View Full Version : G73Jw-3DE screen constantly flashing black. How annoying for a gaming laptop!

12-20-2010, 01:07 AM
Hey everyone,

I have an Asus G73jw-3de laptop.

The screen keeps flashing/flickering black.

Having done some research, the issue appears to be widespread and people seem to think the cause is the nVidia Powermizer included with the 460M GPU.

I'm running 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate and there is no such Powermizer control that I can find. In the nVidia control panel I've also set the global settings to "prefer maximum performance" but that hasn't resolved the issue either.

Today I tried downloading the latest nVidia 265.66 drivers and that hasn't helped.

Does anyone have a cure?

Is Asus going to release any driver updates to stop this? It's awfully embarrassing to show off this high powered gaming laptop to people with the screen flashing randomly.


12-21-2010, 11:38 PM
Of all the brilliant minds in this forum nobody has any suggestions? Surely someone else on here with an Asus G73JW has experienced the black screen flicker? I've since tried setting the power setting to "prefer maximum performance", the VSync to match the monitor refresh rate, and have also set the PhysX to "CPU" to no avail.

12-22-2010, 05:14 AM
Here's something interesting... I went home over lunch today and booted it up. When I connect an external monitor, I can't get the flicker to happen at all; when I disconnect the external monitor, the laptop's display goes to random intermittent flickering.

04-25-2011, 05:46 AM
It took over 4 months to fix my laptop! I was excited to have purchased my G73JW-3DE laptop in the USA in Dec 2010; I then moved to Australia for work. 2 weeks later it broke. Unfortunately the laptop is not sold in Australia. Asus Australia said they could not do anything except order parts from China which took over 2 months for the LCD and over 4 months for the graphics card! It would have been quicker to order a new laptop from the USA! Asus Australia would not do this or anything else such as having a new machine shipped in from Asus USA. Because I'm now working in Australia, there is no courier service offered here either. Over 4 months to fix a NEW laptop is ridiculous! Not offering a replacement machine is even worse customer service! Even my business contacts I share this story with over drinks have a laugh and shake their heads. Asus has not even tried to make ANY amends or apologies.

Thank you to @Mason and @Chastity though for trying to help.

Moral of the story: stay away from Asus products. You might buy the latest P51 Mustang, but with their lack of service and turn around time, you could have waited to get an F18 Hornet.

04-25-2011, 05:58 PM
This is terrible! As big as Asus is, this should have been taken care of at most in a couple weeks. 4 months + .. Really?

Reminds me of another incident I read on another Asus forum. A fellow bought a G73 and while playing World of Warcraft, the machine would lock up. After doing every possible update, he finally called Asus support. He explained the situation to the tech. The tech promptly tells him this machine can't handle running games like that, it just gets to warm and doesn't have proper cooling.

This tech must be making decisions on FireMyst's problem as well. Maybe this is called the bonehead decision.

Asus has ALWAYS done the right thing by me.