View Full Version : Bought GM501GS, got GM501GM

08-09-2018, 08:42 PM
As title said, I purchased a brand new GM501GS from a retail store this week, but inside the box was a GM501GM with a different SN.
The box is never opened and the warranty card matches the box which is really weird.

I'm currently going through the painful process of waiting for Asus to investigate this case.
I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else because the process is taking really long and I didn't get a refund/replacement/ETA on how long this could take.

On the bright side, there could be one lucky guy who buys a GM501GM but gets a GM501GS instead.

08-10-2018, 02:47 AM
I would simple that it back to the retailer you bought it from. Asus Support could be quite a long ordeal, If you invoice shows a different serial number from the unit you got, I would diffently take it back to the where ever you bought it.