View Full Version : G53SX Display Goes Black While Gaming

01-30-2012, 05:28 AM
My current setup:
12 Gb ram
Nvidia Geforce GTX 560M driver ver.
Bios 209

The unit is only about 2 weeks old, runs great and I love the power of the system except for the continuing display issues that I see other people are also having.

After about 1 week of ownership I started having the black display boot issues other people have been experiencing (ie computer boots up and you can "hear" Windows chime but the display remains black). If I leave the computer on for a few hours, the computer goes into Sleep mode but the screen does not wake up from the black state.

After reading the excellent posts from other people with similar problems on both G53 and G73 systems I tried all of the recommended solutions:

- Hard power down with battery and power brick disconnected (holding power switch down for 1 min, even tried "hitting" it multiple times.
- Changing the power option in Windows to "Do Nothing" when the lid is closed.
- Rubbing a mild magnet over the lid sensor area next to the touch pad to "demagnetize" the area or reset the switch.

Fortunately, while the unit was "dark", the video out worked when I connected an external monitor to it. This enable me to backup my files and also created an image of the hard drive.

I thought the problem was solved and the unit operated fine for a couple of days. However, just now I was playing a game for about 3 hours and suddenly the display goes black again. I was not able to get it to boot properly using the above solutions. But when I let it "rest" for about 15 min, it did boot up properly - after going through the chkdsk/file integrity screen.

I don't think it is a "loose" connection since it was on a stable surface while I was playing the game nor was the unit jostled during the game play.

Amazon has agreed to exchange the unit, but before I go though with the exchange I want to be certain I didn't miss anything with respect to potential solutions. Just would prefer not to have to reimage the new system and set it up, etc. Besides, in reading the posts of others I can't be certain that a new unit would be anymore reliable than this unit.

Does anyone have any thoughts about what the issue is with the display on the G53/G73 systems is? Any other potential solutions than the ones I've already tried? It's ashame that such a great system has this chronic operating issue.

01-30-2012, 06:05 AM
You did well to attempt to resolve the issue, but you've got a defective unit. Continue with the Amazon exchange to get one without issues.