View Full Version : G752VL GPU upgrades?

07-25-2018, 12:53 PM
Hello ROGers,

I have been toying with the idea of upgrading the graphics card in my 752VL. Has anyone done any replacements yet? Does anyone know if the BIOS/vBIOS is integrated into the board GPU like the G75s? Any help or sharing of experiences would be great, thanks!

08-01-2018, 11:51 PM

You may want to double-check my information since I haven't taken apart a G752VL unit to confirm, but my information shows both the CPU and GPU are soldered on the G752VL motherboard, so they would not be upgradeable.

Although it's for a different model, check post #17 below (thanks to Darnassus for the post and picture) for the G752VS to see that the CPU and GPU are soldered to the motherboard for that model, but my other information for the G752VL shows the same thing.
Hope this helps!


08-27-2018, 08:28 PM
Hey, thanks Albert! I'll take a look at it.