View Full Version : Accidentally ripped cable from g751jt monitor while replacing battery. HELP

06-20-2018, 04:52 PM
So while replacing the battery, I accidentally ripped one of the two gold headed cable coming out of the monitor. I can still put the connector back in, but some of the copper cable surrounded is coming out of the connector. Do you think it will still work or will I need another monitor. I don't want to spend any more money cause the battery was expensive.

06-20-2018, 09:17 PM
The cable transferring the actual data to the LCD got more width - about the same size as the battery connector - and its socket is near the right fan ( when the laptop is sitting infront of you like normal work ).
look here (https://youtu.be/gr9sf01UOII?t=7m44s) & here (https://youtu.be/Ghcs31r6eYA?t=10m37s).

Please please please make yourself a favor - and WATCH THESE LINKED TEARDOWN MOVIE, inorder to understand what is what - SO YOU MIGHT AVOID SCREWING-UP your G751.

back to your image...
that looks like a wifi antenna connector - and it sits around the LCD in the monitor unit.
worst case scenario - when you connect that cable back to the wifi module and boot up OS, you won't have good reception.

you can always DIY - buy such cable inc connector, or just soldier an extention to the small wire+connector you've already ripped off the screen.
note that wifi antenna best sit in the monitor due to various shielding design asus made in advance - but you can always make trial & error if you don't want to open up the monitor part to insert the wifi antenna. ( you can drill a hole in the shell to have a tail out of the laptop - again - worst case ).

06-21-2018, 08:51 AM
That white cable is your WIFI Antenna.

You have two Antenna's total. White and Black.

Your monitor will not be affected at all, unless the cable (in this case, your WIFI Antenna) was yanked hard enough something dragged across a motherboard and broke circuit lines etc.

You'll suffer WIFI loss, if possible, dismantle screen assembly and re-attach the Antenna if it unplugged via the terminator. If it's a solder rip, then attempt to re-solder the joint.

Good luck, I'd consider this a 'medium' difficulty, depending how your screen bezel is affixed to the monitor display. ;d