View Full Version : G752VS Distorted/Crackling Audio While Charging.. But also while not..

03-31-2018, 07:48 PM
There seems to be an intermittent issue where audio is distorted/staticy while playing sound. Not a pop at the beginning but distortion the entire time. You can still hear and understand whats going on but it sounds terrible. There doesn't seem to be a correlation with what is happening at the time, drivers installed, where Sonic studio is installed or not. I've done a fresh install as well. The only semi-consistent thing is the laptop being plugged in but even there are times where that doesn't change things. Its not always distorted. It seems to randomly decide it wants to. I can't seem to find this issue or a solution anywhere. I'm hoping its not a hardware issue. Any ideas? Thanks in advanced

Muhammad Omman
04-01-2018, 01:21 PM
Hello, Please Contact me with ommanb4u@gmail.com or if you have whatsapp just add this number +8801814862964 I have same before this issue but i fixed already so i can help with remote support...Thanks