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Tony Kilburn
12-19-2010, 11:00 PM
I've owned this notebook for about six months, having replaced it once through Best Buy due to the GSOD issue.

Once I got the replacement, I immediately grabbed the 211 BIOS update, flashed it, and everything has been running pretty much normal, with no further issues. I also own Windows 7 Professional from my old gaming computer, so moved that over to the G73jh a couple months ago.

Over the past several days, small issues have been developing:

Windows 7 'Restart' stalls at a black screen for approximately 30 seconds before restarting,
Windows 7 'Shutdown' never does Shut down. Stalls at black screen until I manually hold the power button for 8 seconds (have left it overnight and it still hadn't shut down),
I cannot access the BIOS. 'ESCAPE', F2, 'DELETE', and even clearing the BIOS with paperclip through hole in bottom have failed. Instead, 'ESCAPE' and 'F2' take me to a 'Windows 7 Boot Menu'. Removing both hard drives does not remedy this, as any of those buttons states a boot device is missing.
Windows 7 loads fine. It appears to not have any issues at all, in fact.
I've run tests on the HDD's, and all come out clear.

The BIOS menu simply doesn't appear. This last part started overnight last night.

I was told to take the notebook to Best Buy for service. The Gimp Squad employee told me to send my laptop in for service, and I won't get it back for 8-10 weeks.

8-10 weeks? Really? Is there any sort of expedited service I can pay for? 8-10 weeks seems like a long time to have to be forced to be without a computer, especially when I use it for work and for gaming (I sold my gaming PC to make room for this notebook).

Any suggestions or ideas?

12-20-2010, 06:44 PM
Give V2-V3's info a shot here:

Tony Kilburn
12-29-2010, 12:16 AM
Update: I can now access the BIOS screen using any of the default options. I've no idea why it failed previously, but suddenly it works again.

I still feel frustrated that the turnaround time takes 8-10 weeks. I understand that Best Buy is a service partner, and they told me at least 10 weeks (they would need to ship it off).

Now, to see about fixing the issue with it not shutting down when I want it to...

12-29-2010, 06:15 AM
Now that the BIOS is available again, I would definitely have the BIOS "Reset to Defaults" When you flashed, some CMOS info may have gotten corrupt, and thus the odd behavior.