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  1. G73 SW fan keeps blowing hard, but no heat coming out of it.
  2. g551jw Nvidia error graphics
  3. G752VT - Sonic Suite V2.4.13 - wrong driver version?
  4. [Guide] G752VT fan control
  5. Sonic Suite V2.4.13 for G752VS
  6. Possible to have NVMe Drives as separate letters/drives without Raid?
  7. Thunderbolt 3 capabilities on G752VY-DH72 for multiple monitors
  8. BIOS update for Spectre vulnerability?
  9. G751JY Completely Dead, No lights at all.
  10. Asus G750JM - Was listening to a vid in the back and playing wow. Laptop shut down
  11. ASUS G750J Upgrade to Windows 10.1, GeForce 870m Drivers Not Compatible
  12. G75VW Bricked Bios - Expert Advice seeked
  13. How to improve gaming experience/gain some fps on G752VY?
  14. G751JY Cpu Temps routinely reaching 90-96 degrees
  15. G752VSK - Has Thunderbolt 3.1 But Cannot Display Video!
  16. Consequences of applying MEUpdate_D0_H_V2.0.0.4 on my G752VY!
  17. G750JM-DS71 + VG248QE + 3d Nvidia Vission = 3d?
  18. G73JH - Display Driver issues, causing photoshop crashes
  19. G501JW Awkward "Laptop Tingling" Sensation
  20. ASUS 751JT Temperature Results After Repaste
  21. Asus g75vw bricked after changing boot order in bios.
  22. G751JM Battery indicator blinking orange and green but the problem is weird
  23. G751JY Restore/Recovery Partition Needed!
  24. G752VS Sonic Studio / Suite not launching. Fresh Win10
  25. G752VS Won't Wake on Lid Open
  26. Asus ROG G70s Bios update failed
  27. G752VSK -BIOS update to 304
  28. G752VS Backlight Bleed is terrible. Suggestions?
  29. Samsung EVO 960 NVMe 1TB in G752VT?
  30. G752VT seems unstabble and slower on bios 304
  31. g752 windows booting problem
  32. How to Install w7 on kaby Lake Intel 7700K on Asus Rog G752VS?
  33. 751jy to 752vs upgrade. Storage options...
  34. Asus rog g752vy high cpu usage - resolved
  35. Asus rog g752vy - RMA bad story
  36. Bios Dump Downloaded from forum- Can i flash bios using it or do i have to edit it?
  37. Memory upgrade G750JX, Accept 16GB?
  38. Help with "weird" G751JT mousepad and buttons!
  39. G751-JY Blue Screen (not BSOD) advice needed - resolved for now?
  40. ROG G751-JY BIOS 211 NVMe Upgrade Guide Step by Step
  41. asus g752vy compatible hard drive upgrades?
  42. Convert MBR to UEFI without data loss
  44. G752VS and windows media player view panel not displayed right
  45. Only RAID0, no RAID1?
  46. G751J-VS71 HDD Questions
  47. ASUS G751-JY PCIe x4 Gen 2. or Gen 3.? Possible or not ???
  48. G751jy switching between battery and AC. Shuts off when stressed.
  49. Heat sinks for our M.2 SSD, do they work and do they fit?
  50. Feedback about ASUS G551JM out-of-warranty motherboard replacement experience/costs?
  51. G751-JY BSOD with 'critical_process_died' (thanks Intel)
  52. G74SX replacement Power Ribbon?
  53. Any G750JS Motherboards?
  54. G73JH - headphones not quieting speakers
  55. G752vy gpu fan spinning slower than usual?
  56. ASUS G75VW DC Power Jack Board - How to do Testing Using Multimeter?
  57. Best Docking Station for G752 ?
  58. Weird screen/sleep/shutdown/startup issues on g752. Laptop display only works on batt
  59. CPU Temperature Too High - ASUS ROG G750JZ Gaming Laptop
  60. asus turbo gear g752vs "extreme" mode activated at boot up ... change to 'standard' ?
  61. Laptop won't turn on. Power button does nothing [G74SX-DH72]
  62. G750 jh dead. power block light goes off if plugged.
  63. G752VY Intel (R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 stopped working
  64. Asus G750JW - Flickering Screen (Loose Contact?)
  65. G701vi - vik differences. Visual &or hardware clues...
  66. Can RAID survive moving to a new motherboard for the G74SX?
  67. Does G74sx new Motherboard require branding?
  68. G751JL Is this temp normal ?
  69. G750JX Nordic Recovery Partition needed
  70. Bricked G751JY
  71. G751-JT need tips to improve performance
  72. Change out the USB board? - G750 USB (left) issue
  73. [G752VS] Need working Elan PTP Driver/Smart Guesture Windows 8.1
  74. ASUS G74 sx --w10
  75. G551VW - FW148T Laptop Screen Blank HDMI Working
  76. G752VS - Blue screens on reboot after latest firmware update (310) - solved?
  77. G74SX second HDD Install
  78. ROG G752VSK SubWoofer issues
  79. How to get 6700HQ 700CB score on G752VY ?
  80. Install Windows 10 on ASUS ROG g752vy
  81. Reset bios now black screen g75vw
  82. G75VW shuts off while gaming
  83. G752VSK - Update BIOS; Selected file not a proper BIOS file.
  84. G752VY - KEYBOARD NOT WORKING in windows.
  85. When on battery cannot turn on the laptop
  86. Asus G73jh question on network card. full speed.
  87. G74SX-Unknown Network controller after installing Intel-6235 card-No wi-fi! - solved?
  88. Asus g751jy thermal grease, can someone recomend some good grease manufacturers?
  89. G751JY AHCI-SSD: How much would you feel a downgrade to SATA3 in real world scenarios
  90. G551JW, 207 locks up randomly several times a day. Found weird fix but scared.
  91. Connecting a IR Remote ?
  92. ASUS G751JL; need clarification on factory reset (no f9 option)
  93. G551JM Laptop stuck on ROG Logo after swapping windows/linux boot order, No bios
  94. Problem with reinstalling Caps Lock key after removing/cleaning
  95. G703 bios 302 bug when power on
  96. ROG G752VSK music playback problems, stops without any error message
  97. Urgent help! G751JL Backspace types: "4231", Enter types: "nbz" and other random mess
  98. Battery Stuck at 80~90% G751JY
  99. Urgently Need eSupport Folder for G752VS-GB096T Please Help!!
  100. Lightbar controls not working. Any solution?
  101. Moded g750jz (880m, 4700hq)
  102. Asus G750JM - 4 years later, are these readings expected? Need to worry?
  103. Asus Rog G703 question about hard drives configuration/upgrades - solved?
  104. G751 Battery Pack rebuild - need advice
  105. G752VS Wireless keeps dropping out..
  106. ASUS G752VS eSupport Updates Driver and All Usefull Tools 2018
  107. Silly question, What did I do to my G752VY by pressing F12 at startup?
  108. Replacement Parts for G75VW
  109. Touchpad will not scroll after clean Win 10 install
  110. G751JY Charger disconnects while gaming (really need help)
  111. G752 Screen Bezel..separating near the hinge
  112. Thermal issues with G laptops in general
  113. G771-jw low performance without battery ???
  114. ASUS ROG G751JT WIFI issues
  115. I need some help again! G73JH
  116. G752VSK Freezes for no reason - HELP
  117. how to read data off a ssd on a ASUS ROG G752VS?
  118. Does ASUS G752VT have the same power issues as ASUS G750JZ
  119. G751J black screen issue, what powers the back light?
  120. G73 died during windows 10 upgrade
  121. Suggested Battery for G752VL
  122. Rog G551jw Keyboard problem, f4 not working, other ways to increase kb brightness?
  123. G751JY Unable to accept Windows Updates including Fall creator's update
  124. Need help completely disabling G751JY touchpad
  125. Is it possible to upgrade the GPU in my G75VX-T4022P ?
  126. Question about G725VY GC-100D and G752VY GC-100T model differences
  127. Asus g752vt strange freeze
  128. G75 Boots-up but no screen
  129. G 750/JM gpu boost after updating
  130. G752VS Distorted/Crackling Audio While Charging.. But also while not..
  131. G751JT-TH71 Replacement Screen Compatibility
  132. G752VS Lopsided Audio
  133. Asus G751JY Booting from Battery Problem - resolved
  134. Asus ROG G751JT M.2 ACHI or NVMe PCIe SSD options?
  135. ASUS G751JT Adaptive Brightness
  136. Asus RMA experience and my rights
  137. I need Touchpad Elan drivers for Windows 10 - G750JZ - solved?
  138. Help with g74sx laptop issue plz, adapter keeps shutting off
  139. Upgrading the Drives on G752
  140. Please help me to chose one Gameing Laptop
  141. G752VS Stuck on infinite blue screen loop
  142. BIOS from G752VM to G752VT
  143. Asus g501vw 960m 2gb custom vbios
  144. Fingerprint reader suggestion
  145. My Asus ROG G750JHA does not detect an M.2 NVME SSD
  146. Notebook not powering / power supply problem? Asus G72GX
  147. CPU temperature and usage on G752VY
  148. Asus Rog G751JT Black Screen After Re-Paste / Fan Clean
  149. G751JY and PCI-E V9.5 EXP GDC M.2 M
  150. G752VY Backlight not working after RMA
  151. Change shadowplay key to ESC. G751
  152. W10 clean installer - G752VL
  153. G752VS Throttling issues \ CPU Run to 800mhz
  155. Looking for help with getting a new laptop, possibly G703.
  156. G752vy, vs, or g701vi(k) owners. question about keyboard backlight
  157. G750JZ graphics card and power issues
  158. G75VW crashing when gaming w/o BSOD
  159. G750JZ - CPU fan not pushing enough air... (?)
  160. Asus ROG G752VT LED (between the dust tunnels) turned off?
  161. Looking for the latest and greatest M.2 SSD NVMe Samsung 970 EVO
  162. Nvivia 391.35 released, Installed without issues on G752VY
  163. G752VT Fans going at 100% for unknown reason
  164. Is 2700x or 2700 available on GL702ZC ?
  165. Asus Broked My G751JT And Tries To Sell New Motherboard
  166. Charging G701Vi on the go?
  167. overclocking 4700hq to 4ghz+ HELP NEEDED
  168. G750 JM CPU Fan Noise, where to Buy a New Fan?
  169. how can i get my G752 intel hd 530 installed properly?
  170. Windows 10 Feature Update 1803, G752VY winload.efi Problem AGAIN
  171. Bios unlock for G752VSK, ROG laptops ?
  172. Can't update G73jh graphics drivers!
  173. Windows Server 2016 Restore Windows 10 1803 on ASUS G752VSK RAID 0 Drive
  174. G46vw, 660m getting stuck in full 3d clocks
  175. Is it time to change my G551 thermal paste
  176. ASUS G751JY How to insert USB3 flash disc into SATA 3 port (want to use it as HDD)
  177. Where to buy Asus ROG G551JX power adapter?
  178. Looking for G73JH eSupport folder please
  179. Saga of my G551 laptop heat issue
  180. HELP !!! Rog G74sx windows
  181. G751JM Cannot overclock after system reinstall
  182. G771JW-T7164H and maximal external resolution
  183. G752V Fps drops at random get's fixed by alt+tab
  184. G752VS-XS74K OC Edition - Can't find Touchpad
  185. ROG g752vs oc not charging!!! - solved
  186. spring creator update dont work keyboard G702VM
  187. Possibility of Turning/Reusing parts from a (non-working) G551JX laptop into a PC?
  188. Can I upgrade the processor in this thing, G752VL-BHI7N32?
  189. Asus G751GY Audio Enhancement disabled
  190. Mic and headphone jack stuck
  191. g703vi-xh74k from Refurb4less. WOW...
  192. G752VY high temps using Extreme
  193. G752V is only playing popping sounds through speakers
  194. asus rog g53sx cant on
  195. G551JM HDMI not working
  196. ASUS GPU TWEAK 860m Conflicting with Peripherals???
  197. Question about upcoming Asus ROG G703 GI-XS98K
  198. G751JT Not charging never ending issue
  199. G751JY; SATA Drive thickness support?
  200. G750JW system fans not blowing and not showing in BIOS
  201. Always set a Screen Saver...
  202. G751 JM Dead Screen after battery replacement
  203. Do i Need New Motherbaord for Rog G751 JT
  204. Rog g701vo booting to bios after SSD failure
  205. ROG G751JY switches to battery when AC is plugged in
  206. G752VY screen vertical line Problem
  207. Dead 970M GPU on G751, Replace MB / USE external GPU / Buy new Machine ?
  208. Possible/healthy to use G751JY without battery?
  209. Asus g73jw need recovery dvd
  210. G751JY battery Need Help!
  211. Question about G.Skill Memory Compatibility with G701VIK
  212. G751JY poor SSD benchmarks with AIDA64
  213. Asus G75VW ATK backlight issue (Windows 10 Build 1803)
  214. G703GI-XS98K first experiences.
  215. GL702VS Black screen help please!!!!
  216. Asus Rog G750JS+770M Possible?
  217. G752VS and Geforce Experience driver updating
  218. Is intel m.2 600P series are compatible with G752VL laptop?
  219. help to identify burnt component (G55VW)
  220. G751JY Thermal Pad thicknesses?
  221. Asus G751 J new battery replacment still problems ... battery not dedected
  222. g751JL RAM missing
  223. G751 RAM upgrade or addition
  224. G752VL Touchpad problems like two finger scrolling - Windows 10 Build 1803 - solved
  225. G73JH Troubleshooting Display
  226. Help! g46vw Keyboard connector board broken need replacement!
  227. Where to get a G751JY serviced in South Africa?
  228. Accidentally ripped cable from g751jt monitor while replacing battery. HELP
  229. Screen problem with G703GI
  230. G752VY 6700HQ not able to reach 3.5ghz, stuck at 3.10ghz while in game
  231. how can i get my fast G751JY laptop back?
  232. G752VS Screen Replacement..
  233. Dud CMOS battery? (G752VY)
  234. G73jh driver CD image request and subwoofer issue, solved?
  235. ROG g752vs, 7th gen, or oc 7th gen!?!
  236. Asus G751 battery stuck at 0%. Every 10-15 mins shuts down - found a FIX (kind of)
  237. Recovery Media for Windows
  238. G752VT m.2 slots are pcie x4 or pcie x4 + sata?
  239. Asus G75VX Motherboard/GPU replacement
  240. G751 Black Screen after waking from Sleep
  241. Asus G51v laptop failure after BIOS update
  242. Asus G53sx-a1 keyboard function problem
  243. Advices about cleaning a 2-year-old G751JL
  244. G751JT - Cursor flickering and everything is slow.
  245. Looking for vbios G750JY - Gtx980M 4Gb
  246. G751 + Cooling Pad: Effect?
  247. G752VY - Screen Washout & Ghost Images
  248. G752 turn on/off lightbar/Rog logo/vent LED
  249. G75VW Rebuild won't install Windows 10 Home - resolved?
  250. G750JM - HyperX Cloud Alpha mic sounds like robot. Is onboard sound card enough?