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05-12-2018, 09:22 AM
All hello, guys need help with the operetcion system. whether there is a sense to put Windows on 10, because after installation I understand that it works. The first problem is the driver for the sound, tried everything, Windows 7 was all with sound well, 10 strong and not a good sound. The second problem is the Windows startup for a very long time and the FN + F panel does not work crookedly (once). tell me whether it makes sense to put Windows 10? or is it better to still work on Windows 7? thank you very much for your help and sorry for my bad english !!!:cool:

05-14-2018, 07:43 PM
Hi @Sealord.

sound issues - you must tell us your device hardware ID from the device manager - if I knew it I could search a driver for you - there are many modded audio drivers for old audio chipset that works on win10.
so open device manager, and look for any yellow mark icons ( meaning its a device w/o a driver ) or under "sound, video..." tab ( there might be more then one, if you got an HDMI on your laptop... so its better that you'll post here both of them ).
windows startup slow - try to disable hybernation by opening cmd as admin and running: "powercfg /h off".
also, if your laptop has in the "bios" a "launch csm" option under boot tab - you've got UEFI that can emulate legacy bios and of course work as latest UEFI.
to have a faster OS boot times - you want to have CSM option DISABLE ( to enable UEFI ), but then YOU"LL NEED TO REPAIR WINDOWS BOOT OR TO INSTALL IT AGAIN USING SPECIAL INSTALLATION METHOD - you can read more about it in my sticky guide at the top of the sub-forum (http://Guide: How to install windows 8/8.1/10 The proper way (UEFI based installation)).
about "whether it makes sense to put Windows 10"
IMHO, windows 10 desktop work is faster then win7 and about the same as win 8.1... BUT, when it comes to support latest games & getting the highest FPS - win10 wins, IMHO and after seeing many benchmark in the web.
so in short, YES, it's better then win7 & 8 for gaming.
to have FN buttons fully work - ( as seen here ) (https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1015071/)you need to install ATK Package from asus support site - there are many version, and even old one (for win7) works on win 10 ( I use old ATK v100008 on my G751JT win 10 x64 and it works fine ).
you can get that driver from asus official support site for either your model (https://www.asus.com/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG-G74SX/HelpDesk_Download/) or any other new model like G751 serie.