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03-11-2018, 02:47 PM
I've decided to mod my laptop Asus Rog G750JZ with the 880M and i7-4700HQ and the results are anything but amazing.

With the custom bios provided by Dreamonic that made my 880M max out at 975mV as opposed to stock 1012mV which made the drop of temperatures as well enabling me to use custom voltage.

I re-applied my thermal compound both on GPU and CPU using Collabrium Liquid Ultra and for the GPU modules such as VRAM blocks, transistors, etc. I used the thermal pads by Artic Silver and when I ran out of that (I only bought 1 pad) I used Gelid Sollutions to be applied on the last part that was left (maybe 10% of the whole packet that was not covered in pads), because I hate to clean everything after I'll have to repaste it again.

Now the results.

With CPU at 3.00Ghz with -75mV on cold boot (Once you boot the PC for the first time after being offline for hours) the CPU hoovers about 36-38C that is with an ambient temperature of well over 21C, maybe about 25C, which is amazing. On idle it hovers about 40-43C.

While playing low demanding games like Hearstone for example in 1 hour the max it reached was about 46, 47C, not even 50C! Before the repasting and modding job it could easily reach 80C without any problems.

In demanding games it reaches 60C barely and with the overclock of 3.4Ghz and -50mV it reaches about 80C which is pretty great, considering before it could easily reach 90 if no 100 in some scenarios.

Now the GPU part. Using the custom bios named before on cold boot the GPU is hovering about 30C up to 35C spikes. On idle it hoovers about 40-45C. When in low demanding games like Hearstone it also doesn't reach 50C same as CPU, and is mostly under 48C.

In demanding games it reaches 70C and starts slowly crawling towards the 80s, before it was reaching 80 in few minutes and started crawling towards 100s if it wasn't for the clocks downclock and using custom fan curvature of 95%!

With overclock of + 75mV and +100 on core and +500 on memory clocks it reaches 80 and starts crawling towards to 85C! Before it would reach 90s within seconds and would not drop below that line ever!

This all was done using CUSTOM fan curvature, with the mod I did now, I use stock fan speeds and now the laptop makes 0 noise on idle and cold boot, and while playing or doing anything intensive its as loud as it was before on idle. This is absolute insanity what this mod has done for this laptop and if anyone else was thinking about doing it, I advise you with my whole heart to do it :)

As of writing this wall of text I've been using the PC since about 12PM its 3PM now almost and I've been playing games on OC CPU for a while and everything, and the CPU drops to 40C and even below that within minutes of exiting the applications, never before have I ever seen it doing that. In comparison with old ways, it would be hovering about 50-60C.

I will also upload the video with more proof and how the mod looks like.


03-12-2018, 04:05 PM

The video as promised.