View Full Version : Asus G75VW ATK backlight issue (Windows 10 Build 1803)

06-09-2018, 07:22 AM
Hey guys. Is anyone else having keyboard backlight issues with the latest Windows 10 Build 1803? No matter what atk package I try my backlights are now gone. All the other features work like disabling the touchpad, Brightness and sound control with the fn button.. but the backlight is just gone now.

I tried uninstalling the atk package 10.0.0050 and installing

also tried version and 40 and 23

I'm 100% sure it was working with the last build of Windows 1709

06-09-2018, 02:32 PM
On my G751JT - I use ATK v100039 - I installed it on win10 1709 and then made upgrade ( not clean ) to 1803 - no manual intervention was needed at all after the upgrade.
try to run live-cd of ubuntu, it the keyboard backlight should work out-of-the-box even on live-cd mode ( i.e no installation on HDD is needed ).

IMHO, the FN+F3/4 are hardcoded into the laptop bios/uefi - and it is about the only set of FN keys that should work w/o any OS installed - even in bios screens ( but an OS can hurt/disable them, like in cases of many hackintosh ).

so my advise for you is to make sure it is a software issue, i.e windows - by booting into ubuntu live-cd.
if issue exist - most probably it is a HW issue.
also - when you boot laptop the light should auto enabled for a short time ( during POST ) - if that doesn't happen - it another indication it's a HW issue.