View Full Version : G75 Boots-up but no screen

03-31-2018, 01:22 AM
I managed to disassemble the laptop and remove all four RAM sticks, hard drives, CD case and put them back in. Usually does the trick. But everytime I put it to sleep or shut it down, I end up not having any activity on the screen despite it booting up.

I've tried opening it:
- with just one hard-drive: sometimes works
- with or without battery: never works unless I do more such as removing some stuff
- without the battery: works 40% of the time
- while all components (RAM, Hard-drive, CD Case, speakers, mentioned above is removed, turn off then put just the ram and one hard drive: usually works 40% of the time

one of the times that I manage to turn it on, and did a realibilty check, it only showed failed boots without any other signs that a specific component has malfunctioned

I've also done perfom /report and found everything passed except system service check which I presume is due to he repeated forced power off I do whenever I only get a black screen.

I've also done a hard drive check and status are all green. anyone know what else I can do being installing a new bios or fresh reboot the last resort?

03-31-2018, 03:32 AM
Screen Ribbon or connection could be a problem gets damaged where it goes through the hinge if you don't get it placed exactly right.

What G75 do you have and what BIOS version, What OS 64 Bit 32 bit UEFI or MBR