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05-22-2018, 02:54 AM
So I thought I was losing it, upgraded to a 250gb 970 evo nvme drive as my boot drive and went through all the bs to switch my os over and all the drivers blah blah... I didn't mention and had completely forgot in the moment that I grabbed the new version of rb (vs 2.5.6) in the process. After finally getting the bios set right and my normal oc, (49/102fsb 1.39vcore) I fire up rb and try to run a bench. The tests hang in starting and end up pulling a 30k... WT... I was pulling 115k all day long before... Checked and rechecked hardware, bios, drivers reran rb 30k... passes cinebench and prime 95 with flying colors (tested it on that stupid userbench site and it said I was the GOAT) about to pull my hair out, I check the leader board and notice Menthol's mind blowing 257k+ score was on rb vs. 2.4.4 (can't find this version anywhere now?) that's when I noticed I had updated and I grabbed an old copy of rb vs 2.4.3... wham 175k (with my exact setup that would top the leader board but I can't login with that version... of course)

All that said does anyone have a copy of 2.4.4 laying around or the other version that's mentioned on the leaderboard 2.5.4, or can someone explain what I'm doing wrong with the new vs. 2.5.6