View Full Version : Asus G750JM - 4 years later, are these readings expected? Need to worry?

03-11-2018, 03:51 PM
Okai, a long time ago, I asked about temperatures and such and some very helpful forum members put my mind at ease.
I come back today to ask if I'm still within expected readings. I will attach some images with readings from some gaming sessions and I will be honest it kind of stresses me out. Idle temps are around low 50 degrees for MB, high 40's low 50's for all cores, and the fan speed reads at 2200-2300 RPM like that.

I have been noticing for some months now starting late last year, that the temperatures when gaming went quite high. And in certain ones, when the games load up, they reach quite high, both the fans and the temps. My main issue is Overwatch. I launched the game during the Lunar New Year event and while starting up, the processor cores reached as high as 96 degrees celsius. After that while gaming, it stayed in mid 80's which I have personally never experienced. It looks like that thing caused the temps to be even higher across the board on any game I play. I will also attach an image with the resource monitor open too.

I am seriously worried right now that my machine has something wrong. It was always stored after cooling down after a shutdown in a dust free bag and not kept in high or low temperatures. So dust "should not" be an issue bu who knows. I also want to say that in resource monitor I notice the temps and fan speeds going high as soon as the "maximum frequency" goes above 100%. Real usage of that is still well below when I am playing. I understand it's a laptop and suppose to be more hot. But I just can't comprehend this sort of what is to me, abnormal behavior. Not to mention that the games are pretty much set to low all around out of ear to not stress it even more. Oh and another thing, for about 2 years now, no matter what I tried, Skyrim (steam version with everything) launcher does not detect the video card, which seems to be due to the optimus technology it has as well and have found no workaround.

Here's the readings I took:
72217 - The Resource monitor thing.
72218 - The readings took on startup of overwatch.
72219 - Some readings took during Bnet patching something.
72220 - Readings taken during a Overwatch game.

So as you can see, temperatures are I would say at least during normal gameplay 10 degrees higher. And not only that, the fan speed went from keeping them at hihg 70's with under 4000 RPM to well over that. Same with World of Warcraft. Used to be able to go to raids or basically have 25 people unleash hell for effects, and it wouldn't go above around 3600 RPM and well under 80 degrees.

Is this an indication of dust clutter? Even if it's been stored as to not have that problem? Is it just normal after 4 years and I can expect it to go out real soon? I know it has safeties to not burn itself out, but what do I do?

03-11-2018, 11:06 PM
Well if you don' clean your laptop at least once a year or ideally every 6 months, which includes repasting the CPU/GPU and cleaning from the dust build up it makes sense. On the other hand if you have not done that yet then what are you waiting for?!

03-12-2018, 02:55 PM
Ooohay, point taken, I thought it was enough to store it in a clean dust free space. I assume that what I described are symptoms of needing a cleanup?
But yeah, then most deffinitely taking it to the service shop to have it cleaned. Just needed some insight. And honestly, I had no freaking clue it needed to be at least 1 time a year or idealy every 6 months. Will have to do that from now on. Thank you @navis995 :)

03-12-2018, 03:40 PM
You're welcome.

I advise you to use not a generic brand when you're going to repaste the CPU/GPU die but rather something of high quality so that the results will be better and long lasting.

I advise you to use Collabrium Liquid Ultra to repaste the dies. It works the best. If you google it you may find some results saying its dangerous because it corrodes aluminium and while that is true the G750 doesn't use aluminium but copper so its totally fine. I am using it myself and it works wonders.

Also for the GPU once you put it apart (Either you or the person/company doing it), you can use 0.5 think thermal pads instead of grease or compound because if you use the latter it will be a mess to clean it afterwards and using the pads you get a lot cleaner look with the same results.

As for the longevity, there is nothing to worry about. You'll buy a new laptop before this one breaks :)

03-12-2018, 06:19 PM
@navis995 Haha, let's hope so, I had to work my butt off for 1 year to gather around half it's price when I got it. It's gon be a while until I can afford a new one:D
I am planning to have it serviced, I am pretty scared to open it up myself to repaste/clean dust out. :)
I want to add that when it ran at 3000+ RPM, close to 4000 you could feel the airflow in the back pretty well. Now at 3000 it doesn't feel like the air is coming out that..."hard"? if that makes any sense? So I am guessing it is dust deposits inside. Just wonder how it still managed to get in if I stored it in a laptop bag when not in use and of course after leaving it cool off. Maybe it just added during use. Cuz about 3-4 years before it was noticable ...