View Full Version : G551VW - FW148T Laptop Screen Blank HDMI Working

02-20-2018, 06:07 AM
The Laptop screen & logo not working. Webcam OK. I lost the screen after a Windows Critical Update, then after about 6 or so resets over about 4 days, Windoze rediscovered the laptop screen. I utilised the HDMI port on an external monitor with not problems
In the Device Manager/Monitors I have a Generic PnP Monitor. As near as I can tell I have Device Manager/Other Devices/Unknown Device which is the Laptop Screen. How do I get the system to recognise the Unknown Device?? And what is the screen supposed to be called in the Device Manager?
The error messages I get from the Event Manger/Administrative Events says "A corrected hardware error has occurred" on PCI Express Root Port #4-A113.
The Device Manger/System devices says this port is working fine.
I haven't found any satisfactory explanations on the Internet yet. Any ASUS gurus have an insight to what is going on?