View Full Version : G73JH Troubleshooting Display

06-19-2018, 09:52 PM
I repasted my CPU and GPU and cleaned all the dust out of the interals and fans. It went great and seemed to breath new life in to this old girl. However after a few weeks my display has stopped working. It first started with colored vertical lines appearing across the screen for a couple days and now the screen does not work at all. When I power the laptop on it fires up and the backlight comes on but the display remains blank. I tested it via the HDMI out on an external display and that works and shows the laptop is booting fine. I replaced the LVDS cable today with zero effect. Does anyone have any recommendations for further trouble shooting? Are displays repairable? I've been keeping this thing on life support for a while but if it needs a new display I guess I'll be shopping for something new :/

Does anyone buy old G73s for parts these days?