View Full Version : ROG Strix Wireless 7.1 headset sound cut out in right earphone

05-28-2018, 07:13 PM
So, I bought the headset from a shop, it worked perfectly. I downloaded the software and tuned it to my liking. Now, after a solid 2 months the sound cut out in the right earphone. I thought I would get it fixed soon, and just used the cable which worked perfectly. I didn't get it fixed anytime soon, and 4 months later and the sound cut out again, now when using the cable instead of the wireless USB. I'm not sure how this happened, the sound just suddenly cut out both times. However, when I shake the headset, the sound returns to the earphone for a split second then is silent again. Can anyone give me an idea of what could be going on? If nothing, I'll just take it to get fixed, I still have the warranty anyways.

05-29-2018, 03:06 AM
Shouldn't need to shake it in order for it to work... suggest to return for RMA.