View Full Version : Crossblade Ranger and Asus customer service failure

08-23-2018, 05:24 AM
Hello, my name is Sean. I have been fighting with Asus customer service regarding my Crossblade Ranger motherboard since 2016.

I purchased my motherboard in January 2016. Soon after installing the motherboard, I noticed that the BIOS was indicating a major issue regarding the installed memory. Here are some pictures.



As you can see, with 2 pairs of DIMMs installed, in dual channel configuration, only 1/2 of the total capacity is available.





With a single dual channel kit installed in dual-channel configuration, same problem presents.



With a single dual channel kit installed in single channel configuration, I get full capacity of installed RAM.

Mind you, this motherboard has never been overclocked in any way. I have tested each of 8 DIMMs in each DIMM slot (1 DIMM at a time, 32 separate boots), in order to verify that I had no faulty DIMM modules.

I have tested each of 4 pairs of DIMMs in both dual-channel DIMM slot pairs.

I have tested each of 4 pairs of DIMMs in single-channel DIMM slot pairs.

Long story short, the RAM works in single channel configuration only.

I was originally told by customer service that my problem was simply a BIOS display issue. It was explained that even though the BIOS and my operating system showing that I have only 8gigs of available max memory, I in fact have 16gigs.

Now, as of June 2018, Asus customer service has told me...

#1 "Your case has been escalated to our technical department. They have advised that you should not mix and match the memory modules (2 of the same model), because it will only show the best timing memory slots 8GB (2xDIMM) because each memory module may have a*different version and memory CMOS chips. They have recommended that you purchase a 16GB (4*4GB) kit of the same make and model so it will run properly."

The crossblade ranger motherboard user guide, chapter 1, page 20 specifically states... "dimm support:

4 DIMMs: supports four (4) modules inserted into both the red and black slots as two pairs of dual-channel memory configuration"

Nowhere in the user guide, does it state that the crossblade ranger supports quad channel memory configuration.

#2 "If you mix different brands and frequency*it will affect the performance of the overall memory and the board. If its that the board is defective you have the option of sending it in for servicing."

As can clearly seen in the provided pictures, mixing of "different brands and frequency", is not occurring.

Installing a single dual channel kit of 2 DIMMs in either the red or black slots only, results the BIOS recognizing both DIMMs*at 4 gig capacity each, 1866mhz frequency, and Kingston manufacturer. BUT, only a total of 4gigs of total usable capacity.

Additionally, I have already shipped my motherboard in for repairs and it was returned to me, without repair, with the "action" taken listed as "Cannot duplicate the symptom, and update Software/Firmware/BIOS"

As there are multiple case numbers that have been generated over the last 2 months alone, I will not list those here.


I was told all of the above, not only AFTER sending in my motherboard for reair, but also BEFORE shipping the motherboard for repair.

I have never had in my possession a fully functional motherboard which was purchased brand new in a retail box and because of the absolutely horrific level of customer service, I have requested a replacement, instead of yet another failed repair attempt.

"But wait! There's more!"

I have finally received a response today that is a step in the right direction, but still falling short.

"I would like to inform you that your case was reviewed by Management and the final decisions have been made to move forward. Seeing that the issue is persisting with your ASUS motherboard, we may proceed with a same model replacement as a courtesy. Please note*however that the replacement will be a refurbished or re-manufactured unit as we do not provide new in box replacements under warranty."

Not only do they consider it a "courtesy" to provide me with a replacement, but they claim that they "do not provide new in box replacements under warranty"



Seems to me that they in fact DO provide "new in box replacements"