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01-25-2012, 08:26 PM
I just want to make sure that the issues I've been seeing on the forum recently are system-wide, and not something exclusive to my computer or my browser.

-- For several days now, I get an endless circular "working" icon if I try to "Reply with Quote."

-- Twice now, including today, the forum formatting is virtually gone. Threads are very hard to use and read, as most text just runs on with no formatting aside from paragraph breaks.

-- Today, a new one: I can't apply any WYSIWYG formatting to my own posts.

Is everybody else seeing these same problems? Is there anyone in the Asus universe who is at least TRYING to maintain this forum's functionality anymore?

01-25-2012, 09:11 PM
I am having issues with the forum as well from my pc it looks like threads with no borders or headings barely readable and very hard to reply to post.

01-25-2012, 09:42 PM
Same here . . . everything is all run together.

01-25-2012, 11:31 PM
Yep. Glad to know it's not just me.

01-25-2012, 11:57 PM
Thanks for the responses, guys.

No one's been commenting on this, so I wanted to make sure it wasn't just me.

(I'm sure Asus' Rapid Response team will have it cleared up in no time!)

01-26-2012, 03:25 AM
Hey guys,
I'm here at Boracay, Philippines for a week-long vacation.
I've shed that itchy "winter skin", but got a sunburn in return..
(A better price to pay.)

I've left the G74 in China, so, I for one, can't fully confirm about this.
One thing I notice, though, is that it would take longer than usual for
the "quote" buttons to respond on the iPhone. I was thinking it's a
wi-fi connection issue..
(Perhaps the forum maintenance crew went for a vacation, too?..)

01-26-2012, 05:27 AM
I'm comfortable with the new format. Kinda reminds me of my home office, with papers strewn all over the desk and the floor...

01-26-2012, 05:32 AM
its not just the laptops. my desktops are having the same issues but my ipod touch has no problems.

01-26-2012, 05:39 AM
If you choose "Compatibility View" in IE9 (the " torn page" icon to the left of the Refresh circular arrow icon), it presents the old format that you know and love.

01-26-2012, 05:44 AM
Never mind its on my iPod also

01-26-2012, 05:57 AM
If you choose "Compatibility View" in IE9 (the " torn page" icon to the left of the Refresh circular arrow icon), it presents the old format that you know and love.

IE9?? I'd be surprised if most owners here are using IE9 (or any other IE, for that matter). I can't remember the last time I came across a website that would only function properly on IE.....that's so....2005. ;)

I really hope this is not a permanent change. The current iteration of this forum is just too user-unfriendly, IMO.

01-26-2012, 06:15 AM
I don't actually 'use' IE9. I just gave that info to hopefully help someone. Mosaic is still my Browser of choice. I find it much easier to work with the html I write in WordStar.

01-26-2012, 06:33 AM
Cool....I've never tried Mosaic. I'll have to give it a look. I recently became enamored with Chrome's speed and the way important plug-ins are already integrated, but I don't like that its interface isn't very customizable.

But it sparked my interest in browser alternatives..... :)

Myk SilentShadow
01-26-2012, 07:42 AM
Yep, i'm also having the same issues. Bit of a P.I.T.A to be honest lol and I agree about the user-unfriendliness....guess something went awry when they were doing.....whatever it was the other day to the forums lol.

01-26-2012, 07:46 AM
Interestingly, mine just righted itself about 10-15 minutes ago. We'll see how long it lasts this time....

01-26-2012, 08:58 AM
Moved this to site feedback forum.

Hi All - just to confirm: we've known about all these issues and have been fighting them constantly since they appeared last weekend. The issue is it's not one problem, but many compounded. It has been further hindered by the fact this has happened during Chinese New Year so things have also taken longer than they would have usually as everyone is travelling to visit families (myself included), so access to all the parts to solve our issues has been difficult. Our dev team has now hopefully fixed the problems - we're very sorry it's taken so long.

01-26-2012, 08:58 AM
EDIT: No it's not fixed. Still double posting :(

01-26-2012, 10:28 AM
If you choose "Compatibility View" in IE9 (the " torn page" icon to the left of the Refresh circular arrow icon), it presents the old format that you know and love.

who the hell uses ie these days??? are you being funny, or do you really use it? i'm being serious now...

on another note, DAMN PILGRAM, i live in fiji and i'm jealous! i love boracay! i've lived in the philippines three different times, and loved it every time. boracay is one of the top five beaches in the world. if victory divers is still there, please go by and tell them that stevae says hello. have a blast while you're there, and have a sam miguel for me!

01-26-2012, 01:14 PM
@MarshalR: Bulls eye!! I knew it! The Forum crew are on vacation. :)
Well, it's really understandable when one lives here in the China parts.
The Chinese New Year is really a big deal among the locals as members
of families go to their respective homes. And we're talking of massive
movement of people traveling here by any means of transport.

So business will be back as usual in the Forum by next week then
when the week-long Chinese New Year is over?..

@Stevae: Here's a San Miguel for you! Cheers!..
The wife and I did some snorkeling with a local friend. And she wasn't
that interested in scuba diving so we didn't visit any scuba divers to
assist us. Will go back to China tomorrow evening, so I still got time
in the morning to have a last dip in the warm sea and to drop by and
see if your friend/s are still there at Victory.

01-26-2012, 02:15 PM
They are working on it, but it's slow work between family commitments until Monday. Apparently they also require access to some other servers they can't get to remotely, so have to wait to get back to the office to fix some issues.

01-26-2012, 11:29 PM
I hope someOne posts some images of celebrations in OffTopic...
[[ if thats allowed ]] -- Nothing that starts any problems..
Dont want to rock any cultural boats-- but WOW.. Chinese New Year.

We are affected by it at the very least..
...we ARE holding the door for 2 weeks... a peek or two ???.c.

01-27-2012, 01:37 AM
That would be cool. Who knows anyhow hello folks and most of all remember
Keep on ROG_n

01-27-2012, 02:16 AM
ie? i do. why is something else better? (not what. why? on Win OS) curious.

as to double posts: just click ok and it posts fine from here.

01-27-2012, 02:24 AM
Yes chrsplmr there are better Browsers out there, I personally never use Internet Exploder... but Firefox instead...others will say different about other Browsers but it all comes down to preference, Security, and Ease of Use. There really is no IE standards out there but most sites follow the W3 standards.

01-27-2012, 05:38 PM
Having problem. I tried to start a new thread and when that failed I tried to reply in a existing thread. Both time I got an error that post was to long. This was a code wraped log file for f@h issue, anyhow never had this happen before is this something new or just another gremlin?

01-27-2012, 06:25 PM
Try using: http://pastebin.com/ and then link it in your post. This is what we do when programing...try pasting a 5 million line C++ program to any forum :rolleyes:

01-27-2012, 08:05 PM
Do not use code.

Use quote tags. Any text that is in quote tags does not get counted towards your total character count. Think the limit is 5000 characters.

01-28-2012, 02:21 AM
ok will have to remember that I think it was 38500 said there was a 10k limit. Bruce on the f@h site helped me out so no worries.
just figured to code wrap makes it shorter rather than a whole page.
Thanks Hiv & Daemon
Happy ROG_n

01-29-2012, 02:50 AM
Why the H**l do we have a timer of 2mins before we can post anything????

01-29-2012, 03:12 AM
hahahhaha.... one of the great mysteries... has your token expired ??? hahahhaa
agreed...you bring up 5 or 6 fresh posts to read and answer...by the time
you get to the second...its doing its forum dance...
in long posts...or if i suspect i have gone over on time..i copy before
i click post.... just in case the forum gods are playful.

its crackerJacks.... hhahahha... u never know wut ur gonna git inside..
keeps it interesting...and us on our toes...hahhaha...yeah..
yeah...yeah....it sucks..hahahahha...

Morse ?? . blink blink . blink . blink blink . nod....all other code

01-29-2012, 03:34 AM
Why the H**l do we have a timer of 2mins before we can post anything????
I haven't noticed anything like that. Do you mean two miutes betweens posts? Or where is the timer you're referring to...?

01-29-2012, 12:57 PM
First I hear about that one DC? 2 mins - maybe you have gremlins. :D

01-29-2012, 02:40 PM
I wouldn't discount gremlins I have one that scratches my back for me....But as to BrodyBoy 's question I get it at first post and I also get it in between post. Just started happening yesterday...I could see a 30 second delay between post but not 2minuts for the first and in between?

01-29-2012, 02:51 PM
LOL you have 2min delays and I get double posts for each and every post I make. Then I have to delete it via the control panel and re-enter passwords each time.

01-29-2012, 02:54 PM
on the double post try edit and select delete at the top...that's what I do and it works with out passwords.

01-29-2012, 02:59 PM
Every post that a member deletes like that all mods can see - so when I delete it is a hard delete that I want to do.

01-29-2012, 03:18 PM
Ah ok, that I didn't know, thank you fer the heads up.

01-29-2012, 04:03 PM
This is common... old forum also... as i said..
if you want to see it..
bring up a post... let it sit... a few minutes..
you know...maybe you brought up 5 or 6 posts...
cant read them all at once...
or if you take a long time typing long winded posts like some that just go on and on and dont know when to shut up.....ooops..
when you click 'post'.................you get "your token has expired".....
i have seen it many times...hahahaha
as to the other...
click ok....it will post.c.