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03-20-2018, 11:21 AM
I discovered in January via the ROG blog that Asus is going to be releasing a Lightpack style reactive ambient lighting system. It's called the ROG Terminal and is supposed to release in the first half of the year. I would like to make some suggestions before its release. There are already many products like this available on the market like Lightpack, Ambiscreen, Ambivision, and DreamScreen so Asus needs to make its product stand out somehow.

Logitech just released their G560 speakers and Razer already has their Nommo speakers. Though I don't know if they are reactive to your screen or if they work with all games. And a lot of gamers use headphones or headsets so that wouldn't even work for them.

First, it should be controllable and compatible with the constantly improving Asus Aura software. Second, the LEDs on the LED strip should be high quality and full spectrum. Third, there should be a high density of LEDs on the LED strip. Too few would not produce a good result. Fourth, there should be a DisplayPort port for use with gaming PC's. This is important. Fifth, there should be an HDMI port for use with consoles. Sixth, it should support the latest technologies like 4K 60HZ, HDR, CEC, ARC, etc. Thank you Asus for your great products and keep up the great work!

I had some more thoughts about this and wanted to share. I strongly believe the ROG Terminal should work with PC's and consoles. Many people like myself have their gaming PC and console hooked up to their TV or monitor. I can't afford to buy two different lighting devices and even if I could there's only room for one on the back of my monitor.

With this considered I think there are three possible configurations for the ROG Terminal. A ROG Terminal with USB port (PC) and HDMI port (console). Or a ROG Terminal with USB port (PC) and HDMI port (console) and DisplayPort port (PC). Or a ROG Termianl with HDMI port (console) and DisplayPort port (PC).

Edit: Another option which would probably be the easiest for the user is, a ROg Terminal with USB port (PC) and USB port (console). I don't know if it would be possible to connect to a console and control the lighting with a USB port, but that would probably be the easiest solution instead of doing a HDMI passthrough.

03-30-2018, 02:31 PM
Eagerly awaiting this product!! Will I be able to purchase two of these for use in one system? My thought process was to have one dedicated to the back of my wall mounted pg348q, and another mounted along the back of my desk. Would they work harmoniously together or would aura sync have a panic attack lol.

Which I suppose brings me to my next question. Based on photos it looks like the four strips have to plug directly into the terminal box. Is there any chance that we can daisy chain the strips? I was hoping to have the terminal mounted under my desk dead center, then two strips branching in either direction along the back lip of my desk and hopefully another strip each daisy chained to to those.

------------- + ------------ + Terminal + ------------ + -------------

Is a setup in that pattern possible?

08-12-2018, 05:39 PM
Are there any news when it planned to be released ???? I searched the web where it to buy, nothing has revealed