Gsync Work?
  157. Asus G752VY Long boot
  158. Screen for rog G751JY-T7065D
  159. Could Someone Share Their G752VS Battery Report?
  160. G752VY. Vulnerability Intel(R) Management Engine firmware for INTEL-SA-00086
  161. Problem Installing New Samsung 960 Pro ssds Into G752VS
  162. G55VW or G75VW 4k output 60hz with display port? What type is the display port? 1.2?
  163. G703VI-E5060T looking for factory backup
  164. Nightmare Installing Samsung 960 EVO M.2 on a G752VS
  165. Intel Management Engine (ME) Security Hole - ASUS ROG G752VS-XS74K
  166. G752VS Turbo Gear Settings - Every setting looks the same !
  167. G750JM and nvidia drivers issues
  168. G703VI GTX 1080 vbios locked?
  169. Can the G501VW-BSI7N25 have a Samsung 960 Evo ssd installed? - Yes (Updated)
  170. Asus G771JW fans always on - by design or something wrong?
  171. Enabling G752VS Intel GPU - Any Chance / Method?
  172. Asus G752VS rear exhaust, temperature, and undervolting questions...
  173. Some other questions regarding GL702ZC's BIOS...
  174. G751JY Question, Battery at 0% and don't charge
  175. G750JM not turning on... HELP!
  176. G752VY max gpu fan speed ?
  177. Asus G751JT Speaker Don't Working and Click Noice
  178. G752vy bios 304 causing Core 1 of CPU to run close to 100% 100% of the time, solved?
  179. G501VW No boot
  180. Put some new thermal paste on my G501J and the temps are still high
  181. Asus G50v Oled Screen?
  182. Please.. Help!!! G752VS OC Edition won't even boot Bios after undervolting memory..
  183. Where can I find 52x internal drive for my G series lappy?
  184. Asus G752 laptop replacement when parts unavailable for warranty service?
  185. Can I put gtx 880m on my G750JM ?
  186. Asus G75vw BIOS issue
  187. G751 fresh Win10 install - won't recognize 980M
  188. G752VSK defect? G sync, strange buzz and others
  189. G752VM Brightness issue and more questions after screen replacement.
  190. G751 JT Battery status stuck at 32%, how to reset battery?
  191. G751JY keyboard suffered a small spill. How hard is it to replace? Correct part?
  192. My G752VS laptop finally acknowledged to be faulty!
  193. Where to find ASUS G75VW Parts?
  194. Would Appreciate Some Opinions and Tips About my g752vsk Keyboard/Scratched Lid Issue
  195. G751JY: Which M.2 512GB SSD to get?
  196. ASUS G73JH - upgrades - RAM - CPU - help
  197. ASUS ROG G752VS-XB78K To buy or no?
  198. G752VSK - eSupport folder and other info
  199. Bad Colors/Pink Screen/Windows Ghosting in Screen Problem. Screen dead? G551JW
  200. Are the screws in the G751JL glued in?
  201. G752VS Overheating Issue
  202. G74sx Motherboard Replacement problem, is this one compatible?
  203. Ssd & caddy g750jm
  204. G751JT - ASkit64.wim file (eSupport folder) available for download!!
  205. Is the new Asus G752VY BIOS (304) any good?
  206. Suitable ram for G750 series ?
  207. G752VSK Lagging Doing Nothing!
  208. G75VW Dead After Screen Replacement
  209. updating Power4Gear on G75VW
  210. HP Laserjet MFP scanner gets disabled by G75VW Power4Gear
  211. G703 - RAM Update to 64GB Notebook won't boot
  212. What is the strange noise? Not from the fans I believe
  213. G551JW with 32GB DDR4 RAM?
  214. ASUS G750 JZ charging issues, blinking green battery light
  215. G752VSK not playing any video files or games
  216. How to recover, backup ASUS GL752 VW?
  217. Split playback Devices on G752VS
  218. How to restore to Factory state on Asus G752VY?
  219. Asus G751 switches to battery when playing intensive games
  220. G702ZC battery life disappointment
  221. G750JX blackscreen boot
  222. G750JW Help
  223. Fan speed got stuck after Windows hibernation
  224. G750JM not posting, not booting, fans dont spin keyboard doesnt light up.
  225. G752VY Freezing after Nvidia GeForce 980 M driver update at boot up
  226. ROG G551JW - No Screen! Help!
  227. G751JT Battery flashing orange/green then no LED at all
  228. ASUS g752vm dual boot ubuntu installation.
  229. G74SX Bluetooth stopped after Fall Creators Update
  230. Just about to do my first ever upgrade on my G752VT, what should I do beforehand?
  231. Docking station for G752VT?
  232. G752 reinstall safe yet?
  233. M2 ssd for ROG 751JY
  234. I need Help About G751JT Thermal Pad Thickness
  235. ASUS G751 Custom Cooling System Upgrade
  236. ROG 751JT laptop battery at zero and laptop won't stay on.
  237. CPU Insecure (Asus G752VS) - The Worst Flaw In Intel History
  238. G752VY LightBars Flash in Sleep Mode or Shutdown
  239. How to remove stripped 1.5mm screws on Asus G751
  240. Questions on installing 850 Evo on Asus G751JT
  241. Asus G751 JT randomly stops charging
  242. DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE (ROG G551JW), Please Help !!!!!
  243. Asus ROG G551jw very slow on external screen
  244. Asus stopped keeping stock of parts for my Asus G56JR and now I can't fix it
  245. Asus G46VW windows10 drivers? - solved?
  246. G750JW GPU not detected right - after mb replaced, solved for now (thanks Dreamonic)
  247. G752-VSK Drivers next update in 2080 ?
  248. GL702ZC Sonnic Studio II missing
  249. G53SX Keyboard Backlight No Longer Works After Windows 8.1 Pro Install
  250. G502VS Right FAN not working