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01-25-2012, 07:47 PM
hello marshall,
after spending quite a bit of time on this board, and trying to help as many new members as possible, i find myself asking certain questions. so i decided to direct them to asus's lone rep on this board.

first, why would you sticky chasity's old outdated driver thread, and not sticky jrd1st's " drivers, apps and how to's" thread, which is well maintained and kept up to date?

second, as ridiculous as that last question sounds, why is that type of behavior the status quo for asus? furthermore, why does asus sell computers to their customers, and then ignore them? along that same vein, why doesn't asus update their drivers website, and instead of having a ftp site where everything is just dumped into a large box, why don't they spend a little time making it user friendly by organizing it all?

why are over 98% of the questions on this board answered by other posters, and not a moderator or representative of asus? why does asus depend on its customers doing its job for them? where is the dedication to the product and their customers? why can't we get information from the people who built this machine?

why is it a hassle just to try to register your new laptop computer?

why did asus build what they call a top gaming laptop, and put such crappy speakers, horrible wifi card and a cheaply grounded touchpad into it? and why aren't they coming out with bios updates or new drivers to fix some of these things?

why don't you show the customer (the only reason you have a company) the slightest hint, that you give a damn?

it is so unbelievably frustrating to have a machine that is so close to being excellent, knowing how little asus needed to do to make it excellent. and beside the fact that they didn't bother to do those few little things, they just ignore the situation and their customers when they ask for help. the people here aren't asking for waterfalls, we just want a little stream of care.

thank you,

01-25-2012, 08:10 PM
A test? (I don't quite get how your comments are a test.....)

Just a mention, though: I don't think JR maintains his drivers thread as he did before the forum "re-vamp" and the supposed return of "official" Asus help. So it probably doesn't make sense, at this point, to posit any one thread as an definitive or authoritative source for drivers.

It's probably a good idea, anyway, for owners to learn how to look for drivers on their own, don't you think? It's not hard to check for updates on Asus' product pages, or for manufacturer updates from Intel, Realtek, or nVidia.

I think Asus has long since figured out that they can sell lots of computers no matter how much a small subset of owners rant and rave on one little poorly-maintained forum.

We're in the wilderness, Stevae.....where no one can hear you scream! lol!

01-26-2012, 04:16 AM
Depressing, just downright depressing.

My wife has been demanding her own laptop since I've gotten my G74, and she sees how much I hog it! Anyhow, tonight I was all set to buy the ASUS N53SN-SH71-CBIL from our local Staples for a sweet deal ($900 Cdn).

However, after Stevae reminded me with his above summary of ASUS' lacklustre customer care and the haphazard way this forum is represented by their own people, I have decided to put my next notebook $$ into another company's bottom line, even if that means looking for a while longer and possibly paying more.

01-26-2012, 04:22 AM
Funny you say that, fostert....earlier today, I pretty much decided the same thing.

I've been contemplating an upgrade from the N73 I use everyday, and had been watching for anything interesting in Asus' CES offerings. But I really am sick of Asus' contempt for their own customers. I'd rather my money supports companies that care about what happens after the sale as much as before.

01-26-2012, 04:39 AM
It hurts to pass this up, because that laptop has Bang & Olufsen speakers, a core i7 2670, 8GB RAM, GTX540M w/2GB DDR5, a 15.6" LED, and a 7200 rpm 750 GB HDD. 6lbs, $900. Jeez, thats perfect for her. And if it doesn't have any issues, it probably would be perfect. But if it does, then I know we're f**ked; Staples would make me send it right to ASUS, and I could expect it to come back with new problems and "warranty void" stickers all over it just like @380mcn 's did!

01-26-2012, 10:12 AM
A test? (I don't quite get how your comments are a test.....)

We're in the wilderness, Stevae.....where no one can hear you scream! lol!

my comments are a test, because i wanted to see how fast a response i would get with this, as compared to other request's that have gone unanswered. and my test yielded results. jr's "how to " thread is now a sticky. also, i received a detailed message from marshall enlightening me to several aspects that i was unaware of. i had already assumed some of them, but having it confirmed was at the very least, settling. he is as frustrated as we are about several of the things mentioned, and is trying to get the g team to work on a few important problems. anyway, someone had to do something... so thus my little test.

update: i have also received quite a nice response from hivizman from asus, and appreciated the things he had to say. he was very complimentary of my making the op, and the help we all give new posters when they ask. so my little test is yielding quite a bit of a response; actually a lot more than i've ever gotten before.

01-26-2012, 02:26 PM
@Stevae: Something has to yield when pressure is continuous.
Let's hope this is a new start for the admin to finally listen to its
members and be more engaging.

01-26-2012, 04:04 PM
PILGRIM - it would be a very sad day when the staff here stopped or did not listen to the very community that we are trying to serve. And I have seen some rather sad days on other forums.

I do want to stress that we are a work in progress and it is only with you guys telling us stuff that we can build this forum into something good. So please do not be shy to share your ideas and your suggestions.

Remember that it takes a lifetime to build, a only moment to destroy - I know which side of that equation I would like to be part of.


01-26-2012, 08:41 PM
i think it all starts with asus making a dedicated effort to give us updated drivers for the specific problem areas that have been listed over and over on this board, and with that, to FIX some of the problematic parts of an otherwise excellent computer.

the trackpad seems to be a huge problem for so many. better software to make it more accurate and controllable would be first and foremost.
the latest atk package does well, but the keyboard seems to be a huge problem for so many as well.
the usb 3.0 port seems to give a lot of users problems.
and programs like power4gear seem to do more damage than good. would be a great idea if they worked.

this is just a starting point, but the users need to see some action from the other side (asus). thanks for listening.