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05-26-2018, 04:56 AM
Hey guys...

So Ive had this Asus Rog G751JT for a few years now..
About a month or so ago it just decides that it doesnt recognize the charger being plugged in, doesnt charge and randomly dies. This seems to happen most frequently while gaming.. but I really only use the laptop for gaming so could be a coincidence.

Me,being somewhat tech savvy try a multitude of things as in reinstalling drivers,rolling back any recent updates and playing around with battery settings along as other random google search result suggestions- nothing works.
My buddy who's all about building PC's decides to help me out and after watching him take this complicated contraption apart to get the battery out... we plug it in without the battery to find it wont turn on.
So I order a new Battery, $150 later it arrives, and appears to be working.
When taking the laptop apart he broke the connector for the track pad and ordered a new one, In the meantime I enjoyed some casual gaming.
About a week later I get the laptop back to him to fix the trackpad, turns out now the screen wont turn on, he does some stuff, Bios things, draining battery, idk.
Asus tells him it needs a new keyboard to work with the trackpad or something of this regard, so he puts it back together with the old trackpad so it works as it was just before and gives it back to me for the time being while the part is in the mail.

Meanwhile, I do some gaming that night, despite my better judgement install a windows update, and head to bed.
Tonight I'm playing on the damn thing, and the same battery issue returns..... It dies while plugged in.
Actually, I just realized, this issue is different, before it wouldnt even detect it WAS plugged in at all,
Now it says "5% plugged in, not charging"..

Im thinking theres no way this charging brick could be bad, or have gone bad.. its brand new. I'm trying different outlets in the house.. doesnt work. just so confused.... kind of at a loss here.

I just rolled back the windows update.. and am gonna go from there...

In the meantime, Does anyone have any freaking idea what the hell is wrong with this thing?
Much appreciation for any help.

05-26-2018, 07:03 PM
Took the battery out, it turns on.
I fire up a game, and it randomly shuts off like it stops recognizing the cord..
this has to narrow it down to a solution.

Asus support estimates $395 to send in for repair... just doesnt seem worth it after buying a new $150 charger.....

After pressing support for some further advice,they suggested it could be a component of the Motherboard, but they dont sell the motherboard... kind of at a loss of what to do here

.. I found 1 laptop site that says they'd give me $200 for the POS and I can return the $150 charger.. thats $350 towards a new computer...

05-29-2018, 02:00 PM
Sorry to be frank, but any story that includes I had my "buddy" take apart my laptop is already doomed to end poorly. Mistake on your part to learn from. Send it in and have them repair the power system.

06-01-2018, 09:33 PM
That's not a very constructive or realistically accurate comment... the battery issues still continues to happen, and we troubleshot why narrowing it down.. we didnt break it any further aside from cheap easily replaceable $8 parts. Its $400 to send in, thats insane if all it needed was to drain the battery or a new charger.. What if all it needed was a $150 charger, and I spent $400 on sending it to Asus rofl...

If you actually knew about computers, I would expect an answer about - what could possibly be the issue, not just - dont take it apart yourself.
Thats like trusting the car mechanic.. not always the best idea

06-02-2018, 12:44 AM
Uh, yes it is very constructive. It's plain dumb to risk warranty and product with my buddy disassembling my laptop. I could use stronger words, since they apply. But there's an RMA process for a reason, you should use it for such things as you described above. Replacing a key or something is one thing, this is quite another.

And the issue is your approach or this thread wouldn't even exist. Your story explains that. You can sling mud at me, but I try to help when people use common sense.

06-03-2018, 08:58 PM
Whatre you talking about?
My laptop is like 2 years out of warranty and manufacturers always find loopholes to make you pay full price for things even when theyre under warranty.
Also theres some new lawsuit that affected companies such as Asus (Just got the news letter in an email (https://i.imgur.com/bDvLSvi.png) a few weeks back ) where you can take apart and open your machine without it voiding anything now.

So.... taking it apart didnt void any form of warranty.. tell my again why its bad to try to fix something yourself first?
We didnt further break the battery issue, it remains the same, theres no harm no foul, so why not give some advice on what the actual problem is instead of criticizing the steps we took in troubleshooting ....

its like if someone your car didnt start, so you checked if the gas tank was empty... It wasnt, then i proceed to give you **** for not towing it to the dealership first thing... like car doesnt start dude, people can figure out why before you gotta tow it to the dealship...

06-21-2018, 11:43 PM
I had that problem when I loaded Samsung magician software and enabled rapid boost. Uninstall of software immediately fixed the no charge issue.
PS. davemon50 is correct in his statements so stop busting his chops.